The Hartlib Papers

Title:Ephemerides 1635 Part 2, Hartlib
Dating:after January 1635
Notes:Ephemerides 1635 is divided between 5 files.

To the making <of> a true Ianua Phraseologica the consideration of Liber Gallici Maneilles de Natura etc. wil much conduce. Also of Lexicon Knappi which I have not seene. 3. et Also Formulæ Epistolarum familiarium. 4. Commentarium Latinæ Linguæ Stephani Doleti should bee here considered likewise. NB. Cicero et Cæsar should bee put especially in Viridarium Comeni. Item Liber vade mecum Cicero redivivus.
Fabrica Ian Phraseologicæ.
Didactica Linguæ Latinæ
In the first teaching of Language Etymology wil not bee so helpeful, as Harmonies which are excellent. If one fault bee avoided and that is that wee Harmonize allwaies with knowen Languages, for all must bee taught by precognitions.
Didactica didacticæ
It may bee Comenius hase learned the feat of Didacticus Bremensis in Reading et Writing for the teaching of so many with one labour and hase applied it afterwards to all manner of didacticks.
All Brook's Scollers can teach others how themselves were taught which Scollers of other didactiks cannot doe commonly.
When king of Polonia Vladislaus came to Dantzigk Anno 1635. in Ianuario petierunt Lutherani per Factorem vt Rex vellet Calvinistas expellere cui der könig spötlich geandwortet vnd abgewiesen.   Rorelj literæ.
Pax Ecclesiastica
Miscellanea illa ratio scribendi quam etiam commendavit Edwards Goodin. Res poterunt varie elaborari - you may string them afterwards as you please.
Desiderata Eruditionis
Scholæ 1. Paganæ. 2. Populares. 3. Mulierum. 4. Infantiæ. Puerit. Hooles Invention scilicet those that shal bee professed Scollers.
Desiderata Eruditionis
1. Colligere perfectum Commentarium. 2. postea rogare Goodin, Reynolds vt pro augmentis suas peculiares expressiones addant.
Desiderata Theologiæ Commentarium

Extat egregius Liber in folio dieteticæ Hart.
Libri Medici
Reynolds brevi edet Commenterium suum Latine in omnes Prophetas minores.
Reynolds Commentaria Biblica
Conciones Catecheticæ debent inprimis continere Paraphrases prolixiores et Patheticas et Popularissimas vide Capita Catechesis, sicut Martinius exemplo pvenit in Theologia sua populari.
Didactica Concionis Catechesis
Tolneus videtur aliquod peculiare adminiculum inventionis ex Suecano in Theologia observasse. Vult enim vt omissis terminis artificialibus. Res ipsæ per Loca Inventionis Theologica deducantur puta per Attributa divina omnia, item signa, Motiva, media per eundem ordinem. Consulendus erit Streso et Duræus et commmunicanda huc vna cum Suecano.
Didactica Logica.
Duræus. Streso
Eton concionator in Country famulus Hookeri habet omnia eius MS.
Eton. MS. Hooker
The great Worke that God is conceaved now to bee about for the good of his church is the Church-Policy or goverment. That of the Ceremonies is the last part of it. Pagit hase begun at the most ticklish point which cannot bee cleared except a World of other new truths bee premised, et so happily it may proove a special Providence. Those truths are very Spiritual in so much that divers here of the godlier sort are not capable of them, yet it may bee they will bee when greater light in the particulars shall bee discovered vnto them. All those other Ordinances have been hitherto Humane, so the Genevans had a mixture of them, and therfore no marvile that they sped no better. This ordnance or Policy will bee one of the best Meanes for the advancing of Godlines that ever hase beene. Anon. de Theoria a pretty booke. This point a greater matter then wee are aware on't. Goodin.
Politica Ecclesiastica Ceremonies.
Didactica Pietatis
One of the rarest philosophers et so his booke De Veritate.
Lord Herbert

Only a feare it will leade to Atheisme. Hee places divinity inter verisimile. Hee hase written Historiam Henrici 7. which hee hase presented to the king in MS. A rare Mathematicus et physicus. Wats.
Grotius had beene invited to England by king only for his Mare Liberum et another cause.
Historica Angl
The only way to write for the encreasing of Learning is to write Truths by way of Aphorismes. Systematical Method is like a bag or sack which come bound vp. Herbert should suffer his booke to bee more publick, which wants only a little connexion. This Wats. Et so Goodin the only way of Writing would bee Miscellaneously. Bits or peeces of several truths not thought or heard on before in case Commentary-divinity et so in the rest.
Didactica Eruditionis.
Gelebrand's variation of the needle a Rare Experiment if 2. or 3. more (one not knowing of the other) had lighted by the same rules or <calculations> observations vpon the same Experiment. Wats.
Eruditionis augmentio
Capitain Young found out a new passage by Florida et New England for the East Indies. Hee is but lately arrived.
Navigatio Historica
Appion a fine discourse. Sir Benjamin Rudjer.
Libri selecti
Novum Testamentum est versum in Linguam Hebræam. One enquired of it at Fetherston's shop and said that hee had seene it.
Novum Testamentum
Alabaster though very foolish yet hee hase some pearles 1. some pretty Cabalistical observations. [symbol: Sir Thomas Roe].
Didactica Eruditionis Cabalisticæ
Relatio of the Green-land Men is turned into Latin, as also de augmentis scientiarum vltima Editio.
Historicæ Libri Anglici
Oberbeck maintained Leidæ 12. Stipendiarios, every one allowing hundert Rixdollars.
Liberalitatis Exempla
Fratres Bootes Novum quoddam genus Concordantiarum adornarunt.

