The Hartlib Papers

Title:Notes On Schooling For Children, Hartlib, In English, German & Latin
Ref:22/14/5A-9B: 6B-9B BLANK

              GYMNasticæ Infantilis.
[left column:]
Diuers of the Most Sensual
and Easy Experiments might bee
taught to children and that by way
--------of imploiment. ---------
 Liber called Mathemat. Recreations
hase many braue Experiments et Inuentions which
by way of Gymnastica might bee proposed
to children boyes etc. et so upwards.
debent enim ludere per 1. Experimenta. 2.
Inuention. 3. Exercitia increasing growth
nimblenes. etc. formantia robur[?] corporis
etc. vel similia ad scopum aliquem
Naturalem vel Civilem vel [Oeconomicum?]
------------- facientia -------------------
  Exercitia formentur etiam Architectonicè
Item. Exentrator Animalium
augedricktes eingeweyde einzunehmen
----- vnd einzusetzen. ---------------------
    Allerhand artificia [two words illeg.]
-------- furzulegen. -----------------------
Allerhand zu vnd fur-zu schneiden
To worke vpon Mr [Brookes?]
  Instruments of 1. Turning etc.
          2. of Spinning of Iarsey etc.
[.] Civilitat. Morum.
     Playes for [persecuting?] of Actions
and Men in seueral trades offices,
  and all other calings et degrees.
[right column]
1. Pilcken-teffeln. Shofelboard.
2. Reynolds-bord
3. Kegel-schiessen.
4. Sagittare
5. Tympanitare[?]
6. Fistulare. Buccinare. Cornu
7. to play vpon the fidle
8. to play vpon an old or
     [decayed?] virginal.
9. Weit-lauffen.
10. shuttel-cock.
12. to Persecut trades. Callings
13. Equitare in Arundine. vel
     Equo Ligneo. Et Equisonem
14. Aedificare et Aedilem
15. Pingere.
16. []
17. Trullen.
18. Riegel-[deletion] rennen
19. Ludere par impar.
20. Interim [dyinerj?]
21. Vogel abschiessen.
22. Nach dem ziel schiessen [mit blotted]
23. Piscari.

24. Vogel-fangen.
25. Venare
26. Equitare.
27. Pila ludere
28. [Reckman-synden?]
29. to Make-hay
30. Arare.
31. torculare. Ausdrucken the
     juce out of all manner of
32. Making of Pinnes.
     [treyes?] etc. at [Redingi?]
33. Comedias historicas et
      Rituales agere
34. [two words illeg.] du Boys.

   Infantilis et Puerilis
1. [Biedor?] Encyclopædicè durus-
   Dasay inprimis Historias
   Et Encycl. singuliarium per Picturas
      loco Repetionis
2.   Complicare Chattum
   variis formis imprimi [pro?] vsu
3. Representare Bellica varia.
   sicut P. Henrico.
4. Antitectonica Domus
   [3 illeg. words] and
   [illeg word] etc.
5. Tympanisare fistulare

To apply the Recipe of Mrs [Brown?]
Smith of anointing of Gumes
for childrens teeth to come
out the easier.