The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Extract On Walter Riley'S Cure For Gout
Ref:42/4/3A-3B: 3B BLANK

               THE GOUT Walt. Riley.
At tower-wharf, over against the signe of the white tower near the coal wharfe dwelled an experienced Person, who by Gods blessing cureth the Gout: A Disease under which many languish even to death for want of help; and requires nothing for his pains till the cure be perfected and if it returns in 7 yeares, he will cure it for nothing.
He hath a powder for the stone that in the greatest extremitie of pain giveth present ease.
He hath also a Pill which purgeth the head and stomach of flegm and choller, and purgeth melancholy and all other superfluous Humours.
All this is performed punctually and faithfully by the assistance of God upon the endeavours of    Walter Riley.
      You may finde him within in the morning till 12
          twelfe of the clock.
Taken Out of the Publik Intelligencer. Numb. [deletion] 118. 1658./.