Cotton vsed to say that he got all his Excellency by reading of Greenham a very Spiritual writer Perkins and fortassis Baines. Harris.
Didactica studii Theologiæ.
Libri selecti Theologici
Lord Say habet Analyses in omnes Epistolas Pauli Dr Prestons, which were very accurate Goodin or Hambden (MS.) Cotton also is counted also a brave Analyticus.
Lord Say MS. Bibl. Analytici
Plutarch Seneca Tully being spiritualized become excellent Authors. All good book's may bee bought for 3. hundred lib. in Theologicis Treatises of the choisest things should bee mad or compiled out of Fathers. The best way of Reading was to make References of all what one reades exscribing nothing, only making the References very particular, i.e. subduing it into many particular Axioms or Propositions. Commentarii should bee written as Ainsworth explaining only the Words phrases et sense. Wee spend most our time in tasting of bookes, not in chewing. Selected bookes are to bee often read over. All other bookes will be exhausted and gone over. Only the Scriptur's will afford always fresh and New Notions. The way of <things wee> Meditate are to <bee> written by way of Miscellanies the Head in the Margent and after an Index for those heads. Goodin.
Didactica studii Theologici Erudition.
Didactica Librorum.
Didactica Eruditionis
The Epistle to the Romans is a compleat Systema of divinity and so warrants that kinde of writing. Polanus many words et little matter. Iewel Apology though not very full of matter yet much esteemed by Mr Cotton. Otherwise it hase a brave style. Id.
Didactica Theolog
Nye is a good Casuist for Individuals. Goodin.
Duræus knowes Monsieur de Cardes which is also a great friend to Reineri. Cardes excellency lyes especially in the Mathematikes.

Hee hase an Algebra Nova by plus et minus to discover truths by false-hoods which also could bee easily dived into. In Catoptricis et Opticis generally hee is admirable. Hee discoursed with Mr Dury complaining of the Vncertainties of all things, which Dury refuteth by the truths and certainty of those reports in the Scripture and an infallible way of interpreting them which hee denyed. But being brought to many absurdities left of. Indeed Dury himself was in great straits once in these very particulars, hee could finde no certainties almost in any thing, though hee was able to discourse as largely of any thing as any other, yet solidly and demonstratively hee knew nothing, till hee betooke himself to the Scriptures and lighted vpon the infallible way of interpreting them. Hee professeth that hee could beare much with Men and grant them a great latitude of judgment and differences if they were honest and godly. Yet it was necessary to study the reconciling of doctrines by a rational way of interpreting the sense of the Scriptures which hee had fallen of late to set downe though something imperfectly with Iustinus ab Asher vpon the 1 Psalm. Methodizing his reflexed thoughts and given both Rules and Exampels for it. Hee hase also a general Method of Genesis et Analysis for the study of all things. Duræus.
Didactica Mathematica.
Didactica Eruditionis.
Pax Ecclesiastica.
Didactica Analysis scripturæ.
MS. Duræus.
Didactica Logica
Dr Irlen hase dedicated a booke to Duræus.
Duræus Technologia Commentariorum biblicorum

Hee presupposes the Vnderstanding of the Language and property of the Wordes in Analysis. And that there is also an Analysis Rerum.
Didactica Analysis
And that there is a 2 fold knowledge. One that is spun out of the entrals of the things themselves 2 another which is conveyed vnto vs or taught vnto vs by Reports. In this when we vnderstand the things that are reported and know how to examine the certainty of the report then wee know it fully. Now in humane and natural things the Reports are easily known, in divinity wee have the Reports of the Scripture where wee are to learne the infallible way of interpreting them. Id.
Didactica Eruditionis.
Fredericus Schlezer jam Leidæ made acquaintance with Dury who commended him for a modest godly and learned young man. Hee had promised to him to see him mee when hee comes into England, and in the meane time to addresse his Letters by mee to Mr Dury. Hee hase all the heads of Iungii Loci Communes and many other things of his. Id.
MS. Iungiana
Autor (Bella Vena Gallicus Tractatus in Apocalypse is said to have many Strange Opinions. Mr Dury yet saw no great things in his Apocalyptiks.
Bella Vena Apocalypse
Teting is very intimate with Lord Rosencrantz who is framing by Education et Learning a New Comonwealth being the father of every one in particular.
Lord Say habet MS. Prestonis of the duty of Ministers also divers other. Papers of Dr Twist Elenchtical Writings who is very excellent against Arminians. Lord Say.
Lord Say MS. Theologica
Duræus laudat Rationale Temporum Petavi.
Didactica Historiæ Ecclesiæ
Episcopus Downamus scripsit Librum probans Episcopatum esse de jure divino, sed Bucerus quidam Belgæ contra scripsit et Refutavit. Duræus.
Episcopi Libri Theologici.
Clarissimo doctissimoque Viro Dn. Iustino ab Ashe Medicinæ doctori

Eximio Amico plurimum colendo to beorgen op de Prince graft in de gulden fontein, Amsterodamum.
Iustinus ab Asche.
Multum conducent ad stylum et oratoriam sobria lectio descriptionum comoediarum etc. q vocantur Masques, Playes etc. inprimis exquisitarum et solennium magisque ingeniosarum sicut illæ q representatæ fuerunt Regibus etc. sic etiam Dn. Speed judicavit.
Didactica Oratoriæ.
Duræus reliquit apud Tournemainæ ein freissen mit buchem.
Didactica Eruditionis et Lectionis Autorum. 1. to Reade Textual bookes after the order of our systematical Learning with systematical-axiomatical References. 2. with an Analysis. 3. with an Epitome, vide Duræum.
Didactica Eruditionis et Lectionis Autorum.
Duræus habet singularia, in Logica. 1. Methodum Inventionis. 2. Analysis Rerum. 3. Analysis Actionum. 4. Method of applying Theories vnto Practise. 5. A Method of Collating or comparing. 5. A Method of Consectarizing. A Method of Amplification, all which are to bee described by him.
Didactica et Desiderata Logicæ Duræus.
Against the Sabath des königs should bee printed the Homily and the statute made of the Sabath. Goodin.
NB. Hoc inseri debet in Tractatu de Miscellaneis, to set out the Excellency of this kinde of writing. One notion of Melanchton hase done more hurt to the Popish Transubstantiation then all the bookes viz. Elementa extra vsum suum non valent. Hoc Duræus debet per Epistolam ad me scribere additis aliis Rationibus et Exemplis insinuatoriis.
Desiderata Miscellanea.
Iungius more then an ordinary German Wit Autodidacticos apprehensive et active. Duræus.
Teting an honest and godly Man but no wayes active. Id.
Alle Vorlaufer des Christi hier solten billich genow aufge schrieben werden. Goodin wil einer sein werden.
Desiderata Histor
Duræus reasoned with Cartes and desired but 3 hypotheses to have granted Dari 1. motum. 2. corpus. 3. distantiam, out of which principles the certitude of some things in philosophy might bee demonstrated, as in divinity. 1. Esse deum. 2. Et conscientiam. Alia Methodus datur Investigandi Veritatem Rerum. Alia Veritatem dictorum sive ab aliis traditorum per testimonia. In Scripturis datur Infal-
Didactica Philosoph

