The Hartlib Papers

Title:Ephemerides 1634 Part 4, Hartlib
Dating:1634 (After 11 July)
Ref:29/2/33A-43B: 38A in code, 38B BLANK
Notes:Ephemerides 1634 is divided between 6 files.

As for Authors Tully, Sallust, Livius et Quintilian declamations. Horne hase many papers and labors much in the didactica oratoriæ. Horne.
Placius praised exceedingly Tricinium Grimnii Dantisci impressum, et felicissime ista Methodo docuit Musicians et got a great deale by it. Adami.
Didactica Musica Libri selecti
One Bret composed a brave Sentious Concordance vpon the Bibel but it was refused to bee licenced, at the red lion in Pauls Church yard it is to be enquired.
MS. Libri
Anglici Biblici.
Morinus hase written excellently de Veritate Hebraica Bibliorum textus q jam a nonnullis Pontificiis disputatur sed huc controversia tanquam pro aris defendenda et Lydiat videtur aliquid in ea moliri. Lydiat.
Sir H. Bonser scribit Historiam Henrici VIII. 2. Petty. 3. Sir Will. Boswel. 4. Sackvil. 5. Herbert etc. habent collegium Historicum etc. et conveniunt de [Medicis?] Historiis imp. Sir Kellam Digby.
Anglicæ viri docti.
No better and more Soveraigne Medecin against the biting of a mad dogge then to cast the partie into sea or salt water. This is found the only Remedy. Fenner et Dr Majerne. Et to trie whether the party bee madde some basin with water is to bee presented to them they will desire to drink but will staire et bee astonished exceedingly if it bee brought nearer to their face, et if they doe so, then they are mad, or will be. Probatum est. Autor Alting.
Coddorwood welcher sich nennt diocklairen <in Martyrologio quodam>. Dam. wird gesaget Hist. S. Ist ein man von grosser erfahrung vnd aufmerckung.
Libri selecti Histor.
By Mr Walter Ellet made over the 11 of Iuli 1634. the somme of fourtie pounds to Mr Dury in the presence of Mr Tolner.

Arthur Barnardiston Esqr et Thomas Barnardiston Christopher Banck's et Iohn Bigg Executors to the Lady Katherine Barnardiston deceased and Mr Stephen Marshal Minister whose approbation they must have in disposing of the mony.
One Dottery or Tottere hase written a Real Concordance that can not bee licensed an honest Man of Yorkshire. Also one Iewel, a Gentel of the middle Temple is vpon another. Sir I. Gepson is entirely acquainted with him.
Concordance Sacrarum Scripturarum.
Mr Reinolds hase an excellent Treatise vpon Repentance et his Ethicks are to bee reviewed et printed Anonymous. His vaine lyes chiefly for expressions et expounding of Scriptures. Et so hee is now contriving a Commentary vpon the lesser Prophets. Hee commends much Turnovius for opening the sense of the Scripture. Reinolds purpose no more to write sermons but Commentaries. Preached very long vpon that of Iohn. When the spirit shal come shal convince the World of judgment etc about infidelity. Studies 8. houres a day constantly a brave Latinist.
Libri selecti Theologici [Anglici?] Repentance.
Sequentes libri tanquam insignia Media essentialiter requisiti. 1. [Bythner?] de Conscientia. 2. Bowles Pastor Anglic. 3. Conciones Catecheticæ Amesi. 4. <Dyke et> Goodin omnia of selfe-deceitfulnes, et adhuc elaborandum of temporaries. 5. Hookers omnia MS. 6. Sips omnia de fide. 7. Goodin of Coleman street omnia de fide etc. 8. Conciones Biblicæ White, Streso, Duræus, Speed.
Didactica studii Theologicorum imprimorum Ministerium.
Arthur Barnardiston Esqr, Thomas Barnardiston, Christopher Banks et Iohn Bigg Executors to the Lady Catherin Barnardiston deceased Mr Stephen Marshal Minister whose approbation they must have in disposing of the monys.

