The Hartlib Papers

Title:Ephemerides 1635 Part 4, Hartlib
Dating:? - C. October 1635
Notes:Ephemerides 1635 is divided between 5 files.

Scripsi in Album Amicorum, Symbolum meum commune. Iohannis Lytomirsky Polono vel Litomirsky.
King of Poland quando Casimirus discessit Viennam custodem constituit Socinianum ne inficeretur veneno Austriaco. Et found fault literis Przypts Lipsiano stylo conscriptis. Filius Comitis Lesnensis conscripsit Tractatum didacticum de Imitatione Lipsiana recte instituenda. Pater prohibuit ne imprimeretur. Vocat MS. Negotium in Otio vel contra Oesterreich.
Didactica Styli.
Filii Comitatis Belsensis.
Methodus Præceptori observanda in docenda Encyclopædiam singularium omnium erit Optima quam Comenii Seminarium Pansophiæ habet. Et sic etiam in Fabrica et didactica Encyclopædia singularium et Historiæ Vniversalis.
Didactica Encyclopædia Singularium et Historia et Fabrica
Ludere Mechanice et Gymnastice cum Puero.
Didactica Gymnasticæ
Sir Henry Atkin at Totnes ni fallor valde divers instructissimam habet Bibliothecam, fortassis Patronus Comenii et Brukii. Hummel.
bibliotheca privata
Archepiscopus Modernus donavit Bibliothecæ aliquot Centum MS. Arabica Chaldoica etc. q Rous consignata habet peculiari Catalogo.
Bibliotheca Oxoniensis MS.
Hardingus befohlen werden von Christ mit ein wort mehr zu schreiben in suis Historicis contra Pòpstler. Iam confecta habet q Dr Prideaux habet, De Cultu Imaginum. 2. De Cælibatu. 3. De Invocatione Sanctorum etc. Nun will er schreiben Historiam Papatus ex ipsis scriptoribus Pontificiis. Id.
MS. Historia Angl
Downame said often to his Brothers in defending King Iames in his tenents or quotations De Antichristo that they troubled them most of all to make them good. Downam.
Censura Librorum Theologicorum.
Dr Sips dedit MS. De Sabatho to Mr Brooks for to bee translated. Rulitius.
MS. de Sabatho.
Mr Brooks
Mr Brooks countes the Method of his Questions or the Questions to excell all yet whatever hee hase done. Brook.
Methodus Brukii
In the point of Predestination Arminius had a truth

but the Consectaries which hee made of it were most erroneous. Id.
So also divers things about the Law not rightly yet explained. Brooki desideratum.
Desiderata Theologica
The true order to teach the Sensuals is this.
1. to goe over by way of repetition which they have gotten by Vse and Custome and this may bee called their Prolegomena.
2. then to shew or Teach them Accidentia Rerum as long, breadth etc.
3. the Natural sensuals. 4. The Mechanical. 5. last of all the Mathematical, as Pondera, Mensuræ. And all these according to Pansophia Comenii.   And so I desire that Sancta Historiæ Vniversalis to bee compiled according to Pansophia Comenii.
Didactica Encyclopædia singularium.
Desiderata Technologiæ Histor
1. Calligraphia. 2. Stenographia. 3. Linguæ. 4. Stylus. 5. Oratoria <et Logica Practica Duræana>. 6. Arithmetica. 7. Musica. <8. Mechanicum quid sive Ars vitæ.> 8. Encyclopædia. 9. Historia Vniversalis. 10. Logicum studium accuratius et Methodus Aconti etc. 11. Facultas. 12. Philosophiæ Pars subordinata. 13. Historiæ Particulares subordinatæ.
Didactica Eruditionis
Mr Metcalfe habet MS. Hartmanni Comentarium in Crellium which hee counted very highly.
MS. Medica. Metcalfe
Hodie anfangen freundschaft zu machen mit H. Neudorf vnd seinem Edelman Mons. Einsidel.
Running of Race with Horses hase taught men to know the natures of those creatures the better for opening of the pipes and enlarging of the winde, so that our ordinary Gentlemen excelle now the Iockis. All this is procured by an observation and Education as it were of Horses. This might bee tryed also in Man, that hee might hold out to run with enlarged breaths. Bishop of London Dr Iuckson.

Idem hase great delight to all Experimental philosophy and Mathematical-Mechanical Inventions. Hee found a great defect in the Labourers and Mechanical Men in those Countries that could bee no better Artificers with their heads, especially about Water-businesses and industries they were much to seeke. England was but litle beholden to the Gentry who properly should set vpon Work's of that nature to advance some Public good. He commended highly a Colledge for Inventions. Some disputed it trimly that flesh and fish eaten both at one meale was the healthier etc.
Bishop of London
Desideratum. Such a Parænesis should bee made to the Gentry of England to raise them vp and to set them vpon such profitable industries.
Desiderata Meditandi
Mr Arbre is the Author MS. de Sabatho which Dr Sips commended very much and wisht it might bee translated.
MS. Theologiæ
1. vide pcedentia. 2. insubordinatis philosophicis Historicis et Facultatis selectiores Autores perlegendi per 1. Analyses. 2. Epitomas. 3. Referentias sive Citationes. 4. Disputare. 5. Scribere. 6. Practicare. 7. Conversari cum Eminentioribus in illa facultate. In Physicis Vsus Experimentorum. In Mathematicis Inventiones.
Didactica Eruditionis et Studendi
Mr Brook approoves of All Principles in Comenii Physick as of certain Truths. And hase special conceits about Sensus. For hee holds this Paradox. 1. Quod omnis Spiritus habeat Sensum. 2. quod Sensus sit sicut Spiritus Vniversalis. 3. quod Sensus specificetur. Brook.
Gods love vnto Mankind Liber iste compositus ab Hord quodem
Censura Librorum Anglicorum

