The Hartlib Papers

Title:Printed Sheet Relating To The Relief Of The Poor
Ref:57/4/10A-B: 10B BLANK

                Provision for the Poore,
  A briefe Representative, to make knowne the way, by a
    Fishing Trade, to imploy many thousands of poore
     people, from eight years to ninety yeares Old
   (although one fifth part of them be Lame and Blind)
     to keep them from Begging and Starving by their
     owne Labour; As they doe in Holland, by the sayd
       Fishing, as can bee proved by many good and
       sufficient Merchants, and Marriners in and
              about the Citie of LONDON.
Inprimis. To Buy Ten Vessells fit for that Trade, some of forty, fifty, sixty, and seventy Tonne, which will cost (one with the other) 230 l. per Vessell, or thereabouts (that is to say) all of them fitted and furnished with Sayles, &c. for a Fishing Trade or Voyage) which amounts unto the summe of
                    ------------------------ 2300 l.
  II. That each Vessell will cost Victualing, and for other necessaries belonging to the sayd Voyage about 50 l. per Vessell (one with the other) which will amount to more,
                                             0500 l.
  III. That each Vessell must have a hundred Nets, or thereabouts, and every Net will cost thirty shillings per Net (one with the other) which will amount to more,
                    ------------------------ 1500 l.
  IV. That all the sayd Vessells compleatly fitted for the sayd Fishing Voyage (with all materialls thereunto belonging, as before expressed) will cost the sum of four or five thousand pounds, or thereabouts.
  V. That the sayd Vessells be imployed for the taking of Herrings upon our owne Seas or Coasts, as the Flemings and French doe imploy every yeare (they having more then two thousand Sayle upon the sayd Fishing) beginning in June, and continue untill towards the end of November following; and they come in, and goe out againe, every two or three Moneths in the sayd time.
  VI. That the sayd Vessells being so imployed in the sayd Fishing Voyage, or Trade, six or seven Moneths every yeare, it will be sufficient to keep many thousands of poore people from begging and starving (as they doe in Holland by the sayd Fishing) And moreover bring in much profit to the Generall Stock, some yeares [20?] or 30 l. per Cent. besides the making all sort of Provisions cheaper in the Land.
  VII. That if a Stock be procured, many hundreds of poore people (within a few dayes) may bee set to worke in the City and Suburbs, to keep them from begging and starving (as now they doe daily) and to live comfortably by their owne labours; for it is commonly knowne (and will easily be made evident) what they can make of every pound of Hempe, and how much they must have for their labour in Spinning, upon their re-delivery of it back againe.
   VIII. That if a Stock be procured (or that some Aldermen or men of Estates will Adventure upon their owne Account for the good of the poore) for their better encouragement and accommodation, some of the Members of the House of Commons have promised to get Greenwich-house, being a fit place, in regard it is neer the River of Thames, and convenient for all concernments, and preservation of all the Materials belonging and appertaining to such an imployment as aforesayd.
  IX. That if a Stock be procured (as abovesayd) care must be taken that as few Officers, and Overseers be imployed in Negotiating the sayd Fishing and Spinning, as possibly maybe; For it is conceived that one Treasurer will bee sufficient to receive and issue forth all the money for the whole imployment, and he to give an account thereof whensoever it shall bee required.
  X. That if the aforesayd businesse proceed, one Husband also will be sufficient, that is a knowing Man, and hath been an Owner and Master in those affaires, and hath experience in the sayd Fishing, &c. And that will bee faithfull and carefull in shipping such Masters and Marriners for their shares, that will be industrious for the increase and augmentation of the Generall Stock.
  XI. That care also may be taken, that the sayd Treasurer and Husband, and other inferiour Officers and Overseers have but reasonable and indifferent Salaries for their care and diligence in the premises; And that all frugall meanes may bee used for the good of the poore, and the increase of the Generall Stock, as aforesayd.
  XII. That for the Encouragement of all that shall Contribute to so Charitable a worke (as the reliefe and maintenance of the poore) they may remember that the Lord hath promised more then ordinary blessings (both spirituall and temporall) upon all such person or persons, as shall imploy their labours and Estates in works of that nature.
            London, Printed in the Yeare, 1649.
[right margin, manuscript:]