The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hartlib'S Hand, John Dury To Worsley?
Dating:8 August 1649
Notes:Enclosed to Boreel at 1/31/1A-2B

Loving Friend,
     by your last of the 27 of Iulj you have very much obliged mee both by the information which you give mee concerning the Virginia busines, and by the satisfaction which j haue received in the [Question?] which j proposed about the Worke of Distilling.
     By that which j wrote to Mr H. you haue seene that all the preparatives, which can bee made for the accomplishment of your desires, are set a foot, and that nothing will bee wanting to the ful effect, if you come furnished with Propositions hither from those that are the Vndertakers. As for mine owne part at the first Proposal of the matter, j did conceive it so rational and advantagious to this State and beneficial to the Public that j thought it would bee no difficult matter to engage those that manage our Publick Interests here to countenance it with Authority and further it with Councel and Assistance; and if they should bee found negligent in so great a concernment, so fairely laid before them, j thought they would shew themselves far below the trust which God and the Nation hath reposed in them therefore j scrupled not to make my addresses to the chiefe of the Councel of State and as j wrote to Mr H. j found them such as j could desire them to bee very sensible of their Interest and resolut to prosecute the same and ready to doe all that can rationally bee desired of them, when the busines shal bee fitly proposed and offered to them to bee a subject of deliberation in the Counsel of State therfore as then j wrote to our friend so now vpon a further comunication with the Lord President (to whom j spoke again on Monday last) j renew the Motion that you should without delay and with

all convenient speed get Propositions Authentically drawn vp by the Adventurers, and a Commission given to you, to come over with them, that in their name they bee<TRANS SWITCH="2"></TRANS> may<TRANS SWITCH="1"></TRANS> offered to the Counsel of State and then brought to the Parliament and j am very confident that you shal haue a very quick dispatch for the Lord President is a man of life and action, and of a very public Spirit; and the sooner this is done the better; and when you come fully instructed in your Mineral Experiments, wee shall bee able to bring you to a Mine of Antimony, or find a way to bring it vnto you: For Mr Ramsay is free enough in opening himself and it will bee had for the taking vp. for they know no vse for it here: nay hee tels mee that in the West, where another Mine hath been opened, the Antimony-oare being found is flung away, as a thing of no vse at all.
     I haue here adjoined 2 Letters, which j hope will bee no burden to you to deliver when you haue occasion to meet with those to whom they are inscribed. If you vnderstand not the french Letter you may bee pleased to impart it to - that you may know the Contents therof before you deliver it to Mr Prov. to whom before you come away j thinke you would doe well to make your application to desire him to conveigh his Answer by you to mee in what j haue written, which is to give him hope, that as soone as God shal free vs from the dangers, which seeme to threaten vs of tumults, and of invasions, wee shall bee able to mind his Proposals, and that the Councel of State which is a Standing Comittee for all matters of that kind, is endued with sufficient Authority (which formerly was wanting in the Comittee appointed to treate with him) to bring his Propositions to some perfection, when it shall bee found seasonable to

lay them to heart. I represent briefely to him the present State of our Affaires, and desire him to let mee know his sense therof and in case hee bee invited hither, what inclination hee will haue to renew his treatie with vs, as wee are now constituted and like to stand hereafter, if God prosper our Affaires in Ireland.
     Lastly j desire of him to receive some direction for future addresse of Letters to him after that you are come away.
     As for the Narrative concerning the Israelits in America j shal entreate you to second my Letter towards Mr B. for the obtaining of it before you come away; for it may bee of present vse to vs because there are some very forwardly affectionat, to promote thoughts of providing meanes for the furtherance of their Conversion, and it is good to take men when the fit is vpon them/.
Westminster 8 August 49./                  I. D.

[another hand:]
   I. D.