Desideratum Fenneri Theologia deberet perfici et postea Locum Vestibuli Historici obtinere in   systemate perfectiori Theologiæ Stresoniano. NB.
Streso. Fabrica
Systemata Theologiæ
Carnal Professor Bolton. 1634.
Libri Anglici.
     Hailes of Oxford counted an extraordinary great Scollar but always brings in some erroneous opinion or other. Set forth a most choice et learned Sermon vpon that of Peter - they wreste their words to their owne. etc which is very hard to bee gotten.
Hailes. Viri docti Angliæ.
Libri selecti Anglici
Reinolds hase a special faculty et taken greatest paines about Original Sinne.
Peccatum Originale Reinolds.
To send to the Lord Paget inquire at Bosoms Inne in S. Lawrence Lane for the Lichfield Carrier. Direct the Letter to the Lord Paget at Beadesert in Staffordshire.
To Mr Benlow - leave it at the Crowne in Pauls Church yard.
My Lord of Dorshet Tutor to his Sonnes desires but 8. or 12. very yong. Hee teaches them Realities and goes vp and downe in gardens etc with them. Hase beene heretofore a Iesuite and now is turned.
Didactici Præcept.
Did. Æt. Infant.
Branthwait knowes him who can informe us of him.
Edita est nuperrime Confessio Fratrum Vnitatis. Lesnæ.
Libri Pacificationis
Enchiridion Locorum Communium Biblicorum Fernenecii Ungari recognitum a Tossano 1628. vel 1630.
Libri Selecti Theologici.
Vtitur Altingus tanquam duobus suis oculis. Tolney.
Desideratum Engines to pul out mighty Trees by the rootes. Would bee exceeding vseful in all Plantations. This is to bee proposed to Bergerus. NB.
Inventio Bergerus
Vt in omnibus locis Title-pages bee printed et distributed as the fashion is in England et Fraunce.

1. Titulos Specialissimos Medullæ Amesianæ sicut Keckermann in Apparatu Practico.
2. Dubium de Partitionibus et dispositione sive Reductione Bibliorum.
Desid. etiam Biblicum colligere Titulos Specialissimos Materiarum quod hactenus non observatum. Optime poterit fieri beneficio Duræanæ Analyseos dum dispescit singula in sua subjecta et Materias. sive etiam Analysin Reinerianam.
Desiderata Theologica.
1. vt Knigh Cottons Concordia   in Vocibus. 2. Wallis in phrasibus 3. Wilson in vocibus. 4. Knight in Axiomate quod perfici deberet. 5. sic
Concordiæ Rerum desiderantur quales ille videtur adornasse. in Yorkshire dubium quid sentiendum de Tabula illa præfixa Twise bibliis Anglicis vbi distinctiones Rerum in Textu jubentur observari. Miracula, Vaticinia, Historia Nemeseos divinæ quod membrum omissum. etc. hac Ratione Tituli Tabulæ Duræanæ Biblicæ perficerentur plenissime.
Didactica Lectionis Scripturarum
Et an non Biblia ita excerpenda et colligenda essent.
Disciplina Ecclesiastica Fratrum Vnitatis. Lissæ impressa. NB.
Pax Ecclesiastica
Bullachers figuren biblische figuren mit dem Vnterricht wie sie zu gebrauchen.
Edidit etiam in Institutiones tales Picturas.
Quia defectus Equorum in Germania in [Aratione?] si illa Inventio succedet de Vectione absque Equis etc. fortassis aliquid poterit applicari ad [Arationem?] ex illa Inventione per inquirendum.
Inventiones Agricultura
Calcinographia Pelleana. I desire that hee would particularly et largely describe it in all parts, for the frame charge and vses of it.
Pell. Desiderata Typographica
Goodin edet inperfectos Tractatus 1. of sines against knowledge. 2. De Precatione. 3. Of Walking in darknes. 4. of growth in Grace quos Daulman habet.
MS. Daulman
Libri Anglici
Systemata excerpenda. 1. Mysteriorum. 2. Visionum. 3. Apologorum. 4. Prædictionum <Vaticiniorum>. 5. Parabolarum. 6. Proverbiorum 7. Ritualium. 8. Locorum obscurorum et dubiorum. 9. Locorum Elenchticorum sive depravatorum.

10. Systema Locorum Problematicorum. 11. Systema Locorum Parallelorum. 12. Systema Methodicum Emanationum Scripturalium. 13. Systema Summariorum. 14. Systema Doctrinarum concinnatarum Richersonianum vel Stresonianum. 15. Systema Analyticæ Generalissimæ. 16. Systema Paragraphicum. 17. Systema Analyticæ Specialis Popularis. 18. Systema Reconciliorum Scriptorum. 19. Systema Hieroglyphicum 20. Systema Criticum. 21. Systema Phraseologicum. 22. Systema Proverbiorum. 23. Sanctæ [Philologiæ?]. 24. Systema Historiarum. 25. Systema Historiæ Nemeseos divinæ. 26. Systema Miraculorum. 27. Systema pugnæ Spiritus et Carnis. 28. Systema Finium Principalium Doctrinæ veritatis Fidei. 29. Systema Redargutionis Erroris. 30. Systema Institutionis Virtutis in Mandato. 31. Systema in Admonitione. 32. Systema Correctionis Vitii in Prohibitione. 33. Systema in Reprehensione. 34. Systema Consolationis Instructoriæ. 35. Systema Consolationis Hortatoriæ. 36. Systema Similitudinum. 37. Systema Poenarum et Iudiciorum Dei. i.e. [deletion]. 1. the several kinds of plagues et punishments for sinne. 2. the execution et accomplishment.
38. Systema Afflictions of the Godly et their deliverences.
39. Systema Exampels of Obedience.
40. Systema Exampels of disobedience.
41. Systema Promissionum with the accomplishment et execution.
42. Systema Comminorium with the Execution et accomplishment.
43. Systema Precationis i.e. 1. Petitionis. 2. Intercessionis. 3. Quærelæ. 4. Imprecationis. 5. Gratulationis in laudibus. 6. Gratiarum Actione.
44. Systema Mercies [Mercedis?] Positivæ et Privativæ.
45. Systema Viri Pii. The gift's et graces of the Godly. 2. their Infirmities or faults greater or lesser. 3. the properties et signs of a wicked Man.
46. Systema Viri Impii. 1. The common gifts et favors of God

