The Hartlib Papers

Title:Ephemerides 1634 Part 5, Hartlib
Dating:1634 (Late)
Notes:Ephemerides 1634 is divided between 6 files.

Ruarus timet Twissum Antagonistum. Sed Pridiaux, Amesius non potuerunt satisfacere Dn. Ionstono in dissolvendis argumentis nonnullis Socinianorum quæ contra nostratos solent oblicere. Id.
Ruarus. Sociniani
Prodibit brevi Iohnstoni Historiæ Vniversalis Civilis Sacræ, Variæ Systema Theoretico - Practicum. Chronologia Genealogiis Regnorum Principatum Rerumpublicarum et Vrbium præcipuarum Rerum Ecclesiasticarum Rituum Sacrorum et prophanorum Autorum et sententiarum serie instructum methodice dispositum et in III Tomos divisum.
Desiderata Ionstoni
Methodus est I. Ipsum corpus sive Narratio Historica. II. Contemporanea <in Oriente Occidente>. 3. Sacra. 4. Varia.
Beckmannus Servestanus negat peremtorie nos convenire in fundamentalibus fidei Articulis cum Lutheranis contra communem opinionem aliarum ecclesiarum. Qualem [ingens?] Nobis Hominem illi faciunt? Dn. Ionston.
Pax Ecclesiastica Historica.
Dn. a Lesno MS. habet de Pace inter Catholicos et Protestantes ineunda. 50 bogen.
MS. Pacificatio
Grammaticam Canini Græcam Heinsius omnibus aliis in vniversum prætulit. Impressa est in 4. et 8. Parisiis. Comes de Lesno.
Didactica Linguæ Græcæ.
Libri Selectiores Grammatica Græca
In particularibus invenire Præceptores qui excellunt et Ipsis pscribere Methodum sive didacticam juxta quam Nos manuducere et exercere debent. Sic Comes de Lesno.
Didactica studiorum
Comes scripsit ad Comenium de Methodo Iurisprudentiæ et Catalogo optimorum Autorum. A quo expecto copiam illarum literarum.
Didactica Iuris-
Comes de Lesno.
Golius omnes alios Professores candore singulari antecellit. Id. Comes.
Cartes familiariter notus Burgersdicio et Golio, primus fassus ex paucis ipsius pagellis Opticis plus lucis haussis se quam ante ex omnibus aliis libris. Cartes ille est dives et generosus et obscuritatem affectat. Id.

Salmasius et Heinsius parvi   fecerunt librum quem Comes Herbertus ipsis transmiserat, de Veritate, quorum alter dono dedit Comiti de Lesno et dixit si veram mentem suam rescribere deberet non posse placere Herberto. Id.
Critica Librorum
Arthur Dents Pathway is to bee resolved into Quæstiones.
Desiderata Theologica Practica
Ex literis Iohannis Decani Lesna scriptis. Dnus. Comenius publice suam Pansophiam Bohemica Lingua prælegit diebus Mercurii et Saturni. Interesse solent omnium ordinum viri. Finita lectione egrediuntur Politici Ministri vel censores agunt. Multos hic videres eximios conceptus si nimium Novitatis studium abesset. Ex Iohannis Felini Bohemi Lesna scriptis literis. Legit singulis diebus Saturni et Mercuri Pansophiam suam Bohemicam Dn. Comenius. Egregium Opus iter ad Philosophiam Bohemicam aperiens. Frequentant Lectiones qui volunt Senes et Iuvenes parvi magni. Finita lectione censuram exercent Seniores.
Fortunius nî fallor Licetus maximi nominis philosophus in Italia Paduæ nî fallor.   Realis physicus et Indagator Naturæ scripsit de lucernis et alia rite et more secretiori physico. si omnes libros vendere deberet, illum in bibliotheca sua vult habere Dn. Ionston. Habet etiam egregium Antagonistam nî fallor Lusitanus Castrensis. Ionston.
Libri selecti Physici.
Caladin hase preached excellently the point of Vowes. Also hase many fine things about Prayer. Rulitius.
Vowes MS.
Gribius hase gotten some choice things (which Mr Rulitius did communicate vnto him) of Mr Cotton about Temptations of Satan et the allurements of the world. etc. which hee keeps to himself in Stenography. Id.
MS. Cottonis
Dr Wright physicus of the Charter-house hase a perfect

