The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand ?, [John Dury?] To John Dineley
Dating:31 October 1636

[Hartlib's hand?:]
  Worthy Sir,                      21 Octob 1636.
[scribal hand:]
I wrote once heretofore vnto you to giue you some part of account in my proceedings, now your letter from Aphtern of the 27 Iulij full of kindnesse calleth upon mee to continue./ [left margin: /] I could wish[H. alters] that I were indued with those[H alters from these] graces which you in loue attribute vnto me: if I haue but a [another hand?: sincere] & faithfull heart to employ well[H alters] to the publick good, the talent committed to my charge that is all my felicitie: & I know that whether the worke take effect or not, I shall not loose my reward: for the effect dependeth not either upon our abilities or endeauours: but upon the blessing of him that doth euery thing according to the purpose of his owne will. As for that which is aduanced since I am come hither, I must confesse it is a great deale beyond[altered] my expectation. For I find that God hath extraordinarily prepared a way for me in the mindes of the Diuines & in the inclinations of the Administraters of the State, & chiefly in the Lord Chancellor his affection to the worke. For by his addresse hauing gotten audience at the Uniuersitie of Vpsall & at Westerose & at Strengnesse. Where two Chief Bishops of this Kingdome haue the direction of two Illustrious Schooles, where Diuinitie & other sciences are taught. Although at first (by reason of strong inueterate prejudices) there was some harshnesse in our meeting: yet at last it was so [another hand?: louing] & faire & so reall that they became all effectually bound to cooperate in the worke, so that they haue not only imparted to me for a beginning their judgements of the worke: but haue obliged themselues to further consultations both with mee and the rest of thier Clergie, insomuch that I must acknowledge a speciall hand of God both ouer their hearts & my meditations; which I was stirred up to impart vnto them. For God did put a word in my mouth of consultation towards them such as I hope shall bee in due time (the rise beeing taken from

hence) a meanes to waken all the Diuines of both Churches, more then eu euer as yet they haue been to affect the worke. For with those[H alters from these] of Vpsall I haue consulted about the Fundamentalls of Christian Religion how they may bee determined & distinguished from not fundamentals: & with the Bishop and Professors of Diuinitie of Strengnesse I haue consult about the way of proceeding in the worke & now with the Bishop & Chapter of Westerose I am consulting about the impediments how they may bee taken away. The first consultation is of three: the second of 9 sheetes of paper: both problematically proposed to giue them occasion to make the conclusion. & this last wherein my thoughts are now busie I know not how large it will bee: it is alreddie come to the bulke of three sheetes & it will bee at least three or[altered from ore] foure more. When this is done with the Diuines then I purpose, God willing, to present unto the Lord Chancellor & State that which they haue in in some sort desired a Theologico-Politicall consultation to let them see, what their part of the worke may bee. For seeing the Diuines are gained: & so gained by the grace of God that they can not answer to my questions (which are nothing but cleere cases of Conscience whereof the Descision[H alters] is intimated in the very ground whence the question is raised) except they yeeld & come of fully to a round agreement, there will bee no difficultie in the States=men. Thus you see my hopes & a platforme of my proceedings which, I beseech you to helpe with your best affections towards God: & such other assistance as your worth & interest[H alters from interees?] is able to procure amongst men of note. I make no doubt of your Zeale to the worke. Because

I haue great experience of the effects of the same in furthering it & in fauouring my person for it. Therefore I will referre both it & my selfe to your further care & Patronage & to bee promoted by such as you shall think fitte. I know not what I shall desire or wish for in particular, because I will neither presume to determine your Prudencie, nor to incroach upon Gods Prouidence, which is all sufficient./ [left margin: X] But one thing I will relate to you. which I use to pray for with some earnestnesse towards God, & which I am persuaded soone or late hee will grant vnto me, & that is that hee would reward to Mr Hartlieb all the paines & seruices which so freewillingly with much cost & great painfulnesse hee hath these many yeares taken both for mee & my worke & many other publick endeauours. I must giue him this Testimonie that I neuer knew a man of his Spirit but himselfe, that would so constantly aboue his abilities spend himself for others. Without him I could not haue hitherto proceeded (except God had ioyned some other like him to me) halfe the way that I am gone: for hee is my right hand for matter of action, & if he failes, I am lame. Therefore I have a care for him as of my selfe. I put him in trust with all my meanes & thoughts: & in a word, I can not be helped without him if I bee in need. Hee is at the charges of procuring & solliciting of printing, writing, receiuing & distributing all that belongeth to my affaires towards the Diuines of England & many other partes, And besides my worke & person there is scarse any publick laudable entreprise or worke in the way of learning taken in hand in all the reformed Churches, but he hath a speciall hand in it, & if any man hath a Zeale

to doe good to the public & become [another hand?: famous] for the Patronizing laudable endeauours, I know no man in Europe, whom I could better recommend to him to furnish him with choise of objects in that nature then euen very Mr. Hartlieb. who with me now & then wrestles with extreme difficulties by reason of the Largenesse of our thoughts, & for want of able Patrons, which God in due time will stirre up. I pray you let him haue your fauour as I desire it for myselfe, who am
           21       Your & [another hand?:] most humble &
Stockholme 21/31 Octobr.        obliged servant in Christ
To his highly respected & most louing
Friend Mr Dienley Secretary to the Queene
of Bohemia. Majestie