The Hartlib Papers

Title:Ephemerides 1654 Part 2, Hartlib
Dating:1654 [25 April-4 August]
Notes:Ephemerides 1654 is divided between 3 files.

1654. 25 April. Baron Misling related how that ovens in Bohemia are made of Terra sigillata, and others of diverse fashions for vse and ornament. As some that have a great animal before it, breathing or smoaking out all manner of perfumes and odours. Others are built in the forme of a bulwarke or Fortification with pieces of Ordnance on the top of its bastion, which at certain times are discharging likewise sweet perfum's and odours. Hee doth no way's approove of wind-ovens they letting out too much of the heate of it. But rather that they should bee built as high as the roome wherein they are placed, improoving the smoake and flame aswel as the remainders of coales and wood when they are burn't out. Hee discoursed that with a very little wood of 2. or 3. pieces a great roome could bee kept warme after this fashion a whole day. Baron Misling.
Ovens. Terra sigilata.
The Recipt against the stone mentioned by Borel as almost a never-failing Remedy is the vse of Virga Aurea which also Sir K. Digby highly commends as a most approoved Remedy. It is worth therfore to bee put in praxis. Clodius.
Virga aurea.
The powder of Coral and sal Armoniack cures infallibly all Quartan Agues. Tried with successe vpon the Emperor Leopold the Dr pawning his head if hee did any hurt to him and 10 thousand lb. in case hee were cured. Sal Armoniack is of itself an excellent Medecin against Quartan agues.
Agues Quartan
Coral Sal Armoniack.

One Stiles dwelling at Westminster a great vndertaker for improoving of lands by drayning etc. Agreed with some who are to give him the profit of his improovement.
Mr Stiles.
Sal Martis is far better to bee vsed then any spaw water Tvnbridge or other such Mineral Water. for it is far more pure conveighing only the vertues and not the filth and other inconveniences of vomiting etc with it Their water is very hurtful to the stomack but this is drunk in wine, and wine is drunk afterwards. Clodius.
Sal Martis.
Tvnbridge Water.
Spaw. Mineral water.
The Laudanum of Clodius causeth a heavines in the head in some which may easily bee remedied by taking or drinking of some drops of spirit of sulphur. It is not stupifying as it is prepared by him nor binding but rather causeth stooles where it finds matter for it. Its prepared with succus Cydoniorum.
If you vse Sal martis the Excrements will shew black. for it is very abstersive and opening of Obstructions. So also in the vse of sauer-brun-water the Excrements will shew black. Clod. It vehemently causes appetite of eating and cleansed mightily the stomack. Id.
Sal Martis
Gold affoords a very Odoriferum Corpus as Mr Schlezer had the like smelling-Metallick box from Dr Elichman.
Gold. Odors.
It is verily beleeved that the House of Austria hath somwhat of the elixir or a particular Experiment. For it's know'n that of one duckat of gold they have and can make 4. so of one
House of Austria. Elixir.

tonne of gold. 4. And much more might they doe in the Art of multiplying if they would improve the Mines of Hungary. This Emperor was of late so poore that hee could not furnish Liveries vniformly of the same colour but some had red other yellow of his owne lackeys and coachmen. But suddainly after at this dyet he appeared in most magnificent equipage feasting the Electors and giving such large gifts to their Officers and Gentlemen. Spaine being very poore could not supply him. Bavaria hath all the publique monies for the paying of his debts owing to him from the Emperor. Schlezer.
Experientia Lucriferia
Lapis Philosophorum
The processe of Gold fom Mr Dury. 2. of Mons. De Cloe from Sir K. Digby 3. of Bonnet from Sir K. Digby 4. processe from Coens Abbot of the Alcahest 5. processus of Mr Schlezer's friends at or about Hamburg. Id.
Arcana Chymica.
Lapis. Alcahest
Clodius Schlezer.
The former imparted already to son Clodius the other to bee imparted from Schlezer.
Hee intimated that Gold and some other meane thing which was somewhat difficult to come to, to bee the true matter. His Adeptus is a German living for the present as a didacticus. The worke would require a stock of a thousand Rixdollars to be perfected within 2. years. Schlezer.
Lapis Philosophorum.

