The Hartlib Papers

Title:Ephemerides 1649 Part 2, Hartlib
Dating:1649 [April-August]
Notes:Ephemerides 1649 is divided between 3 files.

Petty is about Experiments for fixing of sents.   One told Dymock a bottle of sack being left open the sent will never evaporate, as it doth in other vines.   From whence Dymock wishes a trial to bee made towards the fixing of sents by an extract of sack.
Petty. Odores. Experientia Physica.
Coleri grosses kunst-buch vltima editio in folio is in effect an Encyclopædia Oeconomica of vniversal vsefulnes.   It is lately augmented.   Vnmussig.
At Tigurinum or Zurich the Magistrate hath a special Chamber adjoined to their Arsenal wherin are reserved and kept vp all the curious Works of their Tradesmen, which when they are presented to them, they vse always to reward them.   This is a great encouragement to industry and advancement of Trades or Mechanical Arts, whose magistrat's laudable example should bee emulated by the State of England or City of London.   Id.
Mechanica Zurich. Opera Parliamenta. City.
To provide for Poore, advance trade and make all manufactures flourish, England should bee endeavoured to bee made the shop of Europe and it with other Countries the Markets.   To doe this All Trades and Workmen should bee encouraged and all manner of compendious ways invented wherby they may come to vndersel the Manufactores and commodities of all other Countrys.   This would bee better then to strengthen their monopolizing Corporations in ignorance and idlnes.   Petty.
Mechanica Poore.
Opera Parliamenta.

Quaestio.   A wish of Vnmussig to invent a colour of black that shall shine as velvet.   Vnmussig.
Experientia Physica.
Barlæus is writing a most compleate History of the West-Indies with cuts and maps more accuratly then ever done by any body before.   Dr Coxe from Dr Hannius.
Barlæus Historia West-Indies.
The Irish harpe counted one of the choicest peeces of Instrumental Musick.   The reading of it should bee with a demonstration by the Lute as Mr Ball was wont to doe or play; and then a chorus might bee added or a consort of the most exquisite musicke for entertainment.   Collwall.
Didactica Musica.
One Adle or Oudle of the Inner Temple a most old batchelor of 72. years or more, counted worth a hundred thousand lb. in ready mony, besides 4. or 5000. a year who is to bee dealt withal for legacies and good works.   Lawrence Brinsley.
Office of Address
Rich men. Didactica bona opera Legacies.
Mundus Mare Vitæ Navis Quisque navigatio,
Mors Portas [order of the following two words transposed] Patria Cælum Fidelis intrat.
In the window before the Councel-Chamber at Guildhall. for stambucher.
Historia Ethica
Dymock affirmeth that great Riches might bee gotten by fatting of Hogs, 2. of Gees, 3. and of recovering and curing of Sheep from the rot.
Didactica divitiarum Dymock.
If once the defensive Part bee made so strong as to defend themselves against the Power of the Horse or if need bee to dogg them at their heeles, the war's will soone bee at an end.   Sir Cheney Culpeper.
Didactica Bellorum

Which will bee done by a mooveable Fort such as Felton <Fermin etc> proposed. Wheeler for Plantations and Dymock seemed also to intimate.   Id.
Dymock's motion tried to bee made by Weight, Water and Wind, which latter will much dispatch.   Dymock.
Dymock. Perpetuus Motus
Barlæus hath written only of Res Gestas Mauritii but one Marshal Silesius hee hath exactly described the West-Indies Astronomically. Physically etc.   Hee being dead Count Maurice tooke them into his custody and is now printing of them with curious cutts.   Ravius.
West Indies
Wild a Parliament Man and of the Tempel a meere Naturalist but a great lover and advancer of sense and Experimental Philosophy acquainted with Hall.
Hee hath beene vpon the Designe of Friggats for every County 3. or 4. years agoe.   Had drawn vp the whole Model of it with the Fabrick of an Arsenal about Gravesend for this very purpose.   Hee hath married my Lord Say's Daughter if I mistake not, and is an excellent Inventive head.   Mr Cooper.
Colonel Tempel. Friggats. Inventiones Projectors.
Holbeck an excellent schoolmaster at free-schoole at Felstead.   Sizer olim to Dr Preston.   Hath sent forth many hundreds of converted soules by the way of schooling.   Id. Mr Wahl allied with him by marriage.
Holbeck at Felstead School master
Cardinal Mazarini sent to the Queen of Sweden a whole Library of the most selected Books, for which
Queen of Sweden. Libri selecti.

