The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Extract In Hand ?, Mr Robinson To John Dury
Dating:[8 November 1644]
Ref:6/3/1A-2B: 2A BLANK
Notes:Full letter (dated 8.11.44) at 10/11.

      An Extract of Mr Robinsons Letter to Mr Dury.
If those you call Common Principles (whilest you say the Apologists insisting in Generallities cannot bee brought to triall) were demonstrative as you alledge the Scriptures may bee demonstrativly Analyzed p4 I should think it the work of some Angell to have it on a effected, & as well the Apologists as all others who now differ in opinion would quickly grow togeather in a Unitie of Faith, but till then I shall expect that according to the Scriptures there will bee Heresies, and in the meane time conceave that nothing (except this demonstrative Analyzing sacred Truth) will sooner vanquish then the suffering them to bee withall possible freedome examined and debatted, which must necessarily inferr the most acknowledged Truths themselves to bee subject to the same proceedings in that which one man Church or Nation takes to bee Heresie Truth another perhaps accompts noe lesse then Heresy; and if Paul told the Galatians that if an Angell a good Angell from Heaven should preach any other Gospell to them then what the Apostle had done beffore, hee should bee accursed, I conceave wee may much more try the spirits of mortall men, of like passions and infirmities with ourselves consequntly holding fast what wee find sound and rejecting what appeares to bee erroneous by the touchstone of holy writ, acording to our owne reason understanding and Faith <left margin, H: since wee neither can may nor can judge truly of them, (no more then see with the eyes of other Men) by the reason vnderstanding and faith> of others, neither can I apprehend a third or any meanee betweene these two conditions.
If you have Published any off your other thoughts concerning the subject besides your Letter to the Lord Forbes I should exceedingly rejoice to have a sight thereof, and especially touching the Demonstrative annalyzing the scriptures, which I conceave would bee a greater Iewell then all that ever Salomon wrot from the Cedar to the Shrub, wherefore I most humbly beseech you for the Public good that you would not suffer the least dram of meditations in this behalfe to lye [vast &?] dormant which [catchword: though]

though it were not yet perfect and compleat might by degrees and contemplations of others well affected bee improoved to the eternall honour of the Almighty.

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