The Hartlib Papers

Title:Extract From 'Perfect Proceedings' On The Office Of Address
Ref:57/3/1A-B: 1B BLANK

<Hartlib: Taken out of the Perfect Proceedings. No. 304. Iulj 26. 1655./>
               Office of Addresse.
There is an Office for Generall accommodation of all people newly erected & kept at the house of Edward Tooly Gentleman, Scituate in Basinghall-street neer Blackwell-hall London, there are several Registers there kept, where such persons may enter their names, & desire, that shall at any time have occasion in any of the particulars following, viz such as have a desire to Morgage or sell any Land or Houses, or to let to farm any Land by Lease or yearly Rent in any part of England or such as desire to be boarded by the year or otherwise, or to take lodgings in, or Country Houses neer the City of London. Or such as shal at any time want able & fit Soliciters to follow any businesse, & likewise such as shall want either men servants, Apprentisses, Clerks, or others, or Maid Servants, or Nurses for Children.   There are likewise registers kept to enter the names & places of aboad, of all such as shall desire to buy Land or houses, or to let out money vpon Morgage, or to take to farm any Land, or to take Country Houses about the City, or Lodgings in the City, or to take any to board, & likewise for all Servants, that shall any time want a Service, & make their desires known at the said Office, by which means people may easily come to the knowledge one of the Other, and their severall necessities & occasions speedily supplyed.
   And likewise all Ministers Widdows, & others, that have Studies of Books, to sell at secondhand, may at the said Office give in a Catalogue of their Books, & such as want any Books scarce to come by, may upon their repair, to the said Office view the said Catalogues, & very probably know, where to be supplyed./.