The Hartlib Papers

Title:Recipe For Stone, Cressy Dymock
Ref:60/4/211A-B: 211B BLANK

[Hartlib:]           Stone. Gout. etc.
Att the spreadeagle. att the hither end <of ouldstreet> next the charterhouse on the south side of the narrow street, but few dores within the Narrow street, att the signe of the blacke spreadeagle there lives one mr [blank] A man very eminent for curing the Gout, Stone, Ague, toothach, and dyvers others lyke terrible and troublesome diseases, hee or his wife keepes an Ale house in the same place, hee rarely takes any fees saue onely for his Ingredients, And seldome or never comes to any whomesoever but they must come, or bee brought to him if they will haue his helpe ---- I suppose hee takes this course partly to avoyde the Colledge of Physitians, & partly that his patients or their freinds should by consequence spend freely in his house And though hee take noe fees or other reward but what comes freely, privately, and after the cure, yett I presume his doses are deer enough.   [Hartlib:] Mr. Dymock.