The Hartlib Papers

Title:Title Pages Of Works On Silk Worms, Hartlib
Notes:All titles written on the back of a printed preface as 61/7/1B.

                         3a Editio
               De <Mr> Fishers Manufacture of Silke
                         in England ad tit.
                 See Mr Harmar and <mr> Fishers

                         3a Editio
               Of the domestick Vse of silke
                  to make the Warmest Garment
                    of it from a [single?] quilted
                      silke according to Lanions
And Mr Pels Iaponeses
          Besides Weaving-Instrument of Woltzogen./

                         3a Editio
                    The History of Silke-Spiders.
                      of Bermudas from Stirke
                    Of the Silke-grasse from
                         some others.

                    3a Editio
                     Legacy      Tr. Silkworms.
          The Poem of the Silke-Worme and their
     to bee turned [additus?] addendis et omissis [omitendis?]
          into a pleasant Oratorical Discourse
                    by Collier etc.
          In the bundle of Mr Worsley's Papers of

                    3a Editio
                     Legacy      Tr. Silke Worms.
        Experiments from Clodius of Dr Wendolin Sybilist and
          Experimenter at Hamburg
            Of making Silk out of Flax.
          Of Mr Henry Rivers Virginia-silke-plant.
           Experiment of making Linnen-cloth out of
               Nettle-tops for feeding of hens and
                  Multiplying of Eggs. Mr Pels.

                         3a Editio
               Ad   Titulum Silke-Worms
          Description of Wolzogen of Petty-mystery
          with the Figure
               for Weaving of Silke [illeg.word] etc.

                         Mr Austins
                      Oxford - Experiments
                           Of Silke-Worms./
                           Mr Greenwoods./

                    The Relation of Mr Best's English-
                         man slaves
                    concerning silke-Worms.

[and reverse of all these pages, printed:]
                         To the Reader.
Advantage brought thereby unto the Publique, which is here the Maine of the whole Designe, that this State may recover it selfe and flourish; and the burdens which ly upon every one, may be the easier borne by all. I shall not add by way of Preface any thing more; only I shall beseech the Lord to direct thee, in this, and all other things, to fulfill the good pleasure of his will; In whome I rest alwayes
From my house at Charing           Truly thine in all
Crosse right over...                duties of Love and
Angel Court the 24. of Feb.           Serviceablenesse
     1650/1....                    SAMUEL HARTLIB
                    [decorative block]