-libilis quam Dn. Duræus ex parte jam descripsit. Herberti definitio veritatis convenit cum Dn. Duræi definitione et conceptibus de veritate et affirmavit illam esse solidam et legitimam. Primo asserebat debemus scire quid sit Veritas. 2. postea Methodos indagandæ veritatis habere promte tunc [demum?] recte procedemus.   Duræus.
Cartes plurimum vivit Amstelrodami enodavit intricatissima Problemata inprimis Mathematica et optica q ipsi fuerunt a Golio et aliis Leidensibus proposita vnde tantum æstimium. Rogarunt vt sua publicaret ptextum conscientiæ obtendit quo obedire tenetur Papæ. Ille enim publicavit decretum non licere per conscientiam cuiquam Pontificio divulgare sua dogmata typis si Galileum sequatur. Hac excusatione jam latet. Affirmavit ipsius philosophiam plane esse certis quidem annulis veritatum concatenatam adeo vt si vna tantum per demonstrationem falsitatis rumpatur reliquæ etiam omnes rumpi necesse habeant. Omnia videntur ad Principia sua Mathematica reducere et per Mathesin omnia examinare. Præcipua eius Excellentia consistit in Mathesi, in Catoptricis et Opticis. Iam contentionis serram reciprocat cum Beeck Rectore Dordraceno super Problemata aliquid opticum. Inde invidia et quidem odium exortum inter illos duos. Est enim Beeck ille insignis philosophus inprimis Physicus vti etiam Mathematicus. Id.
Ramus post Aristotelem aperuit oculos hominibus. Post illum Rami sectatores qui ex occasione Rami talia pertulerunt q ipsi ne per somnium quidem vel vitam suam in mentem venerunt. Hæc enim est ratio veritatis q ex occasionibus in tantum excrescit. Id.
Didactica Eruditionis
MS. illa Prophetica magni æstimavit Tetinus adeo vt professus fuerit se nihil intellexisse ante horam MS. lectionem in Propheticis scripturalibus. Id.
Meade et De Dieu correspondentiam colunt de certa quadam quæstione Eruditionis. Cur non omnes de toto corpore veritatum talem correspondentiam fovere deberent? Id.
Mead et de Dieu.
The only way to crush the Arminians or to bring them in to renounce their Tenents. Now they curry favor almost with every

sect to make or to joine themselves to a party. So they curry now favor with the Lutherans, Socinians, Anabaptists, being but shut out by the Calvinists. Much more when from all Protestancy they are so solemly excluded they wil bee made more odious, or bee brought to renounce their fundamental vntruths and to come at least to our fundamentals Truths. Et therfore the Professors of Leiden were resolved to make thus their Declaration that <any which hold> such et such fundamentals shal not bee shut vp. Duræus promised according to law not to goe about to bring reconcile the Arminian faction. The Church of Holland have written about 40 years agoe a letter printed of Pacification with the Lutherans wherin they declare their readines. Now no more to bee done but if king wil to charge his Ministers of State abroad to write to Saxony and Brandenburg and to vrge the Execution of the decree made at Francfort last. Wee must have no more of the [symbol: Roman Church or Archbishop Laud] yet hee must bee made acquaint with all. Else hee will oppose it et become an Enemy to it. Et if now hee should crush it all the world would see the foulnes of his face.
Pax Ecclesiastica
If [symbol: Roman Church or Archbishop Laud] shal goe to pervert it to his owne Ends hee shal breake his shinnes.
the thoughts of God's heart they shall stand for ever, et in this worke there was much of the thoughts of God in it. Marshal.
1. Collectiones Rerum didacticarum omnium instituantur. 2. Quæstiones plures Sive Problemata conficiantur. 3. Hæc duo Media tanquam occasiones variis qui in variis Excellunt communicentur et insinuentur. 4. Rogentur etiam libere totam rei hujus naturam per scrutinium Rationis Scripturæ Experientiæ Communicationis sive commercii indagare. 5. Inprimis principaliora pervestigent accuratius. vide. 1. didacticam Pietatis. 2. sanctitatis. 3. Morum. 4. Gymnasticæ. Puellarum. Rusticorum. Populi. Eruditionem Infantilis. Puerilis. Didacticam Pietatis Goodenianam et Duræanam Sensualium Picturariorum etc. 6. Per miscellanea loco augmentorum suas Meditationes conscribant.
Desiderata Educationis
Informatorium Comeni might bee much abbridged. 2. It is defective in the particulars. For hee should have run per whole Encyclopædia