Copie of Richersons Notes. Haines.
MS. Richersoniana.
Gribius habet ingentem Thesaurum Secretiorum MS. Cottonianorum quæ Rulitius ipsi ex Dn. Cottoni Archivis communicavit stenographice descripta. Rulitius.
MS. Theologica Cottoni
Objects of Liberality. 1. Pax Ecclesiastica et Correspondentia sive Communio Sanctitis. 2. Practical Divinity. 3. Worke of Education. 4. Stipendiarii. Schollars for Divinity. 5. The Worthier Exiles. 1. Godly publick-spirited[altered] Men. 2. Godly Heads of Magistrates Ministers Schoolmasters. 3. those that are in greatest necessities.
Bona Opera.
One great vse. It expedit's vs in writing in meditation, that wee doe not lose et 2 doe more.
Didactica stenographica
Ieremy Dyke one of the ablest ministers of in all the kingdome judged so by Mr Pouller (of Epping), et very fit to make a Parænesis.
Dyke. Conciones Anglicanæ
Pasor is doing somewhat in Lingua Græca.
Pasor. Didactica Linguarum
When Learning began to florish then Printing came abroad et was found out by a special Providence of God and so was spred. So when Powerful Preaching began in England then Stenography was invented, which may bee yet made farre more compendious and become a great blessing to the Church. for by it the Speeches may bee taken of as they come fall warme from the ministers mouthes which they could never have done so well if they should have written them downe. Now Mr Nye said that hee could perfect much stenography, and approves much of Mr Reinolds New Invented Radiography, as coming neerest to his way, which hee Mr Reinolds et Mr Pell might perfect. Nye.
Didactica Stenographica

Christ hase beene made very glorious in England in his Prophetical Office by mighty Preaching and truths which have beene cleered. But In his Priestly only in a private way, but for his Kingly nothing at all. The divel had laid plots against all these. Against Preaching or Prophet dhas buch hannherinn. 2. Against Priests das buch Commen gebet. 3. Against the 3. das königs progatio vnd das sacred sach. The point of Ceremonies is a Spiritual and narrow truth, and therfore observed by few. The ground lyes in the 2d and 5. Commandments where we have been mauzled yet in great Ignorance, and our English Commentators have not durst to write freely of it by reason of their censurirer. vnd derselbe Purgatorium. Others have written pretty well of it as Altar Damascenum and a little Treatise Scoti di Adiaphoris which is full of strenght Anon the same Author hase written also another booke qui vocatur   Scoti [Greek: tou Tuchontes] Paraclesis contra Dan. Tileni Silesii Parænesin Ad Scotos Genevensis disciplinæ Zelotas conscriptam Cujus pars prima est de Episcopali Ecclesiæ Regimine Anno 1622. which hee commended also. Et generally all of this Authors. Brownistæ very learned Men divers of them had written excellently vpon this point but bejond seas they were but slighted and mocked. God hase a great Controversy with the world or the Church for this very particular. Twist was none in these controversies. Had

beene counselt by them but confessed plainly hee was not well versed in these things et so referred himselfe to a conuocation of his brethren. [symbol for Nye] said hee was much startled about the Ceremonies in reading of that Treatise de Adiaphoris more then by any yet. Nye.
Libri selecti Theologici
[symbol for Nye]
Habet MS. all the Conferences between them et Cotton vpon this subject.
MS. Nye.
De Fide Gouge hase written very much vpon the Ephesians by the by as fully as if hee had done it professedly. Also Forbes de Iustificatione hase many excellent things about it and Wilson hee commended for a strong man. Id.
Hee commended also Streso's Technologia et Sir Maynes in cerebro. Id.
Habet also Cotton MS. vpon I. et II. Commandments compleat.
MS. Cotton.
Ceremonies make the greatest rent and therfore are to bee set vpon in the first place in the Worke of Pacification - that was his Opinion. Id.
Pax Ecclesiastica Ceremonies
The diocæsan Trial Baynes written very solidly yet without any bitternes. Counted a prime booke in that subject.
Libri selecti Ceremonies
Bastwick said to have written flagellum Episcoporum. Pouller.
What is Religion? Nothing but an vnion with God per Christ. 2. a Communion with him in et by Christ. 3. A dependence vpon him by the promises. Pouller.
1. It is possible that after all due Meanes truly et conscionablely vsed a Man may remaine stil in a simple Ignorance and not bee obstinate, and the Reason is because there is such a concatenation and dependancy of truths that you can cannot alter in one but you must also in divers others et almost in all.
Pax Ecclesiastica
NB. The Reasons should bee more searched out of this.
Desiderata Pacificationis

