The Hartlib Papers

Title:Ephemerides 1634 Part 2, Hartlib
Dating:early 1634
Notes:Ephemerides 1634 is divided between 6 files.

1. Servestæ inquirendum de Anatomia Vniversali Mosani a Dno.     Beckmanno an fuerit translata in Latinum sermonem. An liber Chamieri Libro non absimilis continens omnes Controversias inter partes.
Germania Servesta
2. Ibidem Dn. Murerus Catalogum omnium rariorum atque insignium Librorum poterit exhibere. Multum enim laboris huic studio impendit. Habet idem omnia opera Wigelii et plurima Socinianorum scripta aliaque Rara multa.
Libri Irenici.
Murrerus. Libri selectiores
Omnes Libri Iacob. Bohmen apud Ioachim Morsium Dr qui illos habet et est Hamburgi.
Libri Tetege alias Kontzen et Hertzog Lohmans pcipue eius Confessio de Persona et Origine carnis Christi.
Libri selecti
Hans van Keerbergen Ioh. Permier Ioh. Suchius these are of the fraternity et have some MS. of Iacob Bohmen.
Letters are to bee directed to Middelburg to Herr Philebert Wynrich in die breed Stræt.
De Davide Doregio Cancellario d. Saxoniæ quærendum An curet fieri Bibliothecam IC. ac Medicorum.
Doregius. Germaniæ.
Lipsiæ est Dn. Brodkorb I. v. doctor curiose de puerili educatione tractat. Item Wendelinus Servestanus.
Didactica Educationis.
Quid Tobias Adami jam aget.
Tob. Adami.
Sophonias Hasenmüller de puerili Educatione multa pstitit et scripsit librum cui titulus Nutrix scholæ et alia. Norimbergæ vixit potuit duorum Annorum spatio perfecte linguam docere.
Caspar Warnle ein [hutstuffwerder?] zu Nuremberg bei der barfusser brucken recommended by Mr Morian for one that could give a Catalogue of all rare bookes.
Caspar Warnle
Norimbergæ sunt viri Moderati Theologi Mr Rinderus dominus Helling Concionatores.
Norimberg Pax Ecclesiastica
Syllabus aliquot Synodorum et Colloquiorum de Pace Ecclesiastica collectore Math. Bernekero apud Ever. Zetznerum.

Item Tuba Pacis apud eundem.
Libri Iacobi Bohmen haberi possunt a Ioach. Meursio Hamburgensi Patritio per Dn. Morian.
Libri Bohmen.
Meursius. Morian.
Dr. Ioh. Everards is Chaplain to my Lord of Holland at Fulham recommended to Mr Dury by Mr Francis Varnam.
Dr Everards Anglia
Est Berlini Dn. Euxleben Nobilis qui Dno Moriano commendavit doctoram quendam qui mira et plurima scripsit. Duræi Ephemerides.
Germania Berlini
Didactica Academica
Libri selecti
Bingæ Dn. Schiberstein qui tractatum mutuo dedit de Arca Noe.
Germanici Libri selecti.
Bremæ Iohannes de Monte inveniri possit alias vocatur Paulus Phelgenhawer apud Heinricum Fellerman Nederlandische Postmeister.
Ioh. de Monte.
Paulus Phelegenhawer. Bremæ.
Item Hendrick van den Bush est civis Bremensis ille qui Francofurti Literas Nostras ad Iohannem de Monte tulit.
Iohan Permeier est aliquis Embdæ vel alibi notus huic Henrico van den Bush.
In Lumbard-street at the signe of the Palsgrafe one Mr Morehead Scotus by him I can send always to Buchanan.
Mr Morehead. Buchanan.
To know whether any body have the yellow jaundise or not let a peece of grosse french linnen called as I take it buckram bee laid into his vrine the space of one night et if hee have the jaundise it will bee yellow as if it were dyed with saffron in the morning.
Woonende op de Prince gracht bie de Rose straet nuys over de Westerkerke in de Guldene Fonteine.
Iustinus van Asche
A memorable storie of Mr Rathuel or Bathuel his encounter with the posessed man told by Mr Speed. Item Mris. Wheats inbeleefe was miraculously refuted by a glasse which hee flong to the ground ab Eodem.
[Historia?] Providentiæ divinæ
Certum est non esse majorem veneni quam Antidoti in Natura vim. Nam contrariorum sunt contrariæ ideoque æquales virtutes ideo

