The Hartlib Papers

Title:Ephemerides 1655 Part 1, Hartlib
Dating:1655 [January-February]
Ref:29/5/1A-14B: 1B BLANK
Notes:Ephemerides 1655 is divided between 4 files.


The same Author that hath written De Fermentatione hath written also a notable Treatise De Lacte. Mr Vlrich.
In the Low Countries it's common to make sp Aqua fort in copia with lesse charge and expence of time and less Apparatus of vessels and yet that way was never soe observed as to bee brought or practised in England which show's our great laziness and stupidity. Clodius.
Low Countries
Aqua fort.
There is a kind of white Kant Apples planted in Herr Siberts Garden at Elbing and Hansdorf. Young Sibert.
White Kant apples.
Sibert Elbing.
One Mr Cooke one of the best singers in England got by this meanes a rich wife or estate of one hundred lb. a year Was brought vp by the Bishop of Lincoln a special friend and 30. mile neighbour to Mr Brewerton - Hee sings after the Italian fashion.
Mr Cooke.
Mr Brewerton.
Sir [William] Persal is again to publish his Magnetical Experiments.
Sir [William] Persal
Hobs system of Natural Philosophy almost finished.
Hobs. Physica.
The said Cooke a very ingenious Gentleman in many other respects, Hee lived in the house of Mris Kelway from whom Mr Brewerton had that story. Mr Brewerton.
Mr Cooke. Mris Kelway.
Mr Robert Wickens Minister of the Gospel at Toddenham in the County of Glocester the Contriver of the New Concordance should bee a fit man for the body of Practical Divinity.
Mr Wickens body Practical divinity

Dr Wilkins hath some peculiar Flowers in his Garden. But there is another kind of Flower in England which the Dr told Mr Boyle of that hath a kind of Coate of straw about it that is of a lasting nature. Mr Boyle.
Dr Wilkins.
Dr Walter of Hamburg's Receipt of spiritus salis Tartari is an excellent secret. Hee is a very sober and conscientious man. It is one of the most penetrant Medecins that is. and of very high commendation.
Mr Boyle
Dr Walter
Spiritus salis Tartari.
In some Dantzigk Gardens there are Cherries as big as prunes testified by Mr Smart.
To quench often Glasse when it is a making is said to make it malleable. But this must bee further tried. Smart.
Glasse malleable.
The 2. of Ianuary came the first time to my house the Minister in Kent and one that should bee Master of a College. Hee desired the foundation of a Mechanical schoole and acquainted mee with the whole designe of founding a College of Sciences with several schooles and a library a worke-house in Durham.
Durham designe Colledge
Hee hath published in English a Systeme of Vniversal History and is about a Latin and English Etymological Lexicon. Id.
Etymological Lexicon.
Mr Baxters Discourse or Humble Propositions containeth many Publique designes especially that of

maintaining of a Catechiste. One of the fellows of Manchester gave his Library to that Towne which occasioned a Tradesman afterwards to give a thousand lb. for the encreasing of that Library. Mr Brewerton.
Manchester Library.
Sempilius De Vsu Mathematicarum in folio is one of the fullest and best Autors that hath written popularly of the Vse and benefit of all Mathematical knowledge.
Algebra and Geometria should not bee taught soe much in Gymnasiis as in Vniversities. Id. Mercator.
Sir William Boswel ascribeth all his schollarship to the persuasion of Dees Mathematical Preface. Id.
Sir William Boswel.
Dees Prefatio Mathematica
A Mons Calthof chez Mr Pierre Han Harquebusier ou Fauxbourg St-Germain proche la rue de Boucherie vis a vis du Riche laboureur A Paris.
Calthofs adresse Paris.
Calthof proposeth with the vse of one Horse to bee able to draine the deepest pit by casting out the Water. This much hee vndertakes positively but hopes in time to doe it with the strenght of one man. Ex literis Rushworth, 1 Ian 54/5.
Elixier Proprietatis having stood for some day's in a glasse keepes the sent always afterwards and it is a most delicat sent which also might