my Lord of Warwicks chaplaine etc. Mr Saite said of it, Hee had gone so farre in it as humane wit could goe, and generally it's counted a modest and rational Treatise.
There is another Herbal coming out bigger and far better than that of Gerard. Royston.
Habererus jam vivit Londini vel ruri oberrat, pro Praxi Medicinæ aliquot Libellos didacticos jam impressit, vide. Compendium Musicæ quod maxime laudavit Hummelius.
Hummelius scribet ad Dn. Meade de opinione Gogi et Magogi in [Amenia?] et perscribet objectiones Refutatorias quarum Responsionem mihi promisit.
Hummelius. Apocalyptica
Inter Libros selectiores est Vsherius de Obscuris temporibus quo Liber non amplius prostat et rarissimus non repertum.
Libri selecti Theologici
Prodiit etiam quidam Hamburgi a Treatise about bowing at the name of Iesus, it's much commended. Id.
I. Egardus vom falschen christenthumb. 2. [Seine?] Postil. 3. Vom wahren [christenthum?] omnia ejusdem Opuscula.
II. Opera Amdi iterum recuduntur.
III. Dr Schmidts zu Strassburg Conciones.
IV. Tractatus quidam von der Christlichen Hoffart.
V. Einen Sonaton.
Theologia Practica. Libri Germanici.
Hi libri omnes in magno pretio apud illos qui Pietati student in Germania.
Lexicon perfectissimum Linguæ Anglicæ ex sequentibus Autoribus adornandum. 1. Riderus perficiendus ex Sancto Thomasio. 2. [Miushæo?]. 3. Pallace of pleisure. 4. Cotyrafe Appendix. 5. Lexicon Hispanicum Apponere. 6. Florio Ianuæ Appendix sic additus fuerit. 7. Lexico antiquo Anglico apud Franklin.
Fabrica Lexis Angl
The Græcians might but the Greek's Churches would

never bee restored, because God made no promise that having once left the Gentiles that hee would returne to them again, as hee hase done to the Iewes. Mr Simson.
Greeke Churches
Cubes are not so fit to teach spelling to Children because they are too farre distant in letters and syllables. Mr Brooks device comes farre neerer and so would help them more. Brook.
Methodus Brukii.
Didactica Eton
A body of Scriptural Questions serves chiefely the Ignorant. How to propose fitly the Questions. For Vernacularizing of the Bibel-Latin-English Wordes the booke caled the English Dictionary of hard Words should bee perfeited.
Systema Practica. Quæstiones Biblici.
Didactica Biblica.
For making the People to vnderstand the things
1. the pcognita dogmatica sensualia and
2. Pansophia Comenii will serve the turne, rather then to doe set downe Popular definitions Textually.
Hee thought nothing at first should bee taught vnto children but the Præcognita dogmatica ? with their vses to lead them to God i.e. the pcognita Affectuosa, yet some short Prayers they might bee taught. Also Historiarum Biblicarum systema, but not by Questions but Textually.
Didactica Eruditionis Infantilis.
With Textus Capitum Catecheticorum. And after they have gotten both to frame out of them divers sorts of Questions to exercise their judgments by them.
Didactica Historiæ Biblicæ.
But not vice versa. 1. for by proposing of Questions et Answers at first things were made twice as long and tedious. 2. they answered stil by rote and their judgments were not much bettered by it. For when they were asked the same things in other Questions they

were stil to seeke and could not answer them. So dose Mr Dry and Pell advise. Brook.
Mr Holdsworth counceled Mr Ostrowsfky to study diligently Schoolmen. 2. Refuted Twissi Opinionem de Pdestinatione ex tempore. And intimated that ista Locus Communis was satisfactorily cleered against Cavils et to helpe weake consciences in an exact Treatise, but it could not bee printed. Ergo scit eius MS. Commended much Downanum de Persecutione. Abbot contra Episcopius who had handled Locum de Prædestinatione practice.
Didactica studi Theologiæ.
MS. Theologica. Holdsworth.
Libri selecti Theologici.
Mr Byfield vsed to goe over the Scriptures and to raise only such Consectaries, Reasons and uses which the Scripture itself made in other places. As Knight hase done in his Concordance and not so much those which promiscuously might bee raised and accomodated to the People. For hee vsed to say that God had given stronger Reasons vses then any Humane Wit could reach. This from Mr Simson.
Didactica Lectionis Sanctæ Scripturæ
Bilsonus of Rebellion and Subjection ad cælum vsque Dn. Holdsworth extulit.
Libri selecti Theologici.
1. Primo discere Catechesia Infantilem q continere debet sequentia.
1. Summaria Præcognitorum Theologicorum Duræi, Stresonis, Brukii.
2. Summaria Fundamentalium Articulorum, Stresonis inprimis.
3. Capita Catechetica pmissis NB dictis Sanctis Scripturis de Loco Sanctæ Scripturæ.
4. Catechismus Duræi of Fundamental doctrines.   2. duties.
Didactica Theologica
One of the great and publick sinnes of Germany is the abuse of Travel, as it hase been counted that the Gentry of Saxony hase spent many tonnes of gold abroad (which they might have spent at home) and brought nothing but millions of Vices into their own Coun-

-tries. How much more if all Germany should bee computed. Dn Neudorf.
Catalogus Peccatorum Publicorum.
Didactica Apodemica.
Most excellent Treatise against Politicians hee named to bee one printed lately at Francfort De Ratione Status sive Idolo Principum, a Papist. Another in high-Dutch called Achor Anon. Id.
Didactica Politica Praxis Pietatem Politicorum.
Libri selecti Politici
Hummelius confecit Epitome Chamieri which hee purposed to print once.
Amesius cryed out in his sickness that the 17. Chapter of Iohn was yet never vnderstood aright. Simson.
Desiderata Biblica
Hummelius. I desire of him all his Questions et doubts et a MS. of Andrews.
MS. Theologica
Hummel commended much for Perseverance practice and Grace Harsenets ni fallor Touchstone of Grace. Id.
Libri selecti Theologici
Hee had also a MS. of Mr Tailors.
MS. Theologica
One Impediment which is to bee removed to abolish vntimely Travels into forraine Countries.
Didactica Pietatis Nationalis
Bradshaw pertractavit Practice Locos Communes de fide.
Libri selecti Practici
Dr Wellis hase all the notes of Dr Burges wherin are divers very curious Medecins. Medcalfe.
Dr Wellis.
MS. Medica
Dr Sibs hase left much behind him in Writing but all broken Notes. Also divers MS. of other Men. Nye.
Sibs. Nye
MS. Theologica Anglicana.
Mr Brook countes the best and most popular Way for all Scollars et Laicks, to bee a compleat Paraphrasis which should containe all particulars that a perfect Commentary should have. Hee alleadged for an example