ideo patet esse debere Antidotum aliquod in Natura quod habeat virtutem sui diffusivam quæ sit æqualis saltem in diffusione veneno Scorpionis. Constat autem Scorpionis venenum tantæ esse virtutis, vt si Elephas vnus a Scorpione ictus fuerit et ex veneno occiderit et si ex illo Elephante 1000. Elephantes vel Homines comederint omnes mortem sibi consciscerent ita sequetur in antidoto aliquo æqualem aliquam inesse posse virtutem id est vim aliquam quæ æque semet possit diffundere.
Poisons et Antidotes
To know vpon the Compasse of proportion the opening of any Angle of what degree it is doe thus. Take the halfe diameter with the Compasse et measure it of vpon the side of your compasse of proportion where the equal parts are et see the number where it marketh then take the lenght of the corde et at that same number apply it to your compasse of proportion to open it. Then turne the compasse to the side wherin the vnequal division is et apply the lenght of the Corde et seeke what number it wil point out et that will bee the opening of the angle.
Mathematica the vse of the compasse of proportion for Angles.
Another Way.
take the Semi-diameter and by it open your compas of proportion at 60. then take the lenth of the Corde and seek in your compasse of proportion so opened what number it doth fall vpon.
Comenius very godly 2 flexible not obstinate but yeelding to better reasons. Only very Inconstant et sicke et changeable. very credulous et easy to bee persuaded and therfore not good to bee alone. Else very apprehensive and a searching pate et vniversal. The 2 fault given to Prophecys et here one Stadius dose him much hurt et some other od scratchesses et singular opinions. Berger.
Also very Expedit et Laborious.
Hee hase shortly et vnpartially written upon the state and pro-

ceedings of the Bohemian troubles with their several oversight's et corruptions. Also a Treatise of Peace of the Meanes of Pacification.
Berger. MS.
Historia Bohemiæ De Pace.
the one hee translated also in English et given to [symbol for Philip Nye].
For the Gout Sir Henry Woods Secret which did cure his Father. take the blossomes of broome in the Month of May picke out the seedes from the leaves of the flowers and take the leaves of the flowers alone, then take a pot glassed within and a covered of Earth fit for it and put in it these flowers et fresh May butter so that you lay them one above another stratum super stratum the thicknes of 2 fingers, then shut the pot when it is almost full set it in horse dung in putrefaction till Midsummer then take it out and you shall have a clear yellow oile most excellent for that use.
Against the Goute.
A posset made with the iuyce of Sorrel is very wholsome in the spring and is not only a remedy against feavers wherby the blood is cooled but also doeth resist corruption by a secret vertue.
Sorrel posset.
To take out Spots of Oyle out of Cloth or Stuffe take the bones of sheeps leggs et burne them to ashes in the fire and strew of those ashes dry vpon the place et rubbe it the ashes being brought to an impalpable dust.
To take out spots of oyle.
To speake to one that is absent make a Cauterie in cutting of a peece of flesh et keep the hole open et let an iron bee dipped in the blood of the person bee given to another, et let some of his blood bee mixed with the Sympathetical Ointment of Paracelsus, et given to him with whom hee

must have Intelligence hee being also cauterised in the same manner et then the knife which made the hole at first must bee vsed to prick softly the place et the other shall feele it though hee bee a thousand miles absent.
to Speake to one absent.
Item de secreto communicationis e longinquo per acum magnetice tactam secundum polos et latera Magnetis et dispositam in pixide æquali alteri pixidi in qua ipse Magnes ad formam acus erit dispositus et circumquaque ad oram pixidis sint literæ Alphabeti tum die horaque præstituta si moveris Magnetem qui in acus formam erit effictus movebitur, et acus illa quæ a Magnete vim suam secundum omnes dimensiones accipit.
Ajunt sanguinem et spiritum vini in alembico mixtum per distillationem reddere oleum quod si accendatur non extinguetur sua sponte nisi illo moriente ex cuius sanguine oleum fuerit extractum. Sed hoc vix fit mihi verisimile inquit Duræus in Ephemeridibus.
For the yellow jaundisse Receipt Rue Sage et Chelidone equal parts make of them a decoction or infuse them in vine or beere or ale et let the patient drinke of it.
The Historie of Narianzenes Sister is a Rare exampel of prayer which Bellarmine doth alledge to proove the reality of Christs presence in the Sacrament. because shee beeing taken with a prodigious sicknes came to the Church et would bee laid at the Altar, et vowed never to goe from it till she was whole, which did suddenly befal her.
A Gentleman of Lincolnes Inne called Thomas did live in adulterie with another Mans wife et beeing otherwise an honest Man et thought to bee religious this sinne was kept close so but that few knew of it yet that hee was recalled passing by in Cheape-side a shope there sat vpon the window a