bee made vp into a Balsam but that it would proove very costly. which yet is to bee made out by Clodius.
Minister of the Word of God at Pluckley in Kent. A Letter or whatever left with Mr William Watts at the saracens head without Newgate will come to him every weeke.
Ezekel Tonge.
Hee is a Senior Fellow of Vniversity College in Oxford vnjustly opposed by Dr Owen and Goodwen, the former preferring his owne Brother to the Mastership of it against the statutes of the founder. Hee is married otherwise richly. A right Agitator for Learning et Mechanicks to imploy the Printesses when they are in their shops, to better purpose then to stand idle.
That fore-said College is related to the Northerne Counties the schooles being to supply that College. There is a thousand Acres belonging to it which may bee mightily improoved besides the recovery of other donatives. That College was in the beginning the Vniversity

and is one of the Aucientest of 8 hundred years building most of which bee vnder ground. The buildings are very much decayed and yet were by Mr Tongs industry very much advanced. Lord Lambert is his great friends besides the Gentlemen of the Northerne County, Sir William Strickland, my Lord Ayres, Colonel Lilburne etc etc.
Mr Tonge.
If I mistake not it's late Dr Simson whose History hee printed for 200 lb. who also had left a MS. of ?? an Etymological Lexicon in English. Hee is wel acquainted with Dr Wallis.
Dr Simson
The true making of the Caveare is fully described by Olearius in his Persian Iourney. Clodius.
Of spare-mint of clairy the most delicat and sweetest Aqua vitæ is made. And by the spirit of these 2 herbs Philips and some others have gotten a thousand lb. The making of it according to Sir W. Raleigh's Receipt is highly cryed vp as the only way which Sir K. Digby hath imparted to Clodius.
Spirit of sparemint.
Aqua vitæ.
Sir Walter Raleigh.
Receipt Philips
To enrich and multiply all the Olea Aromatica as Cinnamon. Cloves etc. Rosemary is a singular Arcanum and only observed by Clodius to mixe with them spirit of wine very well rectified. By this meanes the quantity of them
Olea Aromatica

is very much encreased and advanced without any sophistication at all. whereas by other meanes it is spoiled and may also bee found out. But by this way no body can find it out. Am Oleum Amygdalorum being mixed, will doe it also, but there is no way's so good.
Oleum Amydgalorum
Ergo Olea Aromatica <of orange limons etc> omnis generis. as of Roses, Cinnamon, Cloves etc. 2. the new Belgick Aqua fort. 3. Phylips <aqua vitæ>, spirit of spare-mint Clairy et Clodius his other. 4. vinification etc [Hre?] Media honesta acquirendi. Clodius.
Didactica divitiarum
Oldea. Spirit of Aqua fort.
One Stanislaus hath written a General and Particular Systema Geographiæ in high dutch. which Iohan Rave hath by him. The particular is practical and for youths. the other more Theoretical and speculative.
Systema Geographiæ.
Also Crugerus hath written one which is very exact for Longitude and Latitude which is not yet printed by Ald. Hevelius.
A new Experiment about the variation of the Magnetical Needle found out by one, who is to give it to Mr Brewerton.
Mr Brewerton.
Magnetica Experiencia
Smethwick promised to give a burning glasse to Mr Brewerton and is now much more confirmed in that designe having beene with Mr Oughtred. Id.

Smethwick told Mr Brewerton that Oughtred had written a Tract of Musick and of making of Watches by a new kind of Motion given to his son. Id.
One about 18. miles from London hath erected a Paper-mil of late. Id.
Mr Tonge hath a peculiar observation concerning clover-seed which hee promised mee.
Tonge. Clover-seed.
Hee is acquainted with one Vaughan a very learned Man a Minister, who is haunted with a Platonical genius who talkes to him at nights. Hee is very didactical and hath many several Tables to teach more readily the Grammar of the Latin Tongue and hath given specimina in teaching of Languages. Id.
Mr Vaughan
Mr Benlow's bragd of a Cosmeticum to make Old Women looke young and very cheape.
Also an experiment for colouring ofr making of speckled horses.
Speckled Horses.
Also a lock not to bee opened by any key whatsoever but by a load-stone.
Also load-stone to retard the shovel-board.
A flint-case to hide and carry jewels in.
An experiment for incrusting of ships their tacklings. etc that no fire works shal doe them any hurt.
Ships. incrusting
An Alarme Clock, and selfe striking Tender-box. Id.

