The Hartlib Papers

Title:Ephemerides 1659, Hartlib

The 24. of Ianuary Mr Webbe giving mee a visit related how that Dr Goddard's man coming out of the Country, heard wonderful things affirmed of one at Malborough who hath perfectly cured stone Gout Feavers and Agues. An Apothecary paid for the Receipt of it one hundred lb. sterling. It may bee bought there (the powder or Liquor) and is sent over all the Nation.
Dr Goddar's man.
Hee also added of one Mr Clegget a Tailor in Fetter-lane in Gun or Gunpowder Alley who hath cured a number of People with his Receipt. They are not mercenary. It is of the Second Tanners Woose a kind of Liquor which must bee vsed constantly for a Month not so bad of taste as many other Physicks. A Woman was perfectly cured of the stone and an other who having vsed it but one weeke grew impatient and would

vse it no longer but was cut and dyed 3. day's after. But when hee was opened the stone in the bladder was broken already into several pieces, so that if hee had continued hee would have beene cured without cutting. But the Woman being cured of so great torments knew no better way to bee thankful but to marrie her Physitian. Mr Webbe hath spoken with both Parties commending the woman to bee very modest and pious. Mr Webbe.
Mr Startow in Smithfield in Chicke-lane at the signe of the frying panne was cured of the stone when hee was in a manner past recovery so that hee could neither stand nor goe. Besides a number of People that have beene cured by the same Medecin. The Receipt of it is as followeth. Receipt Gagatis Cubebarum ana 31. (drachmam vnam) scorsim probe pulverizata et per setaceum trajecta, misceantur et in haustu vini albi calefacto et sacharato mane jejuno stomacho adsumantur, hocque repetatur donec æger curatus sit.
Mr Startow.
By relation of Dr Hand Fellow of New College in Oxford to son Clodius who also is to enquire further
Dr Hand.

further whether it was the stone in the bladder or only in the kidney's. But it's said to breake the stone so that a very big one was voided by Mr Startow.
Dr hand knew also of an excellent <and wonderful> Remedy for Colica Passio. But not knowing the quantity of the ingredients hee promised to send the whole Receipt from Oxford to son Clodius.
Dr Hand.
In Warwick Lane London a special Ale is very well brewed that can hardly bee had for money there being always so great a number of Customers. Id.
Ale. Warwick-lane.
Penny-rojal is a very balsamical herbe and one of the best English Plants. It's excellent to hang in Bier and Ale or Wine giving a very good relish but is especially extraordinarily good for the stomach. When it is dryed it gives the more vertue. Id.
Vera Essentia Antimonii doth tinge besides his Medicinal Operation. Id.
The 7. of February Mr Winston the ingenious Papist came to bee acquainted with mee.
Hee told of one of Henly vpon Thamesis curing the stone by a water which hee sels.
Promised a water of some Emperors Receipt clearing Sight most rare, and which hath recovered some.

My Son Hartlib hopes to obtaine the Receipt.
Son Hartlib.
3. told of Clocks first vsed in Churches only. 2. then in Houses. 3. then as pe eare-pendants. 4. in a ring vpon a finger.
4. Invention of a stupendious Candle of 2.d. that should last always.
But it dyed abominably with the Inventor. Winston.
One Hales a Gentleman brought to my house the 8. of February 59 by Mr Woodward, told of a mill-wright at Croydon that hath invented such a selfe Motion as Martindale both vphill and downe. etc. being a most ingenious Mechanick. But could not drive so fast his cariages as the famed fat Butcher there.
Mr Hales.
the millwright of Croyden.
Motion-Carriages. Martindale
But Mr Hales hath made several Experiments and observations vpon Bees, which hee hath promised to set downe and to impart.
Hee doth not like so much Dr Wilkins Bee-hive. Mr Woodward.
Dr Wilkins
Horrax his observations of Venus are in Dr Worthingtons hands. Horrax kept a constant correspondence Astronomical with an other in Lancashire. The Dr (as I remember) hath likewise the Letter which they enterchanged about Lansberg etc.