the Anonymous Bookes upon Eszra called Babylon is fallen, also vpon the 12. 13. et 14. of the Revelation which hee prised as rare bookes and master-peeces of Learning and in part specimina for such Commentaries as I wish, tho they had some blur because they are fathered vpon Hederinghton a box-maker. But rather conceived to have beene made by an excellent Scollar of Claire-Hall. Now Questions may bee addet to the Margins 1. to justifie the particulars of a Commentary to bee all there. 2. to accomodat it the better to the Weaker Capacities. This Paraphrases will bee farre better then many <several> bookes which would much distract the mindes of Readers et Learners. Brook.
Fabrica et Didactica Commentarium.
Libri selecti Theologici Anglicani
Tales fere Paraphrases dedit nobis Martin in V Capita illa catechetica. Brukius interrogandus.
Institutio hæc debet continere sequentia tanquam maxime Essentialia.
1. Omnia <summaria> Principiorum Theologicorum 1. Est Deus. 2. Scriptura est verbum. 3. Est Christus et domini filius.
2. Summaria Articulorum Fundamentalium vide Stresonis.
3. Catenam salutis. Methodum Rerum Theologicarum.
4. [Catechisomen?] Conscientiæ et Praxin.
Didactica Theologica et Catechismus
1. Absoluta Ianua et Grammatica poterunt intelligere omnis generis Authores exceptis phrasibus et Idiotismis qui admodum pauci sunt in Autoribus. Et hoc poterit mederi si summaria rerum percurrant in illis Autoribus contentorum. Hoc illos insigniter juvabit. Brukius.
Didactica Linguarum. Methodus Brukii.
Discere vero debent Ianuam vt intelligent. 1. Voces omnes sententiarum in Ianua. 2. Voces separatas in Indice qui duplex esse debet Alphabeticus. 2. in separatis sive divisis Columnis ita vt percurrere possint reddendo vernacula Latina et vice versa.
Didactica Ianua

An Exposition of the XI. 12. and 13. Chapters of the Revelation by T. L. the same Author hase written a Treatise called Babylon is fallen. Also De Fide ejusque Ortu et Natura contra Baronium. Also a Letter to Queen Elizabeth. Also a Treatise to the Church of Rome, which are most singular Treatises for matter and especially for Style. They are neglected because of the prejudice of an Hederinghtonian a box-maker so much cryed downe by Dr Denison wheras the Author was a most excellent Scollar as appeares by the forenamed bookes.
Libri selecti Theologici
Hee made also a New Translation vpon the whole Bibel with a Commentary vpon the Revelation and accurate NB. Contents which are in some Mens handes and will come forth in better times. It may bee Mr Brook hase them. Brook.
Desiderata Biblica. Brook.
Sarbiofsky. Pope Vrbanes Verses are counted very sublime. Aurelius hase turned all Iob excellently into verses. Id.
Poetæ selecti.
An Index should bee made vpon Calvins Institutes for a Theological Style. Hee seemes in his other Writings not to bee the same Man. Id.
Desiderata stylistica
Vertenda elegantissime Anon. To the Church of Rome, et Wotton Runne from Rome, per Mr Harris or Burton.
Desiderata Theologica. Harris or Burton
First wee are to get a Style out of Tullie and Cæsar, and then wee shall bee able to get any style whatsoever that shal bee exquisite according to our inclinations.
Didactica Styli
Mr Goodin being asked what hee held of Bunnys Resolutions seeing that divers in Germany did like so well of it and of the praxis of Piety, Replied it did shew that they were not godly and Spiritual men.
Didactica Pietatis.
One great desideratum is tanquam efficacissimo Medio Pietatis permovendo Reformatio Eruditionis q proprie pertinet ad Theologos, sicut hoc Dn. Neudorf fassus est quoad Iurisprudentiam. Ergo

in genere talis aliqua Parænesis perfecte et accurate describenda et dedicanda Ministerio, viz. de Praxi Pietatis, Eruditionis, in genere sicut Bush [pretericht?]. 2. de Praxi Pietatis sive Emendatione Christianæ Theologiæ, Iurisprudentiæ, Medicinæ, Philosophiæ, Philologiæ, sicut [Cronius?] fecit ad Keniston [illeg.word].
Desiderata Pietatis
Alia et Parænesis de Emendatione Eruditionis Civili quoad 1. Experimenta. 2. Inventiones.
Desiderata Eruditionis. Educatio
Item de Reformatione sive Educatione 1. Infantiæ. 2. Sexus Muliebris. 3. Populi. 4. Rusticorum. 5. Nobilitatis. 6. Reformatione Scholarum. 7. Academiarum. 8. Peregrinationis, distinctæ Paræneses conscribendæ forent.
Didactica Pietatis
Mr Warner hase all Hariots MS. and is setting some of them forth. There is also a new and better kind of Logarithmes coming forth then ever yet hase beene knowen, which principally will serve for the Algebraical Operations tho the former will stil bee the best for the Astronomical Operations.   Mr Gelebrand.
MS. Mathematica
In pfatio vitæ Agricolæ Taciti ex recensione Berneggeri multa inveniuntur vtilia Monita de didactica et abusu Peregrinationum. Item in Libro ex professo conscripto de hac materia qui vocatur Scherertzii Manuale Peregrinantium in 12. Luneburg. Neudorf.
Didactica Apodemica
Liber prodiit Iurisprudentia Biblica in se continens ex meris dictis Biblicis, Latine et Germanice, sed Germanice plenius edita. Id.
Didactica Iurisprudentiæ
Vocatur Raguelis Gottes Volicai ordnung.
Picturaria Biblica
Guttenlochs Biblische Summarian aus holtz gestochen continent Summaria omnium Capitum et Psalmorum. Id.
Verulam De Augmentis in Ethicis hase many things which are against strict Christinity. Id.
Censura librorum.
Didactica Pietatis
Mr Rous hase 2 Inventions. One of a Wagon sailing against the winde the other of Water and other Mi-

