The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand ?, John Dury To [Bishop Morton]
Dating:31 March 1640
Ref:6/4/34A-35B: 35A-35B BLANK
Notes:Turnbull (HDC p.205) says to Bishop Morton of Durham.

[Hartlib's hand: Anno 1640. 31. March.]
Reverend & Worthy Sir.
the Testimony of your benevolence which my Freind Mr. H[altered from Hart] hath received & bestowed towards my vse in the worke wherein I spend my time doth Chalenge an acknowledgement at my hand because it is not onely in it selfe a helpe towards the furtherance <thereof> but allsoe a witnes that you will not bee wanting in the things which are more to bee regarded namely in prayers & Counsells according as the worke may stand in need thereof, hitherto matters have been carried more by the way of accion then by writing & publicke Consultacion & now I am come in a manner to the full Period of this solliciting taske in the Conclusion whereof it hath pleased God to give mee with those of Brunswic & Luneburg as much Succes as I could have desired. From henceforth my worke (when I know where & how to settle) will lye another way & require more meditacion & writing then accion. Perhaps when the times will bee more Calme things that are now out of all hope & seeme to bee wholly vnluckily will bee found Seasonable. Therefore I cannot find in my heart to give over the purpose which is soe necessary & may & may bee sooner effectuall then wee are a ware of. Let mee recommend vnto you my most faithfull Freind Mr H: who is able to impart all the particulars of my affaires vnto you The Lord establish his blessing of

peace vpon you & give a wisht for Issue vnto the Parlaiment I recommend you to his Grace & rest
                           your Fellow labourer &
                            humble Servant in the
                                 Gospell I. D.