Lansberg etc Horrax dyed suddenly sitting in his chaire and his correspondent dyed within a few day's after. Dr Cudworth promised to publish them but hase not done it. Dr Worthington.
They are printing at Cambridge a Catalogue of Book's in folio of the Publique Library and all others in particular Colleges specifying the several Editions. Id.
Catalogus librorum Cantabrigensis
Dr Worthington much desired the publishing of the Arabian Philosophical Fiction translated by Pocock being a Didactica as it were how to study and proceed in Philosophy. Id.
Didactica Philosophica Pocock.
Poleman a Prussian now dwelling at Amsterdam a great Traveller in the Oriental Parts etc. is a very ingenious Man. Cured Mr Figulus wife in a miscarriage when Dr Sylvius and all others could doe nothing by giving her a Powder which made her perfectly well within 2. or 3 day's. Figulus.
Mr Poleman.
Polman cozened the Duke of Holstein of many thousand Rixdollars and was to bee arrested, as from the Duke.
Hee hase made ready for print Explications and Observations vpon Helmond. Clodius.
Goretsky hath an Invention of Lute strings covered with Sylver wyer or strings which
Musica Goretsky.

makes a most admirable Musick. Mr Boyle.
Mr Maidstone Lord Protector's steward related a Parallel History of Illustrious Providences fal'n out about Colchester as I take of the divels appearing in a Ministers habit of that place to one distressed in Conscience. But the true Minister advised when hee came next to touch him and feele him according to our Saviour. A Spirit hath not flesh nor bones. etc. which hee doing hee shrank and vanished away. Mr Dury.
Mr Maidstone
Illustrious Providence
Take smal haselnut while the kernel is very smal leaving the husks on cut of the stalkes and with a knife split the nut and so distil it.
An approoved Receipt for the ey's repelling of rheum and cleering wonderfully the Sight. Winscombe.
Sir W. Pastons Son has tried the Experiment of hatching of chickens, but did not succeed in it. Clodius.
Hatching of Chickens.
Sir William. Paston.
Son Clodius
By Lapis Hæmatites Mr Sedgwick the minister who was almost blind was cured. Son Hartlib.
Eyes. Sedgwick.
Lapis Hæmatites.
Dr Kufler with the other old Kufler lighted as it were by chance vpon an vniversal improvement in Husbandry for Grasse and Corne vpon the most barren grounds. etc. Dr Kufler.
Dr Kufler.

In England and Low Countries are many hundred thousand Acres which are improovable after this kind of Husbandry which is wonderfully easy. Dr Kufler intends to get a Patent for it. The thing is so trivial that hee is <al>most ashamed to tell it. Id.
Dr Kufler
The dying in greene ohne flecken in fixed Colours is most lucriferous if hee had but stock. Id.
Dying. Greene colours
The bettering and enriching of Lands vndertaken by Dr Kufler is rather a discovery of Natural Meanes or meere Nature working in a thousand places, but which hitherto hath not beene observed. There may bee of this also an Artificial meanes according to that of Nature wonderfully improoving Lands both Pasture and Corne. Dr Kufler.
Dr Kuflers vniversal Husbandry
A wonderfully successful Medecin vsed in the cure of the stone by one in the Country, who hath gained a hundred lb. a year by it and almost never failed in curing or giving of ease, related by Mr Maltas. But the Man that hath the Receipt will by no meanes discover it. Only a Patient of his that was perfectly cured told a Friend of Mr Maltas that it was nothing else but the whole Bees reduced into powder to take of that Powder the
Bees. stone.
Mr Maltas.

the doze as much as will lye vpon an English 3. pence, and so to drinke it in white or Rhenish wine fasting. 3. mornings one after an other. Daughter Clodius. etc.
Sam Franckland Master of the free-schoole at Coventry a zealous practitioner of the best way's of Teaching and Reforming of schooles.
Mr Brereton who is well acquainted with Mr Sprig tells that hee hath bought the Archiviole being a great lover of Musick. Mr Brereton.
Mr Sprig. Musica Archiviole Brereton
String of Guts done about with Silver-wyer makes a very sweet Musick, being of Goretsky's Invention.
Mr Beale the Tube or Spectacle man was March 16. the first time at my house, pretending to make better Burning-Glasses then Mr Smethwick.
Beale Tubes.
Burning Glasses
The 18. March Mr Streate was with mee giving an account of his Astronomical studies or taskes which hee affirmes to have happily brought to an end. Only hee purposes to write them over again and to keepe them in yet for a while before hee publish them. But in a special manner hee triumphs that hee hath found most exactly the Longitude of Places which now cannot faile.
Mr Streate.

