The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, John Dury To Hartlib
Dating:28 February 1640
Ref:1/29/20A-21B: 20B, 21A BLANK

Deare freind,
before I went last to Gluckstatd (as I suppose the 14 of February my letter was dated) I wrote unto yow at large & yow hadde one inclosed to Sir William Waller. now I am come backe againe yow see that I am in something as good as my word towards Mr St Amands; & by the post-script I would haue yow to gather that Mr Morian hath written to me & promised to send yow a coppie of my letter written to Dr Iustinus who is to bee married & will take his abode in Zeeland from henceforth. I wrote largely unto yow in my last concerning mine estate & that of all the money which yow sent me; when I came home I hadde no more but 26 Rixd. remaining if I should paye my debts. Now I haue diuers[altered] thinges to print, which I would send to all the Churches namely that which is become a common taske to all Lutheran Divines to aduise upon I would cause it to bee printed; that all the Reformed side may also haue notice thereof. & then besides this the narratiues which yow require in English & Latine I would also cause print to send some hundreths therof unto yow. but where is money to doe all this? if I must liue long in this case I shall bee consumed with cares. but I suppose yowr cares are greater because yow haue a familye. therefore I will not complaine towards yow. my thoughts ouerwhelme me for the present so that I can not tell yow what I haue resolued to doe with the writes which I sent yow last; only I desire yow to keep them by yow & to multiplye Coppies thereof in the meane tyme, till I tell yow more of my mind; the Grace of God be with yow I rest
                               Yowrs in Christ
                                 Iohn Durye
Hamburg this 28 Feb.
     Anno [1640? MS blotted]
[left margin:]
this inclosed to my Lord Forbes if yow know how to send or deliuer to him I pray yow convey for it is from a very vertuous Ladye with whom his daughter is who hath not heard from him in a long tyme.

         To his Louing freind Mr
            Samuel Hartlieb seruant
            to the Prince Elector
            Palatin at his house in
            Dukes place neere Algate
[Hartlib's hand:]   28 Febr. 1640.