and taken out All the Sensual Singulars that so all may proove pcognitions which the world dose not vnderstand, to teach the Exampel before the Rule, and from the Exampel to inferre the Rule. Brook.
Informatorium Comeni
In Fabrica Commentariorum consideranda inprimis Modus Colligendi et hic omnia Stresoniana per Duræum inprimis. 2. Martini de Meditatione. 3. Hazard Catalogus. 4. Collectiones Keanes. 5. Collectiones White. 6. Doctrinæ cum elaboratione Whytiaana describi et apponi debent. Quæ etiam loco Idæarum concionatoribus inservire poterunt. 7. Analyticæ Quæstiones Brinsleianæ. 2. Martinianæ pmittendæ vti etiam Analyses Richersonianæ. Et Duræo-Apelianæ Analyses Populares. 8. tandem Ars Interpretandi Scripturam Duræana loco Augmentorum, per omnes gradus Meditationes cum Analysibus talibus.
Fabrica Commentariorum Ideæ Concion. Duræus.
Witniar narravit aliquot mille Wigelianorum et Enthusiastarum et Socinianorum in Marchi et alibi locorum jam inveniri et variis Methodis et quam-plurimis libris errores suos sub ptextu Pietatis spargere quibus sequentem in modum obviam eundum. 1. Refutari debent principaliores illorum libri vel Collectio Methodica institui et refutari debent 1. to gaine their summa cum [iustitia?] et accuratione. 2. methodus nostra Pietatis describi distinctissime et vt nos ad majora incrementa Pietatis per Religionem nostram pervenire possumus ostendi. 3. quin vero cum Nostratibus agimus in dehortando illos a talibus Erroribus, acrius isti Errores describendi et exprobandi etc.
Didactica Pietatis et Elenchticæ Grammaticorum
Desidero a Duræo 1. vt absolvat super tota Biblia Summarias Analyses Librorum vt incepit super omnes Epistolas. Hic interim vtendum oeconomiis Alstedi vel Analysibus Librorum Piscatoris. 2. vt absolvat super tota Biblia Analyses Capitum Populares ordinariæ Lectionis quales incepit cum Apelio adornare et Witniaro continuare. Interea summariis Logicis [Santeni?] vel Analysibus Capitum Piscatoris vtendum.
Desiderata Biblica Duræus.
Didactica Lectionis scripturæ

Communicavit Dr Stoughton his Titulos Theologiæ which hee counted more ful and comprehensive then any that hee had yet observed; and that to it all could bee reduced whatever should bee found either in Fathers, Schoolmen or any Moderne Writers.
MS Theologica
Duræus said that hee could prescribe a certain Method or Rules (after the vnderstanding of any <the> Language). How to attaine almost to any Style. Duræus.
Duræus didactica stylorum
Pembles discourse de decretalibus hase a New Notion which hee (though not so fully) hase handled or lighted vpon in his meditation of the same subject which by this hint or occasion hee will bee able to perfect. Both tend to proove or illustrate that truth that Voluntary Agents must Worke Voluntarily and that therfore a certain permission was granted them by God etc.
Which perhaps of some might bee counted Arminianisme. Id.
Wigelians and other Enthusiasts as also Socinians have certain truths but the only way to deale with the former was to bring <them> to truer Rules of Interpreting the Scriptures and the latter to a demonstrative way of Analyzing. Id.
Didactica Elenchtorum phanaticorum et socinianorum
In Tractato Cassandri divers things towards the latter end somwhat too rare which hee now would alter. Id.
Duræus MS. contra Cassandrum
That ones hands and feet shal not bee frozen take the juice of Nettles warme it and wash often your hands and feet with it. So wee seeke Monk's goe barefoot and their feete do not freeze. Id.
Medicinalia Frost
Observandum in omnibus didacticis monitum David Rismanni Scholæ Mörsensis Rectore etc vide tale. Vtque simul judicium quoque illorum (Puerorum) firmetur exercebimus illos frequentando Quæstiunculas (et cum pcepta exiguntur et cum vsus eorundem in Autoribus monstratur) non iisdem quidem verbis semper conceptas sed subinde aliis atque aliis eundem sensum vsque inferentibus. Ita fiet vt et in rerum ipsarum cognitionem paulatim deveniant atque tum memoriæ
Didactica didacticæ Generalis.

tum sua quoque judicio incrementa constent.
1. Ars Eclogandi Libros et MS. 2. Tituli et Methodus Locorum Communium Scholasticorum. 3. Catalogus Librorum et MS. Scholasticorum. 4. Stipendia Eclogatorum. 5. Intelligentia et Correspondentia Scholastica. 6. Stipendiarii Scholastici <feminæ et viri>. 7. Topica Inquisitionis scholasticæ. 8. Scholæ Paganæ. 9. Scholæ Vernaculæ Populares. 10. Scholæ Nobilitatis. 11. Scholæ Puellarum et Mulierum. 12. Plus vltra Scholasticum sive occasionatio per Problemata Nova. 13. Weld-kunst-raritòt-kammeren. 14. Stipendia didacticorum professorum et excellentium vt Comeni, Eveni.
Factoria Educationis et schooling
Technologia Christiana Stresonis sequentem in Modum edenda et publicanda. Addendæ Reductio sive Epitome Verulami. 2. Epitome Herberti de Veritate. 3. Consideratio Novi Organi Myli MS. 4. Refutatio Stresonis Considerationis. 5. Appendix de Physica Wats. 6. Pfatio de Fleusatia. 7. Pfatio lectio Dee. Vtraque didactica studi Mathematici continet sicut pcedentia ad Physicam pertinent. 8. pfatio Raleigh latina pro didactica sublimiori Historiarum. O vtinam aliquid addi posset de didactica et Technologia Artium Mechanicarum.
Streso. Desiderata Philosophica.
Interim Duræus. 2. Philosophus Oxoniensis Tolnei. 3. Iungius. 4. Comenius etc. per Commercia literarum cum Stresone debent perficere et plures occasiones suppeditare.
describere Methodum applicandi Theorias ad Praxin.
Duræus desiderata
One meanes that will mightily encrease all manner of knowledge is to finde out a true Art of Navigation and to teach the Navigators and great Travellers a certain Topica Inventionis vide desideratum hoc ex literis. Pell.
Desiderata Encyclopædia Phys. Math.
Et adde the People and Mechanicks being taught and made more learned will bee a great Meanes to hinte and occasional greater Learning.
Desideratum for the factory of Learning. It were
Desiderata didactica Factoriæ