shee sent him again a brave Ship of War.   Cooper.
Hahn Ingenieur in the Army hath brought the Invention of shooting Granadoes out of Ordnance to perfection.   Himself is no deepe Inventive head but got the hints from others.
Hahn. Inventiones militariae
Dessius or Dessaine a Pomeraine Gentleman ingenieur at Newcastle is far more excellent in Theoreticis et Practicis, and studies stil very hard for the production of other Inventions as of mils etc.   Fortification and the like are trifling works to him.   Freymuth.
Dessaine. Dessius. Mils.
Hahn hath tried his shooting in moorish grounds in water - and stil found the execution of his granadoes. wheras before they were quenched in the earthen work's whither they were directed.   Id.
Kalthof by a devise makes his tooles or files worke of themselves.   Id.
Kalthof Mechanica.
Massy is much conversant with him who hath caused to bee made a devise of the finest thred which is to serve for bridges and ladders to bee made ex tempore.   Id.
Massy Inventiones militariae
His grand 3. Wishes were 1. what would become of the Duke of Holstein Iourney or Expedition into Persia. 2. What would bee the End of the Swedish Warres. 3. What the end of Rantzau's great state hee kept?   Id.

Historia king of Denmark
A rare Booke called Nicolai Papinii Blæsensis M.D. De Pulvere Sympathetico Dissertatio.   Patavii. 1646.
Typis Cribellianis superiorum permissu.
Dr Child lent it mee for a few houres.
Libri selecti Physici.
Dr Child
Petty hath compleated a Vniversal designe to further the good of the commonwealth as much as Dr Chamberlain vndertakes in his Advocate for the Poore.   But it hath none of all those inconveniencies which accompanie his contrivances.   By this all Taxes will bee taken of from the People etc. all the Poore provided and set a worke, the History of Trade instantly set vpon etc.
Opera Parliamenta Anglia. Petty.
Hee hath imparted his conceptions to some able heads of his secret acquaintance who can object nothing against the feasibility of it.
All hee intends to comprise in one sheete and then to receive face to face whatsoever can bee alledged against it.
Or to impart it more politikly to some of the Councel of State of Parliament's leading Grandees, if hee can get so far into any of them as that hee may make them his Conduit-pipe and himselfe the fountaine in secret out of which they may bee supplied from time to time, so

that they may have the sole credit and glory of the Designe in publick from time to time.
For otherwise the best Designes will never bee favoured effectually by states-men, who laugh and slight rather then promote when any thing of consequence is proposed nakedly to the publick view.
Only one inconveniency hee finds in his designe which is that after it is once set a foote in England other Countries may presently follow this example. which should bee the rather embraced that from hence the whole World may bee enhappined and all at last come to live in plenty and peace etc. and all warr's cease.   Petty.
Iohn Tradusken if hee might have a thous <hundred> lb. per annum offers to part with all his Rarities and to perfect the Garding of it.   This might bee added to Vniversity of Cambridge by which meanes with the additions they might out-strip Oxford in their bookish-Library.
Opera Vniversitatis Iohn Tradusken. Encyclopaedia horticultura Cambridge
Idæa Idæarum Operatricum a very choice and rare Chymical Booke is said to bee a printing by a Bohemian which affoords a rare Philosophy and is one of the Grand desiderata of Helmont to bee elaborated for Magical Cures.   Dr Child.
Libri selecti Chymici. Philosophici.
King of Sweden Gustavus said in Prussia If I were
Opera Parliamenta Historia.