The Earl of Newport related as experimented a new kinde of Grasse that goes bejond that of clover for richnes of grasse feeding of Cattle etc.
That which is to put downe the vse of Watches an Invention which the Baron Misling brags of, is to bee taken from the Circulation of the Blood in a mans body. Schlezer.
Circulation of blood.
Watches. Invention Misling.
There are two secret Adepti at Hamburg one a watchmaker (Vhrmacher) the other a Didacticus. The former is the more ingenious but they will hardly bee separated. The didacticus is eminent for teaching of Piety. The other can worke no more any smal or curious Worke. They desire 3 or 4. that are to operate einer den andern ablösend which must bee maintained for a year or longer. Vpon the engagement of these Meanes they vndertake to discover the <true> Matter of the Philosophical Worke and to commit it to the Examination of Dr Iungius. Schlezer.
Adepti Hamburgensis.
Antimonium Rosatum (as Dr Elichman had also) is a most excellent Odoriferum, that never decay's. So also Aurum Rosatum. Id.
Odoriferium . Antimonium Rosatum.
Walnut-honey (or the rindes of Walnut) is a most excellent and soveraigne Remedy against a sore throat. My Lady Ranalagh hath store of it. Lady Ranalagh.
Sore throate
Thomas a Kempis' booke is now re-printing by
Lady Ranalagh.

Daniel the Printer as j take it. It was very viciously translated and so begun to bee re-printed. But when it was done as far as D. Mr Worthington corrected the English of it. Worthington.
The 9. of Maj a Country-Gentleman by name St-Nicolas came the first time to my house begging advice for his son to bee fitted for the Vniversity by the Latin and Greeke Tongues whom j directed to Mr Perkins in Frid. street.
Mr St-Nicolas.
Mr Schlezer imparted to vs one of the best and most approoved secrets his Father professed to have which was the Receipt of his Pilulæ or purging Pilles which were compounded absque vlla noxia qualitate if rightly prepared. Pilulæ Lunares will keepe good always. The former must bee made in May. Schlezer.
Pilulæ Lunares.
Gronovius of Daventry excellent for exact Latinity, 800. Rixdollars allowance, a good Politicus and of a sweet moral disposition. Id.
Many come to him after they have beene in the Vniversity only to perfect themselves in the Latin Tongue. Id.
The 13. of Maj Captain Sanderson came to mee the first time being recommended by Sir K. Digby. Hee it is that vndertakes to make saltpeeter out of sea- or salt-water. Hee intends to settle himself in Ireland where hee hath bought 300 lb. land a year.
Captain Saunderson.
Hee does it by a way of Leven or ferment (which my son Clodius hit vpon before hee told it him) and therfore requires some lenght of time. An extraordinary commodity for Ireland that it may bee furnished sufficiently

with this Provision before any bee imported, which hath hazarded so often the losse of that country to Queen Elizabeth. Sanderson.
Suilly etc hath described what great designes of Peace Henricus IV. had set before himself which are stil worthy of Imitation etc. Schlezer.
Henricus Quartus. Opera Publica.
An approoved Remedy against Warts is to wash as it were ones hands in the beames of the Moone, which are affirmed to bee very coole, as Clodius and as he further advised to collect the beames into a looking-glasse and so to reflect it vpon the Wart.
Wieselius maketh such riding spectacles or Glasses which are fastned to ones ey's that one can see those without turning his head which are behind. Hainhofer.
Wieselius Optica.
Dr Glissen and Dr Bennet are the two heretical doctours in the Colledge, which professed themselves to aime further then the Galenists. The latter professes to have thoroughly studied the doctrine of Fermentation, and hath promised to shew it to Sir Cheney Culpeper.
Medici Londiniensis
Dr Glissen.
The 18. of Maj came Mr Marshal the first time to my house to be acquainted with me. Hee keepes 2. gardens one at the Earl of Northampton's the other at Alderman Dewce's son at Islington. where also is his lodging. Wel acquainted with Mr Rushworth.
Mr Marshal.
Mr Dewcy.
Hee hath begun to plant Licorice in Northamptonshire, and hath gotten as j take if of the true Rheubarb.
Hee commended much the Pantanimal of Madagascar

