The Hartlib Papers

Title:Notes On Edition Of Kinner'S Works, Printed Sheets, & Copy Extract, Hartlib, In Latin, English & German
Ref:1/36/1A-6B: 2B, 6A-B BLANK

                          Operis Kinneriani
Sir H. Wottons Introduction
 most all. to. bee promised.
[left side:]
In the Title-Page or
immediatly after aliquot
 dicta Verulamj.
sine spatiis vitæ majoribus.
It De vota [meliaris] [Ravi?]
It Omnia pstabilia censenda &c.
Translations of the most
  material Passages.
Ex lit. ad Comen.
        ad me.
 Ioh. Ravj testimonium.
[right side:]
Titulus to this purpose
     Cyp K. Md.
Bonæ Voluntatis in Genus
   humanum Testimonium.
[Q?] ob [sublatione?] morte [non?] [natus?]
  [absolute?] non [potuit?].
Nunc autem Censuris &c. the
   the English Title of translated Diatyp.
    S. H. [2 words illeg]

Epistola Kircheri.
Amici Fund. [scholeri?] [illeg.]
Model [Kirch and Dur.?]
De Morum Puer. disciplina
Spirit. Agricult.
Cum Q. Pædagoge [cijs?]
The directory of Boyes et Girles.
The directory of Logick to
   his Children.
Ioh. Pelli Idea. Math.
Append. loco
Those Passages ex Sadl. Booke
       de Educatione &c. et dida. Erud.

[Dicto...?] title Page. ex Verul. Editio sine spatiis Vitæ majoribus. &c.
    Operis Kinneri.
 Pictura Frankenbergeri.
 Epistola Kircheri.
Dur. de Morum Pueril.
Eiusd. de Spir. Agricult.
Eiusd. Q. Pædagogicæ.
Epistola [Brahe?] de stylo.
        [Exercitio?] Dur. de Webbi [Meth?] [illeg.] possibilis
[Rp?] Fund [ad illam Epistola?]
Idea Latina Math. Pell.
dub. an Idea Polit. Fund.

<right margin, Hartlib: Kinneriana>
                   EPISTLE DEDICATORY
         To the Weavers in the Citie of London,
      Westminster and parts adjacent; by a Brother
            and one of the Livery of the said
WHen I writ this insuing Discourse I had no purpose to add an Epistle, yet afterwards thinking of some circumstances both of matter and time, I thought it most fit to present it to those of my Brethren whom principally it doth concerne also for advertisement in some things which the present state of your affaires, as I conceive, may require: And for the first, who doth not see, what the fruits of contention hath brought amongst us? by the bleating of the sheepe what advantage have wee given intruders of all sorts upon our Trade? Doe they not despise you, because our hand is weakned by divisions among our selves, that by it they take libertie to transgresse more and more? In the second place, my deare friends, wherein you contest with your governours, is it not in those things which they have example and tradition? for which in questioning the truth thereof, you may as well doubt whether your mother brought you into world. In
                           A 2           [catchword: the]

                 The Epistle Dedicatory.
the next place, my Brethren, I shall in the following discourse present you with what our Governours and Livery of our Company are agreed upon, by way of proposalls to the honorable Committee for hearing abuses in our Trade: And then followes some of the Proposalls of the Commonaltie, as they call themselves, with dissents, and differs from the Proposalls of the Livery, with some observations thereupon, shewing how destructive they are to the Company: And that I prove by offering to your considerations the Statutes, Laws, Ordinances, and Orders of our Company: hoping that the courteous Reader and my fellow Citizens Weavers will take in good part my indeavours, though here is declared much weaknesse, yet assuring my selfe the end being good no honest man will so much as speak against it, but cooperate rather to the firme establishment of peace among us: which God of his infinite goodnesse grant.
                               Yours to serve,
                                IEREMY WATS.
[catchword: Certain]

