The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Proposition On Husbandry In Hand ?, Pruvost Et Al
Dating:5 January 1648
Ref:25/8/1A-2B: 2A-B BLANK
Notes:Copies at 12/117A-B, 12/128A0B.

[Hartlib's hand:
5 Ian. 1648./.]
[scribal hand:]
              The Proposition of Mr. Pruvost
                    and his Associats.
   Wee offer to shew to this Kingdome a way to improove the Husbandrie thereof very easily to that rate which hath beene heretofore mentioned, viz. to one fift of the profit more then now it is at, if the Parliament will make an Ordinance, that whosoever will practise that way of improoving their Husbandrie directly or Indirectly in whole or in part shall bee bound to the same Conditions, whereunto wee the vndertakers of the worke for the publick good doe heartily submitt and subject ourselves.
   Namely that everyone of vs without any tributarie taxation and by a tye of Conscience shall give to the public, the fourth or the third part, or the half; of the profits, which shall bee gotten from that improovement of the Husbandrie. for the space of fourteene yeares or for ever if the Parliament shall think good; so then that every one, that is in all England willing to vse the same way of husbandrie shall bee bound to yeeld the same Proportion, out of the profits of the Improovement which wee shall offer either for fourtenne[altered] yeares or for ever, as the Parliament shall think good; without any tributarie transaction <taxation>, but only upon the tye of Conscience towards the Publick good the glory of God, the Edification of the Church and the benefit of the poore.
   It will bee better for the publick Good that the halfe of the profit bee appointed by the Parliament unto the vses forenamed.
   And that the fourth or halfe or third part bee employed wholly directly and without any Diversion; to keepe a fleet at Sea, whereof one third part shall allwayes remaine to guard the Coast, and the other two parts shall bee employed

to erect a Plantation in the Indies according to the Direction of Hugh L'Amy and his Associats; namely according to the Articles of Direction confirmed by the Parliament and setled for the perfiting of this worke, and by the Authoritie of Commissioners named and appointed by the Parliament for the Execution of the said Articles.