The pure vnmixed french claret-wine of Burgundy being vsed warme with cloths dipped in and often in a day ones eyes wiped with it is of wonderful refreshment to the eyes. Thus affirmed by Sir K. Digby to the Primate.
Eye-sight. Claret-wine
Sir K. Digby imparted <to son Clodius> the 13 of Ianuary the great secret or Receipt for curing perfectly the french-pox which may bee made in one day, which is also Farrar's Medecin or secret of curing the same. Clodius.
S.K.D. Clodius
By a piece of bread to give what kind of taste you please to any wine. Benlow Experiment.
Bread. Benlows.
Primate said that Sir H. Savil would call Poets the Fidlers of learning.
Poets. S.H. Savil.
The 15. of Ianuary Dr Ducket brought to my House the samples of Leathers of his new Tanning. which will mightily save the barke of woods or Trees. and become a most staple Commodity of England. it abounding soe much as it doth as likewise Ireland with so many excellent skins for all sorts of Leather.
Dr Ducket.
Didactica divitiarum
Leather. Tanning.
Mr Dymock's friend pretends to have a Material to bee vsed in stead of a Candle, which hee carries about him in a box. As soone as that material comes into the aire it is lighted and continues to burne like a Candle which if it were true would
Candle. Dymock.

save all the Candles in London which by a conjectural computation comes to 2 thousand lb. spending a day. Dymock.
Hath written a little Treatise of Necessity and free will.   Mr. Brewerton.
Hobs Theologica
The Frenchman [blank] that was chaplain to the Bishop of Durham is now Professor at Alba Iulia in Alsted. place.   Id.
Walter Roe is furnished with many admirable Compositions in Music from Mr Fuchs.
Musicalia Walter Roe.
Dr Barnard writing or publishing now a Comentary vpon the Revelation prooving the Pope to bee the Grand Antichrist.   Mr Benlow.
Dr Barnard.
Pope AntiChrist.
The 18. of Ianuary hee brought to mee again the French Platonical and Chymical Physitian pretending within 4. day's to make an Experiment worth a thousand lb.   Id.
French Platonical
The same experiment for salpeter so highly commended by Stirke and imparted to Mr Boyle is also or hath also beene practised by another (the name is know'n to Mr Boyle) with greate successe.   The secret is to make out of a certain quantity of salpeter twice or 4. times as much or more.   The manner is, To put stratum vpon stratum of good fat earth, and to besprinkle every stratum with a cer
Mr Boyle.

taine proportion of salpeeter and to let it stand thus in a barrel for 4. months together.
Afterwards to empty all the Vrine of the House vpon it from time to time that it may soake through and after 4. months to take it all asunder and then it will appeare how much hath beene converted into pure and good salpeeter.   This is the substance of the secret from Mr Boyle's communication.   Clodius.
Son Clodius is to put it to a trial.
Mr Boyle.
The 17. son Clodius tried in distilling lignum Guajaci the 2d furnace as I take it of Glauber and performed that by it in the space of 6. houres, which could not bee done by other meanes in 24. or 12. besides some other accomodations.   But the goodnes of it is not so vniversal as hee brag's. Clodius and which must bee rectified by him.
Glauber furnaces.
Glauber hath taken his vinification out of Medulla Distillatoria and out of De Nitro it may bee more.   Clodius.
Glauber Medulla Distillatoria
Grattricks hath invented a new kind of brewing vessel, which preserves the better the spirit of the Liquor. Clodius.
Brewing Grattricks.
One Dorio hugely commended as one of the best wri