lles to lessen the charges of timber and the house so that wheras now they did spend in the Lowe-Countries commonly 5. hundred lib. hee could performe with 30. or 40. here or in the Low-Countries with 100 lib. Now Monsieur de Berg is to perfect that and so to get a Patent. Rous.
Rous Inventiones.
His Invention of Weights excellent in the Coale-Mines of Newcastle and in Wales but especially about New-Castle. They fetch out by puckets 2 or 3. toures deepe commonly no more but a hundred lib. weight. Et from hence would arise a great profit,   so likewise by shewes present gaine would come in. Id.
Also by selling of the Instruments to have it in several harbours in a readines for any thing that's sunke this would yield great profit. Id.
A Lutheran Landgrave Anno 1632. published a strict Promulgation for keeping holy the Sabbath, forbidding not to give Children or servants their meate if they had learned nothing out of Sermons. Neudorf.
Neudorf hase gathered 2. Tomi of several Treatises of divers kindes, of choistest matter. Id.
To Invent profitable shewes especially some incredible and notable Effects of Nature and Art and by others to execute them in faires and Tearme-times. This way much and speedily may bee gotten. Rous.
Didactica divitiarum
In the decrease of the Moone drop read Waxe vpon your Cornes or hard skin and they will peele away, or take shoemakers waxe spreading it vpon a piece of leader and laying it to it it will eate them out. Goodman.
Vera didactica catechismi est vt 1. oraliter inculcetur. 2. per minutissimas Quæstiones. 3. per synonimiæ variatas Quæstiones. 4. vniverso et interrupto etiam ordine.
Didactica Catechismi

Ars Vitæ docenda 1. Mercatorie. 2. Mechanice. 3. Politice. 4. Aulice. 5. Oeconomice. 6. Ethice. etc.
Didactica Ars Vitæ
The sinne of Noah and Lot is not so great as Commonly they are exaggerated by our divines. Noah had not yet experience of the strenght of the grapes. Lot might bee made infatuated by certain herbes. Brukius.
Biblica Peccata
Edlen vnd wolfurnemen H. Adam von Neudorf des wollgeboren Iunker Haubald Rudolph von Einsideln Hofmeister.
Neudorf. Einsiedeln
I desire exceedingly that the Bibel bee printed in such a middle-most print as the Psalms of London in 8. which are printed to bee bound with the Novum Testamentum printed at Edinburgh.
Desiderata Biblica
Both in Commentaries vpon the Bibel and all your Systemes Divinity is much required. There is little of divinity in them. Mr Byfield.
Fabrica Systemæ Theologiæ et Commentariorum
Richard Byfield studies accuratly the Analyses vpon the Scripture. Dose not account much of Piscator's Analysis, Labors to finde out the order of it. Id.
A Parænesis to warlick-Men to owne God in their Quarrels, this to bee addressed to de la Gardie quia Pius quia de novo repetunt Germaniæ et D. Bernhard of Wegm habet quid comperiet a Stoughton.
Didactica Pietatis.
Desiderata Elaborandorum
Brook per Hodges hase caused to contrive Ianuam Syllabarum the Radical of Syllables which are finit, which they should learne first and afterwards learne to spel by sounds and make perfect 1. premising to spel Syllabically. 2. then for Conformation Pels books. 3. then Textual Reading of some selected annexed Psalms and the Bibel. Never the like help yet extant. Brook.
Desiderata et Didactica Elenchticorum
Dr Sibs, Bolton have no Method but if a man desires to remember them they must first bee reduced to a Method.

The Learned Shewes must first bee performed by Candle-light in darkned Roomes. 2. the Artifice of them must bee hidden. Brook.
Didactica divitiarum
De Ethica Naturali habet etiam plurima Stock of Repentance.
Didactica Moralia puerorum divina
Oeconomia Vniversa Bibliorum per Concordantias miro artificio per Tabulas et Indices disposita. Quæ mirum in modum prodesse poterit Concionantibus Inventionibus etc etc. ni fallor Bullocus author in magno folio.
Libri selecti Theologiæ Concionum
George Perkins composuit Ianuam Syntaxeos in English which the boyes must translate wherby they come to make congrous Latin. It's farre better done then that of Leeches dialogues. Also Textor's Epistolæ are much vsed in his schoole for a Ianua phraseologica as I take it and presently to bee read after the Ianua to make them vnderstand phrases. Wellis.
Methodus Brukii George Perkins.
Didactica Linguarum
Frisdlini Hebræides more facile et easy. 2. then Vidæ Poemata somwhat in higher. 3. then Du Bartas Lipsius cum Notis. 4. then Buchananus. Neudorf.
Didactica Poesæ.
Quid si per Artem Morlæni discerent Pueri Indices Alphabeticos Ianuarum nonne brevissimo temporis spatio possent absoluere ipsos Textus Ianuarum.
Didactica Ianuarum
Absoluta Ianua proponi ipsis deberet Ianua phrasium sicut ante lectionem Ianuarum pverti deberent Vestibula quæ in Græcis et Hebræis nondum habemus.
Desiderata Ianua
Proponentur sententiæ et phrases Grammaticæ Hasenmulleri (vel Phrases accuratius Colligantur) vernacule cum adscriptione vocum omnium Latinarum in recto casu et tempore psenti, [habeantur?] postea vertere illa et sic corrigantur.
Didactica Syntactica
Schikardus counted now the best Mathematician in Germany. Neudorf.
Mathematici Germanicæ
Pauli Egardi Omnia Opuscula sunt pia et redolent Practica Theologia tam Germanica quam Latina. Id.
Theologia Practica

Pezoldus aliquot Tomulis quorum 19 jam prodiit Synopsia suam Historiæ Vniversalis incepit amplificare.
Historia Vniversalis
Berneggerus multam pstitit in Autoribus Classicis si omnes ita absolvit sicut Iustinum, Tacitum, Curtium et alios jam perfectos habet. Id.
Didactica Librorum Classicorum Authorium.
Iustini Editio Nova. Accurante Matt. Berneccero. 1631. L. Annæi Flori Editio Nova. Accurante Ioanne Freinshemio. Argentorati. 1632.
Classici Autores
Mr Wellis hase gotten from a friend of his an excellent Physitian an excellent powder to cleanse and whiten the teeth and make a sweet breath. Hee is to send for the receit of it.
Mr Wellis
Wants Sumtus. Was very fit to make Clausularies and that's one desideratum to his Author, i.e. an Index for Styles. Neudorf hase a great interest in him. He hase made an excellent didactical Greeke Grammer. Freinshemius is also very fit for Clausularies to make them.
Berneggerus. Methodus Brukii.
Didactica Grammaticæ Græcæ
Berneggerus hase made ready Livius Curtius and diverse others.
Der deutschen landskunst. Dr Hoe scripsit contra illum Librum et ipsi iterum Responsum. Id.
Libri Politici.
Pax Ecclesiastica
There are divers choice Works now a printing, as the Septuagints, aliquot Tomis Historia Ecclesiastica which one Simson hase set forth. Montacuti Apparatus. Selden Mare Clausum.
His Academy is to have a Latin Theater.
Alsted is reviewing and setting out de Novo his Encyclopædia. Neudorf.
Encyclopædia Alstedi
A lampe for ones study better than Candles. 1. It dose not zwitzer. 2. it dose not ein dampf machen. 3. Es gibt ein lichter hell ist sparsamer.   Diese lampe ist an-