When wee meane to gaine Men and not to stop the mouth of an Adversarie the best way will bee to deale by way of larger discourses Parænetical et Insinuatory et Confirmatory of the truth and not so much syllogistically. For there is as well a Wit-worship as a Will-worship. Pouller.
In the old Testament few controversies handled but those of exhortation dehortation and the like as in the Prayers. In the New Testament the point of Predestination Iustification et Ceremonies more professedly. But it is worthy the observing how the Apostles prevent vaine disput's et janglings. As in Predestination etc. But what art thou o Man to reply. etc. quod dicit I will not dispute the case with thee. etc. And just here the Arminians begin their controversy where the Scripture leaves. and so to the Galatians - addes. Bee not deceived God is not mocked what a Man sowes. etc. quod dicit I make no question you will bee able to object many things against this point but I wil not dispute long with you. looke too it. etc. et so in other places. Id.
Bitneri Pater reliquit Exhortationem in MS. perfectam et auctam. Item MS. Germanici Refutatio. Hoc vel potius ad Pacem media.
Pax Ecclesiastica
Trostius excellentissimus Hebræus sed homo invidississimus et avarus, et de industria obscurus jam edita est ipsius Grammatica prolixior Wittenbergæ. Centum Imperiales ante [Collegandum?] deposcit et ducatam pro quolibet quaternione a bibliopolis. Cæterum omnium optimi Grammatici jam habentur Meelfuhrer Trostius Petreius Schikardus. Ipsius Nota potius pro illis qui jam callent. Desiderata. 1. talis In-

dex in Hebraica maxime desideratur ab illo qualem Pell dedit in Novum Testamentum. Et ille debet perficere. 2. optat Lexicon plenissime habens omnes Anomalias cum Resolutione sive Analysi accurata. Quod etiam vellet perficere si tempus. Bitnerus.
Didactica Lingua Hebraicarum
M. Sthal Ienensis egregius est philosophus philosophiæ Theoreticæ inprimis etiam excellit in Logicis et Canones iam adornavit sed discipuli adhuc premunt. Id.
Viri Illustres
Germanici philosophiæ
Pcipua difficultas Linguæ Hebraicæ consistit in 1. Punctuatione et 2. Anomaliis et facillime posset addiscere sed Præceptores p invidia nolunt recta vti Methodo, sicut Trostius se solum callere Linguam Hebraicam, vt in majori pretio haberetur. Bitnerus.
Didactica Linguæ Hebraicæ
Forte Liber Hocus Pocus accommodabit for many pleasant innocent and ingenious Exercises.
Didactica Gymnastica
Observare specimina educationum singularia or the special Abilities of all sorts of children, what they were able to doe. As those excellent Musitian-Children.
Desiderata et didactica Apodemica
Bastwick scripsit flagellum Pontificis et Episcoporum Latialium. Item of the diseases of the Church of the symptomes. causes cures vbi [de?] [symbol for Papists ?].
MS. Bastwick
The wickednes of this Age to raise and foment of purpose Diversities of Opinions to bring religion to meere vncertainties and a general-lukewarme Indifference and Atheisme. Pot
Bowles liber de cura Pastorali hase excellent things of Non-Residence of flourishing preaching. etc et the like et Davenant written also vpon this subject.
MS. Bowles.
Davenant MS.
     Burton de Sabbato Latine brevi prodibit. good stylus.

De Vanitate et Superstitione Religionis Iudaicæ, Lydiat. the book begins to come much in request.
Libri MS. Theologica
Libri selecti Theologici
Young Dr Burges hat ein MS. darinnen sehr statliche Dn. S. placat refuteret by general arguments, very solidly et strongly taken from several Arguments. Fathers, Counsels schoolmasters Reasons, Scripture. [symbol for Nye] hase interest in him. And then 2dly get an Attestation, as the Iesuites have done in the case of Chalcedon publishing a booke Coloniæ 1631. called Manifestatio circa declarationem Iesuitarum Anglorum falso editam sub nomine Laicorum Catholicorum Angliæ adversus authoritatem quam Reverendissimus D. Episcopus Chalcedonensis in eosdem vindicat. Authore Gulielmo Priceo. Now it should particularize who in several sheeres dose resist it together with the Reasons. And there seemes a great Providence to bee in it, and a ripening of the judgment for it being made so public when God shal bring publick judgments vpon the land the forrainers shall bee the better able to reade the sinnes in them. Otherwise they might have had a name of the holy et glorious Church stil. etc. Nye.
MS. Theologica
Historica Angl
An English Postil will would bee exceedingly taken. But Godly Men will never bee brought to write or preach vpon such broken pieces. It would take much doubtles. But God needes none of the divels Engines. Id.
Providentia Divina
Boys Postils ful of wit but of little solidity.
There is a Prophecy of England, of which Mr Pots told mee, which is not to bee slighted.