for the finenes of its woole of which hee saith hee hath a waiscot. I take it hee hath also the skin of that Creature.
So of Birds he hath of all manner of Colours and hath a peculiar Art of representing or preserving of their skinnes with their feathers, as likewise of all manner of Insects.
Hee is a Merchant by profession and hath lived for some years in Fraunce speaking French perfectly.
Hee is one of the greatest Florists and deales for all manner of Roots Plants and seeds from the Indies and else where.
Hee commended much the Clover for Grasiers and enriching of Pastures, that it was a good manure the rotting of the deepe roots fatning the ground and was best to bee sow'n with the winter Corne, which when it was come vp would shade it.
Hee made no question to find out a way to get it out of the huske.
Hee blamed all gardiners of England that they were not industrious and careful enough to preserve and propagate the several advantages and curiosities of flowers which they had gotten.
And blamed that Sir N. Crispe was projecting vpon too many Particulars at once, wheras if his copras or Iron busines and designe was pursued to purpose
Sir N. Crispe.

it alone would sufficiently enrich him.
Hee might have 500. lb. for his Picturary of flowers if hee would take it.
Marshes Picturary.
Commended the exquisite and transcendent ability of Alderman Dewces son for Painting or Limming.
The Beehive with only one hole or Glasse-window is not sufficiently transparent but 3. window's will shew vs the working of those Creatures. Id.
Ascham Sturmius et Citalinus were vpon a great designe for making common places verbales et Reales for the whole Latin Tongue. But Citalinus dying left all those Papers behind him which are a voluminous bulke and in the custody of the Primate Vsher. which hee promised to leave with me. Citalinus was he which left a Paper after his death - inter tot divitias etc. Citalinus fame periit in Anglia. Vsher.
Citalini Lingua Latina.
It tends to perfect that designe which Sturmius hath delineated in his Tract De Imitatione Oratoriæ. Id.
There are saith hee too too many Parerga in Mr Dury's Treatise of Practical Divinity. 2. dislikes Dr Hamonds opinion following H. Grotius De Antichristo. 3. write to Bishop Hall who seemed to incline that way to warne him of it. 4. the 70 [Interpretations?] are a mere fiction. of which he is to write next. 5. advised Sutlif at Chelsy College to intend not so much to refute every Popish Pamphlet that should come forth, as to make so many Particular system's out of all Authors written vpon the same subject and if
70 [Interpretations?].
Didactica Theologica Elenchtica.

afterwards any body should write to compare the same with that systematical collection, and if any new thing occur. to insert it, and refute it. Vsher.
The 18 of Maj. Mr Lee came the first time vnto mee with Mr Babington and Calvert.
Hee imparted by word of mouth the soveraigne Remedy against the Gout that had cured a world of Gouty People, which was the Oile of Moles made after his way in 2. earthen pots one within an other, one of them to bee made with holes that the oile may drop through them. The Pots to bee buried in the earth for 6. weekes. Then guttatim the Affected Parts to bee rubbed with the said oile. which is also good for any other Members which are ful of paines. Mr Lee.
Mr Lee.
The Earl of Worcester hath given the Protector such a Cabinet, as the lock of it (which is so many way's complicated one within another) cannot bee vnlocked by any Art or devise whatsoever. You may breake the wood of it into pieces, but you shal never opened, except with his owne key, which is but very little and yet turnes all the several locks within itself. Wherever this Cabinet is placed or set downe, it is so fastned to its place
Lord Protector.
Earl of Worcester.

Cupboard, Table etc that they must bee pluckt vp with it before you can take it of. Sir Cheney Culpeper.
Larenus of Sealand is one of the best that hath written of Regnum Christi. Schlezer.
Regnum Christi.
One hath written a specimen vpon Ignis wherin hee hath gathered together out of all Authors whatsoever hath beene really or phraseologically collected vpon that subject. Id.
Maibonius hath written most exactly Vitam Lulli. In Vita Mæcenatis hee is too too particular. Schlezer.
Vita Lulli
Mr Potter hath the Receipt of Goose-berrie-wines with a large Booke for Conserving. Cookery. making of wine. Potter.
Oeconomica. Mr Potter.
The Compendia Algebraica Tassiana are of that consequence that they are counted by Iungius an other Philosophers' stone, which must not yet bee imparted to the wicked world. By it one may arrive ad summam perfectionem in Politicis. It is the true Ars inventionum omnium. Schlezer.
Ars Inventiva.
Didactica Politica.
But because Iungius and Tassius have made these great Arcana and mysteries so facile and easy that the meanest capacity may reach them therfore they will not have them communicated. And amongst other Reasons they alledge <that> by meanes of this didactical Algebra wee shall attaine again ad veram
Magica Naturalis.