anzumachen dem grunen Vmbraculo welches von [Wessing?] zu Norimberg gemacht wird. Die lampe aber mus auf so ein weise angehencket vnd verfertiget werden wie H. Newdorf seine zu Strasburg verfertigen lassen also dass sie leicht kan umbgedrechet werden et an allen seiten licht giebet, Welche form dan Dr Schmid gleich gefolget. Neudorf.
Oeconomica Mechanica.
Mr Brook hase an admirable Method and vse of his Questions which hee will have emploied in Reading specially of Histories which are as well for Not-senuals as sensuals and therfore farre better then the Picturaries would have beene.   In the Styles the translations of Autors wil prepare Learners but this will expedit and perfect them so that with great ease and delight they shal reade their Autors vernaculars into his Latin as likewise runne over all his Matters. So that such Questions and Clausularies should bee added to the Berneggarian Authors, the Questions serving also in stead of a little Commentary.
Didactica Histor stylorum Autorum Methodus Brukii.
The maine Exercises of Styles are translation et Imitation. Variation, Contraction dilatation are but branches. Variation is when the Autors matter is expressed with his owne Clauses out of other-places of the same Author.
Terence Clausularie may serve in stead of reading the Author and some other for reading may bee used that's Christian. The choicest parts of Tully and all Cæsar is to bee translated and a Clausularie to bee made of it. Et those Authors will suffice for giving one a Style, to make those that have no Habit to write Tully-like or as good as Tully or those that have gotten an Habit better then Tully or

to make themselves a Style according to their owne genius or inclination; so that it shal not bee needful to have particular Clausularies for other Authors, but they will get enough of them in course of Reading. The objection that Tully Terence and Cesar doe not containe all is of no strenght. Response because the rest they will bee able to doe out of their habit, as in the Systeme of Matter it's not necessary that it containe a perfect Collection of whatever was reducible to it, so it hase all the maine Partes. Else it would bee tedious and absurd, for the first Systeme Except a judicious phraseological Ianua were contrived out of Classical Authors and Cento-Axiomatical-Exercises made of it according to Keckermann's Councel. The like I say for Phrases Reales. Ego et Brook.
It's a matter of moment to consider rightly those Libri Anonymi fathered vpon Hederinghton whether that kind of Paraphrastical commenting (containing more then a bare Paraphrasis) bee not the best and only Method, and whether not all that hithertho hase beene lawfully inserted into Commentaries might bee set forth in this kind. Id.
Fabrica Commentarium Biblicorum.
Hee is an excellent Textualis. Hase beene a great Preacher in his time, kept himself always close to the Text, made the vses of his doctrine to bee Scriptural always. Hase kept all in writing; by the bye means to refute Whyte upon the Sabbath. Is but 37. years.
Richard Byfield.
MS. Theologica
Hopes to absolve the Biblical Worke in 14. years.
Kuffler successor Drebbeli habet insignem Inventionem sive Experimentum Oeconomicum, of drying of Malt maltz zu trocknen mit

weniger feuer oder vnkosten. Hee hase a Patent for it. Now my Lord of Arundel pretends to have the same skil and hase likewise a Patent for it so that Cuffler is kept downe which is conceaved to bee the better. Sir Christopher is very intimate with Cuffler. Hee hase also pretty Inventions about Ovens, smal et great.
Experimenta Oeconomica.
Christopher de Berg
An stad der kieken oder Stoves feuer dahin zu halten wie es stinkend vnd gefòrlich Sir Christopher said that vngeloschter kalk should bee put into ein zinnern flasche das wird eben solch ein hitze durchdrungen ia noch woll eine grössere. Es ist auch bequemer im Reissen zu gebrauchen vnd die bette zu wòrmen wie sonsten die stoves oder kiken wie auch betpfannen. De Berg.
Exstat liber qui videre voluit Bergius called Cæsura Ecclesiarum Orientalium. Appelius.
Pax Ecclesiastica
Liber called Mathematical Recreations hase many brave Experiments et Inventions which by way of Gymnastica might bee proposed to children and boys, and so vpwards. Hæc enim est vna perpetua sententia vt semper ludant per 1. Experimenta. 2. Inventiones. 3. Exercitia formantia Robur Corporis etc. et similia Exercitia ad scopum aliquem in vita Civili facientia.
Didactica Gymnastica
One of the most hopeful young Lords of Religion, goes beyond Lord [Say?] and Lord Brook in respect of his sweet temper and lawful complying. A very discerning man and of an extraordinary judgment. His father is yet alive. Dr Stoughton.
My Lord Mandevil
One notable sache alles zu bekommen was die Censores pflegen ausszulassen in den buchern die hier zu London vnd anderswo gedruckt werden. <Vocatur Index Expurgatorius.> Id.
Desiderata Angl
Hee hase a feate to make a Cony a 1. Miller. 2. A Smith to blow the bellow's, 3. a Porter ? to let part of a tunne to draw vp water, and the artifice of it shall bee hidden.
Inventiones Experimenta. Berger

