The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand ?, [John Dury] To Sir William Waller
Dating:14 February 1640

                     [Hartlib's hand: To S. W. Waller.]
Right Worshipfull
I am noe sooner returned to this place from a journey which hath kept mee all most 3 Monthes in accion with the divines of Brunswicke & Luneberg, but I find a fresh memoriall of your vndeserved kindnes & a speciall Testimony of your singular favour waiting for mee, you still have prevented mee from the very beginning of our distant acquaintance, & now you make mee ashamed of my selfe that I have not as yet discharged my debt vnto you which I did vndertake to pay before I went this Iourney. I have noe apology but this that verily I have not been vnmindfull of my promise towards you even in the midst of other pressing affaires but have taken what time I could to elaborate the Taske which I have Imposed vpon myselfe for a witnes of my affeccion towards you, & indeed I have found that the fulnes of my affeccion hath made the worke to grow vpon my hand more large then at first I did imagine it would have beene, besides I must confesse that I have an ayme in it which is somewhat difficult to expresse, & therefore have beene moved vpon revision[H alters from remission] of that which I first vttered to alter & enlarge some things for the better vnderstanding of my meaning. This hath made your new Gratuity which Mr Hartlib hath received & disposed towards mee for the preventing of <to prevent the>

effect of my intended testificacion of <thankefullnes for> your former love, what? shall I <then> not bee able then to witnes <at> all y any kind of Gratefulnes? I hope you will accept of my desire to bee thankefull & as I am perswaded that you looke not to mee in that which you doe but vnto God & the worke which hee hath put in my hand, Soe I know for the present noe better expression of Gratitude then this namely to let you know what successe God hath beene pleased to give vnto my Endeavours for the advancement of his worke in this last Circuit that you may have occasion together with mee to praise his name therefore, For more then I durst have hoped for is advanced through his blessing, is advanced in the worke because the divines of Brunswick & Luneburg are not onely ready to entertaine fully & really the motions of agreement & vnity which have beene made vnto them, but are become Cooperatours in the worke towards others of the Lutheran side & have moved theire Princes & Statesmen to recommend & Patronize the busines, that from the one to the other I have beene directed & received with great demonstration of affection on all sides, For first D: Augustus of Brunswic not onely sent for his cheife divines to give mee occasion to Conferre with them, but gave way that they should give in write a declaration of theire propensity to further it vnto mee, & that more

is, hee himselfe of his owne accord (when hee had fully beene enformed of my purpose & way) did write letters to his Couzen. D: George of Luneburg to prepare a way for mee towards the full accomplishment of my desires which allsoe did fall out soe effectually in their particular resolutions. I meane of the divines & Statesmen of Heildesheim, that I was Constrained (least they should bee too forward) to limitate & stopp them in theire proceedings till matters should bee brought to greater maturity In like manner at Zell where duke Fredericke doth reside at the Citty of Luneburg all manner of good inclinations were shewed vnto the matter & meanes of Agreement which I have proposed in soe much that I could not wish for more successe at this present. And now let this bee the Testimony of my dutiefull respect & thankefullnes at this time that I desire you to rejoyce with mee in the Lord for his favourable assistance & to praise his name that hee hath blessed the meane vndertakings of his humble Servant which are truely meant for his Glory. In the advancement of which your worship hath a hand by reason of the Incouragement & Support which you Contribute vnto the Agitation thereof. For which Cause I ought to magnify God on your behalfe & will not Cease to call vpon his name as it is my duety for you that hee

may preserve your person, your Lady & all that belong vnto you[altered from your], with all your affaires in prosperity & make the Fruites of your Righteousnes more & more redound vnto his Glory & your owne Salvation, Thus taking my leave I rest
                       Y. W.
               [Hartlib's hand:] Most obliged and humble
Hamburg the 14. of Febr.