they have gotten a trick zu fallen auf bibliothecen durch das königs mendat nehmende rariores libros et MS. so Reinolds Twisti feared.
A brave desideratum si adderetur to the Treatise of Mr Bowles de Cura Pastorali, of the vse of Postils that they were an impediment in true Piety and brought men only to a kind of formality in Religion, which subject Mr Nye could handle exactly. As Dr Stoughton, that of Praier when hee spoke in mislike of Dr Featly Book of Prayer, if by way of Preface it were premised before the Treatise translated of Prayer.
Bowles. De Cura Pastorali. Desiderata.
Desiderata Theologica Practica
The point of free Grace was never more cleered then since these Arminian Controversies about it were mooved. So will it bee for the Sabbath. For Mr Perne said that divers were about it and would make a solid body. Some had taken in hand Collegialiter to refute Brerewood, Broad, Gomarus, <Pridiaux>. Of those were Baal qui de fide et others that Mr Perne knowes. Et so Mr Marshal studies the point et so good Dr Burdges and another which [symbol for Nye] knowes, which is much versed in the Canon et Civil Lawes, et all manner of decretals et constitutions. Also Dr Twist is said to have somewhat in point vpon the Sabbath bejond the seas. Also Dr Mr Daulman spoke of et Mr Chaney. [symbol for Nye]. Perne.
Pridiaux is writing a Treatise prooving the vnlawfulnes of cringing or bowing to the tables, et says rather dye then doe it, et that the martyrs died for farre lesse matters.

Goodins of London Excellencies. 1. consists in Opening the Scriptures. 2. in the gift of Praier. [symbol for Nye]. Perne.
Perne Dr liesset vnd saulet alles auf wass in vnterschiedlichen orten des landes forleifet vnd hat alles beschrieben.
Historia Providentiæ divinæ et ecclesiæ Angliæ
Bastwick ful of squibs et jestings. When a Pursevant came too him caled him a Pirate of the Sea i.e Episcopal. His booke commended much for it's Latinity. His wife had a Cathedral belly must goe along with her else perhaps hee might spoile a Bishop. Caled the Articles fancies. where bee the fancies.
Ductores sweare by God they will have the booke read. One at Court Bishop Dee or some other pray in petition to the king the petition of a sinner etc humbly shewed wheras wee are borne et conceaved in sinne. etc.
Historia Angliæ
Commendavit Bitnero Compendium Wollebum cum Vrsino tanquam absolutissimis Authoribus. etiam Institutiones Calvini. Twissum suggillat qui novas quam-plurimas Opiniones introducat sive spargat. Item Amesi Medulla de Objecto fidei quod vno verbo illa possent resolvi absque tam operosa deductione. Iam de novo Locos Communes didacticos et quidem accuratissime pertractavit et absoluit, sed nulli plane vult illos adhuc ostendere sut communicare. Vocavit supplimentum Alstedii ad [Chamieri?] sterquilinia. In elenchticis contra Socinianos multa præstitit. Perspicuitas, Brevitas, et Methodus in ipsius scriptis laudanda. Bitnerus.
Didactica Theologica

The busines of Forrests ist von grosser importanz. Not questioned these 3000 hundred years et confirmed by 10 Parliaments [symbol for Nye]
Historia Angl
Cujacius hase a saying. Hee is a Learned Man non qui multa legit sed qui can fitly turne to Authors et vse them according to his occasions. Non qui multa memoria teneat sed qui optima in libris optimis posset invenire, et Plato. Esse liberalis ingenii omnia deliberare. Koningsmann.
Desiderata [Repetenda?] Index. Eruditorum
Didactica Lectiones Eruditionis.
Rogers of Faith Mr Pouller found fault withal for making of some sanctifying Graces not to bee saving graces.
Censura librorum
Desideratum Præfationem vel Tractatulum Paræneticum et Informarium de vsu librorum vt Thomas a Kempis, Einem Sompten et similium. Et de impedimentis ibidem contentis veræ pietatis.
Desiderata Theologia Practica
Pridiauxi sententia maximam partem refutata est in Medulla Amesi. Puller.
Parker qui de [symbol for ?] scripsit Prophetiam quam habet Lord Brooke.
Lord Brooke MS. Theologica
Stoughton hase divers Notions which hee would faine communicate to Mr Meade. Hee dislikes that Mead holds afterwards the Church shall come to trouble againe et holds Christ will come Personally vpon Earth.
Hase much of the Natural Conscience, Prayer, Assurance, Deceits, God's favor.
Mr Pouller was persuading a friend of his to set vp an Expositor-Lecturer in the City which yet is very much wanting. Ministers should spend more time in visiting of families and conferring with their hearers. Cases should much bee handled in Preaching yet here also a Caution that Not all cases. Et then much Scripture should bee opened.
Desiderata Theologica.
Meanes et Testimonies. Cura Pastoralis
Dyke himself would have written of the State of

