The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, John Dury To Hartlib
Dating:3 March 1644

Deare freind
by Sir Ihon Clotworthyes conueyance yow will receiue one in answer to yowrs of the <left margin: /> 9th. of Ian. the contents of which are very materiall & therefore left open to him to read this I send to yowr self as yow see, it is the beginning of my iudgment of the Apologeticall Narration which yow sent me: the rest shall follow God willing by the next post; beeing come from Rotterdam I am straitned in tyme & could write no more now faire, yow may cause this bee coppied out, & consult with Master Palmer about the use which should bee made of it; for I think it should not bee imparted to the Independents before others viz: the Scottish Divines see it; & then according as they shall think fitte it may bee disposed of in print or otherwise towards them. I am iealous of them truly in loue to them & the Churches & would bee exceeding sorry that they should not bee gained to ioyne with the rest & amongst themselues; yow need not lette any of them know from whence & to whom this letter is sent; lette all of them make their coniectures as they shall bee able, for if yow conceale my name the matter will become more considerable in it self & their iudgments more free to <left margin: /> take up the obligation which they haue to the dueties proposed therin. Mr Freher is I hope by this tyme with yow, & Mr Peters also, the former can lette yow see the letter of admonition which I wrote to the Ladie Stanhop which hath incensed hir & hir husband Monsieur de Heenvliet irreconciliablely against me; yow may shew it to whom yow shall think fitte, chiefly to such as will haue occasion, to see the letter which Sir Iohn Clotworthy will giue yow, wherin I haue occasion to mention it for to cleer a matter of great consequence. Concerning Mr. Peters I would haue yow lette him see that letter, & praye yow to take him off from speaking too freely of the Queene of Bohemia, for hee is not prudent in so doing, & doth in some sort wrong hir by causing men to think worse of hir then shee is: some fault there is but not to so great as is imagined, & of late shee hath begunne to make hir self free of the snare wherin shee is & wee hope will bee wholly ridde of it shortly: things are sooner made worse then better, & by bruiting the <left margin: /> euill suspiciously more then it is, it is oft tymes made altogether incorrigible. Sir William Boswell read yowr letter which came by him to me; If I were at the Hague & hadde knowen yowr desire before Mr Freher went I could haue sent yow the treatise of the Podagra; the Phisition is in Polonia, his name is Kneffelius, perhaps hee will bee here in the spring, but I hope then to bee in England, the Prince of Orenge is under his cure & no bodie can learne or coniecture his Remedies it will perhaps bee buried with him exept before his death hee reueale it: Sir Thomas Rowes disease was laid open to him & perhaps hee will bee invited to come into England to him & then yow may gette acquaintance with him. thus In haste I must conclude & commend yow to the Gracious direction & protection of God as [letter deleted]
               Yowr most affectionat & truly deuoted
                         freind & servant in Christ
     Delft. March. 3/Febr. 22 1644.     Iohn Durey

                   A Monsieur
                    Monsieur Samuel Hartlieb
                 at his house
                 in Dukes place        a
                  Neer Algate          Londres
[another hand:]
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