The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hartlib'S Hand, Samuel Rutherford To Dury, With Enclosure In Hand ?
Dating:15 September 1647
Ref:1/5/1A-4B: 1B, 2A, 4A BLANK

Reverend and Deare Brother
     j dare give my word and can (if need bee) have a larger Testimonie from the worthiest Preachers in Scotland for the compleate habilities and skil of the Bearer my Friend Mr William Hamilton to teach both Rhetorick Philosophie and other Liberal Sciences, and for his christian behaviour as Philosophus Christianus. May you therefore bee pleased after conference to assist him to come to that Profession both consilio et auxilio, in which in my mind you doe seruice to your [Master?] Iesus Christ to the Publick, and a pleasure to
                             Your affectionat Brother
Wosther house                     Samuel Rutherford.
15 Sept. 1647./


[another hand:]
The Gentelman whom I intreate yow to recommend is William Hamillton Esquire son to Sir Robert <Robert> Hammilton of Goswick not farre from Barwick hee suffered the losse of his estate by the Kings residing at his Fathershouse when he went to Dunslaw for his Father was and he himselfe hath alwaies beene for the Parliaments cause. His abilities for learning are more then ordinarie; he hath beene a Regent in the colledge of Glascow, and with great credit taught the course of Philosophy whiles he stayed there: & since he left that station & came hither partly to see what subsistence God would provide for him instead of his losses, for which he doth expect some reperation partly to improove his abilities in some parts of humane and divine learning: he hath lived in very good credit in the acquaintance of some of the chiefe Ministers of the Assembly so that besides the consideration of his losses for the Parliament & his faithfulnese to the cause, & the services which in due time he may do in it I am sure that his parts will bee very usefull for the Universitie, in respect of his pietie and learning; and may proove in due time a speciall ornament thereunto. for which causes I intreat yow to recommend him to some preferment; for thereby yow will doe the public, good service, and oblige a man of worth & with him also
                             Your most humble

[another hand:]

[another hand:]
Rutherfurds Letter to Mr Dury,
Concerning Mr William Mamilton./
[Hartlib's hand:]
    For my Rev. and Deare Brother
        Mr Iohn Durie Preacher of
           the Gospel, and Chaplain
             to the King's Children.