The Hartlib Papers

Title:Ephemerides 1656 Part 2, Hartlib
Dating:may 1656 - June 1656
Notes:Document is divided between four files.

Mr Boyle know's one that hath an Excellent MS. De Respiratione which hee will not publish. Mr Boyle.
De Respiratione.
Mr Boyle.
Mr Rushworth in Waxe-Candles vndertakes to make wax-light white or yellow without smoake 2. to cast a pleasant sent. 3. for the bleaching of wax which is but womens labour.
Mr Rushworth.
Bleaching of wax.
Dr Rand observed the souldjers standing vpon the wall at Antwerp knitting of stockings.
To separate the Oile from any Liquors swimming a top of it. The way is to take a little piece of cleane wool and to bind it vpon a stick and so to put it in and turning it draw out all the Oile of it. Mr Rushworth.
Separate Oile from Liquors.
Rushworth hath a Receipt of an Vniversal Chyrurgicum which cost hundred lb. sterling to bee compounded of a number of herbes which may come to stand 10 lb. It is for all manner of wounds as likewise mightily facilitating of child-bearing. It is a decoctum but hee know's how to preserve it.
Vniversal Chyrurgicum.
Hee knows several vses of Conclave glasses or Lookinglasses which can serve in stead of an Optical Lanthorne and by them may bee seene things of 40. passes of. etc.
Vses of Conclave glasse.
Optical Lanthorne.
Also hee know's a peculiar way how to make them very bright. Id.

To make Woodden Figures or statuas to looke like metal. etc. Brasse. to keepe in all weathers. Id.
Woodden statues.
To make rugged-crumpled Paper even and smooth again. Id.
Crumpled Paper smoothing.
Hee hath a peculiar way of making the best sort of Pastboard which may bee made by a child and 2 shillings 6 pence gained a day. Id.
Art of making Past-board.
Mathematical Instrument makers have much vse of them. Id.
Hee will Experiment how burning-glasses may bee made not by fusion, wherby they become so brittle as by smiths-worke. Id.
There is a way of polishing of stones vsed in the Low Countries with a Horse wherby many hundreds may bee dispatched at once whereas in England they doe it with men and a deale of tediousnes and but very few a day. Id.
Polishing stones in Low Countries
Iohanes Sibertus Kuffler Dr Medicinæ.
Dr Kuffler.
Dr Ducket house is in <backside> Clements Parish at black-bell <Boswel> yard <or court>.
Dr Ducket.
Mons. de Vicquefort Conseiller d'Estat de S. A. le Landgrave de Hessen et son Resident a la Haye a la Haye.
An Experiment to make Colours out of herbes. as hee shewed mee a glasse of color made out of rue. Mr Boyle.
Colors herbes.
Mr Boyle.

Hee related also the Experiment of transparent windows made a cloth, which is prepared with a certain kind of new compounded oyle and put into the sun to bee evaporated and then it will last some years. Mr Boyle hath a proofe of that Oile. Mr Boyle.
Transparent Cloth windows
New Oyle
Mr Boyle
Naudæus De Re Militari may or Studiis Militaribus may perhaps have diverse particulars De Vsu Exeritus. Mr Rand.
Naudæus De Vsu Exercitus
Dr Ducket hath found out a Political Expedient against the stealing or exporting of leather that the State shal no more bee cozened of it, and which may bring in to my Lord Protector above 10. thousand lb. a year for hee may lawfully demand of a sheepes-skin 2. pence of a Lambe etc of an oxe hide. etc. which could never bee found out by the any of the former kings councel. Dr Ducket.
Revenue Lord Protector
Rushworth hath lately invented the Art of Flying of which hee begins to bee very confident and that shal bee for many admirable Vses.
Art of Flying
Sir Edward Ford cannot performe his vndertaking for water-work but Potters Invention will doe it. Dr. Wilkins.
Sir Edward Ford.
A new chaffing-dish to heat a dish of meate continuing its heate in one strenght till the last coale.