Temporary believers more at large.
Dyke his brother of Eppin preached the best sermon that ever hee heard about Selfe-denial. Hee vses to write his Sermons et if were accurate.
MS Theologica Dyke.
Castilion a Minister not farre from Salisbury writes Latin Letters to Mr Burton, who might bee set vpon the translation of English writers, by his meanes.
Castilion. Burton Versio ab Anglico
Mris Stoughton former Husband Cutword hase compiled a most accurate Body of Cases which MS. could never bee found after his decease.
MS. Casus Concionum
A great desideratum in Practical Theology which is also should bee a Topica in the Factoria is the deceits of trades or the Mystery of Iniquity in trades, of which Mr Pouller thought once to write.
Pouller desiderata Theologica Practica Factoria
Domestical, Ecclesiastical, Political <disciplin> should bee truly revived as the only Meanes of Reformation, which is vtterly neglected or much corrupted et the domestical quite decayed but all hated here and much persecuted.
One of the hardest taskes in the Ministery is the right choosen of texts and speaking home to the times to the full et with discretion accordingly, which was much neglected wherin Mr Dyke of Epping shewed himself a Master. the contrary of which is now in vse, for Men dwel vpon Collaterals and doe not touch the sore.
Didactica Concionum
The benefits of Conference are very many et great.

great. 1. by it Ministers may come to sound the knowledge of their hearers. 2. by it wee come presently and more directly to the point. 3. by it wee shal truly edifie them for wee shal know how to stoope to them. 4. wee get hints et occasions for the greatest Meditations vpon which happily wee should never have lighted all our life-time in our retired and privat Meditations. 5. it is more quicking then sole hearing.
there is an vse abuse in Fasts <of whole dayes> amongst privat Christians which are too frequent amongst some, and there might bee meetings to greater profit et better purpose. For in the former, the Ministers Praying, Preaching, Repeating alone all the rest are idle and beside they may wrong the constitutions of some bodies <item make them to neglect their Calings and stil there Scope in all matters et the maine end should bee eyed. If people met and conferred and agreed vpon certain particulars which they would recommend to God as so many petitions in their Prayers, they might doe it apart every one at home which in some cases would bee as well et especially in these dangerous times et Persecutions, and then every one should bee put too it himselfe. Then there might bee meetings for encrease of knowledge. And Ministers should visit oftner their Parishioners and aske them Quæstiones or bid them to propose Quæstiones e.g. Did you vnderstand all my sermon. What Chapiter last did you reade? Did you vnderstand all there? and the like. This would taske them to privat duties <of reading> or drawe them encourage them. etc. All these and the like carry more substance in it then the pompous shew of Preaching. Hence

the effect of Preaching now a daies is so much that Applauding et Admiring Humour which Men would bee cured of this way.>
Cura Pastoralis
Th's another thing to Catechise and to preach Catechetically. Also all sorts of divinity should bee preached over eg. Catechetical, Problematical, Common-place, Casual, Textual. all should be considered et proposed.
Didactica Concionum
Divers places of Scripture against that impertinent Common-place divinity-preaching as in Acts. Paul. I have revealed the Whole Councel of God. Item I may abound the Gospel etc. which hee did in 3. yeares which doubtles hee could not have done if hee had dwelt so long vpon every branch and bumbasted out every particular. Pouller.
Didactica Concionum
the scope should bee to teach them the whole frame of divinity.
God is angry with those kind of Preachings, et therfore God suffers the opposition of X<sub>3</sub> [symbol for Laud ?] so much against that Ordinance which they should take notice of and looke to the prime cause.
Men should stand vpon the maine Scopes in their Texts, for this might bee one great benefit of the Sermons in London, that Men might resort when the choicest et wherin they desire most to bee informed, vnto them. which cannot bee done when they so much extravagat. for they may come 2. or 3. times before hee fals vpon the matter they desire.
Defect. Some of the faults when the Text leades Ministers never so directly to speake of some Time-sinne or abuse yet they will not come home too it but skippe it of purpose and so they count themselves discreet.
Defect. Another fault to bring in always Reasons in the cleerest things and exhortat when they should open the duty. Id.
Dents pathway translated into Welch. Id.