ters in Music by Mersennus. which book of his is not yet translated out of Italian into any other Language.
Mr Hinckstone Organist to the Lord Protector very much also commended.
Mr Hinckstone
Mr. [blank] a Physitian of Breslaw a godly and honest Man gott all the MS. of Frankenberg chymical and others. Besides hee bought all his library. Hee is said continually to operate. Mr Mercator.
MS. Chymica
The 23. Ianuary Mr Tonge gave mee - Chronicon Catholicon Simsonii etc in folio of 18. shillings price, an excellent and learned Worke.
Chronicon Simsonii.
The Academical Catechist should also exercise his schollars in the Art of Prayer and of Conferences which two things should bee added to his draught of Reformation.   Mr Tonge.
Catechist Prayer Conference.
There is a kind of hard black stuffe brought out of the Indies which being scraped into cleere Water or bier or ones spittle makes a present Inke, so that this may bee called a Portable Inkorne. It is sold cheape for 4. d. a piece of such stuffe.   Mr Brewerton.
Portable Inke.
Indian stuffe.
Mathematical Instruments of Rulers. etc with so many lines etc etc may perhaps bee made by that new kind of moulding of which son Clodius hath the Mystery. Insects may best be represented by it.
This Art of moulding or casting may bee applied to other Representations which require an exact curiosity.   Perhaps to Watches also.
Clodius. Art of Moulding
Hee that hath the First Fruit-Office might ratione Officii addresse and disperse especially throughout the
Watches. Adresses.
First fruit office.

whole Ministery of the Land any excellent Booke Intelligencies or other profitable Matters for edification of The Church or advancement of other publick Work's in Husbandry Arts. etc according to the Office of Addresses both for Accommodation and Communication.
Didactica of Addresses.
The like the collectors of the first fruit's might bee instructed and directed to doe. Ex occasione Mr Tonge.
NB. From the Office of the first-Fruits to bee addressed to all the Ministers and from them to the most godly or Rational in every one of their Parish.
One made a woodden Asse in Shrop-shire which carried from his house Corne into the Mill. Mr Brewerton can tell the name.
Woodden Asse
The Angelique is an Invention of a more perfect kind of Lute; there is some here in London that hath it which was sent also to the Earl of Rutland. But there are yet few that can play vpon it. Mr Brewerton who made this Relation spoke of it as an Invention distinct from the Almery of Le Maire. The Archi-viole is somewhat described by Mer
Angelique Lute
Mr Brewerton

sennus. Mr Fuchs will hardly beleeve the Possibility of Mercator. Reformation of Musick pretending that Mersennus had attempted to doe somewhat far inferior vnto it and could not goe through with it. Zedel.   Brewerton.
Bartlet hath writ a Cursus Chymicus come out in 1653. or 54. in french, which is to bee scanned.
Cursus Chymicus.
One Wiltshire a Shop-keeper in broad-street who is gone for the present to Bristol pretendes stil to a Perpetual or selfe-Motion and intends to take out a Patent for it. but purposeth to begin with drayning.   Ludowick.
Mr Wiltshire.
Perpetuus Motus
Ludowick Frederick.
Not Bigs but also one Gore who is also come over who is the vndertaker for dying fixed colours or in graine with Log-wood. Mr Child is to give a further account of it.
Mr Bigs. Gore.
Dying in Log-wood.
Christophorus Schöfler Vratislaviensis is hee whose Brother is a Physitian and Operator at Breslau who bought all the Books and MS. of Frankenberg. Mercator.
To make Odoriferous soap-bales taught also by Glauber which may bee made of any kind of smel you desire to have them. Clodius.
Emenda. Frankenberg
Glauber. Clodius
One Mr. Page fellow of Kings Colledge in Cambridge and once Orator there hath from beginning of these troubles travelled into forraigne Parts and learned

