The Hartlib Papers

Title:Ephemerides 1656 Part 4, Hartlib
Dating:september 1656 - December 1656
Ref:29/5/95A-103B: 103 bis BLANK
Notes:Document is divided between four files. Two pages numbered 103, the second designated 103 bis.

Mr Breckling professes to have choice MS. vpon all Mathematical systemes.
Quæstio An etiam Tassii omnia. Id.
Breckling Mathematica.
There is a new Art found out to worke vpon Glasse all manner of Figures either flat or standing out, which sort of Glasses are now vsed in the Emperors and other great Courts one of such Glasses standing in 4 or 600 Rixdollars. But there bee also of a meaner price.
Art of Glasse.
This Art Iuntelberg hath learn't exactly and from thence as Breckling conceites hee hath taken his Principle for Grinding of the Hyperbolical glasses. Id.
Optica Hyperbolical.
The Father Iesuit at Paris told him that they vsed no more Venice glasse but could make better Glasses at Paris, which hint they confesse to have taken out of Glauber who laughes at our folly suffering the Venetians to fetch the best materials (of potashes) out of Prussia and then to make their Glasses of them and to buy them of them, wheras wee having more plenty of those Materials could easily out-glasse them. Id.
Optical Glasses.

Dr Colidon takes out the Patent for him. Hee is also contracted with Sir E. Ford about the water- Invention. But hee hath many other rare Inventions yet to bee published or to bee put vnder a New-Patent. As an Invention for Sedans that one man shal draw, and having new Invented broad wheeles they are no way's destructive to the paving of streetes but rather helpeful. An other Invention of Rare optical Glasses to bee set as panes in the windows or whole Optical Windows, by which standing at the Conical point of 6. 7. lesse or more foote distance you shal see nearly and clearly all objects without for 3 French miles (9 or 12. English) together. Hee hath an Art of polishing Glasse himself. Hee will trie to fit it to nearer distances. The Tubes present but objects halfe and single by themselves but not altogether or all at once.
New Sedans.
Optical panes of windows or optical windows.
Art of Polishing Glasse.
Quæstio for dimme-sighted whether they looking through a hand-perspective vpon the Optical pane or window of Glasse may not see as well as the sharp natural sighted persons.

Quæstio again whether this way of broad Optical Glasses may not bee vsed Astronomically or vpwards towards the Heavens?
broad optical glasses
Mons. Polier vndertooke to negotiate his water Invention with those of Berne and Basil.
Hee hath also an Invention of a Military Bridge to goe readily over all ditches for scaling of Wales.
Military Bridge over ditches.
The New Sedan will bee so light and portable that one man may carried away. And make scarce a Man sweate either in drawing or pulling. Nor will it jog or jolt any body going vp-hill or downe-hill. Id.
New Sedan.
Hee vndertakes for cleansing of Amsterdam and freeing it from all stinking waters.
The 2. or 3. of October 1656. was a treble triple tide, which was also halfe a year before the King was beheaded. Rocheford.
London triple tide.
Dr Wytte hath a glasse wherin is represented Pinus Tannenbaumius. root branch and all. But that which is more strange hee takes nothing of the ingredients from that Tree but makes ashes out of some other matters. Dr Farman hath the Receipt of it. but Strauch confesses not to
Dr Wytte.
Representation of Tannenbaum.
Dr Farman

have it though hee hath gotten all his other Experiments and secrets from him. Agricola.
Dr Wytte.
Mr Batchelier proposed the raising of Meanes for a Colledge or Corporation of Experiments by printing every year a booke of the said New Experiments to bee commanded to bee taken of by every Parish. 8 or 10. So that if but 6 d from every Parish were raised in the 3. Nations (deducting the charges of distributing and printing) it will sufficiently maintaine a Competent Number of Experimenters.
Mr Batchelor.
Colledge of Experiments
Hee hath also designed a plentiful Provision for more schooles or schoolmasters and mistresses in every Parish. Id.
Mr Ives hath beene fearfully troubled with the Piles and is held to have the best and most infallible Remedies for it. Id.
Piles Inves.
Hevelius made an optical-darke Lanthorne to see halfe or quarter of a mile of
Optical Lanthorne.

