The Hartlib Papers

Title:Memo On Perpetual Motion, Cressy Dymock
Ref:67/17/1A-2B: 1B, 2A BLANK

Whereas by the blessing of God whoe only is the giver of every good and perfect guift, while I was searching after that which many farre before mee in all humane learning haue saught, & not yet found, (vizt) A perpetuall motion, or (to speake more modestly,) a wedding of strength and tyme togather, if not by a selfe motion yett by soe little helpe, as that one man only shall bee able to doe allmost any worke that can bee named, or that is now any where done by way of engine though by the helpe & strength of many Cattle, or by weight or water: Not by any wisdome or power of my owne, but by God's assistance, and (I humbly hope after a sort) imediat direction, I haue been guided in that search to tread in another path then ever any other man that I haue heard or read of did tread before mee, which yett is most clearely and manifestly the onely most right & certaine way to atteyne to the end propounded: And of this I haue more then probable assurance; even some good experience, not obteyned without some labour, & expence of tyme & money Yett itt having pleased the same Eterenall goodnes (whoe hath not made all the boddy of one, but of severall members & parts, & endowed those with severall facultyes) to withholde from mee (att present) a sufficient stocke of moneyes of myne owne to finnish this great, & excellent worke, I therefore conceaue that the same providence accompting this too great a benifitt on this hand, or too great a burden on that for mee to haue, or vndergoe, hath therefore thus appointed mee to seeke & accept of some partners, And as in order to which I offer
That whereas the worke in hand as to the grinding of Malt will require -70£ to finnish itt, and as to the grinding of wheate about -30£- more
Hee that shall disburse, & engage with mee for the perfecting of this worke the some of -30£- shall thereby purchase to himselfe a single interest, part or share in all future applications, & successes, with their benifitts & advantages Provided hee shall & doe faythfully to his vttmost power att all tymes endeavour the advancement and establishment of the whole worke & designe & every part thereof, And shall & doe allsoe farther disburse & engage <to & with mee> sutch other or greater sommes as shall bee required (not for any farther experimenting, but for the putting the worke into sutch reall actings as shall manifestly turne to reall & tymely proffitt, and as shall come to his part or share, proportionably
And whereas I say that hee shall purchase a single share, I meane thus, That there shall never bee more then -10- parts or shares, & to them but -8- persons to haue shares, Namely -7- freinds and partners, for & in respect of their moneys engaged, and to bee engaged to haue equall & single shares And my selfe in respect of my Invention to haue the other three And farther that noe more bee ever admitted as to the Constant and Generall Interest, but that if occasion require, by consent some perticuler person to bee admitted a partner to the charge, and proffitt of some perticuler application

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