Mr Paston wrote of one to Son Clodius who had cured a number of strange diseases whom neither hee nor Dr Ridgeley could find out. But Clodius lighted very Providentially vpon him and hath begun to communicate vnto him a Menstruum that resolves all Mettals, which my Son tried with an astonishing successe vpon Iron which hee turned by that Menstruum into a bloodred Liquor. The fore-said Anonymus a Dutchman stay's not long in one place, know's Harbrecht and say's hee can doe nothing himself. One of Glaubers Menstruum he approoves if Glauber knew himself how to vse it by it may great things might bee done. Hee promised to impart something to Clodius wherby hee shall remember him. Hee hath all manner of Arcanas and is an Adeptus. Clodius.
Mr Paston.
Adeptus Anon.
NB. This Menstruum is the true Alcahest.
Laurembergius was cured by Millepedes of the stone in the bladder and others also. Sennetus hath an Epitome of Laurembergius Treatise which hee hath written on that subject. Also there are examples of curing blindnes by millepedes.
Those insects and Bees etc. have a most diuretick Vertues but it seemes by those cures that they must have also as well a dissolving Vertue. Out of the killed (by smoake or otherwise) dead Bees dryed and so pulverized the <rare> Medecin is made. Id.

The Anonymous Adeptus guesses to bee a Caruncula besides the stone, and advises to hinder the accrescentia of the stone by a certain root which hee hath imparted to son Clodius to bee hung in ones drinke.
Accrescency to stone.
Hee hath of the salt and of Ludus Helmontii so much as will make out that Medecin. Id.
All vegetables of high esteeme being Specifiques for diseases. The vse of it in cruda materia without any distilling. etc.
Vegetabilia Specifiques.
Kircherus publishing the Mystery of growing Flowers but intends to hide the knack. But this hath revealed it also to son Clodius.
Representations of Flowers.
Sanguis Hircinus cures the stone perfectly but not of our ordinary Goates but of those that ramble on the Mountaines neare Savoy. Id.
Sanguis Hircinus.
Hath given of powder to cure all manner of Agues feavers. etc. so much as may cure an hundred Persons but not yet the Receipt of it. Id.
Feavers. Agues.
If Nature bee inclinable to the stone dyet will prevent the it little or not.
Liquor Gassendi by way of injection must bee made by <with> spiritus vini as j take it, else it will not doe. It may dissolve in a dead mans bladder but not live ones. Id.
Liquor Gassendi.
It's not enough to vse the best dissolventia or expellentia but also to prohibite the Accrescentia. Id.

Hee hath no Opinion of Libhabers worke but only that it may proove a good Menstruum. Id.
Libhabers worke.
Hee hath a Secret or Experiment to make Roses grow far bigger and to smel twice as much. Id.
Husbandry of Roses.
A French Author [blank] hath written excellently of the vertues of the Physical-Savoy-Goates blood with the Manner of making of it. Id.
Libri Gallici
of Goates blood
The fore-said Anonymous knows Mr Pell.
Mr Pell.
Hee hath an Elixir Proprietatis far better of an other composition. Id.
Of Harbrecht hee judges to bee a braggadocio who hath never wrought the work, but yet may have something extraordinary. Id.
Clodius Adeptus hath imparted vnto Clodius a MS. of the French Adeptus (which after hee had made good a trial) was hanged for it by the Cardinal Richelieu. This MS. is the clearest Revelation that ever hath beene made written in a most rational and philosophical straine. Sir Cheney Culpeper will mightily rejoice at it.
Clodius Adeptus.
MS. Chymica.
The said Adeptus is mightily hunted after by Vaughan. It appeares by this Adeptus that hee is a Member of a Society and that one of them lives in Lincoln-shire having a peculiar Motto or Tessera wherby they are distinguished.
Philosophical Society.