This Mr Rushworth observed somewhere in Denmark and can represent it in Past-board.
The 20. of May one Paul or Hoole that hase lived some years in Mr Bals of Northampton house came the first time to mee being most zealous for Reformation of Schooles or a Schoole of Teachers counting it one of the greatest works to bee intended in a National Reformation.
Mr Ball.
Schoole of Teachers.
Vndertakes at a Table that all shal see the objects without. 2. or one by himself alone.
Optical Representations.
Rushworth knows above X. Vses of a Concave Glasse.
Concave Glasse.
Dr Kuflers judgment is that Isaacus Hollandus is one of the best Chymical Authors whatsoever. But then hee must bee rightly vnderstood i.e. For the Doctrinal Part of it which is marvellous cleere and a key to all Nature but none almost that takes notice of it. But the Processes are stark nought being full of falsehoods and deceits.
Critica Chymicorum Librorum Isaacus Hollandus.
Dr Kufler.
To shoot Granadoes out of Ordnance into earth to make it flie asunder none hath beene able to performe. But this Invention is distinct from that other terrible one. Id.
Shoot Granadoes.
Dr Kuffler's Invention.
Wren like to bee Professor of Geometry in Dr Whistlers place. Mr Boyle.
Gresham College

Mr Benlows lodgeth sometimes at Mr Coleman a Merchant in Aldergate-streete next to my Lord of Tenets house.
Mr Benlows.
Bees will sleep all the winter-long if their Hives bee kept out of the sun. For as soone as the sun shines vpon them they begin to stir. But that kind of Husbandry is more exactly to bee described by Mr Stroudes friend.
Husbandry of Bees.
Its experimented that 6. fathom deepe there is no abiding vnder the Water with Boates or Men. For both will bee squeezed together. This also Greatrix hath found and though hee may have devices to fence his body yet his head will bee pressed together. This Drebbel did find out by Experience. Dr Kufler.
Diving vnder water.
Dr Kuffler hath a rare Receipt against the Piles.
Dr Kuffler Piles.
Sir I. Herdon brought in a Calculation how by Kufflers new- baking ovens 40. thousand lb. might bee saved to the k Army. Dr Kufler.
Emperor Rudolf shewing 5 or 6. golden and silver transmutations made in our presence added Wo wir nur nicht selbst sind betrogen worden.
Philosophers' stone
Emperor Rudolph.

The hatching of chickes must bee performed by a peculiar Baking-Oven which Dr Kuffler also hath practised with certain successe. Only hee said that all the chickens had some imperfection or other, either a wry neck or foot or the like which was because the Egs were not carefully turned as the hens vse to doe in their natural way. Dr Kuffler.
Hatching of chickens.
Dr Kufler
There is a vse of a looking-glasse to see ones backparts e.g. the piles in ones fundament thus. Put a looking-glasse at night between your legs and set a candle vnto it and then stooping downe and looking into it you will see all the piles etc. and every haire in the fundament.
Vse of looking-glasse.
This Mr Rushworth found out by the bye and hath tried it experimentally.
He hath a special way for making of Purging prunes but especially purging walnuts which shall bee very pleasant and are stomachal and cordial keeping the body soluble. Id.
Purging prunes.
There is extant a Treatise called Synopsis Methodica Rariorum Tam Naturalium quam Artificialium quæ Hafniæ servantur in Musæo viri Excellentissimi Dn. D. Olai Wormii Medicinæ Professoris Regii.
Raritòt-kurator. Wormius.
In gratia eorum qui illud lustrarunt aut lustrare