requisite to have in numerato an exact Topica Inquisitionis in Natural et Mathematical Philosophy (and so in the rest) as Pels describes it ex Verulamio et aliis.
Pro didactica Pacificationis popularis desiderium habeo Vt scilicet Breviarium de Vera Religione Martini etc. vertatur Vernacule. 2. addatur <aliquot Appendices> ex Stresonis Tractatu de Pace, didactica Religionis. Item Tractatus de fundamentalibus Articulis, Certitudine et nihilominus Examine Religionis sive doctrinæ et 2. Sabbatis.
Didactica Media Pacificationis popularis.
Si Pax Ecclesiastica dei gratia inter Protestantes concludatur Tractatus conficiendus qui ostendat quid Vtilitatis inde redundabit. 1. Inter alias hæc erit quod Communio Sanctorum poterit excoli in omnibus partibus. 2. Vnio Græcarum Ecclesiarum nitendi. 3. Conversio Iudæorum. 4. Practica, Experimentalis, Casualis Theologia excoli. 5. Hæreses Socinianorum, Wigelianorum, Arminianorum, Papatus. 6. Politicæ Vires Protestantismi accrerci. 7. Educatio et scholæ colaborari. 8. Eruditio in omnibus partibus per Modum dextræ Amoris et societatis Imaginis. 9. Politia Ecclesiastica reformari. 10. Analysis Biblica. 11. Prophetiæ studium et Apocalypsis etc. vide delineatio Mediorum Generalis Duræi.
Desiderata Pacificationis
Mr Bornet at the golden fleece in Lumbar-street hase the most MS. of Bishop Vshers sermons of any man, which were taken Stenographically but hee wil not give leave to transcribe them vpon any tearmes, et my Lord himself hase protested against those 2 that are printed. Hee said hee had rather preach 8 sermons then to write one.
MS. Vsheri.
Sir Thomas Roe hase communicated a MS. of his owne Meditation vpon the same chapter in Genesis which Mr Dury commended indifferently.
MS. Theologiæ Biblicæ.
Sir Thomas Roe.
To collect and observe all the Wicked Pastimes and playes as that filthy booke Ioco-seria caled had done in Amanus matters.
Factoria Pietatis.
Desiderata Theologiæ Bibli
One Meanes to read the best Moral or Stoical Authors with a spiritualizing vse.
Desiderata Theol. Concion.
Streso to explaine fuller quid intelligat per Artem bene Vtendi ex optimo libro facere pessimam Concionem solenne est.
Desiderata Streso

Scot verstund alle sachen am besten wegen dieses reichs. Goodin.
Historia England
the Common prayer buch is rumored to bee licenced or authorized by the Pope.
Dyke of Epping is setting forth his MS. of selfe-trial which Daulman hase as likewise Goodin of temptation et Prayer etc.
Daulman MS.
Mr Dury judged of Rous his MS. not to have much matter in it.
MS. Rous.
A great desideratum. A vniversal Confession of Christianity in the maine fundamental points. This would bee the only Meanes of the Ruine of the Pope and gaining of the Cassandrian Papists. Duræus.
Desiderata Pacificationis
Conrad Bergius hase published Sermons to this purpose.
A Principle which Mr Dury obse said was to bee observed in a conversation of different parties to spye out the good in All and to worke vpon that and to improove it neglecting and leaving of those things that were evil. The just contrary course is taken now a dayes, where only the Evil in Men is observed and the good neglected. 2. to doe all things Openly as in the face of God not sneakingly and rather suffer them for the good of it then to omit it, yet this does not exclude necessary prudence of speaking not all the truth. 2. secrecy. 3. reservednes of thoughts etc. Dury.
Didactica Conversionis
To teach children the playes of the booke Hokus Pokus festive talia acuent ingenium.
Didactica Gymnastica
A Timotheo Van Vlettern accipere MS. alles was sie beschrieben De Statu Ecclesiarum suarum in Anglia.
MS. Historia.
Timothy Vletteren
ad Technologiam pertinet Logicæ liber Gutkii de primis Habitibus etc. videtur enim quidem Ianua aliqua Rerum sive Ars Vniversalis Starkius valde laudatur in Metaphysicis quod vsum Terminorum Metaphysicorum exposuerit ample per omnes partes Theologiæ et philosophiæ. Bitnerus.
Didactica Logica Streso
One Reason cur Miscellanea introducenda quia 1. they will beare the face of imperfection not as systeme pretending
Desiderata Miscellanea.

perfection. Applica all the benefits to this kind of Writing what Verulam say's of his Aphorismes.   NB.
Vsherus comportavit et coemit omnia MS. Waldensium q parte Frey etiam comparavit.   Duræus.
MS. Histor Vsher
Inter Rationes ex Pelli Literis Ratio. The Number of Inquisitors will bee encreased.
Didactica Scholæ Popularis
Wright hase written best of the Art of Navigation.
Libri selecti Nautici
Great benefits in respect of Mathematical diagrams etc. 2. in Musical bookes. 3. vid? stenographical etc. Pell. 4. Item for Arabick prints.
Typographica. Graphica. Pell
Inter Rationes cur Angli systema Theologiæ Practicæ adornare deberent hæc etiam est non minima quod alioquin res ipsorum practicæ non absque scrupulis vel errore ab exteris percipi poterunt. Hoc vero systema poterit mederi cum veritates variæ et quidem per connexionem tractentur i.e. totum Corpus Theologiæ Practicæ et non tantum partes qdam.
Desiderata de systema Theologiæ Practicæ
O si Streso vel Stresonianus quispiam vellet perficere Dents Pathway per Goodiniana popularizata et Stresoniam descriptionem status gratiæ.
Desiderata Theologiæ Practicæ Streso
To gather up All Customes Rites which are wicked Superstitious and Heathenish in several Christian Countries.
Factoria Religionis
Habet MS. Rous in quo refutatur Potters Charity mistaken.
Pim MS Theologica
Iesuita quidam scripsit acerbius quam Prinne contra ludos. Sir Thomas Wroth.
Libri Theologici
Paulmer scripsit Tractatum de Sabatho MS. quod Tolneus mihi communicavit.
MS. Theologica
1. Citare pfationem Gilberti Germani cujusdam. Iam dudum fuit in Lingua Anglica. 2. sic Verulamius de Augmentis tam diu latuit. Quantus liber. 3. In Mathematicis Dee et alii quam-plurimi. 4. in Historicis Raleigh et quam-plurimi alii. 5. In Physicis vel potius Encyclopædicis Tomi Purchasi, Et hoc amplificare per desideratum illud de Theologis inter Protestantes vere Hallus de Clero [apud?] Stupores mundi etc.
Desiderata Parænesis pro addiscenda
Lingua Anglica