4. Also to play the Musitian if any body could but make an Instrument tunable or consonant. This would also bee very profitable for Smiths, for they could easier maintaine and feede a cony then a boy. So for water or grinding in an house. Sir Christopher also hase a very excellent MS. which containes a World of profitable Mechanical et Oeconomical directions about Woods and also an hundert other things.
MS. Invention
It's strange how often times great matters are accomplished by little Meanes e.g. Sir Christopher had a sturdy Gelding which would never suffer itself to bee shooed but would kick and fling against all the Meanes that ever they could vse.
Yet one told him hee should but lay an empty sack vpon his back vber das creutz des ruckens and hee would suffer himself easily to bee shooed. This hee did and found it true, so that it trembled vnder it. And so hee vsed to shoe him continually. Sir Christopher most certain found it so.
Didactica Equorum disciplinæ
Sir Christopher de Berg hase an Instrument standing at Hamburg which Mr Dury may put to good and profitable vses. And so it will bee necessarie to send abroad into other Countries for these Inventions which here shall bee set a foot as well as amongst friends as Enemies which otherwise would get it for nothing.
Sir Christopher de Berg.
Didactica divitiarum
Pierius hase gotten some Invitation towards a Plantation about Bremen with great priviledges and hase posessed Dr Stoughton with it.
Didactica Plantationis. Pierius
By the meanes of Mr Goodman may bee brought acquainted with Mr Taverner and by both to the Lord Chamberlaine to further Comenius and others.
Mr Taverner.
Debent habere Typographiam.
Academia. Keniston

1. to bee perfect in versione et Reversione Systematicorum Autorum pro Stylo.
2. Per Centenos componere Ianuam-phraseologicam Encyclopædiam et per alia Media inculcare et in succum et sanguinem vertere.
3. Similiter Locos-Communes Reales per certa Exercitia percurrere (Venus Apellis).
Didactica Stylorum
Dubium An non versionibus omnibus pmittendum Exercitium tale in quo Autor more Vocabulorum Textualium disponeretur et sic juberentur vertere illa in Vernaculam et postea cum Autore suo omnia et minutissima comparare.
Mr Brook commends highly for a Ianua Phraseologica-nova-Encyclopædica for an interim Helvicus dialogues and wishes there were a Textual Vocabulary made.
Didactica [Eruditionis?].
Methodus Brukii Desiderata
But I suppose if one could bee contrived according to the fabrica in the common-Ianua set downe it were better for more general phrases. And in stead of an Encyclopædic phraseological-Ianua vel Lexicon Knappii Pontanus dialogues which choice might bee read and it's to bee enquired whether a Vocabulary were not fit to bee made to them.
Ethica Naturalis is to bee vsed as a Principal Meanes in didactica Pietatis. Et it must bee so, according to Gods word where wee have the Exampel of Paul dealing with Heathen Men that had not the word of God, the Lycaonians and Athenians. And although Children learne the Creed etc. yet they are as good as Heathen. One maine Argument why Ethica Naturalis should bee stil in vse is taken a fine which concludes most strongly and which Mr Dury hase not mentioned which is to shew by it Cucullos Naturæ. The objections that are mooved against this course are frivolus seeing they are not bidden to rest in and the abuse (that Civil Men are more hardly afterwards converted) of conversion falls out ex Accidente. Et this Meanes is not vsed Primarily but they are led also to the higher Principles and by it they shall see how far they are yet from the State of grace.
Didactica Pietatis

The Lycaonians and Athenians were wiser I trow then Child of 4. 5. 6. yeares of age and yet Paul did propose vnto them in the first place not the Bibel or Gods words but these courses. Yea they were the Wisest of the Heathens. Ministers also should set vpon this course and because they doe it not it is that they are ignorant of the Meanes How to doe it. Dury hase in Exhortatione de Comenio something tending this Way, where hee shew's that Men must first bee made Rational before Godly. Brook.
His Questions are of 2. sorts and serve both for Histories and Systematical Writers. [Reineri?] Analyses it may bee are something coincident for Historical Autors.
Methodus Brukii
The Work of Practical divinity will never bee embraced and improoved to the vtmost so long as the Cases are not Ruled and therfore there should bee a System a case as well gathered as a System of Practical divinity.
Practica Theologia
Yea Mr Durys fundamental Confession which should containe the Principles of all both Theoretic and Practick to which all the Churches should agree should bee premised and first set vpon. Id.
The General Accidents of things were insisted vpon a little long because 1. they are the remoter Sensuals, 2. because much repetition is very necessary with such yonglings, 3. because they have an influence vpon all the rest, 4. because they will helpe them much to vnderstand the descriptions of things. Brook.
Didactica Encyclopædia singularium
Sir Christopher hase many excellent feates and Inventions for the imbettering and reformation of many Trades e.g. All those that have much vse of grinding or stamping etc. So Smiths especially of all kinds. So Bakers and others, that a Squirrel, a Cony a Goate with some other Engine added shal save them Men and the a world of other charges and bee otherwise very commodious in many-respects.
Sir Christopher de Berg.
Didactica Mechanicorum

Now hee hase in readines another Invention which is applicable to the foresaid Crafts and Vses, which is this.
A Goate shal drive certain kind of Milles that shall bee able to grinde so much corne as shal provide sufficiently for a Company of Souldjers consisting of 150. or 200. Men for their daily sustenance. This Invention is profitable not only in time of Warre and to bee carried along with the Armies but likewise in times of necessity in Peace in all places and occasions where either Wind-or Water-Mills cannot bee had. It exceeds moreover all your Horse-Milles seeing they ordinarily must have a great deale of timber and cannot bee transported from place to place, Wheras this needes not any such buildings is transportable and the Goates in many respects are farre cheaper then the Horses. Lastly it may bee put to divers other great vses in several Mechanical imploiments and more especially in the Craft of Smiths of all kinds. The Engine might bee sold for considerable summes of monys. And this Invention could bee also improoved to greater gaine by way of shew's both Privatly and Publikly without any staine of disuputation. And the rather because it will bee as well profitable as pleasureable and curious, and pose the best Wits which shall not bee able to find out the secrets of this Invention (seeing they will bee shut and so need not to shreud themselves vnder any Patent) or dive into the grounds of them seeing both the Mathematical et Mechanical Parts have meerly beene found out by the Author. Only the Goate and the Grinding will bee seene.
Didactica. Invention
In Moravia a Goate running in a wheele puls up 2. buckets with Water out of a fountaine that was digged so deepe as the steeple of Pauls. This also might bee vsed

