The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter & Enclosed Proposals, W.R. To Hartlib
Dating:15 August 1656
Ref:42/10/1A-4B: 2A, 4B BLANK
Notes:MS Handlist suggests William Rand as author.

Much honoured freind
   I have sent yow the Propositions I told you of, when we were together at my Ladie Ranulaghs. Be pleased to communicate them only to such as yow know are averse to the Colledge, & desire that the matter may be kept secret, least we be countermined.
    To make yow active[altered] in the Promotion of this designe, Consider that this Societie will gather in the most ingenuous spirits about the towne; for the more ambitious, covetous, domineering, & selfish sort of Physitians will evermore joine to the <old> Colledge. But the more studious, modest, retired, publick & humble spirited will joine to this new societie. And thinke but what excellent things may be done by the joint Counsel of such a Companie, towards the advancement, not only of Physic, but of all the natural Discoveries. Thinke what a thing it will be for yow to know where to find a societie of learned men so tempered, to propound any excellent designe vnto, or to have their Advice in any busynes concerning the public; or to have their Testimonial Suffrage upon occasion of somthing to be presented in public. Sir I leave much more that might be said to your pru-

prudent Consideration & rest
August 15. 1656.           Your real freind to serve yow
                                      W R.

          For the worshipfull Samuel Hartlib
             Esquire at his House against
          Angel-Alley neare Charing-Cross-

          Proposals relateing to those Graduate
     Physitians of [deletion] <any> Universitie, that
     have bin there licentiated, & are now resident in
     London & not incorporated nor desirous to
     incorporate with the present College.
That being alreadie by Matriculation made Brethren of one or other Universitie, they are obliged to maintaine its priviledges, & amongst the rest to keepe valid its power of licentiating, against any later & inferior Societie whatsoever.
    In order to which, That all Physitians of London <so licentiated & not of the Colledge> doe associate, unto which association a necessitie may appeare from the two following Reasons.
(1) That in Case the present Colledge shall disturbe them or any of them in their practise, they may by advantage thereof, be in a good Capacitie to defend themselves, assisting one another by Councell & freinds; & for the ease & encouragement of particulars, defray the charge of suites & other molestations (to which all are liable) from a common stock, ariseing from a light but weekly Contribution
(2)    That in Case the Colledge shall move for a Confirmation of their Charter, & possibly the addition of certaine Clauses, that may expressly bring graduate & licentiated Physitians, under the restraint & penaltie in in their Charter expressed, because not licentiated by them: that in such Cases, Physitians associated as above (being very manie in number in this Cittie of London) will be better able to move for a salvis Libertatibus Academiarum, ex- [catchword: emption]

Exemption from the Iurisdiction of the said Colledge, which is not likely to be denied to Foundations more ancient, comprehensive; and august then the Present Colledge; as all Universities, especially those of our owne Nation are, especially since the ground of the licensing power given to the said Colledge, as it is expressed in their Charter & an Act thereto relateing: was, the Avarice & Unskillfullnes &<in> Physic & Chirurgerie, & all other kinds of Learning of such Mechanicks & wicked persons, as without education in Literature, thrust themselves upon the Practise thereof; which can no more be charged upon Graduate Physitians of the Universities, then upon the members of the Colledge in London
                    Motives hereunto.
(1st)      That Physitians so associated in a freindly Corporation, may assist one another, not only in accidental Consultations, at the charge of Patients, but in all Cases of Difficultie & that seldome occurr in practise, which will be to the Benefit of such as are under their Care, the improvement of the facultie of Physic, & consequently the Glorie of Almightie God & deserved Honour of the desired Association. For which purpose meetings may be appointed so often as the said societie shall Iudge convenient.
(2dly)     That they then may be in a Capacitie of moveing Authorite, not only for the Conservation of their Liberties, but for some further Countenance & Encouragement, as upon further consideration may be thought fit. Neither is the Erection of two or more Societies for the same End without President even in this Nation & Cittie: Witnes the two universities & the foure Inns of Court. It may [catchword: be]

be further urged, that the spaciousnes of London, more then admits it, & that it may be an Induction to the establishment of a third Universitie.
(3dly)     The members of this Society will be upon even termes with the Members of the present Colledge & so those disgusts & Animosities, which are frequent at Consultations, to the præjudice often of the patient & Dishonour of both Physitians, will cease, & both of them, like the Sister Universities, accord for the time to come./