The Hartlib Papers

Title:Mr Blunders Queries Re Glauber, In Scribal Hand B
Ref:60/3/6A-B: 6B BLANK

<Hartlib:   Mr Blunders Queries concerning>
               some passages in Glaubers
                   I. and H. Bookes.
               Queries in the first Part.
1    What is the forme and vse of that other furnace (better then the first) mentioned page 23.
2.   What is ment by sal vinj essensificati mentioned Pag:45.
3    What are the vses of the spirit and Liquor of Calx saturnj & Sal Tartari mentioned Pag.80.
               Queries in the 2d part.
1.   What are the properties and use of the coagulated lixivium of Regulus Martis. mentioned Pag.90
2    What is the vse of the metaline spirit and flores of sawdust (sagspan) sulphur and sal niter, mentioned pag.74.
3    What can Tartar particularly performe in mettles which is omited in the 115 pag.
4    What is the use of the Tincture of Gunpowder in Alchymy mentioned. pag.82.
5.   How is REBIS prepared before that the Sal Tartarj be added, as in pag 162
6.   How the milke of sulphur in Blut hangezsitiget werden. pag.171.