Magicam Naturalem. They will hardly bee published. Yet some of his schollars have a copie of them which hee can procure or from his heires. Schlezer.
Didactica Physicæ.
Mr Coxe told of a Gentleman of Sussex who hath by a new plantation of a Garden and Fields about made a wonderful improovement of Fruit-trees making them grow more in halfe a year then otherwise they doe in 2. or 3. years. Hee hath beene with the Lord Protector and is willing to impart all his skil about it. There is also another that makes a very enriching manure for Trees made of the dust of furzes. of which Mr Cox is further to certify.
Gentleman of Sussex.
The Powder of Burr's (klòten) drunk counted by Adoniram Byfield one of the most soveraigne Remedies against the stone. Id.
Stone. Burr's.
Adoniram Byfield.
The Socii Dextra Amoris ventured after the warres begun a vast summe of money vpon a sea- or shipping-designe but lost it altogether. Schlezer.
Dextra Amoris.
A handful of fresh <or> new dig'd Earth put into a barrel of Bier is a present and certain Remedy for the Clarifying of it. For it attracts in one night or sooner all the muddines of it.
Dispensatoria Oeconomica
Clarifying of Bier.
The like Remedy is taught in Glauber's Meath which Mr Clodius say's is as wel applicable to Bier Ale and other Liquors as to Meath. Schlezer. Clodius.
Glauber Receipt of Meath.

Pilulæ Spadanæ Elichmanni cured perfectly Salmasius of the itch or scab over his whole body, for which hee did so improove his Correspondencies that they were sent for in great abundance out of several Countries.
Dr Elichmans Pils of Spadan.
They are stil made by an Apothecary at Leyden but they are no more so good as they were wont to bee. for they can not always hit right when they are made. Schlezer.
Didactica Divitiarum.
The like gaine Cneufilius made by his Physick. Id.
There is a special contrivance how to lessen and contract the Custom's, yet so that the remaining custom's are most exactly observed and paid. It is applicable in all Countries. The way Mr Schlezer hath promised to impart. Id.
Didactica Customs.
In Italy it's the fashion if any Person of quality wil not bee know'n hee vseth to ware when hee goes abroad a peculiar kind of habit, which when it's observed no body takes then any more notice of him neither saluting nor speaking to him. And so hee may walke safely as an Vnknow'n Person.
Historica Ethica civica
In Spaine is the fashion that such Persons goe abroad with spectacles on their noses. Mr Schlezer.
The Elector of Brandenburg spent some thousand Rixdollars vpon the getting a meere Catalogue of all the MS. which were in choice libraries to bee had in Fraunce, amongst which there was one containing the History of all Favorits that ever have beene. Id.
MS Galliæ. Elector of Brandenburg. MS Galliæ.

The Lady Kents Powder is most highly commended by Sir K. Digby, who saith that it hath wrought to his owne knowledge many miracles. The late King Charles when hee was sick of the smal pox and was breathing out his last, the whole College of the Rojal Physitians advised the taking of this powder, which hee had no sooner taken but the sensible effects of his recovery appeared to the admiration of them all. Sir K. Digby.
Lady Kents powder.
The Mines of Saxony have yeelded a most incredible Revenue as may bee prooved with by the computation and account which Mr Schlezer can give of them.
Mines of Saxony.
The mines therfore of Engeland etc which never have beene wrought are the likelier to yeeld a vast treasure and should for this cause the more carefully bee intended. Mr Schlezer.
Opera Publica England
Mr Schlezer told mee of an auncient grave man at Antwerp who kept correspondence with him and about the great secret of which he can shew his letter. His son is yet alive to whom hee purposes to make his application, his Father having beene vpon the worke. and to gaine of the proceedings of it all his MS letters, observations, Enquiries etc
Lapis Philosophorum.

