The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand ?, John Dury To Sir William Waller
Ref:6/4/22A-23B: 23B BLANK
Notes:Turnbull (HDC p191) suggests 11 December 1638.

[right margin, H: To Sir W. Waller.]
Right worshipfull.
     I have understood by my[H alters] deare friend Mr Hartlieb of the benevolence which you have shewed yearly unto our endevours, this doth move me to writte these lines in testimonie of thanckfulnesse & duetifull respect due unto your pious & charitable affection unto good worcks of a public natur. I doe not remember that I have ever seene your worship his face & scarse heard of your name before this time that Mr Hartlieb hath mentioned it unto me; for which cause I finde my[H alters] self the more beholden unto you & bound to thancke God on your behalfe, who by men & meanes so farre distant & so little acquainted & sought for by us[H alters], doth further his owne worck By[H capitalises] our selves wee are unable to accomplish the [quent?] aimes which God hath putte in our handes to advance: because it falleth out most commonly that such as seeke truly & earnestly for spirituall objects neglect themselves & the care of all other thinges for the love thereof. this is our cases, wee have neglected ourselves hitherto[altered from hithertto] in respect of worldly substance & preferment, that wee might purchase the substance of better wealth & the dignitie of Gods faithfull servants in a public cause. If then God doth stirre up any to consider us in thinges necessary[H alters] for the agitation of his worke, wee have cause to glorifye his providence & relye with more confidence upon him for future assistance in time of need. this your charitie unto God, is a meanes to confirme our faith in him; by which meanes he is glorified & wee are edified in godly resolutions to continue in his service. It is no small worke to strenthen the handes of Gods servants in evill times; now what the condition of these times is I need not to rehearse, & how farre wee, I meane Mr. Hartlieb and I, are in our present endevours Gods servants I hope you shall be able to Iudge more distinctly then hitherto you have beene able to doe when you shall see a description of our labours which now I am [purshaing?] <H: preparing> to bee imparted unto such as are of a public spirit & love the advancement of Gods Glorye & Kingdome in the souls of men. it is certain that Gods Kingdome in this world which we are bound to advance, is chiefly in the frame of mens soules whereby they are brought to bee his subiects in all Righteousnesse Peace & Ioy[altered from yoy] in the holy Ghost & hee that serveth God in these thinges saith the Apostle is acceptable unto the Lord & approved of men. Rom: 14. 18. now wee labour for these thinges according to the abilitie & measure of Grace that God hath[H alters from hat] given us, towards the advancement of learning in Schooling and fundamentall truths & dueties in Religion, which being

rightly taken upp and applyed unto the consciences of men will bee able to bring their soules unto the subiection of Gods lawes & under the power of his word. What wee have hitherto advanced in this worke more then others or in a peculiar way for our selves, besides others; wee ought not to relate: our intention is to cause the work it selfe appeare in due tyme that men of Iudgment discerning the circumstances therof may beare witnesse for us of the usefulnesse of our undertakings. God doth know that wee seek not glorye of men: for if wee did wee might find wayes of preferment aswell as some others doe, but our ioy is to doe that which is most beneficiall unto the church of God in an universall way to remedie the causes of public evills, althoug wee shall be despised and neglected of all men for not caring more particulary for our selves; as others doe who tell men, that charitie doth beginne at home; and so when they have their hearts satisfied & glutted with the fulnesse of contentments in this world they beginne to thinck of that which may have <H: bee> spared unto others or applyed unto good uses, but wee have learned of the Apostle[H alters] Cor. 13 that Charitie no seeketh not her owne but rather the good of others, even so farre that S. Iohn teacheth us 1 Ioh. 3. 16. 17. that wee are bound thereby to lay down our lives for our brethren: even as Christ hath laid down his life for us, therfore wee faint not, but strive to come to this degree of perfection that wee may not live in any thing unto our selves, but in all things be found as Gods servants for the public good. & indeed we haue found a great providence hitherto, going along with us, and supporting us in m many straits & difficulties which have besette us; but yet not wholly overcome us: for he useth allwayes to give with the tryalls of Faith a good issue unto those[H alters] that put their trust in him. now blessed be his holy name & blessed be all they that seeke from their heart his glorie & the peace of Ierusalem in the Reformation of all the causes of scandale & abuses of his truth, which stoppe[H alters] the coarse of his gospel. you know that such as give a cuppe of cold watter unto a prophet in the name of a prophet shall not want their reward. I am persuaded that

the thing which you have done on our behalfe is come from a good sincere intention to Gods glorye and therefore you may be sure of your reward, only our Care must bee that wee bee found such as receive fitly & worthily & deservedly these benevolences at yours and others mens handes; & to this effect wee desire your prayers, that even as you[altered from your] helpe us in bodily meanes, so the helpe of the spirit of grace which is in you may be also contributed unto us through the communion of saints, in this kind of helpe your cooperation will be most effectuall, and to your[H alters from you] selves most beneficiall; for by the coniunction of mens spirit in one purpose God worketh his chief effects. To his favour and gracious protection I doe commend[altered] you & all yours remaining in all duties of Godly love and Christianitie
           your worship
                        his most humble and affectionated
                                    servant in Christ
                                                    I. D.