little child which could speake - a very pretty little one it was et hee seeing it said to one that walked with him there is a pretty boy let vs speake to it, et when hee came neere it, it said instantly to him, Thou shalt not commit adultery (the Parents had beene teaching it the ten Commandments) which when hee heard hee said to his neighbour this child is sent to mee et was strucke almost dead pale and like to fall downe et coming home renounced the company of his neighbours wife lived chaste and so repented. Sir Thomas Roe.
Historia Providentiæ Divinæ Conversion.
Didactica Educ. Inf. in Pietat.
The Iewes are said to have a Marke vpon them of infamie; the Men et Women are both said to looke paler et more dead-like then other people et it is certain that all their Women have a vile smel which is like Carion which cometh from their head et nose. Sir Thomas Roe at Constantinopel heard this of the chiefe of them who confessed it to him.
of Iewes.
All foules turne their egges every day once when they hatch them, et the yelk of the egge is reserved not to frame any part of the creature but to nourish it when it is framed in the shel the head of the Creature is the first thing is framed et then the brest et the bowel afterward the winges et legges et all this of the white of the egge.
the generation of birds.
Vlcus varicosum difficillime curatur sicut in Dn. Scringeri tibia patuit.
Ad vlcera cruris vnguentum Altæi valde prodest.
Inquirendum in Germania de secreto Mumiæ quo sympathiam sibi reconciliant homines et quo bestias inter se amicas reddunt Rustici Germaniæ. Dn. Ruthen
Memorandum de Inquirenda [?] Mumia.
natione Germaniæ Ruthen.
De fundendis statuis perfectissime per ceram qua manus species et tota proportio assumitur.
Rustici Sveci vngunt ocreas suas sale petræ dissoluto cum butyro

At Bingen there is a wood called Hambuchen holtz which being cut et dried et then cast into the water turneth to a stone et it is excellent to whet knifes on.
De fusione statuæ.
Dn. Duræus scripsit 1632. 24 Sept. ad Dn. Phelgenhawer NB. quarum literarum nondum habeo copiam. NB.
Duræus MS. Phelgenhawer.
A Doctore Iudæo qui aderat Dno. Moriano ægro Francfurti Cordialia pro peste et in febri ardenti pestilentiali hæc sunt optima.
Terra Sigillata et bolus Armænus tritus et potui modica quantitate admixtus.
Item Acini malorum Citrinorum paulum contusi et aquæ impositi et cocti despumatique est Cordiale excellens.
Acetosæ syrupus est Refrigerium Cordiale.
To preserve et fatten Horses when in the way there is want of oates take corne or barley or whatsoever can bee had et seeth it et scumme it et let it stand in the water et coole of itself et so give it the horses to eat et if they will let them drinke the water of it.
To cause haire grow vpon a horse take Gunpowder et bray it very smal et mixe it with oile of Linseed et rubbe the part well.
Fraxinus alba certo anni tempore circa S. Iohannis diem scissæ sanat sympathetica quadam virtute qlibet vulnera sine vllius rei alia applicatione. Vocetur Germanice Eschenholtz.
Conversiones ad Orthodoxam Religionem mirabiles fuerunt istæ tres. 1. Virgo Londini Equitis Aurati filia quæ casu pteriens templum et curiose introspiciens quod audiret alta voce concionatorem verbi pconem superveniente, quæ templum ingrediabatur hominum ingenti turba coacta fuit concionem reliquam audire intercepto a multitudine exitu atque ea conditione tot fuerunt injecti illi scrupuli vt Iesuitæ nequierint illos eximere vnde ad nostram Religionem postea conversa fuit.
2. Fæmina Parisiis ob vicinorum suspiciosam obtrectationem

quod adiisset templum Charentonianum cum visitasset ægram Sororem et ob violentam sedis suæ ex sacello ejectionem curiositate nota fuit seu indignatione vt adiret templum atq et sic conversa fuit atque agnovit veritatem etc ex relatu Auriculi Duræus.
3. Iuvenis derisor Parisiis qui fæminas in via alloquebatur curiositate motus adiit concionem sed prima vice dubius factus rediit et secunda vice conversus ad orthodoxæ veritatis agnitionem perseveravit in Religione reformata. etc Dn. Speed.
Neapolitanus morte multatus fuit Parisiis quod cum ex lacte fæminæ voluisset philtrum parare quo ipsam fæminam sibi alliceret deceptus fuerit, suasu mariti qui fæminæ suæ Capellæ lacte illi tradere curavit vnde factum vt Capella ipsum publice tanto affectu secuta sit vt ex suspicione concubitus Sodomitici fuerit torturæ subjectus in qua philtri compositionem fassus est et capite multatus.
de Philtro ex lacta Capellæ.
In England formerly there was a Society of Bucquoyes. These were a sort of highway robers which did not robbe by open violence but rather by cheating in making acquaintance et playing with dice et cards et in bringing one to their appointed lodging place such as the preneurs de dupes are in France.
Society of Bucquoyes.
There is another Society in England of Knights of the Vowels. These were banquerupt Gentlemen who were retired to a priviledged place et there had an Ordinarie et no Sergeant durst yet ever come neere them to arrest any of them. They are called knights of the vowels beccause in their estate of life is the Vowel sound significatif for the Lawiers facon is to set Downe some single letters for the proper name in some sort of Instruments, et so in the description of this Society of Knights A and E may stand for proper names et the rest of the Vowels are significative according to the English pronunciation I O U is as much as I ow you which was the true estate of those Knights of the Vowels.
The knights of the Vowels.
The clergy of England was so curious et exact to have