about the Cole-pits of New-Castle and in other places.
Not only shew's but laying of Wagers might be a Meanes. Yet here it is to bee scanned, whether it bee lawful, and how it is lawfully to bee performed.
Didactica Divitiarum
Hac Regula Controversiæ omnes et fundamentalia dijudicari poterunt. Cuius enunciati subjectum vel pdicatum non invenitur in Scriptura vel expresse vel æquivalenter illud <subjectum vel pdicatum> non est absolute ad salutem necessarium eg. decretum est absolutum, decretum invenitur in Scriptura Absolutum vero non. Ergo illud non est absolute necessarium etc. Sic in sexcentis alliis Hummelius a quo hæc accepi didicit hanc observationem a Theologo quodam Helvetico. Et observavit hanc Regulam illum nunquam adhuc fefellisse. Neque tam facile distinctiunculis perverti posse. Hæc Regula igitur indicabit qua ratione Controversiæ inpulpito tractandæ item quomodo Controvertendum aliis hoc est amice placide et parce.   Hummelius.
Didactica Controversiæ
Sir Christopher de Berg know's a way how to dyet geeses that all their flesh shall turne into grease; the geese can afterwards bee sold for 4 or 5. times as much as the Goose was bought for. Only there will bee some trouble and care to tend them sometimes at nights to looke to them, and there must something bee taken out of him. Et it must bee done in frost and winter-time else they will bee choked in hot weather and wil loose their grease. But besides the Liver of it can bee made 4. times as big being dipped into milke etc.   Afterwards it can bee rosted speckled with cloves and wil become one of the most delicate lickerish dishes so that one Liver may bee sold for a good deale of mony 6. or 10. shillings and this Art for dressing of it so for more. Sir Christopher.
Oeconomica. Didactica divitiarum.
Didactica librorum.
Sir Christopher
One Dr Horne and Mr Mason have had the greatest hand in making of the book Gods love etc.
Libri selecti Anglici

Hummelius posset perficere per omnis generis Elenchticos Locos Communes probando Regulam illum antea citatam quod Loco desiderati pono.
Desiderata. Pax Ecclesiastica. Hummelius
Many things are Mathematically true which are not Mechanically et contra an observation of Sir Francis Keniston. Also that Models faile often, as Drebbeli perpetuum Mobile would moove or bee true in smal Models but not in great. Hee presented to the King a Curious Magnetical Globe for a new years gift at which the King took great delight, and which hase many great Rarities in it. Sir Francis will bee worth 2. thousand per annum when his Father dyes. A great lover of Musick. Hee said of another <King of Poland> that hee was a great lover of Music and so of Harmony and so of goodnes. The King hase offered him to aske many things which yet hee hase never done and so waites only for an Opportunity which by Sir Christopher hee may get. No friend to Indigo Iones nor Webbe. the surveyor committed a great fault in building the church in Common-garden, having over-swayed the King to direct alone that building, a foule Error against Art. The Constitutions of the House one of them is, that whoever brings any Experiment or Rarity into it 1. shal have an Honorary for it. 2. it shall bee kept secret. 3. his Name shall bee set downe in a booke for to eternize it. I subscribed my Name the 8. of October 1635. and so became a Member of it by which meanes I am capable of many of their priviledges.
Keniston. Academy.
Encyclopædia Raritatum
Sir Christopher
After they have seene all the Singulars of the whole Encyclopædia they are to runne them over by way of Repetition in picturaries or any other representations that may bee had together. This wil exceedingly confirme them and make them expedit. Brook.
Didactica Encyclopædia singularium

Mr Brook in both 2. respects is able to teach direct the didactica of Encyclopædic Learning, 1. in respect of his Pcognitions, 2. in respect of his Systematical Questions. Id.
Didactica Encyclopædia
Hee hase an excellent Way to teach the Reading of General or Particular Histories so that youths shall bee able to relate 3. or 4. 5 6 7 etc. pages together and runne downe all the Histories by the help of his Questions marginal to the great and true admiration of all the hearers, and that shall bee performed with great facility and delight, and wil bee a great Ornament in Noblemens etc. Children. Id.
Didactica Autorium Historiarum.
Hummelius Rule is the same with Mr Brook's Observation which is that Men should abstaine alltogether from those ordinary Scholastical Tearmes and Expressions in divinity and vse only the Scriptural where there is a great variety of them. And to this End the vses of the Original Concordances are admirable and would perfect divines exceedingly if they would vse them more. Id.
Didactica Controversiæ
Berneggerus hase an excellent didactica of teaching to Read Histories which hee followed with Einsidel by way of Encyclopædical Question vpon all Iustin. Neudorf is to impart vnto mee a Specimen.   Neudorf.
Didactica Historiarum Berneggeri. Neudorf
Mr Cole a great Traveller can helpe Dury to Livings, is well beloved amongst the Nobility, a great friend to Mr Goodman.
Cole. Goodman
Is writing now de successione Ecclesiæ. 2. De Antichristo. 3. De Apocalypsi. 4. De fundamentis Papatus et Arminii welche vieleicht geschwind werden heraus kommen, Hamilton.
Mr Frey by meanes of my Lord Deputy hase gotten a deanery of Armach worth 80. score pounds and Letters are sent for him.
Hales hase many pretty things about the Sabbath.
Hales. Sabbathum
Herbert de Veritate we is judged to bee a good booke if the divinity of it were left out. Gelebrand.
Censura Librorum
e.g. Scelera posse expiari vera Poenitentia etc.
Something is left out in the preface of Sir Walter Raleigh

new-printed History. So in the booke of Downam of Christian Liberty. Then mercke the licencing wie sie gestaltet of Lord Herberts buch.
Factoriæ Angl Inventiones. Experimenta
Mr Brookes knowes an Empirick who hase a most extra-ordinary-singular and approoved Remedy against the Stone which Mr Brookes highly esteemes.
Calculus. Medecinalia. Brookius
And one of the best property it hase that if it doe no good it will doe no harme.
Mr Goodman also hase a most excellent Remedy against the Stone, which hee highly prized.
Berneggerus habuit insignem modum sive didacticam commentandi in Historicos Classicos per nudas [scilicet?] Quæstiones cum relatione Responsionis ex Textu. Illæ Quæstiones sunt Encyclopædicæ. Hoc et in Bibliis et aliis Autoribus observari posset. Specimen requiro hujus rei et postea applicandum ad alia.
Desiderata Neudorf.
Drebbelius et Cuffler especially the first had raised made a glasse wherin hee could raise both lightning and thunder with another weather-glasse which both were presented to the King. Keniston.
Didactica Encyclopædia singularium
There is a circle extant of all the Professions and Readings vsed in the Vniversity of Oxford.
Historia Academica Scholastica Angl
Neudorf vidit Commentarium Biblicum Crameri separatim editum in 4 to. absque Textu. Item cum Commentario in 4o et folio. Item Summaria Sauberti cum [ciphricatione?] versuum.
Libri Systematici.
Didactica Biblica
Cramerus promisit alium Commentarium super Biblia vide Glotticum et philologicum. Neudorf.
Berneggerus singular artificio per Quæstiones Iustinum et Florum jam absolvit. Quod corpus Quæstionum nudarum cum Responsionibus quas ipse Textus in suis Capitibus versiculis et Scholiis suppeditare debet, separatum edidit in 4to. q causa est quod reliquis Commentariis non adjunctum sit. Etliche in 8o haben sich die Quæstiones lassen hinzuschreiben. Poterunt adhuc addi. Sonsten

