The Hartlib Papers

Title:Recipes For The Stone, Hartlib & Scribe A
Dating:14-20 February 1657
Ref:60/4/13A-14B: 14B BLANK

The french-dublin
Mr. Fountains liquor
of Lemons
        Dublin. February 10. 1657. Lady Ranalagh Letter
    I am informed of a Surgeon here, who boasts of a Medecin that hee says hee breakes the Stone by without faile. Hee is of the common opinion of loving more to keepe a Secret, then to doe good by publishing it. But hee hase promised to prepare some of the Medecin, and teach the vse of it which j am endeavouring to get from him
               February 14. 1657
My Mother has spoken to the Gentleman she writ to you of, and hee dose positively vnder-take the curing of the stone if it bee in the kidneys.
               February 20. 1657
The Gentleman that hase the Secret for the Stone made mee a visit, and assured mee that if it were in the kidneys hee durst vndertake by a Liquor hee makes to reduce it to gravel, and to bring that

that gravel away by vrine. Hee assures mee the remedy is cheap and easy and made out of the outward rind of Lemons. But by what way prepared hee stil keepes secret, yet promises mee some of the thing, assoone as hee heares yours is the stone in the kidneys.
     To the stone of the bladder hee say's hee can give ease, but if it bee a formed smooth stone in the bladder hee judges it incurable.
     Hee is a Frenchman seemes very sober his name is Fountaine
[hand A:]
          Monsieur Fountaines direction
     for the vsing[altered from vseing] the water for the stone of the kidneys.
The vse of the water which is against the Stone in the reins[H alters from vaines] is[H alters from if] thus. 3. spoonefull must be taken in the morning fasting, & be stirring vpon it & fast att the least one houre after it; And 3. spoonefull at night the very last thing that is taken. Continue[H capitalises]; that[H alters from That] Course for 8 dayes. At[H capitalises] the last Quarter of the moone, & to be well a long [catchword: time]

time together avoiding contrary diet, Take every morning, halfe a drachme of the pouder of Olive stons during a whole moneth together in foure spoone full of fennell water & foure spoonefull of parsley water mixed together.