ancient superstitious Customes observed wherby to crosse Puritans that they caused all Horne-bookes to bee called in which had not according to the Ancient forme a crosse prefixed vnto them.
Histor. Pur.
Pro Angina or the Squinance vse these 3. things
1. the oile of bitter Almonds to anoint outwardly.
2. the Syrop of violets to swallow downe et mollifie inwardly.
3. a gargarisme made of water wherin some raisons some figs et a little liquoras hath been sodden.
To prevent that the cold fire or gangrene strike not in a wound when one must travaile in it or stay along while before it bee dressed take a draghme of salpeter et drinke it of in cleere water.
To spot a dog or beast with browne spots take Litharge et quicke lime et mixe them together in a lixivium which women vse to make for washing of their clothes et seeth it till the consumption of the halfe et touch the dogges skinne with the liquor et let it drye of itselfe.
The best gun-powder hath this proportion 5. 2. et 1. viz. of Salpeter 5. of brimstone 2. et of coales one.
To make a threed keepe fire easily without much aire in a boxe take threed et dip it into brimstone melted, then melt salpeter et dip it also into that then it wil burne et not need much aire. for the Salpeter maketh a crust over the brinstone et breaketh of itselfe.
To make a Canon shoot straight take first at the touch-hole the measure of the dephth of it et apply it to the mouth of the Canon by this you shal have a just level to shoot neither higher nor lower et to shoot at the bredth neither to the right nor left hand make 2. Semicircles of equal bignesse et in them 2 notches at the same distance.
To shoot streight you must also observe the recoiling of

the peece, et set the peece so that in the midst of the distance which it recoileth it may aime just at the marke for if you set it just vpon the marke before it recoile it will shoot over by this demonstration
therfore know before hand how
farre it recoileth, et in the
midst of that distance set it
just vpon the Marke then
advance it the
other halfe of the distance in a streight line so that the aime bee in a right line vnder the marke et there it will doe well, for the bullet fleeth out in the recoiling.
Take a peece of blew clay worke it et bake it hard in the fire et then lay it in the Sunne et let it lye one night in the grasse vpon the feilds et the next day rub an iron vpon it et it shal cause the iron to have a Magnetical Virtue as if it had beene rubbed with a load-stone.
To make a Loadstone of Earth.
Take a little spung et wet it with spirit of vitriol then apply it vpon the corne for 5. or 6. dayes then apply green waxe upon it for a day or 2. et you shal pul up the corne by the root.
for Cornes.
Norimbergæ Ambrosius Tolnerus, Gebhardus Agricola, Ionas Lebingus Ioannes Iacobus Heberus I. v. Doctor.
Viri Illustri Germaniæ
Paulus Steinius Sanctæ Scripturæ Theologiæ Dr et Ecclesiarum Hassiæ Superintendens Iohan. Crocius Sacrosanctæ Theologiæ Dr et Professor primarius Cassel. Theoph. Neubergerus. Hanoviæ Dn. Paulus Tossanus.
Patrick Peebles qui Norimberga venit Francofurtum et Duræum compellavit vt in Galliam iret in comitatu Marchionis.

Typus Studiorum Dn. Duræi
1. Disponendæ Chartæ et dividendæ in Classes quorum sit Catalogus.
Didactica Studiorum
2. Ordinandum studium domesticum quoad Consilia Pacis promovenda domi. Foris. Scientias Theologicas Humanas.
3. Ordinanda est Ratio conversationis Publicæ Privatæ. Consilia Pacis Domestica sunt Tractatus et Actiones.
Pax Ecclesiastica
Tractatus Perficiendi de 1. Modo persequendi operis hic inter Hierarchicos Puritanos alibi inter Belgas et Reformatos in Gallia et Helvetia. I. Item sectas alias Arminianos Socinianos Anabaptistas. 2. Rebus Controversis: doctrinalibus Ritualibus extra controversiam positis. II. Inchoandi de officiis Christianæ communionis et Mutuæ in Ecclesia conversationis ad ædificationem.
Actiones sunt Sollicitationis, Explorationis.
Foris sunt Literæ scribendæ Germanis Reformatis, Lutheranis, Gallis, Helveticis item et Belgis.
Scientiæ Studium instaurandum in Theologia quoad
1. Vitæ Reformationem in Exercitio Pietatis per Preces Examen Conscientiæ. Meditationibus Practicis.
2. Scientiæ acquisitionem in Sacrarum Scripturarum Lectione, Observatione, Ruminatione. Librorum aliorum Lectione Collectione et Compendiis.
In Humanioribus vbi
1. Ordinandi sunt Loci Communes.
Constituenda sunt Scientiarum Principia. Methodus Legendi et ad vsum reducendi Authores est formanda.
2. Scientiæ Speciales sunt resumendæ in Theoreticis, Historicis, Practicis, Grammaticis.
3. Stilus exercendus.
          Vitæ Reformatio.
1. Preces Ordinariæ Mane Vesperi Continuæ Ejaculationes. Extra-