having had conversation with the Adeptus who came to Helmont and having left behind him in his lodging of both the elixirs went away secretly and never came again. Schlezer.
Mr Schlezer imparted vnto mee an Invention of an oven called H. Garlieben Invention eines Ofens von eÿsern [Bleÿ?] der mit wenigem feuer eine grosse hitze vom Ihm gibt.
Invention of Ovens Garlieben
Hee hath a water-Invention wherby hee can squirt out as long as the water lasts whole Letters or Names. 2. also a way to enlighten any roome and yet no candle shall bee seene in it.
Mr Baron Misneck.
A Catalogue of all his Inventions hee sent to the Elector of Brandenburg. Schlezer.
The 8. of Iune an Alderman and Apothecary of Northampton came the first time vnto mee to give mee thanks for the good of the whole Nation etc of which he confessed himselfe to have beene a considerable sharer. His name is Rushworth a Cozen to our Mr Rushworth. Hee is partner with Mr Marshal in the plantation of licorice in Northamptonshire and otherwise a great Rural-Experimenter. Hee is also going to plant saffran etc. Mr Rushworth.
Vpon the designe of the Paper-Holland-seale which was propounded to the Elector of Brandenburg and accepted by him, there was bought so much Paper as came to 16. thousand Rixdollars which afterwards was partly vsed for some other purposes but most of it spoiled or wasted. Schlezer.
Opera Politica
Paper seale of Holland.

Irdene flaschen von Siburg halten das getròncke frisch. Die apteÿ Siburg liegt am Rhein nicht weit von Collen. It may bee these stone bottles be made of tarras. Mr Schlezer.
Dispensatoria Oeconomica
Siburg flaschen
The 19. of Iune Thomas Birsty came the first time to my house to give thanks in the name of the Nation for my books of Husbandry. He complained also that they were no more know'n or dispersed. He professed himself only a liebhaber. and commended a great knight, as a great man for Husbandry.
Thomas Birsty.
One Morris at Thistleworth hath a curious Chamber of Rarities of all sorts, but he is mightily affected with the stone lying in the extremities of it for many weeks together. Mr Haack.
Mr Haack.
One Haughton one or 2. miles from Norwich reported to bee a very great Husbandman having his barnes full of clover, lucerne, St-Foyne but hath not the way to vnhusk it.
Norwich. Essex.
Clover Lucerne St-Foyne.
But another Gentleman in Surrey whose Lands was not worth 3. or 4 shillings an acre hath gained this or last year 500 lb. one acre yeelding 5 lb. Sir Cheney Culpeper.
Surrey. Clover.
A coagulated salt and a condensive water are the two maine ingredients in Philosophers' stone. Cap. Floyd.
Philosophers' stone.
An herbe called in French Pinget is the only remedy against worms. There is such an antipathy betweene it and them that they are presently voided by stooole or vomit. The Author who wrote the Booke of it speaks of 6. of his children who dyed of worms, and that the rest were preserved by the vse of that herbe. Id.
One sort of Rose-trees holds only for that Experiment of

having Roses twice a year as Mr Marshal testifies who has tried it. Id.
The Earl of Newport made in a house at Twitnam a strange discovery in a wainscotted roome, which being remooved hee found an Iron doore which opened hee found a world of most curious glasses with Liquors of all sorts of colours in them. The now since the beginning of the wars hath not beene inhabited. Clodius.
Earl of Newport.
One Aaron Streater (who is dead) related to Mr Babington that hee could make salpeter out of any kind of Earth out of walles etc as great quantities as hee pleased. His Brother is one Iohn Streater now living at Wopping who must bee spoken vnto to enquire of his Brothers Widdow, to make search after these amongst his other Papers. Babington.
Benson pretends great matters in Opticis for multiplying of Light and about burning with Glasses. A great Glauberian Id.
The 11. of Iulj Mr Benlow's coming to my house with Mr Collier j prevented him by going to his lodging in Russel-street at the signe of the Crowne where hee promised to give mee yearly the sume of 20. lb. to begin at Michalmas next. Hee brought mee also acquainted with his Niece that is brought vp in all manner of knowledge and languages. but explained that shee and her mother could not bee draw'n from Popery.
Mr Benlows.
Mris Benlow.