sic Gerards Herbal, Crooks Anatomy etc.
One Meanes for to teach Children et people to reade vnderstandingly is to vse with them. 1. Brinsley's Army of Analytical Questions. 2. to observe and teach per pcognitions Pels or Brook's Method of Construing. 3. to aske Quæstiones Analyticas of Martinius, which is a degree higher.
Didactica Lectionis Historia Biblicæ
Insignis vsus concordantiarum quod illæ possunt supplere defectum Catalogi Materiarum si quis habeat Commentatores et Libros.
2. they teach also how to open a point, wherin Mr Cottons excellency consisteth chiefly.
3. One Meanes of Opening etc. is the consideration of the Wordes or phrases in divers languages or translations, as e.g. in the Word diligence from the Greek [Greek word] etc. new aplications wil arise. Rulitius.
Didactica Concionis.
Concordantiæ Biblicæ
Concordantia et judicium Logicum were the only Meanes which Cotton commended.
Hildersham commendeth for a great scriptural divine by him.
A great desideratum. Si quis vellet conscribere [Fortrum?] Realem, sicut ille conscripsit philologicum. How much was Erpenius herewith affected, much more in the study of things if it were bravely set out. Pell tale aliquid promisit.
Nye in the Country molitur aliquam Novam Concordantiam in Lingua Hebræa <Anglica>. Pell.
Desiderata Eruditionis Pell
Iam absolvit. Videtur esse Verbalis et Realis.
Mr Reynolds hase revealed his Macro-Lexia to Mr Pell and his other feate.
Pell Reynolds
In Archivis invenitur quod 4. hundred years agoe omnes Status have given solemly the Admiralty to the King of England making him 4. marium Dominum sive Admiralium. Et that time also hee sent out 4 thousand ships. Dury.
Historia Angliæ
Psalms nihil sunt aliud quam Loci Communes.
Didactica Theologica

Colson or Polson the dier habet a perfect copy in MS. of Hildersham upon the 51 Psalm wherin hee saith was all omitted that was spoken by him about the Sabbath, Else it would not have passed. Dr Twist and Baal have written Treatises de Sabatho. Et Twist a great booke in folio now printing.
Colson or Polson Libri Angliæ.
Capel is silenced for Not-Confirming.
Trostius vel Trustius scripsit singularem aliquam Grammaticam Novi Testamenti et aliquam logicam in vsum Scholæ Bernensis.
Logica Grammatica
The Staplers are much against erecting of a Common-beame where Wooles should bee waighed. There are divers and grosse deceits in waighing of this commodity. A certificate can bee easily procured vnder the hands of the Clothiers. Alcock.
Mechanica Angliæ Politica.
Catalogus Peccatorum Mechanicorum
There is an Error in Dr Prestons Treatise of faith about the general Offer which Mr Goodin can refute best. Darley.
There is one that hase written most wittily and daintily about the Sabbath. Pots.
Simse had a MS. which hee would impart to Dr Sips. Daulman.
MS. Daulman
One hase refuted the booke caled Deus et Rex (which is likewise called by the same name) which Darley said hee would not give for 20. lib. and that it was very strongly written. The Autor of it is a Papist.
Libri Theologici Biblici selecti
In Iobo about the Orions etc. a plaine testimony about the influence of the Starres.   This scriptural philosophy Lord Herbert seemes to denye. Wats.
Philosophia physica scriptura.
Lord Herbert.
When Water runnes through any thing it always runnes crookedly, doe what you can as you may observe it in Channels vpon any glasse holding it vpright etc. which Experimental Observation Wats say's is his owne. Id.
Experiementa Physica

Ned Montagu told him the Lord Herbert that his booke was much esteemed by the Cardinals who made merry with it. Yet hee thought the reading of it would bee forbidden there. The English <Italians> admire 3. English great Wits, Gilbert, Verulam, Herbert.
Angliæ Viri docti
These 2. hundred years not the like published as Gellebrand hase done de Magnete. If it holds then it should bee tried and observed How Mountaines wil attract, or betweene 2. Mountaines one somewhat higher then other. The like of Earth where store of Iron-mines especially so in the seas according to the several Gravels, which are wel known by mariners. Wats.
Libri selecti Magneticæ.
A great desideratum that there are No Laboratories in Vniversities. Id.
Desiderata Physica
An excellent spie in the Low-Country could know in the darkest night in what country hee was by smelling a peece of earth taken out of that ground. barbers shop.
Dr Stoughton said hee knew a Method how kings might make themselves famous and to bee carried higher then any by their former predecessors, by picking out and maintaining of 100. Excellently-gifted Men in several kind's. Ergo hee is to bee entreated for to contrive such a Pathetical discourse to set out most amply this project, Which might afterwards bee tendred to Radivil or the King of Poland to owne it instead of the Iesuit, if they should bee driven out or to eclipse them and to engratiat our Religion being accompanied with so great parts.
Desiderata Charity
Brookius construxit Instrumentum didacticum pro Elementaria.
Brookius didactica Elementaria
Franci Lexic Historia Animalium Biblicum may bee a very good booke for Eruditio Infantilis. Brook.
Didactica Eruditionis Infantilis