cupiunt publici juris facta a Georgio Seger Thorunensi Philiatro. Hafniæ. Sumptibus Georgii Holstii Bibliopolæ.
Typis imprimebat Petrus Hakius. 1653. in 4to. This Inventory hath more particulars then the book in folio Musæum Wormianum.
It might fitly bee Englished and with the Latin also printed and added to Tradusken.
Musæum Wormianum Imprimandum
Ars Volandi was the last Invention in pursuit of which Drebbel dyed. Dr Kuffler asked whether j ever heard <of> a Paper-kite flying when there was no wind. For Drebbel held it no otherwise possible but when there was winde. However that hee had a way to come downe softly in such intervalles or accidencies, wherever it were vpon Sea or Land. Dr Kuffler.
Art of Flying.
The greene Oare which Mr Brereton sent vp hee affirmed to bee one of the richest for gold and silver that was in Europe above any that hee had seene from the Emperors Elector of Saxe or any other countries whatsoever.
Oares minerals
Therefore hee concluded that if there were a great quantity of that Oare, hee needed no more riches in this world. The Dr professed to have an accu-
Didactica divitiarum.
Dr Kufler

rate and easy skil to separate the gold and silver from it, which he could doe openly and yet no body to bee wiser for it or to know his skil.
If the Proprietors cannot enjoy it hee can tell of a way how to conveigh it into the Low Countries where it is free.
But if the worke bee followed here there must bee many inferior servants, but hee would only vndertake for the directorship. Id.
Some have abundance of wormes, which as j remember hee called Asparagi, for which there must bee quite a peculiar cure. For if there should bee such a cause a thousand Medecins might proove altogether improper and impertinent. As there was a Woman in the Low Countries which voided many thousands of it but could never bee cured til this Cause was know'n. After a clyster the worms will discover themselves. Id.
Piles Hæmerroid.
There is a kind of Earth in abundance about Mentz of which many Vessels are made especially die sawr-brunnen-kannen which are curiously vitrified from within and without and are most cleane and cooling with an exact round hole in the top of it which keepe wine bier or any other liquors more fresh and coole then either glasse
Ments. Vessels Earthen.
Didactica of Drinks.

glasse or any other earthen vessels.
Of Tarras there might also bee made a Cellar above ground to preserve bier wine etc.
Tarras Cellar
Hee know's a vse of Calthofs Invention which far exceeds all those which himself hath designed that a whole country might bee benefited by it. Id.
Calthofs Invention
Dr Kufler.
Mr Schlezer guessed the fore-named Cans of Dr Kuffler to bee Syburg-vessels.
To preserve flower or meale the best way is to doe it in Lattin-barrels crammed in as they vse to doe in the Low Countries for so it will keepe good above a year. Dr Kufler.
Erratas of printed Book's are Alphabetically to bee inserted into Indices by which meanes they will bee readily found out. Son Hartlib. This is a new contrivance.
Didactica Erratarorum
There is a Mineral or Saltish fountaine not far from London which is to bee examined by Rushworth.
Mineral fountains London.
Hee is exactly versed for Tarras how to make all manner of vses with it.
An Invention for quenching of fire invented by Greattrix. that shal give forth water continually without any stop. Much commended et preferred before others by Mr Boyle.
Invention Greatrix.
De Vsu Exercitus Dr Kufler gave a President
souldiers- imploiements.

of their famed worke about Arnheim which the souldjers did raise there. Dr Kuffler.
A hundred weight of the Greene Mineral gives 30. lb. copper. 8 lb. of gold. and 12 lb. of silver. the like rich mineral not extant in Europe. Dr Kufler.
Pine-Apples drunk for a time cures perfectly the shaking Palsy. an infallible cure. Rushworth.
Bloody flix when the flix is stopped yet the blood oftentimes cannot bee stayed. But in general nothing more soveraigne against the bloody flix then Rheubarb dryed not vpon Copper-plates but jron-plates which must mainly bee observed. Id.
Bloody flix.
Clysters with bladders is not so good by far as with a syringe to squirt vp the clyster. Rushworth.
These syringes are made but in 2. or 3. places at London about 7 or 8 shillings price.
Bladders are apt to spil or break. the other way more gentle and commodious.
Sand being mingled with salt keepes bottles with liquors etc. bier wine etc. as coole as may bee even though the sun should shine vpon it. Rushworth.
Dispensatoria Oeconomica
Sand. Salt.
Greene transparent Glasse is brought out of Fraunce and vsed there by great men in their studies. Id.
Green transparent glasse

