The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand ?, John Dury To Andrew Ramsay & Alexander Henderson
Dating:19 June 1643

[another hand:] Durie
                      The inscription.
 Copia To his Rreverend[altered] and Loving Bretheren in
         Christ Mr[H capitalises] Andrew Ramsay and
        Mr[H capitalises] Alexander Hinderson Faithfull
           Ministers[H capitalises] of the Gospell of the
             Kirke of Edenburg or in their absence
         to any of their Fellow Ministers[H capitalises]
         of the Presbyterie[H capitalises] at Edinburg.
Dated Hamburg the 9/19 of
    Iune 1643
Reuerend & Loving[H capitalises] Bretheren in Christ[H capitalises] As I am brought hither by a providence beyond[H? alters] my expectation, so many things are fallen out in my waye wherin I see a Speciall hand of God which I am perswaded doth lead me to advance his glorye according to the sinceritie of my heart in the right[H alters] vse[H alters] of the occasions which he doth offer unto mee for the joyning of holy Mens[H alters] endeavours towards the performance of good[H alters] workes of a publike nature. Now[H capitalises] amoungst other[H alters from either?] things I reckon this[H? alters from thes] bearer one[H alters] who did present himself[H alters] unto me, and his Servise towards yow; as if by him God hath Called[H alters from galled] upon me to informe yow of the present estate circumstances of my negotiation in these [catchword: parts]

parts<H?: ;> therfore I thought good to make use of his Service[altered] to acquaint[H alters] yow[altered] that the Lutherans[H alters] of these parts are more inclinable to moderation and willing to treat of the meanes of reconciliation with us then formerly hath <H: they haue> beene. The Magistrate[H capitalises] doth give authoritie to some of their Divines[H capitalises] to Correspond[H capitalises] with other Lutherane[H capitalises] neigbour Churches and Vniversities[H alters from universities] to ripen and prepare the wayes of accomodation; & the cheife of the [ministrye?] <H: Ministery>, here doth consent unto a motion which hath beene made, namely[altered from namly] that before all other Treaties[H capitalises], or Formes[H capitalises] of agreement which might be intended, wee should <H: gather> into a summe breifly those[H? alters] heads of Truth[H capitalises] wherin all Evangellicall Professors[H capitalises] (Thus[H? capitalises] both Lutherans[H capitalises] and Calvinists are usually termed here) have disavowed the Church of Rome and for which they are lawfully separated from the same. This Collection being made & Subcribed by the cheife of the Evangellicall Churches[H capitalises] will be a meanes to to prevent to prevent the treacherous[H alters from treacheros] Plotte[H capitalises] which Papists have in hand wherby they purpose by a deceitfull[altered from deiceitfull] Treatye[H capitalises] of agreement with us in France, and Germanie, and Polonia[H capitalises] to undermine the Truth[H capitalises] of our profesion, and Subdivide more and more the distracted mindes of Evangelicall Professors: For[H capitalises] by a superficiall[H alters] kinde of agreement such[H? alters from Such] as in[H alters from is] Grotius his[H? alters] Treatie against Dr[H capitalises] Rivett is aimed at<H: ,> the Fundamendalls[altered from fumendalls & H capitalises] of our Proffesion both is Doctrine & in practice will bee betrayed: Therfore[H capitalises] to prevent this[H alters] danger

& to make a begining of some Vnion[H alters from union] amongst[altered from amoungst] the Evangelicals[H alters from Evangelists] if not in respect of their[H alters] privat Controversies[H capitalises] amongst[altered from amoungst] themselves yet in respect[H alters] of their common opposition to Papists, they thinke[H? alters from thinge] it very expedient that a Draught[H capitalises] should be framed of Truths[H capitalises] in opposition to Errours[H capitalises] disclaimed in them wherunto all the Churches[H capitalises] or[H alters from of] at least the cheife Leaders[H capitalises] therof[H alters] on both sides should unanimously beare witnes <H: witnes> that without the exprese acknowledgment therof no agreement with Papists should be condescended[H alters from condisended] unto. This matter of thought worth your[H alters] knowledge that you[H alters] might be pleased[H alters] to take into yowr consideration what furtherance your Kirke can give unto this dessin. The way which yow shall think fittest for your owne and others Edification in Concuring herin; I desire to know by him who is to Minister[H capitalises] of Rotterdam if he be not come over already and if he be come yow may be pleased to addrese <your letters> by him unto me imparting also unto him yowr resolution that we <H: wee> may have occasion to confer of it together[H alters] and <left margin, H: and> to move others in the Low Countrys to joyne in this undertaking<H: ,> which in respect of the matter will be nowaye difficult. For it is Esay <H: easy> to gather and sett in [order? MS torn] all the Truth[H capitalises] wherin Evangelicalls[H capitalises] oppose poperye but [the? MS torn] manner of making Such a draught publike[H alters] in the name of all will be the poynt of difficultie: yett I hope in[H alters] God it will not be such but that it

may be over come through your assistance Counsell and prayers and the supply of the spirit of Iesus Christ, to whose favourable[H alters] direction & Grace I comend yow and all yowr labours in the Gospell who[altered] am [y?]
                         your most affectionat[H? alters]
                         [and Loving altered] Brother in
                                 Iohn Durye.