vel Præses vel discipuli vulgares Quæstiones composuerunt, q vulgo Probemata vocantur quas per modum Aphorismorum dilatarunt per sententias. Exempla alias Aphorismos q etiam loco disputationum ad [ventilandum?] proponuntur, sed primum illud genus Quæstionum plane Novum est et Berneggero debetur.
Didactica Historiæ. Berneggerus
Dr May proposed that as a special Meanes for advancing of Learning Physical and Mathematical, expert and inquisitive Navigation i.e. they will desire the king or City to give them 12. Schollers that bee of good mettal or Mercury which shal bee in the Academy instructed How to observe abroad and after they are returned again to bee examined and to instruct them further.
Didactica Erduitionis. Academica. Keniston.
Dr May
Hee slighted much Verulam though hee had not read them.
Idem rejected Galen, Aristotel, prized only Rational and Experimental Studies. Id.
One of a Noble blood and a very Learned Man hase vndertaken to comment upon Lord Herbert book De Veritate and to refute it. Mr Gelebrand can helpe mee to it.
Herbert de veritate.
Twissus hase refuted the book called Gods love vnto mankinde, but both are hard to bee gotten.
Libri Anglici Variores
Es ist ein vhrmacher zu Augsburg welcher kleine vnd grosse Vhr-Wercke verfertiget welche ein gantze woche, tag, Monath, viertel-jahr recht gehen sollen vnd niemals dörfen aufgewunden werden. Er fordert fur einen 40. Reichsthaler. Neudorf.
Mechanica Horologia.
Stevini Liber highly commended by Sir Christopher for all Mechanical Operations and which is strange the booke is not much taken notice of nor improved. Sir Christopher.
Libri selecti Mechanici.
Hee knew the Art of dying Red the Horses tailes and capronas which always wil lost but their bellys wil by reason of the faling out of the haires wil not hold. This Art is much vsed in Polonia and much gotten by it and kept very secret. Id.
Sir Christopher.
Didactica divitiarum.

One Dik a Scotes-Man hase written something vpon the Epistle to the Hebrew's; according to which fabrica Borthwicks landesleute daselbst verfertigen mit austheilung der arbeit unter 20. vnd mehr einen herlichen Commentarium vber die gantze schrift mit einer neuen version. Imgleichen wollen sie auch Opus Theologiæ Practicæ fur sich nehman. Borthwick.
Didactica Scripturæ
Er kennet wirklichen Forbes vnd andere gute. Hee studies the Reformation and praxis of Piety for the Warres.
F. Hommius Collegit omnes in Vnum Volumen per Commentarium qui vnquam scripserunt in Catechismum Heidelbergensem lingua belgica. Est Spissum Opus et vtilissimum Concionatoribus.   Desidero vt Anglicana et Amesiana addantur et transferantur etiam omnia in Linguam Latinam.   Fortasse vicem supplebit (vel hoc jam pstitit) ille de quo Streso scribit de 8/18 Octobris 1635. I come now from seeing a certain Commentary vpon Catechismum Heidelbergensis collected in Latin out of many Authors. It seems to bee a good Worke though not in such a Way as I wish yet in a better then ever I say. I hope it will bee printed shortly. The Synode of Vtrecht hase given this following approbation vnto it. Testamur nos infra scripti Commentarium hunc Catecheticum David. Gilberti Vltrajectini immenso labore perspicaci judicio accurata Methodo ex pstantissimis quibusque Orthodoxorum Theologorum Dogmaticis, Elenchticis et Practicis Scriptis concinnatum nihil continere quod Pietati et communi Ecclesiarum nostrarum fidei repugnat ideoque dignissimum esse quod ad multorum nominatim Theologicorum Candidatorum

vtilitatem quamprimum in lucem edatur. If hee had a good Index it would bee a good book. I have given him my Meditations about an Index and hee promises that hee will make vse of them.
Eclogues Catechismi. Didactica Catechismi.
Mackorius et vulgus nostrorum Theologorum statuit nullas Præparationes dari gratia contra Amesius defendit et in Casibus de Conscientia tractavit. Ostrwofky.
Petrus Matthæus one of the best English Historians. Mr St-Iohn.
Historia Anglicana
Mr Bright is of my Opinion that before wee set vpon the body of Practical divinity wee make a Compleat Body of Cases explicat and rule them accurately, e.g. it's a Rule in Practical divinity about the Practice of the Sabbath whatever is not necessary ought not to bee thought done or spoken vpon the Sabbath. Quæritur jam. If it bee not lawful to sweepe a roome vpon the Sabbath, or in tasting the bier to bee flat to aske How long the bier was tilted. Bright etc. and so in a World of other Cases.
Didactica Theologiæ Practicæ
There bee many fine Notions in Goodins Writing which hee spins out out of new grounds and searches very deepe but oftentimes they wil not bee solid when they shal come to public view and bee tried e.g. in Prayer, How to know that God hase heard our Prayers. Responsio, wee shal have the first New's of it. Which is not vniversally true etc. It is one thing to beat out new truths another to scanne and waigh all to the ful.
Didactica Theologiæ Practicæ
And besides there is another fault in <those> Men. For such Love not to bee opposed or contradicted in their dainty conceits but remaine obstinate. Mr Simonds.
Mr Yates is a great Millenarian. Hee holds that Christ will come visibly to judgment within these 25. years and that Pope and Antichrist shal bee downe before that time. St Iohn.