You may put oiled or waxed Paper betweene it and then it will serve for all vses. Id.
Rushworths Mother hase one of the best Shops for all manner of Curiosities and Rarities. Amongst others a Turkish bread knife that when you strike with it vpon the Table it perfectly whistles. Id.
Rushworth Mother. Curiosities.
A Whistling knife
A way of preserving Bier wines from deadnes sowring. etc. to the very last drop, is to spread a cloth over the Bunghole very fast and close or naile it on. Vpon that a stratum of salt. vpon that an other cloth with sand. This gives both vent and preserves the same by letting in a saltish kind of aire. It preserves it also in the time of thundring. etc.
Hee learn't it from a Wine-Cooper or vintner of Danzigk whose wine excelled all the rest. Id.
To bring all manner of shapes into Fruit, which was taught the kings Gardiner of Paris by an accidental Experiment of a Boy who stuck apples into his Cane and left

it thus vpon the Tree which when hee came gently to breake it hee found the Apple grown in a prolonged shapes, which gave him hintes to trie in the next Spring more experiments with great succes which hee presenting to the king hee gave him 2. hundred pistols. Id.
Hee vndertakes to trie the Planting of Apples of 4. sorts of colours and of as many tastes. Also Aples in the shape of Peares or any other shape.
Particoloured Fruit.
As hee saw a Pompion in Germany that had a perfect shape vpon it of a mans head with a beard. Id.
Shaped Pompions.
There is a golden varnish invented by a friend of Mr Boyles and communicated to him made without any gold in a cheape way whereby things may bee gilded lastingly. Mr Boyle.
Golden Varnish.
Mr Boyle.
The same friend hath the way for Cloths-window's in stead of oiled Paper, which is done by a kind of Oile which Painters vse, which is afterwards to be exposed to the sun till it bee dried. This Cloth you may afterwards doe over with any Colour or paint Landskips or any other matters vpon it and it will bee trans-

transparent and serve for the same uses that Oiled Paper doth. Id.
Lapis Nephryticus is very much commended by De Laet De Gemmis et Lapidibus etc even where hee finds so much fault with so many other things. Id.
Lapis Nephriticus
Mersennus obiter commends much Roch Allum or Red Allum ag for curing of the stone in his preface De Reflexionibus but only by the bye. Id.
Mille-folium very much commended against the Piles. Id.
The nature of varnishes hath never been yet searched into or philosophically considered. Id.
Desiderata Physica
An Artificial stone invented which is a compound of some ingredients wherby hats may bee made new in a manner continually. If Hatters heare of it, they will bee mightily incensed against it. Son Hartlib.
Dispensatoria oeconomica Hats.
Oile of Nuts makes the best sort of painters oile.
But it must bee mixed with Turpentine- and then it will drye in 2 or 3. weekes wheras otherwise it will not in 7 or 8. weeks.
With this hee conjectures the Cloth-windows should bee mad. Rushworth.
Hee hath the way of a gilded varnish
Gilded varnish.

or to make a gold lasting colour in wett and sun.
Gold colour.
Hee can also perfume the Oiled-Cloth-Windows, that they shal cast a perfuming sent into the roome. Id.
Also to make a quill to hold inke for divers houres. Id.
A writing Quill.
Also a new kind of Bellow's that shall blow without intermission which hee saw once in Germany with a Chymist vsed with great advantage in his Chymical labours.
New Invention of Bellows
It is a double kind of Bellows. Id.
There is a discovery of a new physical fountain about 5. miles from Southwark. in which <water> hee intends to boyle my purging pruines.
Discovery of new fountain.
It is good against Dropsy Asthma hath cured also the Piles.
Dropsy Asthma. Piles.
It hath a kind of Iuniper-and mineral taste and is gently but abundantly purging.
If the fundament smart to put a rag rag or cloth betweene it dipped in the same water. Id.
His optical vndertakings in my dining roome to know all what is done at Charing Crosse or in the Strand by meanes of the Chimney with some extraordinary cost. Id.
Optical vndertakings.