of a mile of, to see distinctly all things about the City of Dantzigk.
These sorts of Lanthorns are forbidden at Venice. But by them the dials vpon highest Towers may bee seene very distinctly.
Venice Lanthorne
Wisselius an excellent gift for fitting all kind of sights with their due spectacles, which hath beene performed to Strauch (which could never vse any before) to his very amazement for goodnes.
Hee affirmed to have seene by him those Optical Glasses, which represent objects vpwards, so that all things may bee seene vnder womens coates. which Glasses as scandalous are severely forbidden by the Emperor.
Optical obscene
But the Duke of Florence having received from Wiselius vpon this ground hee judging it to bee a meere shift and evasion to shew the possibility of such representations, called in his little Girle and demonstrated it vpon her, all ther clothes seeming to open themselves strangely. Id.
Duke Weymar of Gotha a great lover of Opticks. Id.
Duke Weymar.

Strauch also confirmed the truth of the optical-riding Glasses representing all what was behinde. Id.
Strauch Riding Optical
Ryssenius or [blank] a Minister in Holstein is very Optical, having several Inventions which hee vsed. As a darkened Chamber out of which or vpon its wall hee can see what his labouring or idleing men are doing in the fields for which they account him a conjuror. Breckling.
Holstein Optica
Dispensatoria oeconomica
Mr Breckling.
Bressieux is always active and doing something or other in Mechanicis. Hee is gone for a month for Holland and lived before 2. yeares with Des Cartes perfecting the Optick's mechanically according <to> Carte's Theories. Mons. le Bastide.
The Prisma Triangulare is very common at Paris of 18. d. price. By it it's prooved how that Colours are no real beings but only ex Refractione.
Prisma Triangulare.
A new Vse of the Prisma is that a Rainebow by it may bee show'n in recta linea and to loose its colours so that it shall shew only as a white line.
Ratio is because two lucida coming together the one is overcome by the other.
A Raine-bow may bee represented a hundred

a hundred way's. Amongst other trivial ones take a feather out of any hen or cock and looke through it vpon a greene tree when the sun shines vpon it and you shall see a Rainbow with most orient colours. Breckling.
Representationes Rainbow
Breckling hath Systema Tassi Arithmetica. 2. Trigonometria. 3. Geographia. 4. Chronologia.
Hee hath also an Epitome of Hydraulica out of a Parisian Iesuite. Id.
Werdenmullers Sons of Berne or Zurich bought an approoved Experiment of making water out of the Aire in great quantity. Good for Navies Armies. our people in Domingo. Earl of Hohenloe vndertakes to get the Receipt of it.
Earl of Hohenloe
Thomas Baltzar a German Violin to Bond the Swedish Ambassador counted one of the chiefest in that kind. Hee lived vnder that famous Musitian and Componist of Hamburg Schoppius, who hath scarce his like in all Europe. Dreyer.
Thomas Balzar.
Musici Schoppius.
Oceana a Political Book about all Goverments written by Mr Harrington. Mr Nevil the witt commends it as one of the best books written in that kind. Mr Haack.
Mr Harrington.

The 20. October a special friend of Dr Tonge and Mr Vaughan's came to mee the first time to acquaint mee with his Project vpon the N.T. being an Alphabetical Index in English with the several significations of it in Greek and Latin. His name is Patrick Simson a Scotsman a kinsman to Patrick Simson that wrote the History of Scotland.
Mr Simson.
N.T. Index in English.
One Oswald not far from Vlme the Earl of Hohenloe special acquaintance a man very mechanical and of several Inventions.
Oswald Mechanici.
Earl of Hohenloe
As an Art of silvering Tin performed with such accuratnes that the King of France was forced to forbid.
Of Casting-brasse ordnance with halfe the quantity of Materials. etc.
A secret with a burning<TRANS SWITCH="2"></TRANS> clearly<TRANS SWITCH="1"></TRANS> match (lunten) to cut a Venice-glasse so that it may bee set again together, by wetting the brim of it and so cutting through from piece. This Earl of Hohenloe saw performed at the Swedish Ambassador. Earl of Hohenloe.
Expera of Cutting.
of Glasse.
One that could not go to stoole without
Spiritus Salis.