Borellus digessit Biblia in accuratiores et magis genuinos Locos Communes divinam mentem assequendo sive perscrutando. Per. docet, sancit Promittit Minatur. etc.
Borellius desiderata Biblica
Ironside told mee that Goodin of Cambridge had excellent Notes vpon the Revelation as himselfe some volumes of Mr Cottons sermons which cost him 3 lb. etc.
MS. Theologica
Ironside MS. Cottona.
Desideratum Omnes casus et directiones about Matrimonial Chastity et the contrary sinnes are not Ruled et fully discussed. therfore enquire in Mr Rogers Treatise of Marriage.
Desiderata Theologica Practica et Casualis
Goodin of Cambridge hase begun to goe over the Deceits of Ignorant Men. But did not absolve them, then the deceits of Civil Men where also at large of the Natural Conscience. Promised to answer the objections et Cavils et to adde the Deceits of Temporary Beleevers, doubted whether in the first place the State or Truenes of Grace should bee opened rather then deceits. But concluded that both way's the Church should bee holpen. Said also that Bowles had labored in this subject of Deceits.
Desiderata Theologica Practica
Professed most fitted for the Historie of Truths in Practical Divinity as hee calls them, to make a body of them. Also of the excellency difficulty et sublimity of the study of Practical Divinity.
Is now writing vpon the XI. Chapter of Revelation holds God will give up the Protestants to Popery so that the Emperor shal yet prevaile et Papacy get the Iurisdiction everywhere yet they shal not prevaile over the Conscience et it shall make for the good of his Church and so the witnesses shall bee slayen. i.e. Ministers slaughtered et put to death, not by X<sub>3</sub> [Laud ?] silenced but by the Beast in another manner etc.

et after this the Down-fal of Antichrist will follow. Goodin.
Dr Sips hase now begun to preach vpon the most excellent and deepest subject. vid. the witnesse of the Spirit. Hee handles admirable things in it and has absolved already 2. or 3. Pim.
The 11. Chapter Revelation is taken by Goodin as the History of particular occurrences which should come to passe. Hee said those of New-England would fai bee faine all to come over againe. Mr Mead mistaken about the Outward Court otherwise highly commendes him et sought for his acquaintance. Also Graserus hee commended very much and as much dispraised Pareus vpon the Revelation.
Selecti Libri Theologici [Com?]
Hee hase almost absolved his Notes vpon it et promised to communicate them to mee. Hee said hee could never bee at rest till hee had <brought> these his thoughts to paper. By outward Court intellegit the Carnal Professors. Witnes the godlier sort. Verstand auch diesen [Revelatione?].
Hee saw from Cambridge 10 or 12 of the strongest Reasons against the Sabbath that ever hee had seene. Et guessed them to bee of Chappels doing. Rivet makes it but of ecclesiastical constitution. Hee hase some peculiar Way or Notion by which only the Adversaries would bee convinced [deletion] and it was the same with Mr White of Dorchester. Twist also had communicated to Featly his Treatise. Hee observed that the Scripture in the Sabbath et baptism was not so cleere. Id et Baal.
MS. Sabbath.
Goodin. White.
Sabbath et Baptism
There is a way of Preaching which divers now a dayes begin to follow i.e. the Method which Dr Preston vsed in his Attributs.   As I vnderstand Mr Baal, to

make Practical Vses vpon maine fundamental Theoretical points, as Preston vpon the Attributes and Byfield a little. Both judged in the Ministry as the principal a Holy heart without which neither Notions nor Method would doe them good. Baal. Goodin.
Didactica Concionum
Lipsius Puteanus Barclæus styles liked best because they most irradiat the Mind and are most Real. Tilenus in Divinity hee liked much. Calvin blamed for too much oratoricalnes. Et Generally found with method Artificial et Keckermann bodying of truths and not prosecuting the rice of truths Naturally e.g. as inferior truths how they flow in a way of subordination from the maine fundamental truths. Wherin all Arts and disciplines were much defective by reason of this binding of truths to artificial Rules which were so forced and imperfect. Goodin.
Didactica England
Desiderata Reformation
It were good to write the History of Practical divinity how it is come in England to this height of excellency. These Churches not being troubled with so many controversies, Men have bent all their wit parts, Learning for the Converting of soules not only to informe their vnderstanding but how with the best skil dexterity et Art they might worke and cease vpon the Affections and to preach all truths to such practical Endes. Then also the People by their several cases, troubles of Conscience and other Quæris have given occasion to search deeper into all truths this way. Also by their owne observation, conversation, experiences much hase beene done. Many excellent Spiritual Truths are contained in Luthers Writings which are not taken notice of. Id.
Didactica Theologica
Lutheri opera.
Practica Theologica

