The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hartlib'S Hand, John Dury? To Worsley
Dating:31 August 1649
Ref:1/2/14A-15B: 15A-B BLANK

               London 31. Aug. 1649./. to Mr Worsly.
     these are to giue you some account of my proceeding in the Virginia busines which vpon your information j think very feasable, and profitable for the Public and therefore obligatorie to every one that loves the Public, to helpe to advance in the way of Iustice. I for my owne part wil acknowledge a mistake in the first Proposal of the busines, and that wee conceiued more then you offred, but that will not at all prejudge the prosecution at this time in the Method, which you desire wee should proceed in: which j thinke is reasonable and without Exception. therefore j haue dealt again with the Lord President in it, who vpon discourse said, that if hee had but a Memorial from mee to propose the matter to the Counsel of State hee would advance our desires, and hee seemed not to doubt, but the Authority of the Counsel of State would by the power, which they haue in those matters carry our desires to some effect. Iust now j see what you write to Mr A. who j wish were somwhat more hearty. I purpose when j haue drawn vp the Memorial to show it him and desire his concurrence towards the Lord President and offer my concurrence if hee thinke it vseful to S. H. V. I wish that Mr Trench were in Towne that hee might bee spoken to to bee one of the [Comissioners?] for the Government. For if you [had?] him and S. H. V. for Parliament men and then Mr Will. and another for Citizens, which wee might name to bee autho-

-rized, j make no doubt but you would haue that ground to proceed on which you doe desire; and till this indeed bee done it is not equitable nor rational to engage any by subscriptions. For if the State will not owne their owne Interest, it cannot bee expected that Privat men should engage for them without some assurance to bee able to proceed with countenance and protection. I shal with al speed dispatch the Memorial, and then you will bee able to judge of the issue. Only, furnish vs with the 4th man whom wee should joine to Mr William in the quality of a City Comissioner. The Lord direct you and vs in all our Designes to his glory and make our Way plaine before vs. In him j rest.