Extraordinariæ ob casus Publicos et Privatos.
2. Examen Conscientiæ in vsu Scientiæ Inspirationum et Gratiæ Rerum temporalium, Amicorum, Facultatum. Idque diurnum vel Hebdomadarium.
3. Meditationes 1 Mysteriorum. 2 Praxeos erga alios.
        Ordinatio Studiorum
1. in Sacrarum Scripturarum Lectione sit distincta attentio et Analytica observatio rerum ad Regnum dei spectantium. Ergo particulares Summulæ etc.
2. In Libris Theologicis concepta Theologiæ Methodo omnia quæ tractabuntur ad eam reducantur.
3. In Humanioribus. 1. resumantur Scripta propria et colligantur ex iis optima deletis reliquis.
2. fiant Loci Communes et Classes Studii. Grammatici in Hebraicis Græcis. Historici omnis generis. Practici. Theoretici.
A Hearts horne burnt is good for the Wormes of little children, but above all the best remedy is to take one of the greatest worms which does come from a child wash it cleane dry it et then pulverize it et give of that powder a certain quantity.
Worms in children
Christliche zeitvertreiber Bremæ impressus liber per Quæstiones et Responsiones per tota Biblia Historias recenset. Swarz.
Libri Syst. Hist. Bib.
De Temperantia vbi de diæta ratione Studiorum prodiit Liber egregius Anglicus. Idem.
Did. Stud. Lib.
Corinthii Caput 1. dicuntur ditati omni dono Sermonis et omni cognitione et nihilominus Caput 3. condemnat eos tamquam carnales et ait eos nec dum ita in sapientia dei provectos esse vt possint cibum solidum ferre et lacte tantum huc vsque pastos fuisse. Ex quo patet etiam in lacte spirituali esse omnia dona quæ in cibo solido sed suo modo item illo tempore fuisse ad modum pstantia in Ecclesia dona [responsiva?] eorum quæ hodie sunt si omnis cognitio-

nis et sermonis divitiæ tantum Lac sunt denique quales erunt divitiæ et quantæ in solido cibo si tantæ sunt in lacte. Duræus Ephemerides.
1 Cor. 1. et 3.
Putant aliqui Spiritum hominis non gravatum vel cibe vel Humoribus vel alia ratione noctu agitari sua vi Hominique repsentare per somnia et visiones pro naturæ suæ qualitate primo propriorum Humorum et interni temperamenti constitutionem. Nam pro qualitate pdominante Spiritus afficitur certa passione vnde ergo primo propriam quis constitutionem poterit ex propriis somniis addiscere, tum si forte non gravatur vlla ratione per Humorem pdominantem Spiritus sed corpore bene vacuato a superfluis et impedientibus liberam Spiritus functionem elevatur Spiritus ad communionem cum altioribus Spiritibus et non solum psentia sed longe dissita et futura agnoscit et pvidet psertim si Mens sit pacata et curis libera. Nam si animus inquietudine aliqua graviori detineatur tum pro illius impressionibus fortitudine somnia obveniunt sæpe. Ib.
Nosce te ipsum Somnia.
Vnio perfectionis omnis est in re omni suo modo, in Mundo est Naturalis in Angelis est Intellectualis in Homine est personalis in Rebus aliis est Animalis sub qua est vnio sensitiva i.e. sensibilis perfectionis omnis vnio et vegetabilis Mobilis denique Sic in omnibus Omnia sunt suo modo. Felix autem qui potuit hanc subordinationem et rerum et perfectionem illarum in se et inter se agnoscere. Ib.
Ars Universalis.
Vota et salutationes seu optationes piorum non esse mera verba sed aliquid reale afferre iis quibus fiunt patet Mat. 10. 13. Iob 29. 13. Ib.
Explicatio Scripturæ
Veritas et fides videntur ab Apostolo I Tim. 2. 7. ita inter se distingui et opponi vt in vtraque totam comprehendat Theologiam et sic veritas pro observantia capietur seu pro doctrina observantiæ quo pacto etiam 1 Rom. v. 18. collato cum v. 21, 22, 23. etc. Ib.
Explicatio Scripturæ
1. et secundum Caput 2 Epistolæ Petri est commentarium in Epistola Iudæ.