to the wicked. What et How many they bee. 2. their foule Offences. 3. the signes et Properties.
47. Systema Versionum. 48. Systema Analyticæ specialissimæ.
48. Systema Elenchticæ Neodorpianæ. 49. Systema Locorum Communium Romæo-Sculteti.
49. Systema Eclogatoriæ Commentariorum Stresonianæ. 50 Systema Knighti Concordantiarum.
51. Systema Singularium biblicorum hic Rosenbachi.
51. Systema Encyclopædiæ Biblicæ hic Triumphi.   Alstedi.
52. Systema Quæstionum Biblicarum Stresonis.
53. Systema Ianuæ V. T. et Grammaticæ. 54. Systema Ianuæ N. T. et Grammaticæ. 55. Systema Locorum Communium Duræanorum.
Technol. Theol.
Berneggerus egregie et voluminose perfecit Thesaurum Linguæ Græcæ Henrici Stephani sed nullus suppeditare vult sumptus ad imprimendos illos libros. Sic etiam singulares Editiones Classicorum Authorum suis sumptibus instituit et vult omnes ita edere. sicut jam incepit Florum Sallustum.
Desiderata Linguæ Græcæ.
Editiones Librorum
There are many grosse Errors left vncorrected in the new Encyclopædia Alstedi especially in Mathematick's as especially in Arithmetic et Geometry by which Tyrones would certainly be much wronged.
Desiderata Encyclopædiæ Alstedi
This is one of the Reasons why hee is helden so contemptible. Kochius.
Mris Fennick a Gentlewoman Author Libri of the promises hase written Commentary of doctrines from Genesis to the end of the Revelation. Mr Daulmans keeping. NB.
MS. Anglicana Biblica.
Becmannus grande volumen sive Systema adornet contra Wigelianos et ejusmodi fanaticos quod Dn. Regius vidit.
MS. Libri Theologici.
Richard Bernard hase made an exact Treatise for Charity or Li-

berality the compleatest that ever hase beene written. Mr Byfield can helpe mee to it. Also a Treatise of the Sabbath of his doing. Byfield. Is gone to G. or H. in his Concordance.
MS. Theologicum Byfield.
All bookes of Hugh Plate are choice et rare. NB. The New et Admirable Art of setting of Corne with all the necessarie Tooles and other circumstances belonging to the same the particular Titles wherof are set downe in the page following. 1601. Hic liber deberet verti et communicari Iungio.
Libri selecti Anglici. Plate. Physici.
Desiderata Iungius.
Reinolds hase an excellent MS. vpon the Sacrament of Lord's supper quod Mr Nye had a whole yeare.
Reinolds Nye MS.
Streithagen one of the chiefest that accommodates himself to Methodus Anglicana, vnderstands somewhat English. A dainty Orator et vernacular linguist. Rulitius.
Viri Illustri Germaniæ Palatinæ
It is held donum miraculorum will bee bestowed yet vpon the Church. Lord Brooke.
1. A gracious et sanctified Heart <et affections>. 2. Compasse of the Language. One would admire what language et expressions these will affoord, as wee see in the pulpet. Nye. 3. And Natural Parts which also must bee. NB.
Didactica Oratoriæ.
Streithagen scit Optimos Libros in didactica Eloquentiæ Germaniæ. Calvini Institutiones optime versæ sunt.
Streithagen Didactica Eloqentiæ Germanicæ
Dn. Bergerus scit vbi Leatherne Musquets.
Cum Instrumento Geometrico currus Bergeriani to apply it to all sorts of Mensurations by way of Gymnastica i.e. Geometrica Exercitia. Item, Statica Exercitia Bergeriana.
Didactica Gymnasticæ
1. Catalogus librorum Anglicorum Bibliotheca Ianua Gram. Logic. Præcept.Angl. 2. Catalogus MS. et Typographia Pelliana. 3. Conciones pcipuorum virorum hujus Regni. 4. Tractatus specialissimi elaboratissime et plenissime de novo