Stirks or the American MS. hee judges for the last Part to bee truly genuine but the other Parts are altogether sophisticated and ful of cheates. But the processes in the last part are very truly set dow'n and discovered.
Stirks American MS.
Hee hath promised Clodius a Lucriferous Particular of the Minera Saturni and of Salpeter.
Lucriferous Experiment
Clodius had never that Salt which the Adeptus gave him and therefore hee could never prepare or make the Ludus Helmonti.
Ludus Helmonti.
The above-said MS. is the same for whose sake hee would have travelled into Fraunce. Id.
MS. Adepti
Elixir Proprietatis of the Adeptus doth no way's heate and is much cooling and better in many other respects. Id.
Elixir Proprietatis Helmonti.
Quick-Lime made into a pudding as it were and so applied outwardly to the Gouty affected parts partly cures the Gout and takes away the paines. A Medecin very much approoved by many. A confirmation of which is an observation that those that worke in Lime are never or very seldome troubled with the Gout. Mr Dury. Clodius.
Mr Dents Balsam is Natural brought as I take it from the West Indies there being a Mountaine of sulphur in those Parts and the sulphureous medecin being perfected by the violent shining of the Sun vpon that Mountaine as
Mr Dens Balsam.

as also from the Sea-water as I take it wherfore it's called A Sea-Balsam.
Mr Dent.
It never failed Mr Dent for curing or easing of the gout. Mr Dent.
One Du-boy or Du-boys is the Author of the MS. Chymical which hee left to his son being an Abbot in a cloyster. His cozen got some of his Powder and made the Projection before Cardinal Richelieu. But afterwards being not able to make the powder itself hee was hanged. Clodius.
Adepto Galliæ.
Cardinal Richelieu.
Clodius hath now gotten the Receipt of his[altered from the] Adepti salia to prepare Ludus Helmonti which are fully described in Paracelsi Opere chirurgiæ, though none dose take notice of it.
Thus also the Alcahest is clearly and vprightly described by Paracelsus in some place. The Salia Adepti are not yet the Alcahest being a Powder except they were turned into a Liquor that could not bee reduced.
Helmont describes strangely the vertues of the Alcahest in his MS.
The new Elixir Proprietatis is not only a great Cordial but also a noble Medecin itself. Id.
Elixir Proprius
Ho ?
The Radix to hinder the growth of the stone must bee gathered in April. For

For afterwards it can not bee had all the year long except it bee transplanted.
It must bee dryed and being pulverized it must bee hung in a bag into the Ale when it is yet working.
It is rather pleasant then distasteful. Id.
Butlers MS. will bee had not from Crane the Apothecary who is dead but Dr Slater who had them from Crane and are the ipsa Autographa of Butlers owne hand. Mr Brereton.
Butlers MS.
Dr Slater.
One Baker I think <(a merchant)> hase given in a MS. of 10. sheetes sub Anathemate, wherin hee discovers all the Mysteries of Trading and Merchandize which Clodius is to get. Clodius.
Mr Baker
Trade Merchandise.
Radices Satyrionis after his Adeptus Way put into the working Ale will hinder all accrescencies of the stone. Id. See the Receipt of it.
Radix satyrionis
The Art of Whiting-Iron neither know'n here nor in Low Countries and yet it's done neare at hand in Germany where there is a certain kind of Liquor that does it. etc. Id.
Art of Whiting Iron.
Hee hath a description of the wonderful healing Balsam in some part of the Indies, which hee hath promised to communicate and which is a kind of vniversal Medecin. Id.
Vniversal Medecine

Two drops of his Elixir Proprietatis poured out into a loafe of sugar and so made vp and taken and a Glasse of wine drunk after it, is of most admirable vertue, that the sent of it will bee perceived in the mouth for a day or 2. after. Id.
Elixir Proprius
Hee hath taught Clodius the Augmentation of his salia. Id.
Hee hath taught Clodius an excellent Preservative (by driving out a stinking Sweate) against the Smal Pox. Id.
Smal Pox.
Hee hath two huge Volume of Common-Places of all his observations Travels Communications Experiments Secrets (which are only (the greatest I meane) written in Cryptography-Characters. etc which to every 4 quires have an Index Vpon the Marginalia of the said Loci Communes. Id.
Adeptus Loci Communes
Hee (Clodius) hath vnder cure the Earl of Tenet's son of the French Pox, the vrin of such by a Microscope discovering Worms most plainly by which it appeares how such bodies putrifie by being yet alive which is most wonderful. Id.
Lues Veneres
French Pox.
There is but one Passage in Walchii Commentarius in klein Bawer, which is revealing and pertinent in the Great Worke. Id.
Walchii Commentarius
in klein Bawer.
Lapis Philosophorum