Hee wil teach them nothing in Encyclopædia Sensualium but that may bee of vse to them and that they may bee emploied in. Otherwise hee consents into my Method to teach all. 1. the obvious sensual singulars. 2. all the Biblical Sensuals. 3. Comenii Books 6. 4. His Ianua etc.
Not neede to teach a Vernacular Grammar separatly but both together at once. Id.
Didactica Linguæ Latinæ
Rosenbach bookes will proove brave pcognitions to the Learning of all Philosophy. Id.
Didactica Eruditionis Philosoph
I desire that Mr Dury contrive a compleat Treatise of these particulars,
1. an Exercitation philosophical about Order in general.
2. of Scriptural order in particular i.e. to vnfolde
I. the Nature of it what it is and wherin it properly consists.
II. to proove that there is a divine and demonstrative order.
III. to answer objections et Cavils. Streso's etc. and others.
IV. to give Rules for infallibile Genesis et
Analysis scriptural speculations.
V. to exemplifye all particulars.
VI. to shew all the benefits et Vses of it.
Duræus desiderata
Brook commended much Rosenbach Methodus omni scientiæ as a kind of Ars Vniversalis. Streso et Duræus may consider of it.
Didactica Logicæ Oratoriæ
Also desired much to have Coroni Lexicon didacticum Latinæ et Græcæ being curious helpes to make vocabularies.
Didactica Logicarum
Franci Lexicon will bee also a great pcognition to Hebrew. Id.
[Peccatum hominis capillati?]
Said Absolom had no blemish at all. Ergo long haire no blemish. Item It is a shame etc. because it was not the fashione etc.
Didactica Theologiæ Concionum
1. Ars Vniversalis. 2. Vsus Concordantiarum. 3. Vsus scholasticos. 4. Analy-

sis accuratior Duræana. 5. Propria Experientia. 6. Experientiæ aliorum per Conversionis observationes in Praxi et Casibus. Item per Quæstiones varias occasiones pclarissimæ suppeditantur.
The story of Mr Vaines conversion is very admirable. [symbol: Nye] wil get it written by himselfe. It hase many singular passages in it. [symbol: Nye].
Didactica Theologiæ Practicæ.
Historia Angliæ. variæ
Mr Baal intent was by his preaching to contrive a compleat body of divinity and is gone over a great part of it. Hee writes all his sermons and hase promised to communicat all, and to helpe Comenius etc.
MS. Theologiæ
Lord Mandevil is commended for a rare Christian.
Lord Mandevil
Pro didactica Gymnastica let Withers Emblemes bee considered that way that hee proposes there.
Didactica Gymnastica
1. All must bee taught out of Præcognitions. 2. These Præcognitions must bee taken et taught from and in the whole Encyclopædia of sensual Singulars. 3. these sensuals must bee taken in that the Minde may have a true picture of all things (within itself). Comenius in his V. libelli proposes perhaps that which might very well bee taught in the first 5, 6. or 7 years. Brook.
Didactica Encyclopædia singularium.
Methodi Brukii
Wee have Histories of one notable Conversions of Men from Popery etc. to Protestancy but few or none of Protestants from nature to Grace. Ergo the more eminent of them should bee gathered.
Desiderata Theologiæ Practicæ
Planisphærium Bartshii highly commended for representations of the starres et prized much by Berneggerus.
Encyclopædia singularium Libri selecti
There are also Globi Concavi.
Excellent Remedy to take away Cornes or hard skinne to smeare it as it were every morning with fresh spittle, eichtegrem speichel. Traider.
Dn. Meade misit MS. suum ad D Twissum.
Meade Twist.
Dr Preston Sermons of Infirmities are ready for the presse. Daulman.
Libri selecti Anglicani Theologiæ
Ad fabricam Ian Græcæ. 1. Ex Novo Testamento. 2. Ex Vetere Testamento locis maxime sensualibus iisque primo Historicis postea dogmaticis. Nye

quoad fieri possit. Hoc est beneficio Concordantiarum per q poterit quis colligere quæ maxime accomodata huic scopo. 2. si sententiæ inprimis non cohæreantur vel connectantur. 3. Ex Classicis profanis Autoribus. 1. Oratoricis. 2. Poeticis. Brook.
Ianua Linguæ Græcæ
Grotii Poemata sacra valde laudavit. Id.
Holy oile et Incense redigendi in Indicem Capitum Textualium vt Brookius scire possit quos versus reduxerit ad vsus suos et quos omisit. Ipsius Clausularium debet esse Vice Commentarii. Videtur Bergius Bremensis tale aliquid tentare per Analyses suas marginales quas Brookius examinare debet.
Fabrica Clausularii Biblici
Streso non videtur in Technologia satis intelligere hanc didacticam. 2. Primo loco sensuals, which are most 1. obvious et 2. of present vse 3. those also of the Ianua Comeni. 4. Et Bible. Id.
Didactica Encyclopædia singularium
The Hebræns et Græcians were very exact in the Rules and ordering or teaching of their Languages yet wee see that by those odde naming of their Letters they taught their children to read so well notwithstanding. Ergo there is some way to teach by this way too to read, which Mr Brook wil find out et describe. Brook.
Didactica Elenchtica
Richard Bernhard of Batcome hase a MS. Catechismi Quæstiones vpon the V. Cap. Catechismus more Martiniano. Welles.
MS. Catechismi Bernard
Encyclopædia singularium must bee taught by way of imploiment. As eg. goe fetch mee such a thing etc. if hee bring the right then a signe hee vnderstands it. Brook.
Didactica Encyclopædia singularium
Cum Populus vix multa systemata Theologiæ perdiscere possit, optima erit didactica Theologiarum si hoc faciant per auditionem Concionum. Hoc autem pstare poterunt si recta Methodo repetantur et inculcentur ipsis omnia quæ audiunt, scilicet, vt tota Concio per minutissimas Quæstiones resoluta ipsis iterum iterumque infigatur quod Baker et Wagnerus facere solent.
Didactica Theologiæ popularis Concionum