Goodin troubled much at the <1> expressions of the Notions (which come in by way of sparklings and certain rayes, radii) yet this very indeavoring to bring them forth hints many excellent Notion. 2. and the right Ordering of it so that one thing should give light to the other by way of natural consequences and due subordinations. Id.
Ars Meditationis
Dr Sibs hase preached abundance of most excellent Sermons of the highest diversity (hee being one of the most experimental divines now living) vpon the subject about the Sealing of the Spirit and now hee is vpon the witnessing. Mr Pim.
Theologica Practica
Sealing within of spirit.
Mr Gurdon Medicus lent to Tolneus a MS. called a Catechisme made et delivered by Mr Richard Stocke Preacher of God's Word at All hallowes Bred-street begun the 18. of October 1618. It was not absolved but came to the duties of servants. But I wish that the plot in Mr Iones Catechisme might bee perfected more Stresoniano i.e. rejectis rejiciendis et additis addendis.
MS. Theologica
Desiderata Catechisma
In stead of Reduction of the Analytical Parts of Commentary Brookes would have meere References <and> else 2. the true Rules of Analysis better to bee found out and cleered then yet hitherto they have beene. Else they being made Methodo Arbitraria if one should reduce all their would bee nothing but great Confusion in it and no body would read it or bee able to make vse of it. Brook.
Stresoniani[altered] opera.
Theologia Polemica <Bellarmini> is come out tabelwise contrived by some in Oxford. 1635.
Libri Theologici Elenchtica
Double translations will rectifie ones composition but not afforde vs plenty of heads or expressions as Particular [Propositions?]

will doe and other phraseological books of which Schonsleder, Pareus and Starkius are the best and Steroechius or comme hee that's commended by Comenius Grammar de particulis Linguarum. His boyes bee will expresse themselves admirable so farre as their Authors will afford them heads. Brukius.
Didactica styli.
Mr Goodin confessed himself to bee fit not so much to write of duties as to set forth the State of Grace and to write as it were the History of Conversion which hee could doe in such a manner as that the greatest wisdome should appeare in it, which never hase been hitherto (et therfore Men commonly slight this kind of Study so much and Socinians and other Heretikes cavil so much at it) observed and set out sufficiently. As for duties other Men can doe them better.
Desiderata Theologica Practica
Hee hase begun also the deceits of Ignorant Men, 2. Profane Men.
Desiderata Theologica Practica
To the deceits of Civility hee is yet to set downe the several cavils and objections which are brought in both generally and particularly, as against the whole Worke of Conversion that there must bee such a thing, so against the worke of sanctification then against the Sabbath. Meanes duties and the like straitnes of the Rule etc.
Of the deceits of Temporary beleevers (for Civil Men being but in those Cavils and objections) hee hase begun to write in Latin and would faine make an end of them. Yet of all whatever hee had done hee counted that lost and the Meanest of all his writings of

which hee said hee had good store in other more Spiritual and excellent subjects. Great mind to goe to Vsher et to perfect that there for the good of forraine Churches to which most his heart was inclining vnto.
MS. Goodin
First to publish them as Sermons preached in England and fitted to this Climate. 2. post from the godliest Ministers of those parts to gather the rest of the deceits, Cavils, objections, and the like et so to perfect this subject and to adde them secunda impressione.
Desiderata Theologica Practica
Hee said very few good bookes in the world. 3. or 4. hundred lb. hee thought would buy them all. Commended Verulams writings above all Raleighs preface to the Historie which hee counted one of the excellentest peeces in the world for matter and eloquence or style. Id.
Censura librorum
Libri selecti Historici
Would have a style of divines to bee Real and metaphorical, and commended much Tilenus, and such kind of writings or Speeches would pierce more et affect more. Piscator was farre too low, et imbasing the excellency of divinity. Id.
Didactica Theologica Concionum
Dr Berinsford of Sepulcers Minister, honest man, against Brooke, Arminianism. Burton.
Mercurius Botanicus sive plantarum gratia suscepti Itineris Anno 1634. Descriptio cum earum nominibus Latinis et Anglicis etc. Huic accessit de Thermis Bathonicis Tractatus 1634. NB. Pfatio vbi plurima ad Factorium medicum.
Libri selecti Medici
Mr Goodin hase handled the print of the Natural Conscience et those deceits very largely.
Few good English bookes. the best things are kept in Mens studies, in MS. so that hee counted those which