Mr Page.
7 or 8. Languages in those Countries where hee hath beene, so that hee is now fittest to bee employed in Political Affaires. A good acquaintance hee is to Mr Cheney, and an excellent Latinist. Mr Brewerton.
Mr Cheney
Ein Schorstein the Invention of that kind of oven which is vsed in Prussia by every kachloven is practised also in Sweden.   Mr Dury saw such a one in the Queen of Sweden's Chamber.   The wood stands vpright in burning and when it is burn't out into coales and smoakes no more it is with an iron pressed down and then a clamp which goes into the Chimney which goeth vp very narrow and so is not subject to smoake (it drawing vp the aire soe much the faster by this narrownes) being shut close, all the heate disperses itself per the roome. The shorsteins are made just as the moulds vpon the old Exchange where the Rojal Statues are placed. They serve bejond seas to aire the roomes before they bee throughly heated. Mr Blake.
Schorstein Inventio of stoves.
Mr Blake sent over to Königsberg some grafts of our English Pippins which being planted there doe thrive very well.
Mr Blake.
Pippins. Königsberg.
The cant-apples hee called - Callis Aples.   Id.
The juice of fresh hops being

put into the brewing of Meath will preserve it so many years longer for 7. or 8. then otherwise it would have beene.   Clodius.
Salinus hath written one of the best Bookes in Music.   Hee was blind from 4. years of age afterwards learn't to play vpon the Virginal and lastly became so excellent in Music that hee wrote one of the best Books in that Art.
Libri selecti
Donius is excellent for the practic part.   Mercator.
One Hartwich Zisich one of Walter Rowe's Pupils a most superlative excellent violin and Componist.   Hee is Travelling into Italy and other Parts to perfect himself in his Musical endowments. Hee sings also very well. Zedel conceites there are few <or> none that can be compared with him in England. Hee is maintained by the Queen of Sweden and Duke of Holstein, himself being of Holstein. Hee is lodgeth at one Mr Farmulo a Virginal Musitian to the Lord Protector. Hee hath a very good fancy but mit der hand ein armer sunder as Zisich and Iedel judge.
Mr Farmulo.
Virginal. Master.
The Protector's Organist not much commended by them.   One Freschcobaldi one of the best Italian Componists and organists.
Musici Italiæ
Mr Freschobaldi.
The Protector's Virginal a new choice Invention
Lord Protector.

with several claviren. Iacobson would fain see the pattern of it. Zedel.
Herman Barnes in the Strand at neere Clements Church one of Kalthofs apprentices made a Pistol that will shoot neare or above 400. yards. the 12 lb. a paire.   One of the best gun-smiths in London.   Mr Brewerton from heare-say.
Herman Barnes.
Mr Smethwick is to write a discourse concerning his burning-glasses as also promised to procure an exact Observation concerning the variation of the Magnetical Needle. Crugerus also hath observed some with Hevelius and Eichstadius. which are to bee procured from them.
Magnetical Experiments
Mr Smart vndertakes to procure a more particular description of the Transylvanian Brother-hood.
Mr Smart.
Doughty vndertakes to weave a whole sute with coate with the buttons all of one piece.   Doughty.
There are a sort of rugs or covering made primarily at Leyden especially those of Remeus kindred or acquaintance which are both warme and light to be procured by Remeus.
Rugs. Covering.
Also the firkins of butter are to bee sent over for English houskeeping which is far more lasting and better.
Holland butter
English Houskeeping.
Breda famed for Capons. Mr Brewerton.
Breda Capons.
Albureth's designation.   To procure

stipendiary intelligencers from several Princes, Cities, Commonwealths or kingdoms to reside with Albureth who vndertakes to furnish them with Intelligence and all other Accomodations and Communications in reference to the good of Mankind and their Masters and Principals who maintaine them.
Intelligencers of Forraigners.
Vpon condition that they may stand engaged to bee employed by Albureth according to their abilities and the occasions of the Agency for Vniversal learning, Arts and Industry. which is the only Gratitude desired by Albureth.
Any Intelligence though otherwise constant and good can<not> possibly bee so advantageous either to forraigners or this Commonwealth as the living besides with such an Instrument as Albureth who may traine them vp for the Interest aforesaid and of the Publique Good.
The like may bee applied to both Vniversities for the through Advancement of the National Reformation.
The benefits of this designation will a hundred or a thousand fold requite the Charges or stipends which are given and allowed to the stipendiaries.