           Certain Proposalls by the Livery of
             the Company of Weavers, London,
              for Reformation of abuses in
                      their Trade.
  THat no Alien, denizen, or native shall hereafter use the Trade of Weaving in this Kingdome unlesse he be an Apprentice or have served 7. yeares Apprentice to the said Trade of Weaving in this Kingdome, pena 5.l. for the first offence, and 40.s. per moneth afterwards.
  Provided that this shall not extend to such natives or Protestant Strangers as have used the said Trade as Masters here in this Kingdome, for the space of ten yeares last past. So long as they doe not hereafter employ any Servant, Apprentice, or Iourny-man, to work with or for him or them, but such onely as are and shall be of the naturall borne Subjects of this Kingdome.
  And also that all such Aliens or Denizens, who are now Iourney-men in this Kingdome, or that shall hereafter come into this Kingdome, and are or shall be of the reformed Churches here, shall from henceforth onely worke as Servants to or with the naturall born Subjects of the said Trade, and not otherwise.
 2. That no Mercer, Silk man, or any other person or persons whatsoever, doe hereafter put forth any Silke, Hair, or other materialls to be Woven to any person or persons whatsoever, untill the said person so to bee imployed doe first produce an attestation under the Seal of the Corporation of Weavers where hee worketh, if any such Corporation bee, or if not, then under the hand and Seal of the next Iustice of Peace, that hee hath duely served 7. yeares Apprentice to the said Trade: upon paine to forfeit all such Materialls or Manufactures, as shall bee put forth or wrought contrary to this Act, and the true meaning thereof.
 3 That no person shall use any Engin or Frame, commonly called a great Loom, wherein shall be made or woven any more Laces, Ribbonds or Tapes, of any sort then onely one, at one and the same time, excepting Linnen Tapes onely, pena 10.l.
                           B 3          [catchword: That]

 4 That no person or persons, shall make, or Weave, or cause to be made or Wove here, or shall import into any of his Majesties Dominions, any Woven Manufactures, wherein there shall bee mixed any Copper called Lynsey, with Gold or Silver; pena forfeiture.
  And that no Cotton, lynnen Thred, worsted or Incle, or any other such like materials inferiour to Silk be henceforth mixed in Ribbonds, Pointings, or Laces (excepting Cotton Ribbonds and Laces commonly called Statute Laces, upon the like Forfeiture.
 5 That there be no Alien, Denizen, or Forainer permitted to be a Broker or Factor, or shall be a Broker or Factor, to sell any Wares within the City of London and Liberties thereof, that are or shall henceforth bee made and Woven within this Kingdome, or shall goe from shop to shop within London, and the Liberties thereof, to proffer or put to sale any Woven Manufactures whatsoever, upon pain to forfeit the said Manufactures.
 6 That all persons that now doe, or hereafter shall use the Trade of Weaving in London and the Liberties thereof, or within two miles compasse, doe become and continue subject and obedient to the Ordinances of the said Guild, or shall hereafter be procured for the good of the said Trade and Company, upon the penalties contained in the said respective Ordinances.
 7 That no Woven wares whatsoever, under one quarter of a yard broad, made or Woven of Silk or part Silke, shall henceforth be imported; pena forfeiture, see 19.H.7 Ca.7.
 8 And to the end, the searches of the said Company may be effectually performed for the service of the Common wealth, and good of the said Trade in the future;
  It is hereby ordained, that the Bailiffs, Wardens, and Assistants of the said Company, for the time being, shall every year yearly nominate and appoint 40. persons of the said Company to make and performe the said searches, wherof 8. to be of the Bayliffs, Wardens, and Assistants, 16. to be of the Livery, and the other 16. to bee Freemen of the said Company, under the degree of the Livery.
  And that the said 40. persons, or any Five of them, whereof one of the Court of Assistants, and two of the Livery to be three, [catchword: shall]

                     To the Reader.
Advantage brought thereby unto the Publique, which is here the Main of the whole [Designe? hole in MS], that this State may recover itselfe and flourish; and the burdens which ly upon every one, may be the easier borne by all. I shall not add by way of Preface any thing more; only I shall beseech the Lord to direct thee, in this, and all other things, to fulfill the good pleasure of his will; In whome I rest alwayes
From my house at                      Truly thine in all
Charing-Crosse right over              duties of Love and
Angel-Court, the 24.                     Serviceablenesse
                of Feb.
      1650/1                            SAMUEL HARTLIB.

[Hartlib's hand:]
                 Ex Literis Frankenberg.
Ich stelle es dem. H. zu seinem belieben ob Er Solche Invention sub tit. Arbor Cyclica etc Item Scala Tri-una etc. in seine [seinliche?] [symbol for copper?] taffel Sauber vnd zierlich [schreiden?] oder [gewirren?] vnd das (Carmen etsi minus poeticum) gegen vber also, [zum? altered] Eingang des Elucidarii, gleichsam den kurtzen Inhalt dar vnd furstellen wolle.