without a purge (it was the Swedish Resident at Vienna) by the vse of spiritus salis was perfectly cured. Strauch.
Strauch know's one in Livonia that hath Veram Tincturam.
Hee is intimately acquainted with De Wytte and hath all his Experiments and secrets from him.
de Wytte
Hee commends much Theatrum Naturæ Bodini as one of the best books in Natural Philosophy.
Libri selecti
Theatrum Naturæ
Hee hath Systema Medicum of a chiefe Physitian in Poland which Strauch counts the best Body in that Faculty. It is harmonical and takes the best out of all the sects of Physitians. Clodius.
Systema Medicum
Medicina Magnetica is not so good as Medicina Magica the former being taken out of it. Clodius.
Medici libri critici librorum
Dr Worthington by wearing a stone on his side doth cure himself of head-ach, when nothing else will doe it. Id.
Dr Worthington
Vnclarified whey observed to have cured some of the stone that were ready to bee cut.

It is best to make it out of a runlet that you may vsed it fresh. It is of a marvellous cooling and healing vertue to the kidneys. Halfe a pint at a time morning and at going to bed. But it must bee vnclarified. Mr Cooper Minister.
Hee know's one that was troubled for many years with the Piles, who hath a rare Receipt which hee hath promised. Id.
Mr Cooper.
Strauch hath an infallible Receipt of curing the French pox without any incommodation of the Patient. Clodius.
French Pox
To straw flower vpon Bees vsed in Denmark wherby they come to know their Bees when they are stoln. Dreyer.
A rare Optical Glasse-maker is at at Greys-Inne-Walke, who hath a Concave Glasse that hee holds at 10 lb. price. At the Old Exchange there are also some.
Optica. Addresse of Optical Maker.
Concave Glasses.
De Essence of [symbol: aurum] Quæstio 1. What Reasons? 2. or what Experiences can bee alledged for it? because most men alledge mainly Authorities for the efficacy and goodnes of it. Mr Boyle
Essence of [symbol: aurum].

Piles are Apertio Venarum ex nimia Copia biliosi sanguinis which is therefore very sharp.
The Cure must bee performed per Astringentia, if no malignity bee there. Otherwise the Malignity must bee first taken away and the astringentia must bee applied by fomentations so that the warmth and smoake of them may come vp. For there is no other way to reach them by taking any thing inwardly. Only the Gall is afterwards to bee purged. Mushels are ex genere Astringentium, the powder of which is also for preserving and curing of Tootache. For it consolidates gingivus the gums etc. Breckling.
The Candle being placed intra centrum speculi concavi will doe those diffusive effects. But being placed intra Centrum (as ordinarily they doe) the Radii goe but forward and are smal. Himself saw the former in a Iesuitical church in Fraunce, where hee could reade from the light shining side long in at a Gallery. Breckling.

To impart vnto Mr Worsley that Way of Regiment of Fire (that one neede not looke often vnto it and may goe abroad etc) which his Father in Law Cornelius Drebbel prised at 15 hundred lb. Dr Kuffler.
Dr Kuffler
of Fire
Drebbel in the time of King Iames was to invent a blew kind of Copper, that should bee current money for the kings extraordinary occasions that no body should bee able to counterfeit. It should bee made only by one man etc. But that Project did not proceede. Id.
Blew copper
Breckling alledged it as a great defect and error in the study of Physick that when Medicamenta are set downe the Reason also is not set downe likewise.
Didactica Medicæ
Mr Babington commended the vse of balsam lucutellj as a special Remedy for the Piles.
Babington Piles balsam lucutellj
Hee related also a certain story of a smal Instrument to bee carried in ones hand made of silver, one end of which being put into the eare the most secret whisperings at a very great distance could bee distinctly and fully vnderstood. A Frenchman had it, and himself was an eye and eare witnes vnto it. Id.
Didactica Hearing.       Babington

The said Frenchman vndertooke to make far more perfect Instruments for Hearing counting his former Instrument nothing in comparison of what should yet bee done. But with the former Instrument some body that could not heare the Minister vnder the Pulpet, could very well heare him at the end of the Church. The Man dyed about 9 years agoe. Babington.
The 17. September 56. Mr Thomas Mackworth eldest son to the late Colonel Mackworth vpon the recommendation of Mr Iohn Beale came to my house the first time.
Hee know's one that is accurately skilful in all the Husbandry of Clover having beene a continual practisioner of it. Hee promised to write downe all his observations. Id.
Ferdinand Doringi de Cormonds Austriacus hee that served somewhile Mr Schlezer.
Drebbel could by a certain placing of diverse Concave Glasses bring in the whole shape of any mans body from one roome to an other, which relation is attested by Dr. Kuffler.
Drebbel. Concave Glasses.
Rocheford can procure an Hearing Instrument to bee made by one in the Tower.