Was one of Mr. Oughtred's scollars.   His new-invented burning glasse (of which now one is making of silver about 6 lb. price) is not a spherical Conical or parabolical section, by which hee vndertakes to melt downe Lead and silver by a summers- sun-shine. Hee complains of the difficulty of turning his said burning-glasses.
Ashmoale dwels not far from Mr Brewerton in whose Country hee married his wife.   Brewerton.
The Testament of King Philip of Spaine recorded by a French voluminous Historian, is worth to bee excerpted and translated. Mr Boyle.
Pensa eruditionis
There is a large Parchment scrowle in the Vniversity of Oxford library containing nothing but chymical Emblem's which is more worth then a hundred of their Book's, but no body knows where to begin to read them (which should bee from the dragon lying couchant) though it containe the gradual processe from the beginning to the end of the whole work.   Friar Bacon supposed to bee the Author or rather Ripleus.   Mr Hamilton.
Oxford library
Lapis Philosophorum
Fr. Bacon.
Mr Hamilton.
The 5. of February Tuesday a Gentleman of fashion. a meere stranger one Pickering came to mee about the Husbandry of St-Foyn highly commending it for its lastingnes for ever if it bee sow'n into a suitable and fit ground. Also he related the encreases of the clover and of one about 10 miles from London who made as j take

it 20. lb. an acre.   Also how Sir Thomas Culpeper had encreased his estate from nothing to 2 3 or 4. thousand a year so also Sir Edmund Sawyer.
Sir Thomas Culpeper.
Hee desired the imparting of an Experiment How to make a starre in a Horses fore-head which hee said was performed by a chymical oyle.   Pickering.
A Horse star - Chymical oyle.
A very choice and rare Booke discovering the whole Philosophical Mystery and not knowing that hee doth discover the same. And wheras hee seemes to set out his Errors, these containe the maine Truth as may bee seene principally in Page 12. 13. of that Treatise which is called Lapis Chymicus Philosophorum Examini subjectus.   Vbi et ejus [Greek: Egiernetike] vis ac confectionis modus breviter discutiuntur. Authore Bassetto Ihones. Generoso. The rest of the title-page is torn of. But in the end is the Imprimatur of Ed. Reynolds, Vicecancellarius.
The Booke is mighty scarce being presently bought vp, so that Dr Iohnes himself can get no more copies of it. The Dr hath laboured all his life in that Worke and though hee bee gone further in it than many hundreds and further then Garancier yet hee knows it not. and yet hee complaines hee cannot finde the ingressum in metalla. Clodius.
There is an Invention in the Low Countries of an Engine wherby they can make a thousand Thimbles at once. Remeus.
Mr Evelin in Broomfield neare Dedford green much about Society of Arts.
Mr Evelin.

One Sponge well known to my barber Owen commended for a very ingenious Mechanical. Mathematical and Astrological witt. By profession hee is a Comb-maker but hath invented also a kind of Natural Iack the fire of the Chimney turning his Spits. Mr Owen.
Mr Sponge
Invention of Iack.
Col. Philip Iones one of the Council his son of 9. years of age speakes almost better Latin then English.   Id.
Col. Iones.
Ackinson vndertakes by a Regulus Antimonii to fixe fading Colours. One pound of it will serve you 7. years. Hee hath made a little furnace on purpose to trie this Experiment which Mr Brewerton is to write downe besides his other observations. Dillon is judged by Clodius to have had the same ingredient for his fixing of Colour which hee was very sure of. Mr Brewerton. Clodius.
Regulus Antimonii.
fixing of colours.
Mr Brewerton
12. February told by Mr Potter that Mr Wiltshire had taken out a Patent for a Perpetuus Motus.   Also Lord Whitlock's son a patent for mines in Ireland. Mr Potter.
Perpetuus Motus.
The Hanseatick Factor in the Stil-yard acquainted with a Minister not far from London who is excellent in all kind of Music. and who also had invented a new Didactical easy Tabulatura taken from the Lute to bee applied to organs virginals and Harpsicors of which is to give a further account.   Zedel.
Musici Anglii.
Ogleby who had put out the English Virgil with Cuts, is setting out in like manner. Ho

