The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Cressy Dymock To Hartlib?
Dating:25 October 1649
Ref:62/50/9A-10B: 10A BLANK

Honored Sir
Experience hath taught mee first that a very great, good, or perfect guift comes from God by whose imediate blessing onely I am become the vnworthy instrument of some that may verry mutch tend to the vniversall good of Mankind, Secondly that the best things are wrapt vp in the greatest misteryes & are therefore most hard to bee atteyned
Yett itt hath pleased my ever Gratious God soe far to shew forth his strength in my weakenes that (though not without mutch expence of tyme studdye, labour & money) I haue obteyned the thing I saught for
And beeing by his appointment some [word deleted] monthes since impregnate with an issue which by the same devine blessing is now brought forth a living male childe cal'd the Marriage of Strength and tyme, & happily may shortly bee sir named A Selfe-motion
This infant beeing lyke all others (though alliue & hitherto in good health) naked, & to bee susteyned by food, & the parents vnhappines beeing sutch as to be voyde of Milke, may possibly dy in mine armes, which God that Gaue itt will I trust prevent, & which if yet itt should soe happen would bee as a great grife to mee [catchword: itt's then]

(itt's then as misserable as I yett esteeme my selfe happy parent) soe allsoe the world might possibly find cause to say 'twas too barren in Charrity or goodnes when none soe kind were found to nurse & nourish itt vp a little in itts infancye itt beeing allsoe soe apparent, that itt would verry early bee able both to provid for itt selfe, & plentyfully reward whatsoever of that nature could bee done for itt
Sir Seriously I affirme that God hath soe farre blest my poore indeavours that my engine workes, & workes to good effect, & (bating some circumstantiall defects occasioned by the vnskilfullnes of the workeman in a thing of this misterious nature) really, substantially and according to the grounds att first propounded, and according to vnerring principles, is capeable of verry many great & condsiderable formes & applications
Thus mutch I thought fitt to intimate to your selfe whose I am
                              In all possible faythfull
Sir perticulerly I thinke          humble thankefullnes
that the application of my
engine to that of Mr Wheeler's               Dymock
may worke to verry high & excellent
     October the 25th

[hand Y:]          Dymock's Self Motion