componendi loco Augmentorum quorum Medulla et Epitome in Systema inserenda. 5. Bibliotheca Materiarum Hazardi. 6. Collectanea Stresoniana. 7. Ideæ Stresonianæ. 8. Systema Vniversalissimum Stresonianum a Germanis postea ex Tractatibus illis adornandum. 9. Systema Pietatum particularia etiam pro populo i.e. vtiliores Materiæ prolixiuscule pertractatæ.
Desiderata Anglicana
One may transplant 10. or 20. their transportation (every one wil cost 20 lib. et which wil keepe them a yeare.) post every yeare wages et clothes only necessary, hoc est 3 lib. vestes et 3 lib. wages. Now for this they might have occasion to doe abundance of good to their Mr if they were but directed. 1. in respect of Masters. 2. planting of vineyards. 3. flaxe. etc. Lord Brooke
In the Inventions of Waight some may bee applied to short and ridiculous feates. e.g. the dwarfe should bee able to drag the great Porter which way hee listed by a certain girdel which might bee applied to his body and also wind him vp vpon a pole and there handle him as hee pleased. So a Mouse should bee able to winde vp a Cat a Cat a dogge a dogge an Oxe etc. Hox-heads of wine to bee easily et commodiously transported and dragged too and fro which commonly 8 or 10 Men were to performe might bee done by 2. by the helpe of this Invention. Also the wagon can bee made with greater wheeles. etc.
Inventiones Bergerianæ.
In Invention of Nova Typographia dubium if tin <or pewter> will not proove too thinne when many Copies are to bee printed of, et so Cupper being more lasting will bee better.
Inventio Pelleana Typographus.
Also to bee tried whether by a kind of engraving-writing vpon thin or pewter it being blacked with Printers Inke and so printed of will not doe the feat.

Amesius maxime laudavit inter Rolloci scripta Tractatulum appensum Epistolæ ad Hebræos vbi distinctam illam cognitionem et differentiam hausit inter Regenerationem Iustificationem et Sanctificationem. Tolneus.
Libri Sececti Theologici
1. to take plates of Cupper. 2. to polish them exactly. 3. to rounde it with waxe in the margent. 4. to spread tallow or waxe (or to flow it upon) very thine vpon it as can bee. 5. to write the letters backwards. 6. with a Penne. 7. to poure and sprinkle vpon it Aqua fortis or Shide-Wasser. 8. to let it lye eating in halfe-an-houre. 9. to take of cleanly the tallow. 10. to wipe neatly the plate. 11. to blacke it. 12. to print it of with a Cupper-stuck Presse. Another Experiment is to bee taken vpon tinne or blocke Tinne and to get the feate of Polishing from Pell. Dn. Bergerus.
Inventio vel didactica Typographiæ Novæ.
Omnium optimam Grammaticarum Linguæ Hebraicæ censet Dury Ioannis Trostii excellentissimi illius didactici Hebrææ Linguæ Hafniæ impressam. comprehendit vnica Regula quod alii vix decem.
Didactica Linguæ Hebraicæ Grammatica
Edging of letters the Printer of Pictures counted it impossible. But wee finde the contrary. and it will doe well enough, if it bee but better edged. also for the ground waxe is not good but rather tallow. or some other thing yet to bee enquired. Also wee have seene now how to remedy one great inconvenience which is Not to write backwards. by doubling the printed paper the one bee always lost. 9. August.
Didactica Typographiæ Novæ.
Virgilius Evangelizans. NB. 1634 cum Notis Edinburgi.
Der Traiteri filius habet MS. aliquot egregie nî fallor medica. Libri selecti didacticæ Orator inprimis Brukius laudavit. Institutiones Vossi in 4. NB.
Didactica Pacis.
MS. Mede Traiter
Didactica Oratoriæ

The Principal Meanes of Reforming of the Palatinate are 1. to maintaine a Professor Theologiæ Practicæ in Academiæ. 2. Senator Ecclesiasticus a wise et Godly Man. 3. Professor in Collegio Sapientiæ. 4. Some 20 or 30. good Ministers. 5. Versio aliquot Librorum. 6. Reformatio Academiarum et Scholarum.
Reform Palatinate
Berger hase lighted also vpon a new way of polishing of Cupper as also Pell of pewter or tinne. One maine thing yet to adde to this Invention is to make it cheaper. for now a sheete wil come to 20 shillings if in brasse but if in tinne then it will bee farre cheaper, which is yet fullier to bee experimented. Now the benefits of such an Art are very many et great. Amongst others, 1. It serves much for secrecy. 2. it most [altered from is] easy et every body may learne it wheras setting or composing is very hard et must bee learned. 3. It is speedier then printing, 2 or 3 sheetes in a day. 4. One Man may doe all. 5. it is more portable. 6. It serves much for Chaunceries. 7. It will not bee perceived that it's printed but shew neerly as writing. 8. It wil present divers hands.
Typographia Nova.