Contra cos qui negant ex Vetere Testamento posse probari Resurrectionem mortuorum. Esai. 26. 19.
Resurrectio mortuorum.
Ignorantia populi in rebus sacris et ineptitudo illorum ad discendum egregie descripta Esai. 28. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. V.
Liber de Aratione Conscientiæ conficiendus ex optimis illis ex. 1. Theater cf God's judgment. 2. Epitome sive ipso opere Martyrologio. 3. inprimis Historia Nemesis Divinæ ex Sacris Scripturisa. 4. Historia spiræ. 5. Observationibus et Collectionibus aliorum de Providentia divina inprimis Angliæ. Horne, Brukius, Goodin, Duræus, Bowles, Byfield et alii multa contribuere possint. etc.
Desiderata didactica Pietatis
Talis Tractatus de vsu Rationis Humanæ componendus pro sedandis et minuendis controversiis, qualis describitur a Verulam Anglice et NB in the advancement of Learning [Book II] a P. 818. The Vse notwithstanding etc.
Idæa Pacificatis Operarum
Valde commendat de Sancto Monte vel Phelgenhaweri libros Aurora et Templum commendat et reliquos. Duræus.
Libr. Select. Theol. Spirit. Sensu Spir.
Gomarus scripsit de Sabatho 2. libros. Secundus est Apologia nunquam adhuc solide refutatus. ait Swartz.
Brook's dose not like Rosenbach   Moses Omniscius. 1. quia not Methodical in respect of the Primitives et derivatives. 2. in respect it is partly Notional Adv alone et partly Real wheras it should bee wholly Real. So hee shal like better hee sais Christ Omniscius, et himself wishes much a Real Lexicon of meere Primitives, the native language disposed in one et the Learned in an other columne.
Methodius Brukii
Stoughton of the priviledges of God's children etc. highly commended by Mr Goodin of Cambridge. Also Ainsworth Conciones quæ plurimum scatent [dogmate?] singulari de Christo, they set forth highly the excellencies of Christ et are farre to bee preferred before his Commentaries. Id. Goodin.
Libri selectiores Anglici.
Didactica Concionium
Tolneus Vngarus maxime desiderat Idæas Concionum ex omnibus concionibus super Textus particulares Sacrarum Scripturarum sicut Scultetus scripsit Idæas, et Amesius in Catechesi.
Desiderata Theologica Idæa Concionum ex concionibus

Pro suppellectili Concionatoria 1. NB. pro Concionibus Catechiticis optime inservient Amesi Conciones Catecheticæ sive Catechismus qui jam vt volo per dispositiones requisitas per omnes materias dispositus est, desunt autem nobis adhuc inprimis Dispositiones concionum Theoreticarum et Practicarum. In Theoreticis hoc inprimis videtur observandum vt illæ dispositiones instituantur juxta Ordinationem Locorum Communium solidiorem et pleniorem de qua promiserunt laborare Streso, Duræus, Stoughton, determinando et distinguendo locos fundamentales necessarios etc. a non fundamentalibus, a Non tam summe Necessariis. etc. In Practicis vt juxta Tabellas Wardianas etc. etc. vel Præparationes Hookerianas etc. hoc est juxta desiderabilem illum Ordinem et gradus Conversiones et superædificationes in Practicis fierent. Possent quidem fieri I. Ordine Textus Bibliorum sed II. in secunda Parte ita ordinate dispositiones istæ iterum disponi iuxta Concionum genera in Categoria Theoretica Practica et mixta et juxta fundamentaliora Capita Genuinos particulares et particularissimos percussus inprimis in Practicis.
Desid. et didactica Theologica et Ministerii
Item. Dispositiones et specimen Concionum Biblicarum desideratur.
Item. Tituli speciales et 2 specialissimi Theologiæ Practicæ tam pro systemate Practico quam pro dispositione concionis Practicæ desiderantur. hic Duræus Streso in Theologia Practica Stoughton.
Prin of the perpetuity of grace. Mr Goodin commended much.
Libri select. Elench.
Harris of the Beatitudes all Baynes Workes Extraordinary. Goodin.
Randal etiam esp. Mr Goodin commended.
1. Professor Theologiæ Practicæ desideratur. 2. Item. Professor Artis Vitæ. Duræanus.
Desid. Acad.