King of England, what could I not doe? in warre and Peace in reference to Trade by reason of its advantagious situation with Scotland and Ireland?   Mr Dury.
Mr Mell one of the king's Musitians very excellent in his Art and of a very inventive genius.   Hee hath made a most admirable Clocke of 50. lb. or more price which should bee sent for a present to some king in the Indies. etc.   Hee dwels in the Crutched friers.   Cradock.
Musici Mell. Mechanici. Plantations
Mr Wilson is a most excellent Man for all manner of fire-works if hee were encouraged or taken notice of.   Hee lives neare the black horse in Aldersgate-street, a custome-house man.   Id.
Birch-water very hard to come by for any quantities.   Yet there is an old man who makes it his worke or living to get or procure what can bee gotten of it.   The physitians are very chairy and sparing of this Water it being so hard to come by.   But Mr Parsons lighted vpon the forenamed Man accidentally, whom hee well rewarded also.   Hee got many quarts of it and drinkes every morning neere halfe or a whole pint by which hee finds the best medecin for ease in his stone in the bladder of all that ever hee hath vsed.   But it being too windy and raw hee mixes 2. or 3. spooneful of sack with it with some seeds.   But the maine trouble hee hath now is how to preserve it from stinking for which hee enquires earnestly a Remedy.   Parsons.
Physica Angliæ. Medica Birch Water.

Bullocks Booke of Virginia or Planations how every body may bee made rich may bee thus paralleld with that of Pruvost's and applied to the Publick and the state viz. How the State may bee made rich or enrich itself by the same Meanes as privat men are there advised to make themselves rich.   In many particulars Bullock is parallel with that of Pruvost tho vnknown one to the other.   Bullock is going over with diverse good families.
Critica Librorum Bullock Didactica divitiarum
In Virginia corne is sown in March and reaped in Iune.   From thence all Europe may bee provided with corne with great gaine. Bullock-planters intend mainly for Corne Cattle Flaxe and rice.   Hee carries over many hundreds if not thousands of all manner of brave men that purpose to settle there.   It's 5 or 6 weeks going thither but from thence but 5. weeks saile ordinarily.   A good and healthful country in itself but the Tobacco-planters in the Winter-time (which last's not above 3. months) spoile themselves by lying along the fire all that while and foxing themselves continually worse then beasts.   The Flaxe brought from thence is excellently good.   Cattel in the greatest abundance.   But because they dye so fast
Virginia. Plantes. Bullock.

is because they doe not provide or lay vp hay in the summer time to serve their necessities.   The swine feeding vpon nuts etc. are far better then ours in these countries etc.   Fletcher.
His invention of Water-Workes will out-strip all what Wheeler can doe in that kind in reference to drayning of Lands to which it is mainly applicable.   As for draining of Mines though one would sweare that it could not faile, yet hee sees clearly that it is impossible to bee done and that Kalthof will finde himself deceived as to this application or vse.   Hee conceives that hee can doe more in his way then Kalthof himself and that both inventions must of necessity bee one and the same, as himself shall bee made sensible of by his owne letter to him, which hee sends enclosed in Mr Worslys.   Petty.
Petty. Inventiones Draining of Mines. Lands. Kalthof.
Musick Instrumental should therfore bee taught because the fingers being made nimble pliable and active they can afterwards the better and easier bee applied to all Mechanical imploiments.
Didactica Musica. Mechanica.
The same is to bee judged of Drawing to get a command of ones hands.   Id.
Excellent Florists men or women especially Women, if they bee skilful extraordinarily this way for exchanging of seeds rootes plants etc. by
Didactica Divitiarum Florists.