[Code: not transcribed.]

Mr Nye preferres our Way or Invention farre before Mr Pels and countes that not worth the looking after. Wishes in stead of Cupper-plate to trie Latin black, which is cut out in sheets and would bee farre more cheaper.
Typographica Pelleana.
If one could devise a more compendious and dispatching Way of Composing printing would still bee the best. Pell seemes to have found out a compend for Composing.
Desiderata Typographica
A choice booke for all manner of Inventions is counted Mechanica Bassoni. or Bessoni. Mr Nye hase but the 1. Part et desires much the other.
Libri Selectiores Inventiones
Mr Davenport commended Tossani Commentarium in Novum Testamentum [.0-?] Latina above all the rest. It's short but very solid.
Libri Selectiores Theologici Commentaria
Byfield on the Colossians hase followed Consilium Sculteti de Procedendo. Nye.
Maximæ Status colligendæ tam accurate sicut Vtres Cælestes Verulamiani. Esset omnium Operum Politicorum optimum vid. etiam literas Pohmeri.
Desiderata Didactica Politica
In Politicæ didactica 2. desiderantur. 1. Quomodo Secretiores maximæ status colligendæ ex maxime politicis - Historicis. 2. Quo Modo et Methodo an tali qualem Webbius præscripsit.
NB. Collegium Historicum Londini instituitur inter illustres quasdam personas e.g. Sir H. Spelman. Sir Will. Boswel. Lydiat. Petty. [symbol for Nye] et nonullos alios. ibi hæc duo poterunt proponi.
Etiam Mr Ruthen expiscari Autorem Politicarum Hispanicarum et NB. quod tam varii et egregii viri scripserunt Historiam Henrici VII. sicut jam Herberto a Rege mandatum est post Verulamium. Etiam inquirendum a my Lord Brooke quod agit cum relictis MS. Historicis Sir Fulk Grevil.
Lord Brooke
Et præfatio Raleigh consideranda. Item pparenda hæc desiderata Dn. Speed. Rusdorf. Pots.
Speed. Rushdorf. Pots. Didactica Historiæ.
Mr Goodman habet MS. of an English-Protestant Nunnery.
MS Goodman

Fishards libri Germanici seeme to have abundance of Policy in them sub involucro fabularum as Rablais Pandagruel whom hee hase translated it so admirably into Dutch. At Strasburg they may bee had.
Libri Selecti Germanici
Berneggerus a great Historian especially et Mathematician, a very humble Man, mighty bookish, a great library. Iesuita donavit an excellent Instrumentum Opticum.
Valde commendavit Backovi filius Paschalium in descriptione virtutum vti etiam in directione appenda de stylo sive optimo dicendi genere.
Didactica Oratoriæ et Styli
De Dieu findes much fault with Beza's Translation in many things. Edidit Notas criticas doctissimas in Biblia. Sic etiam Heinsius mila absolvit Opus Criticum in totum Novo Testamento quod fors edet post divulgata Biblia novæ Editionis Belgicæ.
Didactica Theologica
One Mr Iohnson Townsing a Minister in Yorke-shire whom I heard preacht the 24. of August 1634. vpon that of S. Iohn 15 [symbol for caput?] v. 1-2. Ille fittest to lay out the way et Evangelical Method to come vnto Godlines. Excellently laid out the power of Iustification et Evangelical goodnes against all Moralists, Naturalists, Pharisees. etc Enlarging that of Streso, that all our happines and that which makes vs good consists in receiving, to get faith in Christ's Righteousness et from him his spiritual favor of God's pardon of sin. Christ dwelling in him i.e. To have vnion et communion with him. Idem per Streso in desid. Minist.
Didactica Pietatis. Iohnson Townsing fides.
Didactica Concionis scripturæ
Also hee followes in the Way of Preaching Opening of Scriptures and stayes by the next.
Hee [deletion] should bee very fit to deale with Socinians et to refute Refutationem Actorum Lips    et Librorum de Reformatione. etc.
Also both Mr Goodins.
Goes vpon the spiritual sense.
Didactica spiritualis Theolog