His Adeptus told him of a way how Spirit of salt might bee advanced or exalted to that perfection that one drop should bee as good as ten. Id.
Spirit of Salt.
This Roote not rawly but prepared after his manner so that it may bee made alimental as to bee vsed in Ale for ones constant drinke, is of that great vertue. Id.
Roote Satyrion.
There is a Friend of Mr Morian Dr [blank] of Collen who made out this Experiment so that hee made the water not only flow downe by drops but also by way of continual running. This water is counted by some very Medicinal. Dr Kuffler.
Aqua ex Aire.
Dr of Collen
Medicina Vniversalis
Slingsby Harrington[altered from Barrington] and Baker who wrote the Remonstrance of Trade are great Agitators for Trade et Traffique.
Dr Worthingtons excellent Sermon at Windsor vpon Text - for as much as you know that your labor is not in vaine in the Lord. Hence Speaking of the Rewards after Death and the Immortality of the Soule. Mr Brereton.
Dr Worthington Imortality of soul
The physical Bees must bee dead ones but killed that so more vertue may bee left in them. They are to bee dryed not by the fire but in an oven (or otherwise) and then pulverized. It's said to bee Sir W. Raleigh's Medecin against the stone. One Mr Smith a Minister in Rutland-shire a great Practitioner and witnes of it. Mr Maltas.
Bees. stone.

Millepedes a most excellent remedy for driving of womens courses. Mr Maltas.
Dr Chamberlain the Man-Mid-Wife told me (out of special respect as hee said vnto mee) that one of the best and most approoved Medecin against the stone, both to give ease and cure the stone in the kidney's if not also in the bladder was <the taking of> Salt of Amber not Spirit but Salt in White or Rhenish wine.
Dr Chamberlaine.
Stone. kidny bladder.
Salt of Amber.
Lilium Convallium in great plenty to bee had in Kent about Kings Wood. Son Clodius.
Lilium Convalium
Mris Bradshaw was the first that told Son Hartlib of the admirable benefit which those that are tormented with the stone, had found, by taking of a pint of Licoras (one quarter of a pound in 2. quart's of Water boyled to one quart) from time to time at a time. Sir Thomas Cuningham hath found the like. As also Mr Corselles etc for easing and partly curing of the stone. Lady Ranalagh.
Mris Bradshaw.
Receipt of Licoras Water.
Waller the witt brew's the rarest Ale in his House for himself and Family, hee had a woman come on purpose to his House to brew it who breweth her owne Ale so excellently that she could sell it of at 6. d. a Quart. Waller hase promised Lady Ranalagh the Receipt of that Ale. Lady Ranalagh. It will keepe 4. 6. or more week's in summer.
Ale Brewing.
Waller Witt.
Receipt of Ale.

Sir Richard Stroud an acquaintance of Mr Potter a Cornish-man a Metallical and Chymical Schollar. An Vndertaker for the perfect curing of the stone but that the Medecin is not yet ready. Potter.
Sir Richard Stroud.
lodgeth at one - Cleves in little Chelsy.
Boyle Addresse.
Hee commended much a great Volume of Receipts in Physick of a Friend of his that is shortly to be printed.
Whichcombe Medica.
Dr Haberfield's Widdow hath left vnto her by her Husband the Receipt and Medecin of perfectly curing Cancers Vlcers. etc. In a Word. A Vniversal Chirurgical Medecin. No body as yet hath beene able to get the Receipt but of the Medecin you may have as much as you will, by Dr Kufflers meanes, who hath procured it for Son Clodius.
Dr Haberfield's Widdow.
Vniversal Chirurgical Medecin.
In Blackfriers next the Greyhound Tavern at Mr Muscet.
Addresse <Peter> Cornelius van Zurick.
Podvinus saw about February 59./. neare the Savoy in the Strand a Iack with a Clock vpon it, made by a Smith there which perhaps was Owefields Invention or Accomodation.
Iack with a Clock.
Rocheford pretends to bee a special Lutenist.
Rocheford. Lutenist talis
Hee promised to bring a Goldsmith a rare Artist for enamelling. Also for Rings that have no Posy, but when flung into the fire the Posy com's out legibly in black. Id.
The said Goldsmith plays admirably upon the fluite. Id.