The maker of Weather-Glasses lives somewhere at Lambeth. Clodius.
Address. Weather-glasse.
Sir Iohn Winter hath a peculiar Invention for Chimnys. Son Hartlib
Sir Iohn Winter. Chimney.
Many strange things may bee performed by round Looking-glasses. wherby the objects from without are represented. As to know who knocks at ones doore without looking out of the window, when hung over a Table to see the guests and the meat in it etc. etc. Breckling.
Round-looking glasses. Dispensatoria Oeconomica
Dee vndertooke to give intelligence what 12 a clock things done at London they should know it before 12 at Bristol. But whither this is expressed in Nuncius Inanimatus of Dees or Bishop Goodwin Or Dr Wilkins Nuncius Inanimatus Sir Cheney Culpeper could not tell.
Dee. Intelligence
One Spong in Hearts-horne-lane a vniversal ingenious Man, but a curious combmaker by his Trade. Hee hath 20 lb. a year of his owne. Hee is somwhat Optical, Astrological with Lilly and now learnes the Art of surveying. Owen the barber.
The snot of ones nose being mingled with the sutt of chimney's a most soveraigne Receipt for Piles. Mr Haakes wife.

[symbol: aurum] fulminans or the essence of Gold made vp in balsam sulphuris an other most soveraigne Medecin for Piles. Daughter Clodius cured of them. Clodius.
[symbol: aurum] fulminans.
Dr or Mr Willis a leading and prime man in the Philosophical Club at Oxford. Hee hath written a Treatise De Fermentatione and of Colours much commended by Mr Aubrey.
Oxford-Willis Fermentation Colours.
A certain Experiment of a true Natural Rose which in the wearing vpon a womans breast etc shal last throughout the whole year shedding its flowers and growing again several times in a day. One of Harsdorfers friends at Francfort hath this secret which was seene also by Mons. Strauch.
Perpetual Rose.
There is also a new invented Mill at Francford without wind, Horse, dogs etc. which may bee had for 20 Rixdollars. Id.
Buchdan ein Mòrcker medicinæ studiosus now at Paris in omni scibili versatissimus. Hee assisted Brecklin in opticis etc. Clodi acquaintance. Clodius.
Episcopal Dr Tailor is drawing vp a Confession of Faith to which all dissenting Parties may subscribe. A worke that cost him much study and paines as good as the preaching or penning of 20 sermons. The like is reported of an
Dr Tailor
Confession of Faith.

other elaborate piece called a Practical Catechisme of one sheete only reported by Dr Worthington.
Practical Catechisme
Hogs-grease of a male and grated Galles mingled together and made a plaister of it counted a most soveraigne against Piles.
Mackworth. Fuller is the Agricultural Great Man for fludding with water of his acquaintance and of Clover grasse.
Clover grasse.
How the Revenues of Hospitals should bee better imploied to publick and charitable Vses as maintaining of Popish Converts. etc etc. Lord Verulam hath shew'n in a printed Letter. Dr Tonge.
Reform. Hospitals Papist.
Lord Verulam
Strauch knows a composition of a paire of scales (Wichtschale) wherby putting in one of the scales so much gold silver brasse etc you shall know the adulterations proportionable of the said Coynes.
The like of Liquors Wines. etc to know how much Water is in them etc. Clodius.
Hee left his owne paire at Riga.
Paire of Scales.
Gardiner at Croydon got all Drebbel MS. and Arcana. Hee is a kin as I take it to Sir Iohn Ogle who promised to bring Clodius acquainted with him. Gardiner cures feliciter. Drebbel
Mr Gardiner

