The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, John Hall To Hartlib
Dating:undated [Late March 1647?]
Ref:60/14/39A-40B: 40B BLANK

Dear & honored Sir
Yours with the Enclosd of Mr Worsleys came to my hands some hours after my last was sent away. I cannot but thanck yow for your extraordinary care & him for his learned pains I haue Receiued a great Deal of satisfaction from it & cannot but conjure yow, that yow wold so far ouercome his [letter deleted] modesty as that it might be more Publique for I doubt but it wold both Resolu & satisfy a great deal of doubting about that question, That of Mr Torshells Harmony of Scripture I had heard once of from a very mean person (which causd me not much look after it then) but truely neuer neuer say) but I beseech yow after your many favours let me be engaged for a sight of it. I haue not fail to vrg my Tutor about his conceptions on Mr Dury's instructions, he promises[altered] me as soone as he can breath (for he haith the most troublesome ofice in all the Colledge) to satisfy your desire in it. Sir I am sorry that yow concurr with me in your opinion of his demands for Truely I expected no other (& I proffess I conceiu them Irrationall) yet durst I not discourage <him> as well to win his service to the Publique as also hoping yow cold & might satisfy him with more plausiveness then I - I doubt not Sir but yow vnderstand mee. I am sorry that things had haue been no better conveighd, it shall Cause me henceforth be more diligent. I am somewhat Comforted that my endeauours can be any way subservient to the Publique I conjure yow, Sir, send me your own opinion of the Preface & your friends of the Translation but I beg freedome in both. Civitas Solis is Iust at an vpshot vpon the Conclusion of it, Mr Collier is for Comenius (I pray yow if yow haue any by yow of those peices send him one for here they Cannot be had) Orthograhia & Icnograhia as I take it.   

The Society was in as good a [letter?] as I could get it. I shall be more curious about Campanella, I fear that the preface will not be Ready so soon as we need it Therefor if yow haue not sent I ease yow of the burden. I will also cause to be don Respubl: Christianopolitana by Valentinus Andrea (he whome your Excellent Comenius mentions in the beginning of the Society.) But Sir. I cannot but protest my sincere thanks for the enclosd [Office?] I can onely send back my wishes but no Censure, Then so well don
            -----   [et leve seneros?]
           Excludat vinctura vngues. I beseech God answer it with a like success, & bring this Parliament & Kingdom to sense of your deserts. For Ideas of General though they haue much of the Fable yet ar they not useless especially for week minds, & indeed the wiser may gain somewhat by them in point of Conception.
Sir. I read one the Enclosed Originall with greediness it speeks an high spirit <soul> & meerly defecated from this terrene dross, I wish all the Noble blood in the 3 Kingdoms producd such spirits I shold be very glad to know more of this Gentleman & be better known of him. I am sorry Mr Milton dos abundare suo sensu I wish I cold not Complain the like of my dear Stanley (To whom expect a letter as yow desire next Week) But I hope I shall win or him when I come to Remain at London as I shall shortly, My drift is onely this to express an Idea of a Commonwealth & Colledge in a Romance, I am

now a putting in the press 2 book of Divine Emblems which I hope ere long will be finisht for I haue seen some of the Cutts. I haue not heard from Blunden, but shall Carefully listen after him. For the Intelligencer if my life layd on it I cannot do it suddenly for it will be of a fine threed I shall shortly Repose a little in the Country (from where I will steal vp to kiss your hands) & then expect it from him who is professedly
                 Your sincere servant
Munday                         I Hall