addition of smels or preserving of odors or accelerating their productions. etc. may get their livelihood by it, as hee know's some about the City that get 2. or 300. by it this way.   Id.
Didactica Women.
Birch-Water is excellently good for washing ones skin in the face much vsed by ladies.   Mr. Parsons.
The sowing of Clover-grasse is held very enriching.   It fattens horse and cattle exceedingly.   Dymock promised to show mee the french Author of it.
Didactica divitiarum Experientia Physica Oeconomica Clover-grasse.
Swine being fatted with blood etc and other filth as commonly is done about London are exceeding vnhealthful and not to bee eaten.   Dymock.
Experientia Oeconomica Physica. Swine. Didactica sanitatis.
Geldrop the Painter is also the Florist who causes flowers to bee brought to him by Post's which hee sells for 4. or 5. lb. or more.   NB. that such things can bee transmitted by Posts.   Speed.
Geldorp. Florist. Post.
May 21. 1649.   Thomas Bushel delivered a Paper inscribed To every individual Member of the Hon. House of Commons. The scope of it tends to show by discovering and improoving of mines how to raise a benefit to the State in particular and advancement of Trade in the general.   Presenting a Petition and case in print to every member.
Thomas Bushel. Mines. Opera Parliamenta.
Dr Chamberlen's chiefe agent in Parliament is Sir Iames Harrington.   Hee hopes within 14 days to have a Loane of 20. thousand lb. from the State for 7. years for imploying of Poore and advancing of his
Dr Chamberlen.

designes in the Poores Advocat.   The City of Peace tending so much to Community hee dares not yet divulge least People should bee too too much frighted.
Mr Dury to write downe his observations from Fermin concerning the Mines in Sweden which hee had wrought with great successe though hee found in it likewise many great difficulties.
Dury. Mines in Sweden. Fermin.
Mr Elles hath 5. or 6. letters some of them a sheete large from Mr Dury wherin hee answers many of his scruples concerning Presbyterian Goverment of which Mr Dury kept no Copies.
Elles. Dury.
Thomas Bushel counteth a very great Projector, especially about Mines. at least a very great lover of all those ingenuities though hee have no insight in any of them.   Hee hath spent all his estate vpon those adventures but is grown not only very poore by them but likewise much indebted.   For hee buys but the secrets and experiments from others and hath no thorough knowledge of any of them.   Mr Smith promised mee to show some of his Book's, wherin his Designes are discovered published some years agoe.
Hee is now vpon an experiment for melting of Iron with sea-coale which was done formerly with charcoale which will bee very saving.   Petty saw the trying though not the secret in this Towne.
Experientia Physica
Mores Vtopia a most excellent Booke, one of the best English-wits counted by Petty in all State affaires, as Verulam the other Chancellor was one of the chiefest men for other Reall Learning.   More
Historia Angliæ.

was a States-man and divine Verulam a States-man and Philosopher but Raleigh a States-man and a Souldjer.   The 2. former the likelier honest- men. Raleigh the more crafty and polilitick or more of the Serpent in him.
Thomas More. Verulam Raleigh.
Didactica Reformationis et Opera Parliamentaria.   Mores Vtopia a true patterne of a rightly constituted Commonwealth and which might easily bee put in practise.   Petty.
Opera Parliamenta Reforms.
Sir B. Gerbier intimated to have a most rare and approoved secret and Receipt against Burning so as to take away the paines and to heale without any scarres.
Sir Balthasar Gerbier. Chirurgica. Burning.
Also for defluxion of rheume which was to snuffe vp a quantity of Aqua Vitæ out of the spoone stopping one hole of the nostrils neerest to the defluxion.   This was a present Remedy but is to bee renewed as often as the defluxions come again.   Sir B. Gerbier.
Rheume. Tootache.
Hee proposed a great Designe for reducing the french Records and Rolls that were brought from thence in great heapes vnto an exact Method of years, months, day's, which would bring in a considerable revenue to the ps State or the vndertaker, and Office at Paris being to bee founded also for that purpose. A thing very much desired by your French lawers and others.
Opera Parliamenta Tower of London. Records. Sir Balthasar Gerbier. Parliamenta Rols.
Didactica Divitiarum
In like manner the English Parliament's Rols and Records might bee ordered and methodized with the addition and compend of Harrison's Art etc.   Id.