Der Herr Morinus last sein Buch de longitudine et latitudine drucken. Paris. 1634 22. August.
Libri Mathematici
Man hat einen Mercurium Helveticum gedruckt. Ist sehr gutt, aber französich.
Izt hat man alhie einen discurse von etlichen so besessen sein wollen. Epstein.
Ich hab von Frau Maria Fabri die die gelehrteste frau in gantz Europa itziger zeit sein soll ein schönes französisch geschriebenes tractòtlein empfangen welches Sie willens ausgehen zu lassen. Mag auf 40. oder 45. bogen sich erstrecken. Begeret meiner Meinung darüber. Es tractiret von allen buchern der gantzen Bibel von Genesis an biss Apocalyp. darnach stelt es vor augen mit schönen terminis vnd grossem eyfer die furnehmsten Sunden die itzt im schwung gehen, dadurch sucht sie die Menschen nit allein gelehrt zu machen in Gottes wort, sondern auch gotselig in leben. Dem Herrn hab vor diesem geschrieben dass sie mir damals 4. Editionen ihres ersten französichen buchs geschickt hat. Welches buch sehr woll gemacht. Turin. 4 August 1634.
Libri Didactici Biblici.
Novum Testamentum pulcerrime impressum Anglice Edinburg in great 8.
Libri Selectiores Anglici
I desire that the old Testament may bee printed as the Novum Testamentum in Edinburg.
Optimum representandi Medium ist the Hides or skinnes of Beasts to bee filled. One fellow at Dresden that could doe it most artificiously or rather Naturally, with eyes of glasse. etc. One amongst the rest in the kunstkamer Electoris Saxon a Harkirsch most lively represented. Et besides in his belly put all the several Medecins which are made of every part of the hart. Mons. Traiter.
Didactica Encyclopædia Singularium.

Giggius edidit Lexicon Arabicum omnium Amplissimum aliquot Tomis Mediolani impressum venditur pro 12. lb. Anno 1634.
Libri Arabici.
Gelebrandus edit Tractatum de Magnete quod statim vertetur in alias Linguas.
Libri Selecti Physici.
Prodiit Liber Gallicus 1634. Vocatur Visiones Italienses videtur contra Pedantes esse conscriptus.
Libri didactici
Hase a great mind to elaborate Of the dutie of a Minister perhaps aliquid de Cura Pastorali. Also of family duties.
Always to get the Catalogues from Fetherstone's shop etc. which are sent to my Lord Primate or others.
Factoria Eruditionis
1 Die Naturen - kunst - [Pratrichentòt?] - raritòt    kammeren.
1 In priora[altered] Macrocosmus et microcosmus totus.
2 In 2 [secunda] singularia vtriusque.
2. Vtrumque medium esse deberet Culturæ Animorum Puerilium sive teneriorum et quod Verulam de re
dramatica idem de his - Res disciplinaria facta vnum ex pstantissimis esset Mediis didacticis.
One Pordage broches new-fangled opinions concerning the signes, that No Man can trie himself by them, but was to stay by for an over-powring light. Mr Davenport hase preacht against him et much taken against his tenents.
Pordage. Theologica.
Emanationibus Scripturarum perficiendis no Man better then Mr White of Dorchester and his collegue Mr Ben who hase learned it of him, most naturally et fully to collect Data
White. Ben. Desiderata Biblica Emanationes scripturarum
Now Reinolds was for expounding or briefe Notes, who commends much Tarnovius in this.
Sudgwick hase 20. or more Sermons vpon the power of the Word or Ministery. Text. I came in power, not in word. etc.
libri selecti Lutherani Bibliotheca.
Sudgwick MS.
Vossius said of the MS. in Bennet-Colledge that there were more in that library then in all others of Germany. Et that the obscurest could mightily inclarescere by them. Mr Mead.
MS. Cantabrig.
Petty is sent again to Rome to buy vp all manner of rari-

ties et Antiquities. Et it is the general humour of this Countrey to give charge to all Merchants to buy vp Rare book's.
Petty. Anglia.
There may be a special finger of God's providence in this though for the present we see no great vse of these matters. As the Inventors of Printery litle thought that such great matters should bee done by it.
It is become a matter of fashion amongst Gentlemen, Noblemen, Cities etc. to have also a Library as wel as an Orchard. etc.
Strange to behold the madnes of those times. Id.
No man was so skilled in all the principles of Controversies as Field. purposely sais with the Lutherans that Peace should be mad, et wil defend it, et generally the whole booke tends that way. Id.
Pax Ecclesiastica.
The Samaritan Pentateuch etc. the Auncient M.S. is kept here amongst the English, tho it bee set out with the Great Bibel in Fraunce. Id.
Libri Rariores Angliæ.
Mortoni Liber de Eucharistia is turned into Latin by some Dutch-Man.
Versio Librorum Anglicorum
Brerewoods Prædicata et pdicabilia.
Libri Logici.
Scriptura Sacra in Locos Communes Morum commodiore quam hactenus Methodo ad vsum concionum digesta cum Interpretatione difficiliorum. Tomus.
Technol. Biblici.
1. R. P. Antonii de Balinghem Soc. I. Duaci, 1621, in fol.
A Short table containing the most vsual and most hard Words in the french tongue being either altogether or almost meerly French vnderivable from any other Language.
Didactica Linguæ Gallicæ
Desiderata Linguæ Gallicæ
Sunt 700. circiter vocabula. Proverbia jam reduci deberet in illa Tabula et supplementum institui.
Tabulæ didacticæ Iamesti. Linguarum Gallicæ et Italicæ.
MS. didactica Lingua Gallicæ.
Sylvester von der heiden. Philippus of der Beeck.
In Comeni versionibus. 1. Indicem ciphrare. 2. [supplementum?] pro qualibet versione adornare et 3 Indicem conficere cum ciphratione. Horne.
Desiderata Fabrica
Ianua. Horne