One Medicum Arcanum of the Earl of Newcastle against Licentia veneraria together with the Arcanum of Mr Bonets processe in lucriferous chymicis was imparted in Italian letter by Sir K. Digby to my son Clodius.
Earl of Newcastle.
Chymica Medica.
French pox.
Lucriferous Arcana
The 13 of Iuly Iohannes Bythnerus came to my house with his Albus Amicorum begging also supplies towards his journey to find out Victor Bythnerus his vncle as j take it.
Iohannes Bythnerus.
A Mine of Tin found out no far from St-Albans. Mr Brewerton.
English Mine of Tinn.
Sir Humfrey Foster a gr of Berks a great Husbandman and rich or of 1500 a year. A very courteous and hospitable Gentleman but a mighty great Gamster. Now in suite of law with the Lord St-Iohn about 2000 lb. which hee hath posession hath. He is skilled in all manner of Husbandries and hath advanced the Clover, of which hee hath sowen divers Acres. A special acquaintance of Mr Marshal from Mr Marshal.
Sir Humfrey Foster.
Mr Marshal.
A Bottle of Rose-water in Persia is worth as much Gold. They have no Roses there, nor can the Rose-water bee brought thither but it stinks. Id.
Roses. Rose-water. Persia Didactica divitiarum.
Morgan the Gardiner hath the Irish Plant which if it bee caried in a man's pocket or hand causeth presently a purging. Id.
Irish plant.
The herbe Persicaria being laid vnder the sadle vpon a galled horses back doth cure it immediatly. Clodius.
Galled horse.
A stick of Elder being carried about

ones body preserveth the party from being galled by riding. Mr Marshal.
Dispensatoria Oeconomica.
The smoaking of vessels with Brimstone preserves the liquors from being spoiled. So Milke will never grow sower though you should hang it into the sun being put into such vessels. Clodius ex Helmont.
Art of preserving. milk.
Dispensatoria Oeconomica.
The 15. of Iulj Mr Banks a Gentleman of Yorkshire came the first time to my house desiring to have all my Books of Husbandry. Also that a Catalogue may bee made of all Husbandry-writers. Hee professed himself to live 7. miles bejond York and to dedicate all his life to the study of Husbandry.
Mr Banks.
There are Bees in Ireland. Amongst the Papers of the old Earl of Corke found some indentures against such wood where Bees had made their Bee-hives. Mr Boyle.
Bees. Ireland.
Mr Castil's eldest daughter gave to Batchelours 6 or 7. in number as many paires of silk-stockings on her wedding-day which shee had gathered from her owne silk-wormes which she had bred.
Mr Castile.
At Oat-lands the king had caused a whole chamber on purpose to bee shelved for breeding of silk-wormes. Mr Marshal.
Mr Benson professeth to have made a most curious odoriferum with salts out of Iuniper and Amber in the sicknes time at Dantzigh. Benson.
Benson. Odoriferum. Iuniper. Amber.
Aunts egs being taken or swallowed makes one fart extreamly. Dymock.
Aunts egs
By the curious spheare which the Senate of Dantzigh hath

given to Hevelius it being somwhat out of frame which he is now setting vp, hee hopes to make yet better observations Astronomical then ever heretofore. Hee is now giving vp his Brew-house and retiring to his studies. Id.
Observationes Astronomicæ.
Benson related to have made an Optical Glasse for multiplying of Light, that the light of a rush Candle shal give a far greater light then any Torch or many torches together, to illuminate whole roomes, streetes etc. But he reckoned the Charge about 20. lb. for such a Glasse. Id.
Benson Optica. Glasses.
The New-kachoven of Dantzigk goes vpon goeth vpon wheeles. Id.
Having a Pipe to it to let out the smoake that it may bee carried from roome to roome. Id.
Hee vndertakes great matters for burning-glasses to bee caused from ordinary fire. Id.
Bulmar vndertakes great matters for discovering of silver-mines. Benson.
Bulmar Mines.
Benson professed to have extraordinary skil in Artificial stones and pretious jewels. Id.
Benson. Artifical precious-stones.
The 18. of Iulj Thomas Field Carpenter working at Whitehall came the first time to my house with a proofe and a further offer to Respondere all my Interrogatories for Ireland. His house is in Theobalds Parke.
Thomas Field.
Interrogatories for Ireland.
To Mr Boyle was imparted the Processe of Mercury
Mr Boyle.