With Tarras Walles of roomes may bee done over which will make them shine as marble.
It may bee mixed also with white so as to set of the white exceedingly. Id.
Windows made of Bawmwachs which is a kind of Gumme may perhaps bee as good oyled or cloth-Papers. It is vsed in garlands and may bee made of any colour. Mr Schlezer.
Oiled Paper.
China as Rushworth or (Indian)-inke (as Mr Schlezer) is that stone to dresse hats withal by rubbing them over with it. which is brought out of China and is had plentifully at Amsterdam. But the hatt must bee first a little wetted. There may bee Inke made of it for a need in suddain occasions. Rushworth.
Didactica oeconomica
Earl of Hohenloe hath a composition to w make all waters healthful to bee drunke which is a kind of powder which is to bee put into it the Receipt hee gave to an Apothecary at Paris and will write for it.
Didactica drinke-water.
Earl of Hohenloe.
A Musitian in Drury Lane wished hee might bee buried with Musick going before his coffin a prophane Atheistical Wretch. It fell out so that when hee was buried, there was heard in the aire a most wonderful harmonious con-
Historica Musica

sort of Musick the like hath never beene heard which lasted till the Coffin was brought into the Church-yard. But because the melody was of a filthy prophane song it was judged to bee the Musick of devils. Rushworth.
Mr Rushworth well acquainted with Mons. Augier who imparted both inside and out-side of the Archiviole vnto him which hee will vndertake to string for 10 lb.
Hee is also a Teacher of the Lute and hath one that is worth. 25 lb. which hath new invented Lute-strings worth the more vsing. Id.
Lute strings
To preserve Beere from sowring. 2. things also to bee observed 1 that the peg put into the tap bee not longer or come out of the tap. 2. that when you draw bier. etc you never put the tap into your mouth for if you doe it hath beene found experimentally that it wil certainly soure. Rushworth.
Oeconomica dispensatoria
A ignorant caled the piles Arse-Almonds. Mr Vaughan.
The 12. of Iune Mr Vaughan imparted his ob choice observations concerning Veuls Rats and mice. As likewise his Receipt against the Piles and stone which hee had experimented in a great number of People.
Mr Vaughan.

Oleum Sessaminum is that Painters Oile by which the transparent Cloth-windows are made. Mr Boyle.
Oleum Sessaminium.
There is an Art of hardning of Pens or writing-quills which p <are> brought out of Low Countries sold for 1. shilling 4. pence a hundred which might bee made by any Childe and sold for 8 pence a hundred. Rushworth hath that Art. Mr Rushworth.
Art of hardening of Quils.
Hee know's also a most curious way of Perfuming by mixing of Amber with dryed roses, that the sent of the Roses bee predominant. They may bee put into bags so to make a sweet-bag to bee put amongst Clothes or to set vpon a cup-board wherby the whole roome will bee perfumed not only in summer but also in winter in a warme stove. Id.
of Roses and
Warme stoves.
There is an Invention of a Clyster to bee given by ones selfe for smoake of Tobacco, wherby the Colick was cured when nothing else could bee given to cure it. It was invented by a Dr of Physick vpon that occasion. This also may serve for a Perfuming Instrument to perfume a whole roome.
Clyster Invention
Tobacco Physick.
Perfuming Instrument
There is but one Man in London that makes them for 9. shillings to a friend which otherwise

