The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Recipe For Stone From Public Intelligencer In Scribal Hand?
Dating:15 March 1658

<Hartlib:      Stone>
          1658. No March 15. In Public Intelligencer
In White
In White Friers near the waterstairs over against the new buildings, at one Mr. Bacons house, lives a Gentleman that bÿ his long Experience in his continuall practise hath attained to make a cordiall drinck[altered from bring] which doth exactly slime cleanse the Kidnyes and bladder and brings forth any Gravel stone sand and slime which cause the stone it dissolves[altered] the stone (if not of too long growth and continuance) without anÿ violence or danger and healeth any ulcers in the kidneys and helped the [stranger? altered] and such as cannot make urin and helps such as cannot hold their water but go alwayes wet & also cured[H alters from ?] extreme fits of[H alters from ?] the Collick and griping of the Gutts
Those that please to send or repair to him or make their griefe knowne to him maÿ have means with direction sent them to cure themselves[H alters from ?] or their friends although theÿ at live at a great distance for the [word deleted] <H: meanes> will keepe long without decaÿing. His constant hours that you will finde him at home every day of the week are from 6 of the clock in the morning vntill 12 at Noone.

Welches ist der ungewisseste schutz so nach der erden zielt vnd trifft die nahe.