Hee offered vpon a stock of only 30. lb. [in margin: for buying of rootes etc] to raise within 18. years the summe of 10. thousand lb. from the encrease of a certain tree. of which hee would plant a nurserie.   As hee hath already really experimented the same at Bodnal-greene by planting of abble-trees as hee calles them.   But in his absence no body hath looked to them by which neglect as likewise for want of that Secret of skil (which hee professed to have to make them grow and swell into a bulky body) they have not thrived so well.   But hee purposes to applie his secret to them and within a year hee hopes they will bee in a more thriving condition.
Sir Balthasar Gerbier Experientia Physica
Trees. Didactica Divitiarum
Hee wishes also that a nurserie or plantation of the like trees were attempted by the State or privat-men vpon the meddow's between Greenwich and the City called <Isle of Dogs> Dogs Island which yet haue no trees at all vpon them, in which they would thrive mightily they being most excellent pasture grounds and some of the richest soile.   These trees also would bee for a shade to cattel, but affoord an incredible revenue to the Publick or Private Adventurers.   Id.
Opera Parliamenta London.
Dogs Islands.
Blaise de Vigenere Treatises besides of fire and salt Sir Cheney Culpeper said hee hath his 2. others of Gold and Glasse wherin hee confesseth to bee many excellent things.
Libri selectiores Chymici Physici. Sir Cheney Culpeper

In Blese Vigenere Pag. 255 and 256 there is in a manner the Receipt expressed of Helmont's Althahest as is judged by Sir Cheney Culpeper.
Physica Medica.
Bullock is of a royal interest and designe to set vp a new kingdom in Virginia.   Hee hath twice meetings about this busines, and several Aldermen engage for Security to the Adventurers, which is parallel to that of Pruvost.   Id.
Felton hath made a new Engine of a Portable Sconce or of keeping of the horse, that if it bee not made light then it is not portable and if it bee made soe then it may easily bee over-turned by the horse.   But Sir Cheney is vpon an Expedient how to remedie all by something of the nature of a hammer to strike it instantly when one pleases into the ground and to remoove it as speedily.   The [General?] confesseth it is admirable in narrow passages.   Felton.
Inventiones Militares. Felton.
Sir Cheney Culpeper.
The booke called The New Law of Righteousnes counted by him that gave it to Mr Sadler one of the best Books that ever hath beene written next to the Bible.   Mr Sadler.
Libri Theologici Theosophici.
The profits of the Greene-Waxe Office the moity of them intended to advance the Worke of the Poore.
Greene-Wax Office.
Also the creation of another Farthen-token Office.
A peculiar brewe House for the Poore as it was at Dorchester.

At Maidestone the best thred in the kingdom is made there wherby a World of People are imploied - which was not 80. years since.   Mr Edmonds.
Thred. Opera Parliamenta Maidstone. Office of Accomodation.
Mr Edmonds related of a friend of his that knew one in Essex to plough with fewer horses then ordinary and without a plough-boy.
Inventiones Mechanicae Edmonds. Ploughing.
One proposed for imploiment of Poore to become as it were draught-horses to carrie the beare without horses.   Id.
The man in foxe-hall is said to make looking-glasses of brasse.   Mr Sadler.
Inventiones Optica Mechanica
Ahasverus knows a knight that's a Lover of Ingenuities who also hath bought from him his Clocke.   Hee is now making a dagger that is to containe also a tender-boxe and a hundred other mechanical knocks. worth 30. lb.   Corsel(lis).
Ahasverus. Dagger. Inventiones Mechanica
People so mightily averse from it because of diminishing of their rivers wherby their markets are spoiled.   If any Invention can take away this inconvenience bec <it> will doe the worke.   Above 5. hundred thousand acres may bee made out of those fenn's.
The Country offers Lands for the thriving paines of any vndertaker otherwise clubs.   Mr Smith.
Elisha Bourne of Corpus Christi College in Oxford Schollar or fellow the 9. of Iune came to my house to bee acquainted with mee.   A zealous young Advancer of the Reformation of free and reall Learning, to which end hee shewd mee a declaration of theirs.

