The Hartlib Papers

Title:Ephemerides 1642, Hartlib
Ref:30/4/81A-85A: 81B, 83B BLANK


Castalio is an author full of excellent notions and likest to Acontius of any.   But because hee is branded by Calvin as an heretike therfore hee is so little regarded.   If the truths which hee hase were delivered by some other Man against whom there was not such a prejudice they would bee accounted most singular things.   Fundanus.
Critica Autorum
Clavis Morian. [Alphabetical code with attached symbolic cypher]
Cryptographia Morian
Hee is very expert in Abbreviations and therfore hee should make a Treatise of them.
Sir Charles Candevish writes thus of him [Pell] - I confesse I expect not an exact book of Analyticks till you perfect yours.
Hobs, White, Gassendus, Cartes.   Every one of them is about a new Philosophy differing one from another.   Ex literis Mersenni.
Præstantissimo viro Dn. Godofredo Andreæ quondam in Schola Weinheimensi Palatina Rectori dignissimo.
His head is not well inhabited.   One of his expressions. Medcalfe.
Sir I. Bacchous
A special matter to powder Bief for ships in the spring February et March especially for at other months it will take no salt.   A maine oversight which is commonly committed in the provision of ships, wherby it comes often to passe that they miscarrie in their service.   For tho they bee not far from land yet it is never safe that they should only bee provided as it were from hand to mouth and so bee forced ever and anon to put into harbours to provide themselves afresh.   Sir Cheney Culpeper.

Wheras Suttons Hospital at the Charter House hath great revenues given towards the maintenance of Gentlemen that have served and are by age become vnserviceable in the Warres as appeareth by the Founders will and a judgment given and reported vpon the same: and yet is given to many that neither ever knew what warre meant nor perhaps of any good desert otherwise.
Opera Parliamentaria
It were worth the labour for such as deserve and want the said entertainment to discover this vnto the Parlament and to move that this might become a seate for a Counsel of Warre by additions of Honors and other National imployments as Muster-masterships etc.   Mr Foxly.
One Abbot Brother to the Archbishop Abbot hase written a most elaborat commentary vpon the Romans which Dr Vsher hase in his keeping and transacting with Whitaker. It could not heretofore bee published because it was too sharp against the Papists.   Hack.
Libri Anglici Biblici.
Commentary ad Romanos.
Primrose De Sabbatho is counted one of the chiefest that hase discussed that subject.   As yet his Reason hase not beene refuted by any.   So Mr Dury was told by a Parlament Man.
Treatise de Sabbatho
Magnum Sanhedrim promised by Selden who is very willing to publish it, if hee were provoked thereunto.   How that great Counsel amongst the Iews did deale with kings.   For the Iewish kings were not so absolute as is beleeved.   Vpon which also

Tobias Rostack von [Pelodrin?]

H. Grotius touches De Iure Pacis et Belli et [Buxtorf?] ni fallor.   Hubner.
Capellus hase in readines Criticam Sacram a great booke but cannot get it printed neither in France quia heretical nor at Basel because [Buxtorf?] emulates it nor in Low Countries because of some doctrinal Paradoxes in it.   Id.
Knowes Sir Ralph Maudisson who is ein Liebhaber.   Himself hase a choice Library of MS. which hee promises to bestow vpon Chelsy Colledge if it goe forward.
Mersennus hase some fine passages in his french booke in folio of Musicke concerning all manner of Representations.
Blondellus hase scarce a 100 lb. a year, about 10. miles from Orleans.   The Synod hase imposed him to write Historiam Ecclesiarum no body in all France being of that reading and judgment in Antiquity.   But Alasse by Preaching (in which hee hase no gift) and want hee cannot advance in any of his Writings.   Hee desires nothing more but otium sequestratum to perfect the several taskes.   <marginal adddition: Hee is a little above 40 years>.   Hee hase written a little the Treatise against Melit Pacificat Treatise De Eucharistia is incomparably good.   The other De Presbyterio is now a printing.   Dr Molinæus is his greatest adversary desiring to be the diotrophes.   His Brother is succeeded Adami from whom hee shall know always his condition.   NB. one for Chelsy Colledge.
Chelsy Colledge

To know always Eminent Mens Adversaries.
Methodus Nova Muniendi Arces Vrbesque tam accurata vt vix ulla vix expugnari possint.   Vpon half a sheet sent mee from Epstein.
In such a college omnia MS Angliæ should bee verleget or printed.
Chelsea College
Not farre from Westminster by the River there is erected a goodly Building not yet finished for students in divinity commonly known by the name Chelsey Colledge wherof I thought fit to make mention because I finde an Act of Parliament made in the 7th year of King Iames in the behalfe of the same Colledge as also a Declaration published by Authority in the year 1616 containing the Reasons that moved his Majesty and the State to erect the same which here followeth. P. 527. Ex Dr [Featly?].
Chelsey Colledge.
Consilium de Reformanda ecclesia Anglicana a Christiano Alethocrito.
Amplissimo coetui authoritate augustissimi consessus Regis et Regni ordinum, indicto ad consultandum de rebus gravissimis in Religione.   Londini, 1642, in 4to. Pag. 61.
Dr Moulin putatur Author.-0-0-6d-
Libri reformandi
Mons. Duski Dantiscanus was a special schollar of Crugerus to whom hee confided all his secrets and who knows of all what is left etc.   Hee is now at Oxford.
Mons. Dusky
Dr Gibbon (or Gibson) Mr Robinson knows him out of Kent a great Admirer of Comenius desires to communicate

with him having the same thoughts etc. in many particulars as hee hase had.
Also one Mr Elles of Catherin Hall in Cambridge et Lecturer of St Marys Mr Berts friends a great Methodist which hee hase studied these many years offers to communicate his method etc.
Elles. Comenius
Rittangel misit 2 libros sive exemplaria.   Id est Liber Iezirah qui Abrahamo Patriarchæ adscribitur vna cum commentario Rabi Abraham F. de super 32 semitis sapientiæ a quibus liber Iezirah incipit. Translatus et Notis illustratus a Ioanne Stephano Rittangelio Linguarum Orientalium in Elect. Academia Regiomontana Professore Extraordinario. 1642. in 4to.