The Hartlib Papers

Title:Memorandum About Engines, Dymock

If my engine bee made vse of in the Barbados for the grinding of sugar there will nessesarily follow (besids all private benifitts) this publique advantage that whereas they are now forced to lett many acres ly for fother for those draught cattle winter & somer the proffitt thence arrising beeing farre short of what the same land would yeild if planted with sugar canes, cotton, Indico, or the lyke, by this meanes all that land may bee converted to those more beneficiall vses, to the great increase & trade of those more staple comodityes.
If my engine bee made vse of for the [expediting? MS torn] of the worke of [clearing MS torn] all new plantations in Virginia from the numerous great trees now there on growing, my Engine by the assistance of -6 men beeing able to pull vp more trees by their rootes in a month then the same six men can by any strength of skill now vsed grub vp in a yeare, And then againe for the splitting or sawing out that tymber (which hath hitherto to beene burnt) into sutch fitt lengths, breadths, or thicknesse as may bee serviseable for our occasion in England,
The private advantage will bee that whereas heretofore the planter, or adventurer how many servants soever hee carried over with him or sent thither was nessessitated to spend all or most part of the first yeare in clearing his land of the wood by felling & burning getting little or nothing nay living vpon charge in the mean tyme, hee shall bee by this meanes enabled haue a crop the first yeare & his proffitt that way little inferior to others, but then when hee finds the vast difference betweene burning & felling all the tymber that grew on his land hee shall find good cause to confesse that his first yeare's crop is clearly the best enough to sett him vp for ever if hee bee but able to procure the vse of the double engine
Thus shall England bee releived with one of the comodityes shee more then begins to want (vizt) timber of all sorts. Thus by the strong arguments of gaine and ease shall many thousands bee invited perswaded to plant there that now (lyke meer droanes) liue here vpon the spoyle of their owne or other men's estates, Thus those that remaine will haue more elboe-roome, & oppertunity to thriue having noe cause to Iostle or contend Thus shall God bee Gloryfyed the Gospell propagated our sins restrayned or lessened in number att least when the most lycentious lyvers are removed and soe (God blessing vs) our vnnaturall devisions will bee in a good measure if not totally reconciled, when one soe great a cause as the desir of gaine is shall bee prevented removed even by a kind of surfeit of the thing soe mutch loved. Thus if as well other ingenuitys Ingenuityes bee encouraged there & that men bee drawne by that strong threefold Cord of wisdome power & loue out of their owne wanderings in Ignorance Idlenes and voluptuousnes into the right paths of experience, dilligence & temperance that plantation may even become another settled & mighty kingdome Not onely beautyfyed with all the vsual ornaments of virginity or youthfullnes but allsoe bedect with aboundance of most ritch & excellent Iewells, left her as a legacye [Catchword: by her Great]

by her great Grand-mother Nature but not discovered till Invention brought the key Industry the brush, & dilligence helpe to adorne her with them that soe shee appeare in all her glory & the wonder & desire of the nations round about her. Thus may the daughter (as in duetye bound) by her strength and youthly vigour verry mutch helpe to susteyne her aged mother's infirmityes, & by her gratefull & aboundant supplyes as with a [2? letters deleted] Robe cover that nakednes which through her late excesse layes her too mutch open to the veiw & scorne of Nations
[right margin, hand Y:]                 Dymock's Engines