The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, John Hall To Hartlib
Dating:11 January [1647?]

Dear & honored Sir.
Yours of the 8 of this Currant came safe, I am glad to hear the safe Return of the Discourse of Correspondency I cold wish yow wold haue been pleasd to point at the Errors in my Notes vpon it, I beseech yow Sir be as free with me as your own soul, for giue me leaue to profess in Christ, That I haue no freind Dearer & higher in my Thoughts Then your Worthy self.
I guess the Author of this Consultation, Mr Comenius by reason he Mention's the Kingdom of Pole one or twice, if I miss I pray yow rectify me; extream glad shall I be to see the Excitatarium, But far gladder to see it pass the Press, Good Sir Enform me more fully About your own work, & lay the blame on my extream affection to yow, If I be a suiter to yow to send me your; sheets, ar they ar still finisht, For Mr Blunden's business, I beseech God direct the actors in it, to the best, I wish the Translation Refin'd, The other 3 well transla & the scatterd discorses gatherd vp, But truely I can not help in any of these, by Reason I am not so far Master of the French, & I find my Genius not altogether so apt for translating, I shall Endeauour a preface if yow will take Care that I may peruse some sheets, & be pleasd to make good your offer of your Latin discours, I think I cold be assistant in the Disposall of them (As for your project of a Menstruall & Hebdomaticall order I Concurr, but wish them not printed on to great tom's)

Nay more, if Mr Blunden will furnish me with books bound vp with white paper, I will referr my Reading (which now lys that way) to his vse, & this will be Conducing to that, which yow mean (I suppose) By Marginall Notes, I pray make vse of this Enclosd to Mr Stanley, I doubt not but it will procure yow the Respect, which as due to yow, Neither shall I be awanting to Mr Moor to my ability, But I suppose him now out of the Town by Reason I haue not met with him, two or three tims I have been at his chamber, I humbly thank yow for loan of the Comenian Consultation to transcribe which yow shall expect by the last Next,
Sir. If your Conveniency will suffer, I pray write on Thursdays By Ashpoll, who lys at the Dragon, for the letters by your man ar not well delivered. I beg your Endeauour for a Society, & that we may be gathred in some form together, God (through Iesus Christ) will prosper our Indeauours; among whom non will be more forward Then
                           Your affectionatly devoted
S. Iohns                                 servant
 Ian: 11th                                 I Hall
     I presume to trouble with the expresses, for the better initiation of our accquaintance. pray let me heare how yow goe on with your Address-office