The Hartlib Papers

Title:Title Page, In Hartlib'S Hand, Dury On Gospel Government
Ref:57/5/6A-B: 6B BLANK

            Of the Necessity of setling some
          Amongst the churches of Christ in this
            Held forth in an Answer to a Querie
          wherby Mr Saltmarsh did once endeavour to
          hinder the settlement of all Church-
               government in this Nation.
          Written in the year 1646. by Mr Iohn Dury
                 Minister of the Gospel.
    And now published for the present Vse of these times
          wherin it may bee seasonable to bee taken
           into consideration for the preventing of
          further confusion and disorder amongst
              the Professours of the Gospel.
   Printed for Richard Wodenothe in Leaden-hall Market
               next door to the Golden Hart.
                         1654.        in 4to. Pag.