The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Sampson Johnson To John Dury
Dating:18 July 1633

Louing brother in Christ
hauinge iust now receiued yours of the 28. Iunij. I could not differ the aunsweringe of them especially beeinge to remoue from this court to morrow towards Wolgast. Wee left dresen on the 26th Iunij hauinge had very small comfort from that [word deleted] <place> either in temporall or ecclesiasticall negotiation soe wholly obdurate is that Prince & those about him, I told you in my letter I wrote from thence presently vppon our arrivall what Dr. Höe deliuered in the discourse I had with him; at seuerall times since he hath repeated the same somewhat enlarginge himself, & findinge himself guilty of much raylinge & bitternesse lately vsed by himself in his sermons against the Calvinists, namely comparinge them to Turks & mahumetanes, as he hath done formerly in his writinges also, he seemed to excuse this his inuectiue zeal & reprehensorye preachinge lately reuiued by him, but before quite buried, with layinge the blame on our brother in Christ Dr. Bergius, whoe is alltogether innocent & hath giuen him noe cause at all: This worthie & pious man hath giuen me most ample satisfaction clearinge himself of all those vnworthie & vnchristian accusations <which> that Dresden Dr. hath layd to his charge: & hath promised to doe the <like> vnto him by sendinge him a letter & in modestye & humility lett him vnderstand that the iniuries he hath offered doe not only redound to the wrong of his person, but also to the hindraunce of this most commendable & christian labour now on foote, had not the Elector gon soe soone to Wolgast, & the Doctor with him he had written from hence to Dr. Höe as you aduice together with a letter of mine enclosed but from Wolgast I doubt not but he will take the occasion. Twoe thinges are layd by Höe to Dr. Bergius' charge, first for diuulginge the priuate conference at Leipzig, & secondly for puttinge forth lately a reply to a diuine of theyrs Dr. Himmelius of Iena; for the first Dr. Bergius plainly denyes it & most truly, for to my knoledg another was the cause of printinge it & not he; as for the communicatinge of it in writinge to any, which also Dr. Höe made a head of an accusation to me against him, he confesseth, & that was done by consent & knoledge of all partyes, for twas soe accorded amongst them that 4. copyes should be taken for to be imparted 3. for the 3. princes whose diuines did confer & one for the bibliotheca of Leipzig; & a fifth for Dr. Bergius to be sent to the English churches all which was

agreed on ioyntly, [seeinge? altered] there were soe many copyes to be communicated whoe could hinder the multiplyinge of them afterward; The truth is that Dr. Höe did in this point most iniustly taxe this pious & most modest man, & certainly from some other cause it arose if wee knew it, that he should thus suddainly chaunge his mind whoe at my Lords passing from Wien through dresen seemed to be better enclined:
For the second accusation Dr. Bergius frees himself likewise the booke he hath put forth is the 2. edition of a [word deleted] tract about the L. supper diuulgd by command of his prince An. 1624. which beeinge after some yeares refuted in 10 disputations by Himmelius of Iena. was lately secunda curâ reuised by him, & all those speeches or phrases which seemed to Himmelius [2 words deleted] <harsh & were> put vnder the title of sermones duriores, all though they were most modest & befittinge the truth yet he omitted voluntarily without receiuinge any kind of admonition from Dr. Höe either mediatè or immediatè et solummodo pacis christianæ studio, somethinge augmentinge his booke in the substance of the controversye & thus much he thinkes he was oblig'd to doe & might also without beeinge the cause of hindringe the publicke peace of the Church.
There is heere a very learned man of whom I doubt not but you haue heard Dr. Crellius sometimes professor of Frank: on Oder whoe hath bestow'd sometime in consideringe most exactly de medijs et vijs reconciliationis Euangelicorum, I haue had larg discource with him & I must confesse if this businesse goe on his councell will bee embraced before any I haue yet seene soe farr as I can iudge; you will doe well to send him a word or twoe if you come not this way for he is a man of great gifts & a great acquaintance of Beckmannus:.
On Munday next some funerall rites ar to be performed to the body & corps of the incomparable K. of piovs memorye at Wolgast where will be present the Elector whoe [letter deleted] went hence on Sunday with the Electrice the Duke of Pomerane. the Duke of [meckelburg?], 5. Senators of Sweden & my Lord with his companye - ([auxiliante?] Deo).
At the court of Saxe my Lord receiued noe content at all, & the Elector in all his awnsweres made it appeare that he neither forgetts the old grudge against the house Elector Palatine, nor yet will professe to approve the conclusion taken at Heylbrun. but puts my Lord of to a meetinge at Breslaw. which is not acknoledged at this court:

This Elector yeelds his consent most readily, with the addition of many professions, to all my Lords proposition, an vppon this his resolution, hath sent a councelour to expostulate with the Saxe, & I doubt not but since the defeat at Hammet that Elector wishes he had followed other councells.
In silesia lately the Imperialists attempted Swinitz but were[altered] repulsed with the losse of 4. hundred; since the ioyning of Holk. with Friedlant I cannot but thinke the Saxe must needes see that there is nothinge really meant by Fridlandt which sauours of peace.
If these peeces of occurrents may be acceptable to you I shall be glad & if any thinge else I can doe may pleasure you I desire you not to doubt of my readinesse thus desiringe you to continue at your leasure to let me heare from you I rest
Pray remember me to all our good
  friends to Mr Curtius if arriued
  to Mr. Hindersham Sir Iames ramsey etc.
Berlin. 8/18 Iulij
  1633                     Your seruaunt in Christ Iesus.
                              Sam: Iohnson.

             A Monsieur
           Monsieur Iean Dury, Gentilhomme
           Escossois, Ministre de la Parole de
           Dieu &c. a present
       Soit recommandeé a la
       courtoisieu du Sieur Christophle
       Pickard, Marchand Anglois à Francfurt sur
       à Leipsick. /               le Moene . / .
[left margin, Dury:]
        Mr. Iohnson
   Scr. Berlini----------8./18. Iuly
   Acc. Frankfurti ----- 20 Iuly