The Hartlib Papers

Title:Notes On Athletics & Riding & Dramatics, Hartlib, In Latin & English
Ref:22/12/1A-13/1B: 12/1B-2B, 3B-4B, 13/1A BLANK

                ATHLETICa BacoNiaNa.
Sic. enim Iuuentus Spartana, secundum Lycurgi
instituta laboribus venatu. Cursu. Esuriendo
Sitiendo. Algendo Aestuando Exerceri solebant.
---------------------------Autor Gym. p.16. --------

     were[for where?] riders by gentle allurements do
breed up in them the Loue of riding.
     They feal feare et bondage in Schooles
they feele Libertie et freedome in stables, which
causeth them vtterlie to abhor the one et most
     gladly to haunt the other.
Yea j am sorie with al my heart that they
bee giuen no more to riding then they bee.
     For of al outward qualities, to ride faire
is most cumelie for himself most necessarie for his Contri, et the greater he is in the blood, the
greater is his praise, the more he doth exceede
               al other therin.
It was one of the 3. excelent praises among
the noble Gentleman the old Persians. also
to say truth to ride faire et shoote wel.
     Et so it was engrauen upon darius tumbe
as Strabo beareth witnes. Lib. 15.
-------------------------Ascam. p. 10. -------------

describuntur omnia p.162. 163. apud Sturm.
  Epist. Clas. Lib. 3. de Com├Ždiis et
------------- Trag├Ždiis. NB. --------------