The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand ?, John Dingley [Dineley?] To [John Dury]
Dating:17 March 1641
Ref:6/2/1A-2B: 1B-2B BLANK

Upon receipt of your last 18: Febr: whereby I vnderstand, that the motion I made vnto yow from Gravesend, is not against your stomacke, & that yow forbid me not to proceede therein; I have craved Sir William Boswells assistance, who I know is your faithfull friend; & we are now working about it, hoping God hath sett vs a worke. I am informed that Dr Brough (whom yow call Brooks) is not the man designed, but one Dr Vane, who is not yet come, & may perhaps spare the Iorney. It is no wonder that there came no Chaplaine over for there was no order setled in England about her household; that care is remitted to this place. My Lady Roxborow hath a great stroke in all things, & Sir Alexander Humes is designed Master of the Houshold, to whome we have good addresse. If yow thinke fitt to employ your friends on that side vnto the King, it will be the Via Regia; but I had rather it should find yow at your study, then that yow should study to find it. And now that I know your minde, nothing shall be omitted that may be done here. I could wish yow would take some occasion to make a stop hither, your presence would prevaile more, then our solliciting But if yow will not bestow so much paines, reserve your selfe, till yow heare further from me. I pray God graunt vs such successe, as he knoweth to be best for vs, & the businesse whereof yow shall have a further account from
                          your most assured friend
                          to do yow faithfull service
Haghe 7./17 March                 I. Dingley
  1641. [initials?]