Cotton only had done were worth all that ever was printed. Vsher counselt all good book's to bee bought vp and sent into some parts of America for preservation, holding that they would labor to root out all the godly Men and their books.
MS. Angliæ
Reason why more excellent MS. now because that this Age is so much improved. Goodin.
The Lutherans are excellent in the point of Iustification. Id.
Luther. Iustificatio.
Held of Pacification the same what of Alchymi, light by the bye vpon many excellent things but itself would never bee compassed. Commonly but a mingling of truths and falshood and coming halfe way to meet one another. Ergo
Pax Ecclesiastica
So farre hee liked only of it as it was subordinate to Practical Divinity by taking or allaying the heat of Controversy and to bring in that. Id.
Oughtred hase written a New-gaging line. 1633.
Libri selecti Mathematici
Goodin hase MS. 2 copies one faire written de Peccato Originali, and of Walking in Darknes. i.e spiritual desertion, and of Praier how to know whether they bee heard?
MS. Goodin
Scripture divides Men into 1. the Ignorant of the law. 2. Publicans or Sinners. 3. Pharisees. 4. Temporary beleevers which are of 2. sorts, which have but a light worke wrought in them. 2. a more lasting et yet fal away. Id.
Theologica Practica
the least haire of falshood made all Posterity to smart for it. Id.
Pax Ecclesiastica
The Worke of Grace is the only thing to bee imparted vnto the Church. Goodin hase no mind to goe over the objections which Civil Men have. Which yet should bee done. 2. and done in such a way as hee would, as objections against the worke of Conversion itself etc. desideratum also that Goodin would but give vs the Heads of it.
Desiderata Theologica Practica
Desidero vt Goodin judicet de Mediis Pietatis didacticæ pscriptis a

Duræo, Comenio, Evenio et Quæstionibus Pædagogicis et addere sua.
[Didactica?] Pietatis
Item Parænesum instituere de studio conscientiæ sive Theologia Experimentali, Casuali, Practica, Spirituali.
Communicare omnia MS. de didactica Linguarum et stylorum et perficere Brukiana Instrumenta.
Goodin Treatise of deceits something differing from Dykes, for it is meerly of the deceits of Men about their estates, and no other particulars.
Theologica Practica
It were very requisite to get divers Optical glasses to represent Rainebowes etc. and the like.
Lord Newcastle that spent so much
in the feasting of the King how easily could hee make for a thousand lb. Encyclopedia singularium which might bee set forth cum didactica et repræsented for the education of the Regal Children as likewise as a patterne for others to follow in their didacticks.
Lord Newcastle.
Or the king himself how save in stead of One Maske, and I thinke it would not cost so much.
Where Mr Duræus say's in Spirituali Agricultura. - si vnquam via illa regia sanctitatis sternetur humano generi etc. Pædogogos Mercuriales fore statuas I doe not believe it said Mr Nye.
Didactica Pædagogica
Desideratum the deceits of particular Coruptions as of fornication. etc are not sufficiently discovered which Goodin was likewise very able to doe.
Desiderata Theologica Goodin
II. Locus de decretis non est sufficienter elaboratus, vnde tot. Errores Socinianorum Arminianorum Lutheranorum. Goodin etiam promisit hunc elaborare.
Goodin scit egregium MS. A Mille Annis nî fallor. Wood.
MS. Theologica Goodin.
Est etiam Millenarius et legit singulares opiniones de vltimo

vltimo judicio, Martyribus, et multis locis Sacrarum Scripturarum.
Gloriam suam proposuit sibi Deus administrare triplici modo
I. gloria Gratiæ sic elegit Christum incarnandum et beatos Angelos.
II. Gratiæ et Iustitiæ mixtim, sic salutem Hominum miserorum procuravit.
III. Solius justitiæ sic damnationem peccatorum. Tolneus.
Twissus optime scripsit de decretis inter omnes alios. Amesius videtur sibi contradicere in multis. Id.
Decreta dei
Amesius semper solitus est dicere si quis legerit doctrinam de decretis illum naturum totius Theologiæ recte addidicisse. Tolneus
Didactica Theologica
The Treatise of Goodins deceits is but handled Negatively, that the Processio gratiæ and the Positive truths are to follow, which also by this meanes will bee much illustrated. And[altered] then it is too bee NB. that it handles not the Deceits of Particular Sins as Dyke dose for the most part, but only of Mens Estates. Hee wil adde also somewhat concerning the Objections about faith Humiliation, which in a manner hee hase done, only wil adde those concerning Sanctification and the rest hee will leave out. Some things there are in the particulars of Conscience which rather belong to Temporaries which hee wil take out and referre thether. Hee als hase already Materials for that Treatise. Id.
Tractatus deceits.
Hee counts little of our Theologs, thought Gomarus to bee a peevish fellow, writing so professedly against Rivet de Sabbatho. Et was ashamed of Pareus his Commentary vpon the Revelation. Brightman having gone before him so much. Id.