The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, John Hall To Hartlib
Dating:13 April 1647

Worthy Sir.
The occasion of the hast of my last I intimated, & I hope if it could not procure pardon, it might avert your displeasure, when I came home I found noe letter from yow, which I conceiued had been by mine own abruptness, but walking with my Tutor yesterday afternoon I found, after the time Carriers vse to depart & this is the Reason I write no till to day. I bless God that he hath lent our state eys to see your Merits, the Taking Notice of great men is the best basis of a solid peace, Mony is the Nervs of a Commonwealth, learning & Religion the blood & Spirits without which it is an vseless trunk & soon putrifys, I were iniurious to that alacrity I haue euer found in yow to the Publique shold I tell yow yow ar more than euer engaged to a prosecution of our good designs, by Reason I know yow so Well-fraught with such apprehensions, yow wold doe well to spurr Mr Collier with a letter for he is slow & goes not on with that speed, yow require & I wish, your other little Tabula shall be sent Next week, when the Transcription is finished & with it Mr Worsleys letter. yow haue here one to him but short by Reason of my hast, if he print that to me I conceiu it Convenient to add that

to your self, heer yow haue Philander &c. my leisure will not let me Read him the Rather Cause he wants a sheet or two, If yow gain Mr Moor, to our [Office ?] Næ tu magnum facinus feceris, he is a Man of Rare parts Indefatigable Industry very [word deleted] Conscientious (& that with discretion) Zealous (& that secundum scientiam, yow wold do well to gain Mr Cudworth in him yow gain Emanuel Colledge Now the most florishing (for tongues) in the Town. I shall agitate for the Office but wish some [lyes?] & secretion, that ther may be a difference of Milites & pagani, known Trustees, & strangers & Kick shaws.
I had almost forgot the Academy, I will dictatte[altered] it to my sc scribe, by Reason I write with pain, & my hand is scarce legible, yet so that yow May Read by it I am
                      Your truely affectionate frend
                             to serv yow
Ap: 13. 1647[altered from 6]           I Hall
         Mention the Acad to None till yow hear further

[scribal hand:]
The designe was to bee carryed thus, the number was not to exceed 60 & euery one at least a Gentleman of blood & coat armour, if there were any supernumerary, they were to bee receaued in the quality of Probationers or Expectants, & upon the fayling of the other number to bee according to seniorities receaued in, now of these, there was to bee a President, who was only to <be> Annuall & next to him a Oratour, vnder him these two a Secretary, library-keeper, & Master of the Ceremonies. The manner of Election was thus, the Candidates were by some friends to make knowne their desires, this friend was to giue a true Character of him to the Essentialls (for so are the 60 called) if any other did know him, hee was alsoe to speak, so each man having convenient time allowed, for the Enquiry after his parts & manners, was accordingly to receaue or reject him by a blacke or white Beane: & heere number was prevalent, after the election they were to haue their names & Armes registred, & two blanke Pages left that if they should do any thing memorable & Serviceable, to the Politique or literary Republickes, it might bee inserted, euery one was to allow what hee pleased for the maintenance

of the Academy, noe lesse then 4 lb a yeare, besides 20s at their admission, & a Booke to the Library: And if the Paiment were discontinued one halfe [letters deleted] yeare he who failed was to bee displaced, & the eldest expectant receaue it. Now there was another degree called Fautores, these were gleaned up of Asses, such I meane as can only bring gold in to the commonwealth of Learning these were discharged of Exercises, which were to bee as follow, Every one was to bring in at the yeares end, a paper of Verses & some choise discourse as also those that were Poetically enclined, vpon any occasion, these verses were to bee gathered vp, the choisest cull'd & printed vnder the name of the Academy, such as were disposed being allowed their names, & thus much for Lustre, now for matter of profit it was only this, euery weeke, two were publiquely to discourse before the Præsident, these discourses to bee carefully reserued & registred, for the peculiar Vse of the Society but none vnder the degree of an Essentiall to transcribe, & in processe of time, they intended to enlarge to Horsmanship, Fencing, &c. Thus you haue it breifly & faithfully, I expect your opinion in your next, expect you also mine which not to forestall you I thinke is negatiue. you shall haue the reasons.