The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Extract In Hand B, John Dury To ?
Dating:17 June 1645

[another hand:] Durie
          An Extract of Mr Iohn Dury Letter.
The motion concerning the Transplatation of those who are called the most Religious and Conscined People of England, into Ireland, doth seeme to me both rationall and seasonable I cannot suddenly determine many things being requesite to bee considered before any such conclusion bee made, which att this distance from those whose Affections and inclinations are to bee lookt into cannot well bee known But I judge that the state should give way unto the motion because the Reasons alledged are pregnant; & in a word, I conceave that the Settling of the Independents there may be besides many other advantages a meanes to free England from some troubles within itself[altered] & to secure it from Enemys abroad as I see noe Reason why it should nott) your Author doth indusiously intend to perswade the Independent Bretheren to come thither and bee willing to leave England in Peace and allthough hee to seeme to make the matter easie & Comodious unto them yett I doubt somewhat of the effectuallnesse of his perswasion for I feare that many of them will not soe apprehend it as hee doth purpose the matter The Reason of my doubt is besides other things this that perhaps theie will not bee willing to ventere therr upon a Warre when else where theie find places to enjoy their Liberty of Conscience in Peace I know not how farre or all of them are zealously to advance the way of their Publicke proffession without respect to their Temporall Conveniences; but how much so ever there affections may bee found in many of their mindes if theie keepe fast to some of their cheife principls for if they most intertaine some [catchword: Tenets]

Tenets which tend to the granting of a full Liberty unto all sects Heresies & Religions whatsoever for the Public excersies of their proffessions & that none doth pretend Conscience, If I say these Tenets bee universally receaved amoungst them I see not how theie can well intend to suppresse poperie by force for purchase thereby ther owne Liberty Therefore the point of Conscience concerning the point of Conscience Warring with the Irish to the intent to purchase a freedome for themselves there most bee cleared in point of doubt and the mater soe laid before them as that it may appeare that the [distressing?] from that which att this present they unjustly detaine from Prottistants is a true worcke of Iustice and of nesesary charity for the maintaining of Bretheren their rights and of vindicating the oppresed from opresion, & noe ways a worcke of Conquest against the Natives or of [Vnsurpation?] to extirpate Papists as Papists if the Matter bee soe persecuted unto them, that togeather with the enjoyment of a brotherly freedome a due dependancie on the State of England they may find temporall convenience of Settelment in that Kingdome by Assisting the Prottestant party against their oppressers I supose theie may bee reduced to prepaire thither wee are informed that the spaniard are prepairing a mighty fleet [be?] wherin besides Marriners are 3000 souldiers to bee sent to sea it is conceaved [catchword: that]

that cheife designe will bee to Land a greatt part of their Army in Ireland [to?] provide the natives there with Armes and Amunition that the Spanyard may bee Master of some comodious parts if this bee soe it will impart the thing and estate of greatt Brittaine to looke to it give all Publicke encouragment to all that may bee made willing to goe to maintaine that Quarter against soe foule a Tr: and Vsurpations upon his Majesties Dominions and too keepe out soe potent a neighbour from taking footting in Ireland were hee may errect many Dunkerks and trouble all the Trade of the Kingdomes and Invade England att his pleasure This is the Brieffe sume of my thoughts about this matter Truly I cannot disaffect the Independents (though I cannot allow their way) soe much as not to wish them a freedome some were it may bee had without a disturbance the more regular Christians; & I conceave that theire freedome to Live their according to their owne desire may bee [saffly?] granted unto acorrding to theim and proffitable of Gods Kingdom by their Antipathe to Poperie by which God may make them Instruments to propagate the life of Truth to such as are in darknes therfore if they can bee made desirous to goe thither I could wish that the wisdome of the State would grant soe farre their desires as may encourage them to proeed, yett without prejudice to other Christians which in due tyme may bee planted [catchword: The]

The Lord grant us all to pertake of the glorious of all the Sonne of God in the Kingdome of our Father in whom I rest
                 Your most Affectionatly fathfull
                         freind & Servant.
Rotterdam 7/17 Iune 1645.