Encyclopædia Singularium dupliciter Infantibus instillari debet 1. per pcognita dogmatica. 2. per pcognita affectuosa et inde pietatis semina iniicere. Brook.
Didactica Encyclopædiæ singularium
The Scripture (e.g. in Esai. God teached the plowman etc.) gives vs warrant for such pcognita affectuosa.
Pro Eruditione Populari optandum esset vt tota philosph Encyclopædia exscriberetur et disponeretur et colligeretur adhuc Historiarum instar.
Desiderata Encyclopædiæ Eruditionis popularis
Nullus adhuc scripsit Of the Vses of Mechanical things. Now both these and of Natural things might bee gathered ex libris similitudinum especially of all sorts quod NB. Ego.
Desiderata Encyclopædiæ
1. To teach them in all sensuals first the true shapes of things that their may bee a true picture of them in the minde. 2. the proper names. 3. the Vses. 1. Natural. 2. Moral. 2. Theological. 3. Moral.
Didactica Encyclopædiæ singularium
Here Piazza is to bee scanned et Les Marveilles de Nature. <Inprimis [word illeg.] pfationem Alstedi in Lexico philosophico p. 2067)>.
It is absurd to call Letters by sounds. 2. All things must have names. 3. Wee read according to sounds. Et so it must bee taught which may bee concealed. 4. the ancient had as absurd names for their Letters. 4. this Method wil please best, et seeme to bring in no innovation. Ergo one principal part of didactick here is to teach them to divide the sounds aright.
Didactica Elementaria
When once the Clausulary is made vpon the Bibel Men will bee able to write a Biblical Style in so many Languages as there are translations of the Bible. Ergo NB. the heads of the vses are to bee made both in Latin et vernacular. Brook.
Desiderata Biblica.
Brook. Clausularium Biblicum
Sir Henry Finch as I take it hase a choice et new exposition vpon the X. Commandment which agrees with Mr Brooks exposition that not only by that Commandment the motion of sinne is forbidden but every Commandment dose so. Else

Every commandment were not perfect. 2. nor did it forbid it the motion of sinne against the first table it being counted a Commandment belonging to the 2d table.
Libri Theologici selecti.
A Catalogue of sinnes vpon the Decalogue the vse of it will give vs a perfect Christian Ethick. Brook.
Brook's Clausulary by an Index wil continue Historiam Nemeseos Divinæ or the History of God's Providence. Hee is now contriving didacticam Grammaticæ Latinæ, Græcæ, Hebreæ, Logicæ, Rhetoricæ. Id.
Clausularium Biblicum.
Methodus Brookii
Brook say's many hidden things bee in the Scriptures which by comparing Scripture which Scripture will bee found out, as in the story of the kings of Sodom that God did not deliver them the second time when they left not sinning for their first deliverance. Id.
Doctrinæ Biblicum
Les Marveilles de Nature for Encyclopædia singularium fit it should bee turned into vernacular's. Id.
Desiderata didactica. Encyclopædia singularium
Aire this Element is to bee taught by beating with the hand and mising aire and so making to conceive of it aright as likewise non dari Vacuum by sensual Experiments, as heare ex disputatione Reineri de Vacuo.
NB. Also that divers of the most sensual Experiments might bee taught to children et boy's, et that by way of imploiment. Ego ex illo.
Concio Bergi Eitelkeit der Weld Psalm 39. est plane Analytica Popularis ideoque inter Specimina Concionum Textualium Biblicarum edenda et aliorum judiciis exponenda. Ipsemet de ea sic scribit - In Concione funebri cujus textus est totus Psalm 39. Analyseos specimen habetis qualem in omnibus Psalmis qro: nec multum dissimilem etiam in aliis Scripturæ libris vt postrema primis ac mediis certa partium harmonia consentiant.
Didactica et Fabrica.
Conciones Biblicæ. Desiderata Biblica

Idem. In Analyseos ac Scripturæ Harmonia diligentius paulo quam hactenus factum fuerit investiganda maxime nunc exerceor.
Ænigmatalogia Rhytmica das ist Neues Ratzelbuchlein oder Christlicher Zeit-vertreiber durch Ioh. Cressium hic liber vertendus in alias linguas vernaculas. Huc pertinet etiam disputatio de Vacuo Reineri.
Didactica. Encyclopædia puerilis. Desiderata
Item darinen allerley lustige fragen so woll geistliche als weltliche fragen vnd andwort von der heiligen schrift von Christ von der weld von der zeit von den vögeln Erden Baumen Thieren Wasser Menschen vnd desselbigen zufòllen mit allerley Christlichen erinnerung vnd beygefugten zeugnussen heiliger schrift sampt etlichen neuen gesòngen [reinen?] ausgestellet etc. cum insigni pfatione.
NB. Etiam Thaumaturgia Ionstoni Sphynx Heidelbergensis. Pancerolla Salmuth examinandi et huic scopo accomodandi.
Dents Pathway to bee perfected ex Country-Mans divinity. It may bee by Welles.
Desiderata Theologiæ Practicæ
Dr Featly hase aprinting 50. choice sermons.
Liber Aug.Theo.
Welles vult adornare Catalogum Peccatorum quem Speed peterit per augmenta et Methodum corrigere et perficere.
Speed. Welles. Desiderata
Dn. Berger hase a curious way for <to> know the distances in shooting, how farre the bullet can drive etc.
Totum tempus poterit jucunde atque vtiliter transigi in Infantibus. 1. Ostendendo ipsis sensualia. 2. perlegendo et recitando docere ita vt solo auditu discant Catechismum Infantilem, Quæstiones Historicas Biblicas etc. vide. delineatio. 3. Legendo sive docendo elementariam. 4. permittendo ludere sed in omni otio et recreationibus ex conversatione cum aliis generibus ludorum etc. observare ipsorum affectus etc. per Morum puerilium disciplinam Duræanam. 5. et in his Gymnasticis cum peregrinis Infantibus vel pueris, ita vt discant aliquam vernaculam linguam solo Vsu per illas recreationes.
Didactica Infantilis ætatis.