There is is sold for 10. or 12. and dwels in Popes-head Alley. Id.
Dr Espagne had a conference with Menasseh Ben Israel wherin the Iew was altogether non-plusset. It's in print in a sheet in Latin. Mr Hamilton.
Ministers according to Mr Vaughans Desideratum should meet once or twice a week in every Parish throughout England about Spiritual and Bodily concernments recording all their Knowledge and Experiences in both kind's.
Mr Vaughan
Meetings of Ministers.
Now if this praxis were premised or added to an Office of Addresse it would make it most effectual.
Office of Addresse.
Smoaking of Vessels with Brimstone will preserve wine Bier etc. from souring. Also in Dayries Milke though the pales stood in the sun.
Bier. Dispensatoria Oeconomica. Brimstone.
To Mr Edward Hender at Lanhidrock in Cornwall Secretary to the Lord Roberts.
Lord Roberts
Mr Hender.
Brimston-Clouthes to Smoake Vessels with Brimstone are sold commonly in the Low Countries thus ready made. Rushworth.
Clothes. Emenda oeconomica
Clodius can get the Receipt of making the Angelots.
Clodius Angelots.
Dr Bobard in Covent-garden vndertakes for mending of all the high way's in England. Its passed the Councel. Son Hartlib.
Dr Bobard.

The distilling Water-Instrument hath beene carried into the East-Indies, and the water distilled with it found always very good and wholesome, which did encourage Dr Kufler to ingage himself for the service of all ships, that by it they might always have fresh water and by his oven fresh bread, so to avoid the scurvey and other diseases. The excellency of it lyes in the smalnes of the Instrument to bee able to distil great quantities as a hogs-head a day or more with a smal fire.
Distilling of Water.
This Invention also will bee made applicable to many other Vses which yet are not thought vpon. E.g. Every house might vse it that hath a pumpe for by it that pumpe-water can bee made as good wholesome to bee vsed in washing etc. as any whatsoever. For it is likest to rain-water most pure and defæcated. Dr Kufler.
Care of Pumping Water.
Lord Lawrence hath samples of as rich Oare as any is in the world. Q. which was brought him out of New England. The like had young Wintrop. Now
   1. Whither hee hath still that sort of Oare.
   2. Whither hee can direct to the place in New England from whence it was had. Id.
Lord President
rich oare.
Mines New England

Dr Kuffler counted water to bee causa fertilitatis by the Experiment of Helmont making to grow a Tree in a pot by daily watering of it. Also that there is a certain place in Turky where the water is carried vp by Camels which feed vpon any weeds, to a high but very barren mountaine from which the water is lett downe to flow vpon the Lands at the foot of it, which are incredibly fertilized by this meanes. As wee see in Vpland if not wett seasons they yeald but little. etc Id.
Interrogation for Travel.
Verulam hath also an Observation concerning Rolling of Lands. Id.
Husbandry of rolling.
Mr Morians Experiment of putrified dung water etc. which vsed by his cozen vpon sandy Lands neere Norimberg hath prosperously thriven for 5. years together. Id.
Husbandry Morian.
A magistery made out of black Tombe-stones are very white as good if not better then Ludus Helmontii. Dr Kufler ex Clodius.
black Tomb-stones.
Calculus Receipt
Ferrar is stark wilde and offers 5 hundred lb. vpon the naile for a true Mercurius Saturni. for hee hath verum modum figendi but wants the Mercury which Clodius is endeavouring to give him. Clodius.
Mercurius Saturni.
Amber Civet and muske is to bee mixed with Roses which makes a most excellent perfume.
Must not bee laid amongst Linnen. for the smel of the soape takes away the sent of it. And

to make Linnen smel sweetly hee knows to præpare ordinary soape, so as to take away all corrosiveness of it, wherby it makes no chinks in the face or hands. 2. it will leave a fine smel in the Clothes, that you need not much to lay sweet-bags amongst them.
Perfuming soape.
You need of this a pound and a halfe for one lb. in the ordinary way. Rushworth.
Rushworth vndertakes the same with Dr Kuffler to provide Ships with fresh water three hogs a day by way of distilling.
Distilling of water.
Pump-water standing for 3. or 4. day's in the open aire is purified and becomes a washing or soape-bearing water. Id.
In the East-India ships in the Low Countries they take along wine (French wine) and give their People to drinke wine which preserves them in health that they doe not dye so fast as formerly when they drinke water. The rest of the wines they sell at good rates in the Indies. But when they returne home their People is forced to drink water again. Id.
East India voyage.
Wine in Ships.

