The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Extract, In Hartlib'S & Hand F, Dury To [Hartlib]
Dating:14 February 1640
Notes:Original at 1/29/17.

[Hartlib's hand:]
              Hamburg the 14 of Febr. 1640.
My journy wherof j gaue notice the 22. of Nov [1639.? blot on MS] before j went away from hence hath lasted a great deale longer then j thought it should haue done. for j haue not beene able to returne till now the vnexpected succes which God hath given kept mee vp beyond my intentions. The summe of my proceedings you haue in this adioined and by these other Copys of their inclinations to concurre, and of the D. of Brunswig his fauorable countenancing of the worke. you may see that j haue not without fruit emploied the time through God's blessing. Now to answer your Letters which here j find waiting for mee. [hand F:] I first thanke God for your subsistence & resolution to continue in this way of generall & publique Service The Care of which doth oft times perplex mee very much & cheifely because I am not able to give you anie assistance & allthough you still are burthened & allmost overburthened yet I see you are not wholly borne downe & allthough you bee sometimes Cast downe yet you are not destroyed, for the promise is <God doth give> strength to those that trust in him & reneweth theire vigour to make them mount vp like Eagles with wings; for the promise is (Esa: 40 v. last) that they shall runne & not bee weary they shall walke & not faint: well then let vs carry about with vs the dying of our Lord Iesus Christ that his life may bee the more <allsoe> appeare[altered from apparent] in vs & let vs learne to rejoyce in our affliccions, & not onely in them but for them. I say even for this Cause that wee are[altered] afflicted & deserted for <in> well doeing let vs rejoyce, because herein wee are partakers

of the affliccions of Christ & wee know that if wee suffer with him wee shall allsoe bee glorifyed together with him Alas what are all our Tryalls & affliccions in comparison of that good which they yeeld vnto vs for the very present, how much more then in regard of that which is to come ought wee not then bee ashamed to complaine[altered] over them seeing they are soe advantagious to vs & soe fit to make vs instruments of Gods Glory. O that wee knew what the purification of the Soule is which is attained vnto in this fiery furnace[altered from furnaces], Surely wee would not bee soe weary of this Condition nor faint soe vnder it as wee are ready to doe ever & anone when any matter doth Crosse vs & wee cannot see the Issue of our Straites, As for mee I confesse my frailty in respect of Some kind of Impatience which seemeth to grow vpon mee when I doe debate with my selfe why that I should neglect the meanes of a more settled Estate which perhaps I could attaine vnto for to bee allwayes thus in Suspense & hovering vpon vncertainetyes, but then God doth take mee vp againe & letteth mee see that his providence is all sufficient for mee & that I have none other hold here to rest vpon but his good will, therefore I have sayd let him doe with mee what soever hee will, loe here I am, I desire to

have noe life but from one moment to another nor noe relacion further to any thing then as it is at this present in God & Cometh from his hand to mee, onely my desire is to bee able to see his face in all things that my present & momentary life may bee still renewed in him whiles I looke not in the vse of things present to that <which> I find[altered from see] or see in them, but to that which is before <to Come> that soe I may forget all that which is behind & stretch my selfe forth to that which is before. For the things which wee see & enjoy are transitory & if wee intend to rest in them wee will deceive our selves[altered] but the things to come are Eternall & permanent, If soe bee wee take our marke aright & can learne in the vse of every thing, what subordination it hath to the good & perfect will of God For if wee can but learne this truely & soe transport our will & desire to comply with this property of the thing wee shall find rest & life in the middest of death & Troubles, I know yow[altered from your] are not greived for any thing which befalleth your selfe soe much in the way of tryall as for the Letts & Cloggs which befall vnto your forward[altered] Spirit to doe good vnto the publique, This is much to bee commended, But here againe you must thinke that it is not your owne worke you doe but his that doth employ yow. If therefore yow present your selfe as his Instrument to bee made vse of by him you must not thinke

to hasten his hand in making vse of you faster then hee will have his owne worke to proceede, but if when wee intend to runne perhaps too fast for his purpose hee will lay a Clogge at our heeles to make vs goe a softer pace, should not wee <bee willing> too to endure it. Surely (if wee intend not to master Gods worke but to serve it) wee will, Therefore let vs take vp our Spirits & possesse the same in patience till his time come wherein hee will make all well & then wee shall see wherefore Gods Counsell was soe ordered that all things should soe come to passe as they did. Mee thinkes I could fill a little volumme with a discourse of this Subject, but I hope it is not needfull in your behalfe whom I find soe strong that the very expressions of your greatest weakenes adde strength & vigour to mee in mine Infirmityes, therefore I will in the next place give[altered] thanks vnto you for your great Care love diligence & faithfullnes in administrating all my affaires in writing soe largely vnto mee & providing soe exactly for mee, for I have received all your letters & adioyned packets of the following dates. [Hartlib's hand:] /and Letters from NN etc. and to give an answer briefely to the chiefe points mentioned therin I thanke you for the communication of N.N. Extracts [scribal hand:] & desire you to testify soe much to him on my behalfe, telling him withall that it is more then apparent, not onely to vs but allsoe to them selves because they have beene many ways