The abrogation of Termes et Notions breedes oftentimes a great inconveniencie in the doctrines. As e.g. the name Ministri pro Presbyteri (Ministri being found in the New Testament but then always in respect of God et Christ) and especially the Word Sacrificium pro Eucharistia in the Primitive Church which if it had beene rightly explicated et retained would have taken of those weapons by which the Papists fight now against vs et 2dly would have vtterly prevented the Heresy of the Socinians, their mainest error lying in the satisfaction. vnder this notion the truth of this doctrine would have been perpetuated. Few vnderstand this terme et are able to explaine it aright. for commonly they mistake. Only Perkins in his Latin [Probleme?] adding his owne explication of the word hase or hits the right. True by this abrogating the Papists have beene soundly banged but notwithstanding wee have rune into other precipices. Wee need not to have feared the Papists glosses if wee had rightly opened this Terme. Mead.
Defecta Ecclesiastica.
Davenant hase not defined enough wherin the formality of a fundamental article lyes. lately one is afraid to meddle with that, for feare hee should bee counted to take in too litle et so a Socinian or too much.
Pax Ecclesiastica fundamental Articles
Mr Mead counted Locum de Iustificatione s(ive) de Satisfactione etc. against which so much the Socinians transgresse, to bee the fundamental point. Id.
Comenius perlegit Pansophiam publice Bohemice cujus lectiones frequentant omnes tam Seniores quam Iuniores. Comenius non tam veri-

tates particulares indagare quam discentiam perficere deberet et sic Ionston putat illum non habere <iterum> parem in tota Europa. Dn. Decanus etiam cum illo vivit egregius et insignis Mathematicus. Dominus. Belsensis vocavit illum sed jam erit Mathematicus Regis. Ille Mathesin perficere poterit ex parte, Sed latet vir stupendæ eruditionis in Belgio Gallus natione et Pontificius qui jam Leidæ jam alibi Locorum vivit impsentiarum vere moratur Dauentriæ. Generosus est cuius Excellentia consistit in Physicis et Mathematicis. Lectionem putat esse pestem Ingeniorum sive Impedimentum Eruditionis. Ea propter paucissima legit sed Meditatur et Experimentatur. Contulit aliquando cum Heinsio qui ipsius Eruditione stupuit. Similiter cum Golio qui cum quo Arctiorem Amicitiam colit. Sicut etiam ipsi promisit MS. Opticum (nam in Opticis ad stuporem vsque excellit) quod Comes a Lesno et Ionston habebunt sive expectant a Golio quod etiam mihi promisit communicaturum. Nomen ipsius est Cares vel Cardes. Ille posset Nobis Physicam et Mathesin conscribere. Colit etiam amicitiam cum Rectore Dordrechtano nî fallor qui plurimum etiam in Physicis excellit, et Collaboratorem agere posset. Porgersdicio etiam in maximo pretio est ille Card's.
Didactica. Pansophia Mathematica.
Viri Illustri Mathematici.
MS. Opticum Didactica Opticæ.
Viri Illustri Physici
Ionstonus jam 3. Monarchias absolvit habebit multa singularia in dynastiis. Ethica ipsius conscripta more Politicorum Lipsis.
Viri Historici.

Comenius nimium affectat studium Novitatis et Decanus judicavit ipsius Physicam non subituram accuratum Examen. Optima via mittendi literas ad illum est per Lipsiam, inde Lesna facillime poterunt transmitti, et ad Pilgran Amstelrodami. [Reso?] Dantiscum.
Hugo Grotius posset nobis absolutam dare Iurisprudentiam, hoc est Ius Publicum et Iurisprudentiam Romanam et reliquas partes. Sic etiam Politicam. Nam quos habemus Autores systematicos sive alios in Politicis sunt tam potius Ethici et Rhapsodi cum quam Politica Lipsii. Ostendunt quibus virtutibus exornati esse debeant Politici. Ipsius Liber de Iure Pacis et Belli incomparabilis est liber. Si igitur <ita> pergeret in reliquis absolutam haberemus scientiam Civilem et Iuridicam. Sed ille et tales viri non aliis Mediis poterunt in societatem consiliorum vel Operum pertrahi nisi sumptibus et authoritate Regum et Principum. Res enim illa Reformationis est potius Collegii nec vnius sæculi nec privatorum sumptuum.
Viri Politici.
Didactica Polit. Iuridici.
Libri Select. Politici
Theologia ex Anglia posset omnium optime perfici.
Didactica et Reformatio Theologicæ
Voluit etiam Ionstonus Historiis adjungare Sententias Practicas sed postea mutavit sententiam et omisit.
Technologia Historia Instrumentæ
Habet Inventionem. How to goe per London bridge or how to shoot the bridge at any time without peril. 2. the greatest Bels campanus how to bring them vp to the highest steeple, or any other Material. e.g. if a Steeple should bee build vpon Pauls Church so that it should out-top all the Mountaines round about, which were a thing of great use 1. for times of danger

