The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, John Hall To Hartlib
Dating:11 March 1646
Ref:60/14/7A-8B: 8B BLANK

Worthy Sir.
There is in this pacquet (according to my promise vpon Friday by Powell) 90 more of the Modells of a Society, I expect by the next your free Censure of that performance. If yow Received not mine & Mr Collier's letters till Saturday & that by Rothwells servant, it has been vpon the Mistake of my Man whom I entrusted for that time to pack vp my letters (my self being avocated by some other employments of Concernment) which it seems he Mangled with Rothwell pacquet, For I can assure yow Sir it is a Maxime with me to employ Carriers as being Most sure there liuelyhood Depending vpon it. Civitas solis will (I hope) be in good forwardness by the End of the week & to that End (when I get a little leisure) I put my sholders also to it. But, good Sir let me beseech your preface (for, for some Reason I may not appear in it) or else one from some Worthy who has better leisure.

To accquaint men with the vse of such kind of writing, I am also a Suiter to yow to employ some ability for a Collection of such Testimonys as haue been giuen by [Author?] on Campanella or that work, I shall also employ my self that way. & we will ioyn Forces. That peice whose name yow cold not Read was Leucenia, a peice of mine of some 60 or 70 sheets which I think will not be Ready so soon as I wisht. Howeuer (what my businesses will) I shall hasten it, as also Refine that peice of Intelligence, and that with speed. I did your Comands to My Tutor who is in a good disposition our way & I know a letter from yow will be most welcome to him, I Receiued not Mr Worsleys letter but greedily expect it, I pray yow tender my homage to him.
I suppose by Mr Blunden & your silence about the Philosophicall Parliament yow

haue engaged some able spirit in the pursuance of it, which I am glad of, but I wonder yow neuer Mention the Address office or Mr Stanley. I shall not fail of any thing yow impose vpon me (if within the sphere of my Activity) so willing am I to be subscribd
                            Your truely affectionate
S. Iohns                        friend
Mart: 11                         I Hall.