Colonel Sparrow hath a new excellent way to breathe in a warme aire at winter-time into the largest roomes better then any stoves.
Colonel Sparrow Inventiones Mechanica Oeconomica Fire-workes.
This Sir Cheney Culpeper intends to apply to a trial about a Motion to see how by it that will succeed.   Sir Ch. Culpeper.
Sir Cheney Culpeper.
Conies are a very profitable Creature and much enriching the furrows may yeeld much, the haires are now vsed by way of mixture with Demi-Castor, it [vergings?] also very much vsed for stuffing of beds instead of feathers and becomes a great commodity for exportation to this purpose.
Conies. Oeconomica.
Sir Cheney Culpeper is like to have the whole Island to himself which amounts to 18 hundred of excellent Chalky Lands for keeping of Conies. or a Warren.   Speed.
Sir Cheney-Culpeper. Warren.
Dr Bedel the late Bishop of Kilmore had almost translated the whole Bibel into Irish, but the Rebels burn't with the rest of his Library all these labours which are much lamented.   Ex his Kinsman.
Historia Biblica Irlandica.
The City or other Publick or Private Vndertakers if they would buy the Ground or the whole Court in Broad-street where the old Glasse-house was, and they might very conveniently build there 30 40 or more good houses with sellerage warehouses and the like merchant-
Didactica Divitiarum London.
Opera City.

-like accommodations for Merchants to dwel there they might by laying out a matter of 10 thousand lb. perhaps grow extreamly rich by it.   Ex Colwel.
Apply this also for planting of Trees vpon the Isle of Dogs of which see the forgoing sheets.
Opera City.
So reich als ein Fuggar.   Rich as the Fuggars.   One of the richest Merchants afterwards of the Nobility of Germany.   How hee came to so great a wealth few can discover.   But Mr Dury heard it was by getting of Oare out of Scotland which was not regarded by the posessors of the Mines in Scotland.   Mr Dury.
Didactica divitiarum Mines of Scotland
Cranhals mentioned a certain Invention or Alarum for 2. shillings 6d price which should strike fire and light a candle and fire.   Cranhals.
Inventiones Optica nomen Cranhals.
As Conies and Rabbets with Pigeons bee some of the best and most profitable Creatures so they are also the most nasty and destroying.   But then the fault lyes in the Oeconomy, who can easily remedy all.   For so man also is a most nasty and filthy Creature if hee were cup'd vp and none empty his excrements.   Therfore the tame Conies must bee kept as sweet as any other.   Dymock.
Oeconomica Conies.
If the whole kingdom of England were divided as it were into so many posessions or cantons, and each of these fenced and hedged in and planted with trees etc. it might bee made the most flourishing Country in the World.   Id.
Oeconomica England

Dr Love one of the heads of College in Cambridge made vnto mee a wonderful relation of a certain Spleene-stone remaining with the Family of the Stewards in Scotland by the application of which to his side hee hath beene so far cured as that hee is quite a new man of what hee was formerly.   It is just of such a Shape and colour as the spleene.   Hee went to all the Lapidaries and could find none like unto it, or of any such efficacy or vertue.   For the other would clinge to the side and stick there so fast that with both hands hee must bee taken of.   So long hee should bee suffered to stick to the side till hee should fall of of his owne accord.   But hee could not keepe the stone till hee could bring it to this perfect trial.   However it hath admirably cured him and drawn out the malignity of the melancholy and filthy blood gathered in or about the Spleene.   Those that are not troubled with any such distemper it will never stick to them.   Hee acquainted 9. physitians with it, which saw the Experiment performed on himself, tho afterwards they slighted the effect of it saying that it was but his conceit.   This is like the stone of the Earl of Corke, etc.   Dr Love
Dr Love. Spleene-Stone. Spleene.