Pömerianus videtur 3. Professor Philosophiæ Experimentalis Verulamianus. In hunc finem scribendæ Paræneses et Consilia a Duræo. 2. Pömero. 3. Iungio. 4. Reinero. 5. Wats. 6. My Lord Herbert. 7. illo qui Wats perficit. 8. Comenio. 9. Gelebrand. 10. Twisso.
etiam Verulamus in quodam loco de tali Collegio.
Gomarus scripsit 2. libros qui nondum satisfactorie fuerunt refutati a quoquam.
Desid. Theol. [sab.?]
Exscribendum ex Stresone de Aratione Conscientiæ. 2. Ex Verulamo de Historia Nemesis divinæ. 3. Ex Treatise of the fall of black friars. etc.
Desid. Histor. Providentiæ Divinæ.
Criton is much given to new kind of Studies a special good Linguist so that either hee or hee wil know others that labor for Reformation. Mr Wyborne Scotus a great Traveller et ex professo Philosophus lives et travelles vpon his owne charge to perfect only his Philosophical Studies. Hee knows all the famous learned men in Scotland et else where. Mr Kilbreth's great acquaintance.
Weyborne. Scots Philos..
Hallus et Davenant have declared themselves forma solenni vpon Copia Actorum Lipsicorum et also Hallus hase communicated many MS. to Duræus about reconciliation of the points controverted between vs et Luthero-Arminians.
MS. Duræus.
Dr Potter Bishop of Carlile a very learned Man hee is counted. Duræus.
Bishop Potter.
Dr Stoughton was resolved in the Country to have set vpon one part of the Ministerial function which is yet wanting to goe per all the Bibel and to observe the History of God's Providence towards his Church from the beginning which would mightily bee convincing out of Scripture alone. Et wishes that in Every Market Towne as a Recorder so a Historian might bee placed. Id.
Desid. Minister.
Historia Providentiæ Divinæ.
An Invitation or tendry for the perfecting of the Worke of Practical divinity by Vsher or Hall.
Desiderata Hall.
Practical Divinity.

Christianorum Christianus das ist Sieben fragen vom wahren Christenthumb. I. Von der wahren Kirche. II. Von der Wiedergeburth. III. Vom Glauben vnd Rechtfertigung fur Gott. IV. Vom Reich Gottes vnd Vom Geist vnd buchstaben der Testamenten. VI. Von der einigen wahren Religion. VII. Von der rechten policey im wahren Christenthumb. Kinder Catechismus.
Theologia Spiritualis. Libri selectiores.
Nach dem sinne Christi kurtzlich verfasset aus der heiligen Schrift vnd bezeuget nach des Geistes dareichung in der gnade Gottes durch der sechsten Gemeine Zu Philadelphia beruffenen diener Correctior gedruckt im Iahr 1630.
Aurora Sapientiæ dass ist Morgenröthe der Weissheit von den dreyen Principiis vnd anfang aller dinge im geheimnis der Weissheit in welcher der grund vnd schlussel aller Weissheit offenbahret wird. Zum wahren Erkenntnus Gottes des Menschens vnd der gantzen Weld. In vnser Neuen vnd wahren drey einigen Weissheit Physisophia Theologia vnd Theosophia. Zur ehre Gottes offenbahrung der wahren Weissheit vnd zum dienst der sechsten Gemeine zu Philadelphia durch derselben in der gnade Gottes beruffenen diener zum zeugniss Gottes vnd Iesu Christi. Gedruckt im Iahr. 1629.
Hie Liber versus est a Ruthen.
Das Geheimnus von Tempel des Herrn in seinem Vorhof heyligen vnd allerheyligsten In drey vnterschieden theilen offenbahret in diesem buchlein zum wahren Erkenntnis des grossen geheimnus Gottes Christi vnd seines Geistes dasselbe zu erkennen. In vnd an dem Menschen selbst zu seiner selbst rechten Erkenntnis.
Nach der heimlich verborgenen Weissheit zu betrachten furgestellt allen lieber glaubigen. Ausserwehlten vnd kindern der Weissheit den Gemeinen Christi durch die gnade des Geistes am dienste der sechsten Gemeine zu Philadelphia.
Gedruckt im Iahr des herrn 1631.

Desideratur vt tales Libri eleganter Latine verterentur. Et communicarentur Anglis Theologis inprimis Vshero, Twisso, Hookero, Cottoni, Stoughtoni, Goodin, etc.
Desiderata Theologica
Rolloc scripsit Lectures de officio Christi, et 2. Lectures vpon as I take it Epist. ad Thessalan. NB.
Libri selecti Anglici
There goes a blessing along with the Men. Ergo rather translation then Collection. Goodin of Cambridge.
Versio Librorum
Mr Haines habet sequentes Tractatus de vera Pace Ecclesiæ et de seditione duplici Ecclesiastica et Politica Libelli duo utiles ad dijudicandas Criminationes Hypocritarum et Tyrannorum et Persecutorum Ecclesiæ. Per Math. Iudicem. 1516.
Libri Irenici Haines.
De Pace Christianarum Ecclesiarum constituenda consilium pii et Moderati cujusdam Viri ad S. Cæsar. Maj. et Rom. Imperatori Status Augustæ congregatos Genevæ. 1566.
One of the best Meanes to conveigh Practical Divinity to the Church bejond Seas is a genuine and true translation of the best book's in Practical Divinity. But to translate aright is a very hard matter, for first hee must bee a Godly Man else hee wil never expresse the spirit of the Man et 2dly a Man of large abilities that hase a full compasse of the Language. The Germans have Notions enough but they doe not know How to apply them et to set them on vpon the Conscience. Also the Preaching Eloquence of English divines is very hard to bee exprest. For they have made a New Language as it were, vsing New Termes a New phraseology et therfore it were requisite one should make a new Lexicon for it, or Cause some English Godly-divine et able withal to translate some, such a one as Harris Sips or Cotton, their or other Treatises Rogers of Suffolk hase few new notions but several turnings et expressions to apply it, et Ca-

