The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy, Charges Against William Petty Presented To The Commons
Dating:undated [1659?]
Ref:55/12/1A-2B: 1B, 2A, BLANK

          Articles of Misdemeanour & breach of
          trust against Doctor William Petty elected to
          serve in this House as a Member of Parliament/
1    That the said Doctor hath extorted & received Great Bribes.
2    That contrary to the Act 1658. ch: [v.? or 12?] page 249 in Scobells Collections he hath made itt his Trade to purchase a vast number of Debenters. He himselfe being the then cheife surveyour, & hath vsed all others meanes to necessitate others to sell their Debenters to him, or else denyed to sett them out their Lands.
3    That by fraudulent & Indirect meanes, he hath gott into his hands seuerall vast sums of money from the state, possessed himselfe of many thousand Acres of land that he hath noe right vnto, haveing noe Clayme thereto by Letter or Consent./
4    That he hath vsed many Fowle & vnwarrantable practizes during his Imployment of being Surveyor & Commissioner to the great wrong of others & dishonour of the Commonwealth./
5    That the said Doctor together with his Fellow Comissioners, have placed many Debenters vpon security that they had no clayme vnto, & denyed to others the security which of right belonged to them./
6    That the said Doctor together with his Fellow Comissioners have totally disposed of the remayneing parte of the Armye's security contrary to Law, the Debt still remaining & chargable vpon the state./
                        H Sankey
This is a true Coppy
                 Io. Smith [Clerk?] of the Parliament to
                                        attend the Comons

          Doctor William Petty's