Reeves Seison and one more by way of partnership are vpon a great designe at Kingston vpon Thames to perfect the Optical Glasses.   The Instruments are made and very promising but the effect is yet to bee expected.   Petty.
Optica. Reeves Seison.
Dr Dolman hath invented a new Art of dying of skarlet in more orient colours.   Is very well acquainted with Petty which judges him to bee too Empirical and Experimenting without Philosophies.   Id.
Dr Dolman. Scarlet-dye.
There is a sort of beggerly People a whole society which call themselves the Running-Campe that knows especially all the rich matches with all the Secret circumstances and transactions of them.   Mr Haack.
Which is one of the effects of the Office of Accommodation.
Office of Address. Mariage. Running-Campe.
In the Low Countries Mr. Sadler learnt how to make suddenly a dainty dish of yolk of eggs which hee counted very delicious meate.
Culinaria Sadler.
The 30 Iune came one to my house yet in Duks-place who would by no meanes tell his name to acquaint mee with his Designe of Schooling.   Hee read the Contents of the Draught to mee, which were very solid and excellent.   The summe of all was the Parliament to appoint a standing committee of State for this purpose.   2. A standing committee of all manner of Learned and Wise Men out of several Nations, that should bee as it were a Corporation of schoolmasters, that should super-intend the Schooles and Education throughout the whole kingdom.   3. To have rural colledges in every county towne or city.   4. to
Dr Snel.

observe the true Rule of Education which was to fit all sorts of People for callings and therfore to have several degrees of Schooling, and to teach or learne nothing but that which is vseful. teach in those Rural Colledges all Arts, Sciences and faculties in the mother tongue etc. with the Art of Husbandry, Health etc. etc.   Hee seemed to bee a good Frenchman and hath beene a great Traveller. Hee taught 13. years at Cambridge.   Sir Will Brewerton knows him as himself confessed.   Hee complained that hee had beene counted a Malignant wheras there was no man that had laid a deeper foundation for setling the Comonwealth then his Designe.   Besides hee had other greater matters to propose for a Publick Good and the Advancement of Learning.   Hee desired only to bee the Solicitor of Learning and calles him in his title page of the Idaea a Syndic to the common-wealth of Learning.   In a word Hee seemed to bee a very pious real and vniversally didactical man.   Only hee intimated likewise a non-subsistence.
The name of the fore-going unknown Person is George Snel, Dr in Divinity, who was forced to compound at Goldsmiths for supposed delinquency for preaching against Civil Wars.   Hee is of 60. years of age sed vegetæ senectæ.   Was 10. years fellow of Iohn's College in Cambridge.   Travelled as Tutor with the Earl of Newport, and beene Iustice of Peace several times.   Hee hath for the present some borders schollars for 25. lb. a piece.   Complaines of a debt of 500 lb. that lies vpon him besides
Dr George Snel.

5. daughters as I take it and 2. boys.
Hee commended highly the study of the Pandects to teach all sorts of men how to bee skilled in the affaires of the world etc.
Didactica Ars Vitae Educationis
By distilling of Irish-<hot> water called [blank] and sold to the Irish souldjers, Sir Iohn Clotworthy got very much by it.   It is counted by Physitians far more healthy, is also more pleasant then the other.
Didactica divitiarum Hot-water distilling.
Mris Dury got the Receipt how to distil them. Lady Ranalagh.
Experientia Mr Dury
By the new invented Printers-inke of Dr Adeling because das auftragen can bee so much lessened, as that the same inke serves for 7 times and failes only at the eight, when it must bee renew'd, a very notable thing is found out to dispatch the printing of. In the Ordinary Way new inke must bee laid on at every turning of the Presse. Ravius.
Experientia Typographica Dr Odeling.
To send letters to him wherever hee shall bee is by his Brother George Snel. Goldsmith in Lambard-street.
Dr Snel.
The 6: of Iuly Petty came to mee acquainting mee with the successe of his Instrument for setting of Corne which hee had sent formerly to his friend Denby in the Country, that it hath fully succeeded and answered expectation so that the Husband-men there judged it the best corne.
Inventio Mechanica Setting of Corne. Petty.
The Setting of 2. at once doth better then one alone.
The instrument can bee kept secret