mer after the same curious and stately manner not wanting bountiful Contributors wherby it's thought hee will get some hundreds of lb. Mr Collier.
With one seed Mr. Iacobson was perfectly cured being troubled and stopped in his breast from a physitian in the Country. Id. Zedel.
Medica Iacobson.
Little Parlament did nothing just the last did just nothing. A prediction some years agoe of 4. Parliaments to bee in England.   The 1. should bee wise but not honest. 2. honest but not wise. 3. neither wise nor honest. 4. both wise and honest. Mr Wall.
Historica Angliæ
A merchant of Switzerland Solicoffer begun the 14. of February to bee better acquainted with. A good English- and French-man.
Monsieur Solicoffer.
Mr Nicholas Steward of Hartly neer Worldlam hath invented the new Plough which sets Corne, plows and harrows. Hee lives at my Lady Richardsons the third house on the right hand in Q. street. Greattricks is wel acquainted with him.   Carew Reynold. Mr Rivers brother in law.
Mr Steward.
New Plough
Setting Corne
The whole Secunda Operatio is wholly wanting for the great worke in the Indian MS. of Stirk so that Schlezer may lawfully complaine of an hiatus in those writings. Clodius.
MS Chymica
Dr Iohnes by his Philosophical medecin tho hath not advanced further, yet can hee cure by it all
Dr Iohnes.

feavers. Hee gave the first visit to Clodius the 15. of February, and if his Philosophical Worke proove not the elixir itself, yet it will proove infallibly a vniversal medecin. Id.
Mr Boyle hath gotten the Plaister and other Medicaments for Midwivery from Dr Chamberlain. Helmont's medecine of dryed to bee given when the child lyes in a right posture. Clodius.
Mr Boyle. Dr Chamberlain. Midwifery. Clodius
Theatre d'Agriculture is come out with a new edition wherin also is a discourse concerning lucerne St- foyne. median etc showing it to bee all one.   Mr William's.
Seres Theatre
Hath a number of Husbandry book's.   Xenophon of Husbandry in English   Another German writer translated into English 40 years agoe, who treates of clover St-foyne etc   Id.
Mr Williams
Catalogue of Husbandry Writers
St-foyne absolutely one of the best Seeds. Duke of Richmond hase had 20 years experience of it. Id.
Spirit of Wheate is Mr Smarts Liquor Alcahest.   Mr Brewerton.
Mr Smart.
A great number of Birch Mr Brewerton hath in his Countrey, by which also in stead of yest the Scots make their Ale to worke.   Id.
Burning-glasses of Smethwick 1. they burne only in a point. 2. but the other vses are for reflexion of the Light.
One is made of silver <of 6 lb.> which in February fired a stick taken out of the dirt.   Id.

1655 17 February
Ackinsons Invention of Boyling Salt the same with Dymock can performe that in 4 houres which is done in 24. in the ordinary way.   Mr Brewerton.
Sir Edward Hales of Kent one of the greatest Husbandmen of England who hath raised and left a vast estate from 50. lb. stock to many thousands a year.   Mr Brewerton.
Sir Edward Hales.
The 19. of February Mr Morland came to mee the first time being recommended by Mr Haack for addressing him to a Teacher of the German Language.
Mr Morland.
Hee is of a communicative nature long in Sweden, altogether Mathematical and Mechanical.   Laboured much in the Perpetuus Motus.
Mechanica Mathematica.
Perpetuus Motus.
Hee told mee of a singular Instrument virginal newly invented in Sweden as it were by the bye with iron legs on the sides, which the playing of which could bee fitted to any mans tune to the great admiration that come to see it.
Instrumentum Musicum
Hee hath invented the double writing which requires a Weeks practise before one bee habituated but countes it no better then a toy.
Double Writing.
That new musical invented Instrument at Stockholm may bee vsed and played with any other kind of Music, either Vocal or Instrumental. Zisich told Zedel that the Queen of Sweden had one of a foot long with golden Strings (Seiten) which are said
Instrumentum Musicum
golden strings .