Dr Kuffler is skilled by a precipitation to take away the brackishnes or Saltnes from the distilled sea or Salt-water which was some inconveniency before. Now the Question is whether Rochford is able to doe the like in his Invention of distilling. etc. for it's not enough to take <separate> away the salt from the water but there must bee also a way to take away the brackishnes of it. Clodius.
Distilling sea or salt water.
A MS. gotten from Mr Brereton of the Lord Verulam called the Copie of a Letter of Advice without superscription or subscription but supposed to bee written by Sir Fr. Bacon to the then Duke of Buckingham not long after hee became Favorite to King Iames.
Opera Verulamis MS.
Mr Brereton.
Dr Kufler hath a way to make an Essence of Lemons which hee sold (one drop of it) in Italy for 5 shillings. Dr Kuffler. Clodius.
Dr Kufler
Essence of Lemons.
Tenby-coales are the best sort of Coales which burne very clearly and leisurely and therefore lastingly. It is the best kind of fuel for stoves. They make not so much smoake. Dr Kufler hase had large experience of them who commends them so mightily. <They are brought ordinarily to Bristol.> Dr Kuffler.
Dr Kuffler.
Oleum Lini Linseed-Oile much commended and practised with successe against the Piles. Id.
Oleum Lini.
One Mr Wheate a great pretender to Husbandry for multiplying of Fruit-trees. etc. Hee hase had a
Mr Wheate.

hase had a great estate which hee pursues at Whitehal to recover, and if hee can succeed therin, hee vndertakes to doe great matters in all branches of Husbandry. Mr Babington know's him who told this of him.
Bees dryed and powdred are a great breaker of wind. Tried with children. Anicula.
Basil Valentinus professeth that by tinctura Antimonii (rightly prepared) tinctura [symbol: aurum] et corallorum hee hath cured wonderfully all manner of diseases. Dr Kuffler.
Didactica Medica
Tinctura Antimonii [symbol: aurum] corallorum
Benson is mainly taken vp with the making vp of Artificial stones or Iewels. Babington.
Benson. Artificial Iewels.
A trial may bee made vpon Grasse by macerating of Hay-seed in the Philosophers of Husbandry liquor.
Husbandry of Grasse.
Sir William Paston hath two wonderful stones gotten in Turky which being vsed by a woman in travil facilitates the child-bearing. This hath beene tried and approoved by several successes. Hee useth to lend those stones abroad. Clodius.
Sir William Paston.
There is a discovery made by the Hollanders of a new great world, which they would faine have kept from others, which is to bee said a goodly People. Mr Tong.
New discovery
New World
Mr Tong.
The Goldsmith's in London vse that Invention of double-bellow's which might bee vsed as other bellows. But they keepe it privat. There is one in London that maketh them. Mr Boyle.
One Fisher keeping a Schoole in the Minories
Mr Fisher.

a great Vndertaker for improovement of the Mint to yeeld some hundred thousand lb. to the publique.
I suppose the same that is about hempe and flaxe. Mr Harmar.
Mr Harmar.
Lord Mountagu in Fraunce got out of transported English dogs a thousand lb. sterling. Son Hartlib.
Didactica divitiarum English dogs.
One of the Palatinat in New England or Holland planted a Vine with Cornes or stones out of the Grape, of which hee had grapes (stöcken) the third year. Hee was at Arnheim but by reason of the troubles could not get vp into the Palatinate so hee married and went back into New Holland where hee hopes to prosper so much with the planting of his Vine-yard that hee shall bee able to supply the Low Countries with excellent Rhenish wine that they shal not neede to send into the Palatinate. Dr Kufler.
Husbandry of Wines vineyard.
New Holland.
Rhenish Wine
Steeping of Cresses Petroselinum into milke these vegetables came forth in greater abundance and were far sweeter and better then those ordinary herbes.
Quæstio. If the Cornes of Grapes were steeped in milke, where the Grapes would not bee better and in a greater multiplication. Id.
Husbandry of wine.