which may proove a very lucriferous Experiment, after it is prepared for health. Mr Boyle.
Lucriferous Experiments.
There is a woman at Bristol (who hath a deafe Husband who is so deafe that he cannot heare though a piece of ordnance should be discharged neare him, she speaking with him by signes) who is of great vnderstanding and chymical skil for extracting of gold silver. etc. out of inferior Mettals, by which she hath gotten a great estate. Id.
Lucriferous Experiments.
Didactica divitiarum.
The 25. of Iulj one Elson was with mee enquiring for the husbandry of la lucerne and promising a certificate for clover-successe.
Mr Elson.
La lucerne.
Elixir Proprietatis in copia zu machen is a secret which Clodius professed hee would as yet reveale to no body at all. Clodius.
Clodius. Elixir Proprietatis.
Dr Dortmont at Vienna is celebrated as a most experienced and succesful Physitian in chirurgical cures relating to any swelling. lamnes kings evil, bone-setting etc etc. A world of great Personages from all countries are resorting vnto him, wherby also hee gets a mighty deale of wealth. Hee was formerly a rich Merchant and was cured of Impotency by the Physitian at Vienna whose daughter he afterwards married. Clodius think's he hath the Alcahest, by which he doth so many strange cures.
Dr Dortman.
Otherwise he conceives that the Alcahest is a certain Vniversal Menstruum to extract and separate any kind of Mettals wherby you shal come to know what kind of mettal of gold silver tin etc is in any kind of Mettal

which you would have tried. Clodius.
Proba Metallorum
There is one Styles and one Broo-er, special acquaintances of Dr Rand who are mighty lovers of all manner of Ingenuity (with 2. other more) and advancing of Trade. Broo-er is very rich and desires only objects to spend his money vpon, to which purpose he intends to come over into England to travel all the Country over to make his choice. Dr Rand.
Dr Rand. Mr Broo-er. Mr Stiles.
Mr Rushworth of related of one Scot of Newcastle to bee a huge Bee-master vndertaking to get 500 lb. a year by them. Hee lived to get 400. lb. a year, but the Scots coming to Newcastle destroyed or spoiled all his Bee-hives. His son or Brother is yet alive who perhaps can give more Informations and a Certificat at least of the 400. lb. yearly gaine. Mr Rushworth.
Mr Scot of Newcastle.
In the Book of Monasteries to every or many monasteries recorded how much honey was given and brought in from time to time. Id.
Book of Monasteries.
Ollæ Indicæ. Indian Pots which are as good and more lasting then the other great distilling Glasses. It keepes the water very coole. which is brought good out of the Indies. Remeus.
Ollæ Indicæ. Indiane [trofe?].
Oeconomica Chymica.
The vses of the schlag-rutten are very eminent and of great profit. For by it you may know exactly 1 the
Virga divina.

Vertues of all Plants whatsoever. 2. It's an exact trial of all manner of Mettals and Minerals so that you need not bring it to other trials of the Goldsmith. 3. a trial for all liquors and malt whither of wheate barley etc. 4. a trial of the mixtures in wines or beere whither Arsenicum bee in it. 5. a trial for Mines etc etc. It may bee made of any kind of Wood. but the Manner making it is the secret. Remei. Clodius.
A new Husbandry of Vines begun to bee practised in the Low Countries and Germany which will encrease so much as that twice as much wil bee gathered of the Grapes then before. Remei.
6. An other vse to disciminat diversitates Metallorum. which the die gemeinen schlag-rutten niemals verrichten konnen. 7. Also to discover fountains and springs by it.
Glucks rutten.
One Castel a schoolmaster came to me the first time the 5. of August begging an Idæa of Mathematics of Mr Pels.
He commended highly one Billingsley of Suffolk who is necessitated to follow heterogeneous imploiments <as I take it Physick> but his whole genius is bent toward's the Mathematics and Mechanicks in which he excels.
Angli Mechanici.
Wingate of Lincoln's Inne is putting forth Mr Fosters dialling and other works. promising some great matters to vndertake himself. Id.
Wingate Foster.
One Remnant hath written of Bees who quotes another English writer who is more scarce but very much commended. Mr Banks.
Bees. Remnant.
The Abbey's Record not far from Rippon in Yorkshire mention how much wine or vineyards it had. Id.
Rippon. Abbeys vineyards English.