meron, Chamier have dainty Notions but doe not apply them. One of the hardest to translate were also Hooker of the preparation etc. which hase as many turnings and windings in his spirit as any whatsoever. Nye.
Versio Librorum Anglicorum
Davenant vpon the Colossians et Reinold will helpe much.
Mr Goodin <of Cambridge> is somewhat too Scholastic. Mr Nye.
Mr Bartlet hase as many MS. of Dr Sips as the writing stood him in thirty pounds, as hee told Mr Pim who hase interest in him. Mr Pim also another MS. of Mr Rous of Dr Potters Treatise of Charity mistaken et some other.
Sibs. Bartlet
MS. Pim
Carolus Butler a Man of cleere Intellectuals hase written a very fine et excellent booke de Gradibus Affinitatum in matrimonio observandis. Gataker in Latin.
Libri selecti de Matrimonio
Esteemes little or nothing of Novum Organum Verulami nor Eloquence. No Poet or Orator.
Hee thought wee had very few temporary Beleevers in Germany, for all their state seemed to bee meere Civility, only Civil Men, et therfore this is a fit subject for them. Hee hase preached it over a whole yeare, so that hee thought there was no deceit in their Estates left vntouched or vndiscovered. Yet in that too hee hase not handled the several Objections et Cavils which Civil Men might or vse to make against the highnes of the Rule, and then the Remedy is not handled neither.
Hee begun also to goe over the estate et deceits of Temporary Beleevers which is further degres of illumination but here hee broke of and entered to handle and discover and set forth Christ et the nature of the Gospel. Mr Goodin of Cambridge.
He counted Prestons of life et death no better then a Pamphlet because it was so vnperfectly taken.   Et hee saith if hee perfect that one deceit if hee did it in Latin hee would take in all what other men had before. etc.
Prestons Libri.

Mr Iordan a mighty Man for Praier, though a plaine Man and prayes very plainly. Lord it is thine owne cause thou must doe it, I leave it to thee. etc.
Preces Anglia.
Mr Goodin saith it was one of the best bookes that had beene written since the Apostles times.
Medulla Amesi.
Brewer is releaset. Et hase now made 4. Parts of his Treatise of the Bishops which hee hase promised now to revise et give it to Mr Dury.
Brewer Politia Ecclesia MS. Duræi
Dr Layton hase written against Bishops but very railingly. Haines.
Dr Layton MS. Politica Ecclesiæ.
Mr Parker which was a Schoolmaster vnder Dr Twist a very learned Man hase refuted Clavem Apocalypticam Mr Meade quod MS. secum in Novam Angliam tulit. Kaufman.
Parker MS.
Mr Armin to bee delivered in Grayes-Inne lane at Mr Dawsons a barber neere the plough.
Facilius est Interrogare quam Respondere. Sæpe tamen facilius non est Interrogare Recte quam apposite Respondere.
Rolloc on the Thessalonians. 3 shillings. Item on the 14, 15, 16 of St. Iohn Lectures highly (1 sh. 6d) commended by Mr Goodin.
Libri selecti Theologici
Principia eorum falsa primaria sunt. 1. Omnes Rationes fidei ratione volunt comprehendere. 2. Obscura loca seligunt Sacrarum Scripturarum et clariora ad illa examinant. 3. fines Minus principales confundunt cum Principalibus. 4. Concervant Loca Sacrarum Scripturarum in illis cum quibus nobiscum sentiunt sed additamenta sua q intermiscent omittunt et non vestiunt testimoniis Scripturæ. Sicut David Ioris. Mr Swartz.
When the Sone of Man comes etc shal hee find faith, communiter explicant de vltimo judicio, sed non cohæret cum Textu etc. Mr Goodin had an other far better explication ie. shal the fulfilling of the things prayed for to Christ bee received with faith. sicut ex pcedente apparet vbi agitur de Efficacia Precum. Id.
Desiderata Theologica
Dr Prestons et Goodin Opinio. Quod voluntas sequitur Intellectum sicut etiam Cameron.