of fire, Enemy, Treason, et other commodities. etc. Bergerus.
Inventio Bergerus.
There is a society called die grunende Bruderschaft quæ excolit Germanicam Linguam. In ea sunt, Principes Bregensis Anhaltini et Frenscheim. Lohausen sicut etiam cum in finem edidit Salust, Opitius et alii.
Didactica Lingua Germanicis
Est socius quidam Oxonii qui adornat Indicem Materiarum.
Oxon. Catalogus Materiarum
Libri selectiores Gallici i.e. Particulares Tractatus de variis Rebus inveniuntur Londini apud Bibliopolia secundaria et alii libri rarissimi.
Londini Libri selecti. Pol. Gall.
Rector zu Dort Becmannus habet aliquot millia Experimentorum et audit egregius philosophus, sed morosus et non communicativus. Dn. Ionstonus scripsit aliquoties ad illum proposuit Quæstiones sed non respondet. Ionston.
Experiment Physici.
Werdenhagen audit Wigelianus et phantasta Libri absque ordine conscripsit multa erronea de Angelis etc.
Catalogus Materiarum adornatur a quodam in Gloucester-Hall. Oxonii.
Catalogus Materiarum
Praxis medicinæ renovata etc. Heurni. egregius liber in Medicina. Ionston.
Libri Selecti Medici
Metaphysicæ Comenii habet Ionstonus MS. Hunc valde commendavit. Voluit etiam imprimere. Id.
Metaphys. Comeni.
Knappius qui edidit Lexicon Polonicum, jam adornat Proverbia omnia Polonico - Latina edere.
Schola Illustris in finibus Russiæ in Polonia erigitur vt Fortificatio Pugillatus etc. docebuntur.
Ionstonus. etc. ex Archivis Belgicivis Tabulas omnium sumtuum Belgicorum excerpserunt et promisit hoc MS. Comes.
Politica in Belgicii MS. Ionstonus.
Golius is compiling a better Lexicon Arabicum then that Mediolanense. Commended for a very honest Man by the Comes de Lesno. Cartes is like to communicate all to him.
Lexicon Arabicum Golius.
Altar Damascenum multis convitiis scatet. Ionston.

Liber est Oxoniæ De Murinis qui est valde rarus, quem valde commendavit Dn. Ionstonus.
Censura Librorum
Libri selecti Medici.
Ionstonus de Flud et eius Operibus salt into wine. Racovienses sive Sociniani habent haupstull quod taus. flor. Nostri vero Seniores pecunias alio divertunt. Lesnæ Schola egregia poterit erigi. Multi volunt contribuere. Ita vt 9. tausend summa capitalis. Est locus aptus pro correspondentiis. Freistat 7. nî fallor tantum milliaribus distat. Inde post Lipsiam in Francofurtum. Ibi Alumni deberent esse et non tam inutiliter ablegari in exteras Regiones etc. Ionston.
Polonia Desiderata
Articuli Irland Ecclesiæ strictiores quam Anglicanæ. Iam Anno 1635. Parlamento voluerunt abrogare et comburere illa. etc sed non factum et Articuli Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ qui Generaliores darunter Papistæ et Arminiani possunt latere non admissi. Episcopus Derensis qui successit Downam est pragmaticus et X<sub>3</sub> [Laud?] creatur. etc.
Irlandia Historia
Crosfield hase a great mind to perfect et elaborat Methodus Aconti which hee accounts very highly.
Didactici Logici Crosfield.
Bitnerus Polonus studiosus sive stipendiarius egregius Linguista. inprimis in Hebraica Græca Chaldaica et philosophus etiam conscripsit Grammaticam Hebræam vbi paucis Regulis omnes difficultates exhausit. Ionston.
Didactica Hebriacæ Linguæ
Polonia Viri docti.
Bitnerus dicebat se 40. et plures Grammaticas perlegisse fuit nî fallor discipulus Trossii.
Heinsius dixit de Grammatica Meelfuhreri se beneficio istius Grammaticæ posse addiscere Linguam Hebraicam 3. vel 2. septimanorum spatio. Ionston.
Desiderata Linguæ Hebraicæ Grammatica
Commendavit Strackardum Ionston. Smiglecius Iesuita inter omnes palmam videtur pripuisse in Refutandis Iesuitis scripsit Nodum Gordium et alia. Id.