that none can find it out the Mysterie.
The whole Instrument costs no more than 50. shillings and his Ioyner or Carpenter, who is bound to secrecy, is very greedy of making of it.   Hee is now making another, friend affording him the Lands to make more of his Experiments.   Petty.
Petty proposed also a designe how to runne over the whole Experimental Philosophy by way of Cursus without all Books vpon the things themselves, which might soone bee accomplished and set on foot without charge.   As of physical, Anatomical, Botanical, Optical, Astronomical, Musical, <Mechanical> etc. Reall Lectures, <according to the seasons of the Year>. Id.
Didactica Vniveristatis Experientia Philosophica. Petty.
To perfect his Dictats as hee calls them which is the maine Worke to bee done by him.
Dr Snel.
Mr. Op der Beck hath most singular Oile of juniper which hee caused to bee made when hee Was in Germany where there was plenty of those trees.
Op der Beck oile of juniper.
Shaffenius a Correspondent with Haack.   Was with Scioppius, who hath ready for the presse neere 200 Treatises, most of them being written against the Iesuits.
Shaffenius. Scioppius.
Kircherus is now busy in translating of an Arabick house rare MS. or Booke which is said to containe all the grounds for reducing the Sectaries to the Church of Rome.
Also endeavours are on foot how to reconcile Turke and Pope together.   Ex literis Shaffenii.

The Parliament should grant a Petition or Priviledge for erecting a Presse by Learned Men to print such Treatises or Works which the Stationers will not print tho eminently vseful for the Publick.   Also to priviledge them for the Vending and to give a general recommendation to it.
Opera Parliamenta Advancement of Learning.
The Antimony-Cup is no other then a pure ordinary Regulus Antimonii cast into the forme of a Cup which Cup hath no other vertues nor effects then the fore-said Regulus; for this Regulus lying in any liquor doth the same which the Cup-holding Liquor in all respects.
Antimony Cup.
This Cup was formerly sold by one Evans in Fetter-lane for 25 lb. wheras it cost him not 10. shillings, which hee had from one Rhenish at Blackfriars.   Blondel.
Addresse. Evans.
Many men who cannot see well or are short sighted shun many civil maritimous or warlick imploiment, wheras this defect of theirs would by such a cleere hand perspective as Petty hath invented be wholly amended.   Ego ex Petty.
Vse of Optical Glasses.
Mr Petty's Invention for setting of Corne as far as yet tried appeares to him to bee far more for the Publick then for any Private mans vse, in that so much corne or other graine will this way bee saved above that of sowing almost incredibly.   But whether it will produce as great encreases that is yet to bee tried.   Petty.
Petty. Setting of Corne.
About Bathes and at Swanswick in the county of Somerset are found Trees of a stupendious speedy growth.   Petty being sent thither of purpose for it by the late Lord Threasurer.   Id.
Trees. Office of Address

The Trees before Sir Balthasar Gerbier's [house?] are broad-leaved willows salix latifolia, which are to bee had in Flaunders.   Those other about Swanswick did grow in 6. or 7. years to 30. foote high.   Petty.
Bednal-greene. Trees.
Ioh. Lezer of Anhalt a poore schollar his Brother being deceased at Colchester who hath called him to that place, was relieved by the charity of some and sent backe 22 Iuly 1649.   Inscripsi in Stambuch, Mundus Mare.
Iohann Lezer.
Mr Robinson hath given in Papers How by a meere Slight of Addresses in certain vnavoidable occasions or Cases a Publick Banke may bee erected, without any formal Authority either of a king or of a Commonwealth, this contrivance being above all.   The Papers for the generality have beene returned again by the President with promise to take the Contents into consideration when hee is at more leisure.   But to those confiding friends to whom hee hath intimated this secret, it is now judged no better then a Surprizing of Mens Estates, and that the Parliament will not allow of it, tho it shall force no man, but voluntarily oblige every man to vse it.
Robinson Addresses. Publick Banck.
This slight hath yet never beene thought vpon by any and yet will performe compleatly what any other Bank can doe.   Robinson.