wrote to Dr Kuffler that hee had something in translatione Metallorum which hee would impart vnto him. But before hee could come hee was dead. Clodius.
Translatio Metallorum
Spiritus Tartari Volatizatj the Receipt communicated to Clodius from Dr Walthar at Hamburg Clodius imparted to Mr Boyle who caused it to bee made by an other and (whom hee will not name) very happily. It must have halfe a year's preparation but Clodius know's a compend to abbridge the time. Nothing better in all tartarious diseases as stone. Gout. It being once prepared, may bee multiplied in infinitum. For 40 or 50 shillings it may bee made.
Dr Wintstone bequeathed above
500 lb. a year to one of my Lord Whitlocks sons excluding his benefactor Apothecary.
Dr Winstone Lord Whitlock
Item succeeded Dr Goddard in Gresham College who hath made a new Laboratory out of Sir K. Digby and taken Mr Webbe to himself. Clodius.
Dr Goddard.
Mr Webbe
Old Dr Ridgeley one of the best English Physitians. Id.
Old Dr Ridgeley.

The Livonian corne vsed to bee so thoroughly and excellently dried that the Hollanders mingled it with other Corne wherby it was preserved and carried into the Indies. Dr. [blank] Dr Wittes cozen.
Livonian Corne.
To characterize on the sealed side the chiefest contents. Albureth.
The 1. of December 56. was brought to my house the first time by Major Tillhurst one Piercon of Durham a Quaker excellently et practically skilled in all the branches of Husbandry. Hee discoursed of a certain Compost to bee made out of the most barren Earth for an vniversal compost of enriching all manner of ground, and promised to impart all for publique benefit.
Major Tilhurst. Piercon the Quaker. Husbandry-Compost.
Also his straw Bee-hive and observations about Bees.
Hee seemed all along very rational.
The Antiquities Heraldry etc. of Warwick-shire is most accurately described

[bis] [separate sheet inserted in another hand]
Bos et Asellius erant focii nascenti Iesu
Latrones socii dum moreretetur, erant
Vos Iesu socios qui dicitis, esse Latrones
Aut asinos opus est, aut sine mente Boves.

described by [blank] according to true Records. That of Mr Kings of Cheshire is no ways to bee compared with it. A book in folio about 20. shillings price though by reason of the several cuts it is far more worth but that Gentlemen have contributed to the Cuts.
Historia Angliæ
The said Author is doing Pauls-Church with all the Monuments in it.
Pauls church
As likewise Westminster Abby
with Lichefield and Coventry. which as I remember Mr Ashmoale would vndertake for besides some other works. Ashmoale.
Westminster Abby.
Lichfield Coventry. Ashmoale.
Hee hath some hundreds of auncient coynes purposing to describe those of which no Authors have written already.
Hee told that one Harveigh a Gentleman hath bought all the silver ones of Sir Simon D'Ewes. but of the gold ones hee cannot tell. Id.
Mr Harveigh.
Sir Simon D'Ewes.
Smethwick hee know's and lives now in Blackfriers having perfected of late an accurate very short Tube of 2. or 3. foot that can performe as much as any great one. Hee is one of Oughtreds schollars. Id.

Sir Iohn Bacchu's Brother hase a rare Termometer or Weather Glasse the heate always descending being sealed in both sides close and as long almost as a Cane which stands to the Wall in his roome. Id.
Sir Iohn Bacchus Brother.
Clodius hath a curious kind of Rauch-werck the foundation wherof is Amber which is of a healthy and very pleasant smel and lasting withal for a great while. Clodius.
There is the little beast called Otter in Livonia, Curland and Sweden that lives vnder water, whose haire doth never fall out, therefore the better furred gloves and muffes are made of it. Strauch.
Otter Livonia Curland    Dispensatoria Oeconomica
Spiritus cornu cervi, spirit of stags is excellent for an inveterate or consumption cough tried vpon Mris Dury's child and others. Mr Boyle.
Spirit of stags
Liquor or spiritus calcis vivæ excellent in stone, consumption etc. Id.
Calcis Vivae
Iuntelborg is come again to Amsterdam to perfect his Optical Inventions. Longomontanus.
Mr Boyle had a hud of silke which hee carried in his pocket which saves his neck from wind raine and cold. Id.
One Mr Iolly came to enquire after Gabriel Plats Transmutation of Mettals. the 23. December 1656.
Mr Iolly.
Dr Babor came December 30. came the first time to my house.
Dr Baibor.