The Hartlib Papers

Title:Title Page, A Discovery For Setting Out Land, In Hartlib'S Hand
Ref:57/5/4A: 4B BLANK

          For division or setting out of Land as to
                    the best Forme.
     Published by Samuel Hartlib. Esqr for Direction
     and more Advantage and Profit of the Adventurers
          and Planters in the Fens and other
       Waste and vndisposed Places in England and
       Wherunto are added some other choice Secrets
               or Experiments of Husbandry.
       With a Philosophical Quare concerning the Cause
                      of Fruitfulness.
               An Essay to shew How all Lands may
        improved in a New Way to become the ground of
               the encrease of Trading and Revenue
                    to this Common-wealth
          Sold by Rich. Wodenothe       in 4to Pag.33.
              in Leaden-hall street.
                       1653.                -0-0-6-