to give quite another resonancy then other strings.   Zedel.
Dr Iones professed himself to bee beholden vnto Helmont because hee hath cured himself of the stone by his Spiritus Salis marini.   Clodius.
Spiritus salis Marini.
One Gode the great dyer of Amersford dying so cheape in graine with log-wood coming over to London was persuaded to goe to Norwich.
dying with Logwood.
But Bigs affirmeth stil that hee hath the same Mystery with him, desires before hee wil engage the paying of 20 lb. whether the pretended Experiment of his shal hit or not, and afterwards to goe in halfes in all the [blank]. Bigs.
The two Brethren Heindrichsons Patritii of Dantzigk vniversally learned young men especially in drawing, Turning etc Mathematics and Mechanicks. They are beautiful and of a faire cariage. Sibert.
There are 5. German Vniversities said to have joined together for the advancement of Mathematiques. In order to this they have agreed to send and have sent some of their Society into forraigne Parts to bee acquainted with all that is excellent in those kind of Studies.   One of them is gone into Fraunce another is come into England.   Ex relatione Siebert.
5 Vniversities Germany.
Advancement of Mathematica.
Mr Boyle gotten from an old Courtier a rare Chymical MS. of Nortons after which Sir K. Digby and Hobs was gaping.   It's in Latin.
Mr Boyle.
MS Chymica
Son Clodius hath obtained Kuffler mercurium

fixum which will bee a kind of vniversal Medecin tho not to bee applied ad Metallica. Clodius.
Clodius Mercury
Vniversalis Medicina.
Hee hath also gotten a new way of making spirit of blood so that it shal not stink but bee like the spirit of Vrine which smel both alike as Helmont hath observed.   Id.
Clodius Spirit of blood.
Hee will count it a good Medecin in case it doth not cause either Vomiting or stooles. as hee will trie by the powder sent him.   Id.
Spirit of Vrine Receipt Mr Dury of Antimony ad Vitriol.
Cannada demaunded from the Lord Protector at which hee laughed. for beaver Trade.
Historia Bever Trade
Mr Yard Robinson's acquaintance was vpon a great Designe for a Memoriale Biblicum. Mr Robinson.
Mr Yard
Memoriale Biblicum
One Tolhurst a Major vnder Sir Arthur Heselrig a very ingenious mechanical Man. Hee told son Hartlib how that hee had made a Perpetuus Motus that did really goe till the body of it was broke, though hee had observed no Rules of Art about it. as being no schollar at.   But hee firmely beleeves it will bee found out.
Major Tolhurst.
Perpetuus Motus
Hee hath also found out devices for facilitating the workes in the mines at New-castle. Son Hartlib.
Mines. New-castle.
Lord Protector commended the Speech spoken to King Iames the V recorded in the History of Scotland by William Drummond of Hawthornden.
Historia liberty of Commonwealths.
In the Temple-library there are above 6. thousand

choice Iuridical Books many of which are no way's found in other Librarys. Mr Hamilton is designed to bee the Library-Keeper for that, from whom I may have the Catalogue.   It's endeavoured that Seldens Library may bee added to it.
Libri Iuridici.
Mr Hamilton.
Mr Ioy's the Apothecary hath a special secret (though hee knows it not himself) to draw out the volatile salt in Copia out of all herbes the Receipt of which hee hath promised to Clodius.
Mr Ioys.
Herbes. volatile salt
Mr Owefield hath invented a curious Instrument for better quenching of fire then the ordinary Engine.   And wheras that costs 20 lb. this will not above 6. or 7.   It may bee caried vp in a house by two men and vsed in private houses Also in for several accomodations.   It may also serve for Ships, when the Sailes are on fire or below deck etc. and may also bee vsed for Watering of Gardens.
Mr Owefield.
Invention Instrumentum
for quenching of fire.
Garden Watering
Mr Iacobson know's of the Geigen-Werck which hath beene also amongst the Kings Musick, but being played once vpon it it was Presently out of tune.   But now there are some which are to prepare the strings that they shal neither break nor stretch, which if it can bee done then the other Musick will come also in play.   Zedel.